January 10, 2009

Dennis Kucinich on Money and The Fed

Dennis Kucinich speaks out about the power of the congress to issue money and credit. The congress, representing the people, is the only body of government that has the constitutional right to issue the nation's currency. In his statement Mr. Kucinich uses the popular saying "The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express"

But who knew that the money issue would finally crawl its way back to American politics? Much discussion and debate about our banking system is needed. There has never been a better time in history; as the economy collapses many Americans will be asking questions and it is during this crisis that those on the progressive left and those on the libertarian right should come together and shut down the Fed and establish a public banking system once and for all. I'm thinking 2013, the hundred anniversary of the Fed's creation, to be the year when the Fed will wither away. Hopefully it will go with a whimper and not a bang but the current inflationary policies of the Fed suggests that is not likely. A total collapse of the system may be the only thing to trigger a mass awakening. Throughout this crisis the media will be exposed and its propaganda will no longer be believed in. The forces of the internet and alternative media are just too strong for the tide of history not to be in the people's favor.

Also, it's good to see Mr. Kucinich join Ron Paul as the only two premier congressmen of our day to speak out against the Fed. Both Paul and Kucinich are outspoken on United States foreign policy and the policies of the Fed. A new coalition between the right and the left on these two issues seems to be emerging. The battle against the Empire has begun!