January 11, 2016

North Korea Makes A Very Good Point About Nuclear Deterrence

The leader's good humour raises the morale of the people and adds to the bitterness of the country's irrational enemies. 

An excerpt from, "‘H-bomb of justice’: Pyongyang brings up Iraq & Libya doom as nuclear deterrence justification" RT, January 9, 2016:
Pyongyang called nuclear deterrence the “strongest treasured sword” in protecting peace and security. Referencing the US-led NATO interventions in Iraq in 2003 and in Libya in 2011, the North argued that the possession of nuclear weapons by those countries at the time could have averted their demise.

“The Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq and the Gaddafi regime in Libya could not escape the fate of destruction after being deprived of their foundations for nuclear development and giving up nuclear programs of their own accord, yielding to the pressure of the US and the West keen on their regime changes,” the statement postulated, adding that a “bitter lesson” should be drawn from those events.

Responding to widespread international condemnation of Wednesday nuclear test, Pyongyang said that it would be “foolish” to demand that the DPRK scrap its nuclear program or halt its further development.