November 29, 2015

NATO In Crisis: The Terrorist Alliance Gouges Its Own Eyes Out By Turning A Blind Eye To ISIS Terrorism And Wahhabi Ideology

The official mission of NATO was to keep Europe free, peaceful, and democratic. It might have served that purpose well at some point during the Cold War, although that can be argued by honest historians, but it is clear as day that it has failed to keep Europe safe and free in the 21st century.

Under NATO's guidance the Wahhabi ideology that is promoted by Saudi Arabia and the other shameless oil kingdoms has been allowed to penetrate the centers of Europe. The biggest donkeys and dumbasses who are attracted to the Daesh death cult in Syria and Iraq to rape and pillage the people there do not come from the Middle East, Asia, or Africa, but from Europe, and this should tell you something.

Something has gone wrong with the interpretation of Islam in mosques all across Europe. Are European leaders doing anything to address this problem? No. Are NATO leaders talking about this problem? No. They pretend the problem doesn't exist because they don't want to admit that they made a serious mistake by allowing the hate-filled Wahhabi ideology to become the dominant and guiding creed in European mosques and European Muslim communities. They will ultimately pay severely for this error as the politician from the UKIP party warns in the speech below.

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall:
"But not only do us in the West turn the other cheek to extremism, we actively encourage it. We turn a blind eye to misogyny, homophobia, limp amputation, and the funding of extremism in return for arms deals and oil, and this, primarily, takes place with the states of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. We must make a stand on moral grounds and say enough is enough, because if we don't, I fear that there will be a clash of civilizations at some point in this century. And this clash will not be fought in the deserts of the Middle East, they could well be fought on the streets, cities, and the towns of Europe."
Video Title: We're encouraging radical Islamism by turning a blind eye - UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall. Source: Paul Nuttall MEP. Date Published: July 8, 2015. Description:
• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 08 July 2015

• Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group