November 30, 2015

Assad: ISIS Is Using The Syrian Refugee Crisis To Sneak Terrorists Into Europe

Erdogan flooded Syrian refugees into Europe, with many ISIS terrorists among them, causing panic across European countries, and then struck a deal with the EU in return for stopping the crisis that he started. He basically used Syrians who left their homes because of ISIS terrorism, which his government fully and unapologetically supports, as a card to play against the EU. And what do the brainiacs in Washington and Brussels do? Blame Assad and reward Erdogan. LOL. 

An excerpt from, "Syria's Assad says terrorists among Syrian refugees - Czech Television" Reuters, November 30, 2015:
There are terrorists among the Syrian refugees making their way to Europe, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Czech Television in an interview, excerpts of which were broadcast on Monday. 
Asked whether Europeans should fear refugees from Syria, Assad said: "It's a mixture. The majority, they are good Syrians, they are patriots... But of course you have infiltration of terrorists among them, that is true."

Czech Television said it had interviewed Assad in Damascus and would air the piece in full on Tuesday.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have reached Europe this year, often without documents, sparking fears in many countries that Islamic militants may be among them.