October 13, 2014

Syria And The Middle East: Genocide On Their Minds

ISIL/ISIS is a genocidal force sweeping across the Middle East. Let's not sugarcoat the reality. And it isn't a coincidence that at least three of the countries and states that are backing ISIL with money, weapons, training, propaganda, and other forms of support have a historical record of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Turkey committed  genocide against the Armenians in the beginning of the last century; America committed genocide against Native peoples in the beginning of the modern era; Israel has been practicing a continuous campaign of genocide against Palestinians since the end of the last World War; and Saudi Arabia's intelligence director has been on record very recently as saying that he wants to wipe out Shiites.

So it's not like these countries and states are acting out of character when they throw their support behind genocidal terrorists like ISIL.

The dangerous thing is that two of these four genocidal states, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are arming ISIL not just with conventional weapons but with chemical weapons that they will surely use on a mass scale.

"The Turk thinks he has a right to rule; but the only methods he knows are those which did not shock the conscience of anybody in the seventeenth century, but do shock the European conscience now; and hence his verdict was, "The way to get rid of the Armenian question is to get rid of the Armenians." - "The Cradle of Mankind: Life In Eastern Kurdistan" By The Rev. W. A. Wigram and Sir Edgar T. A. Wigram (1914).

Video Title: Syria Claims Turkey and Saudi Arabia are Giving Terrorsts WMDs. Source: DAHBOO77. Date Published: October 12, 2014. Description:
Syria’s UN envoy has accused Turkey and Saudi Arabia of giving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to terrorist groups fighting in the country. The charge precedes reports Kurdish fighters battling ISIS militants have been attacked with chemical weapons.

Bashar Jaafari told a UN committee on Friday that Turkey and Saudi Arabia should examine their own involvement in the Syrian conflict before leveling “null and baseless accusations [against] the Syrian government."