September 18, 2014

Sheikh Imran Hosein: "Israel Is Now Ready To Wage A Big War"

"This is what I explained in my lecture twelve years ago in Sydney. It's to create conditions which would allow the world to feel that Islam is rising once again as a force in the world, and the Islamic Caliphate will be returning. And that the Muslims are going to now slaughter the Jews in Israel. And if Israel does not do something to defend itself Israel will be destroyed, and, more than that, all of mankind are now going to be threatened by this evil force called Islam. It's a propaganda offensive.

And in order to succeed with that propaganda offensive you don't need more than one dollar worth of intelligence to realize that they created, they manufactured ISIS. And they're the ones who program [inaudible] to claim that they are now the Caliphate.

It's all part and parcel of the master plan, which would allow Israel to eventually wage a war that's already pre-planned. And Israel has all the weapons and the technology that the Arabs don't have to be able to wage that war and to be able to inflict horrendous damage on largely defenseless people who don't have the kind of weapons that Israel has.

The Prophet, Allah's blessings be upon him, prophesied that wiping out, the decimation of the Arabs. He did it. But I get emails from the Arabs themselves who are not convinced, who believe that my eschatology is fanciful. And I hate to say to them, we'll just wait and see. Just wait and see. The writing is on the wall if you can read the writing. That Israel is now ready to wage a big war.

But before Israel can wage a big war of territorial expansion to establish a political and economic dominion over the Arab world in particular there is one big impediment in the way. And that big impediment is the two superpowers, the NATO Alliance and Russia. That's the impediment. And in order to get rid of this major impediment these two have to fight with each other, a war of mutual destruction. That's the planning. That's Armageddon." - Sheikh Imran Hosein [2:45 - 5:32 in the video below].

Video Title: Divine Cunning Will Not Allow a Khalifa to be Restored - Sheikh Imran Hosein. Source: 108morris108. Date Published: August 31, 2014.