August 13, 2014

Some Info On Yezidis

An excerpt from, "The Templars' last crusade for the Yezidis" by Wayne Purdin,, August 1, 2009:
Mark and the Gnostic Templars have undertaken a final crusade to spread the teachings of gnosis and how it forms the basis of all religions. A key element of this crusade is the preservation of the religion traditions of the Yezidis. Mark is making people aware of the genocide that the Yezidis are suffering and the truths about their religion through his website He is also helping to establish a Yezidi center in Lincoln, Nebraska and an international shrine in Sri Lanka. There is already a shrine there which links to Peacock Angel to Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, but Mark wants all religions to be represented there.

I asked Mark a few questions about the Yezidis recently:

Q.  Why have you taken upon yourself the task of helping the Yezidis by exposing through the genocide they are suffering at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists?

A.  One of our goals in the IOGT is to revive the world’s religions by revealing their common roots. The Yezidis are important in this work because they possess one of the oldest religious traditions on Earth, and one that is the foundation of many others. The Yezidis came to the Middle East from India around 2000 B.C. and helped found the Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations. So they were instrumental in forming those ancient cultures. But even before that time there is reason to believe that the Yezidis were involved in the most ancient culture on Lemuria.  Thus, if we lose the Yezidi tradition we have lost an essential key to understanding humanity’s religious history.

Q.  How many Yezidis have been killed and how many are left?

A.  According to the Yezidis, they have lost 20 million people over the years. There are less than half a million left.

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