August 13, 2014

A U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal's Biggest Roadblocks Are Internal: Obama And Rouhani Face Similar Struggles Against Infantile Hardliners

"Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani delivered a broadside Monday at critics of his efforts to engage with the West and seek a nuclear deal, accusing them of political cowardice and mischief.

In a speech broadcast live, Rouhani attacked the hardline factions within Iran’s parliament who have consistently opposed him since he took office a year ago after a surprise electoral victory.

“Some of them chant slogans but they are political cowards. As soon as we negotiate they start shaking. Go to hell and find somewhere to stay warm,” he told his opponents." - Middle East Eye, "Iranian President defends western rapprochment" August 11, 2014.
"It’s not clear why Rouhani chose this time to attack his nuclear critics. In the brief video provided of the president’s speech, he looked genuinely angry, and Zarif, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator who was siting to his right, looked genuinely surprised by the president’s tone. Rouhani has lashed out at critics before, but his tone and language has never been as harsh as in this latest speech. It's possible that the president made a calculated decision to push against critics now, when the nuclear negotiations have been extend to a November deadline and there is no specific deal for the hard-liners to attack. It could also be that the president, having been attacked on his cultural policies and embarrassed by the arrests of journalists, is simply lashing out against conservative foes." - Arash Karami, "Rouhani criticized in Iran media for saying 'to hell' with critics" Al Monitor, August 12, 2014.

"However, hardliners in both the U.S. Congress and in Iran could prove the biggest obstacle to a deal.  Congress will ultimately have a say over any final agreement and could take steps that would scuttle it – such as by blocking sanctions relief or other measures necessary for the deal’s implementation. Similarly, opponents of President Rouhani have shown an eagerness to strike back against his efforts where they can, particularly in the domestic sphere.  If not countered, this opposition risks both weakening Rouhani and undermining prospects for a final agreement." - Ryan Costello, "‘A nuclear deal by November 23 is strongly possible’" Tehran Times, August 11, 2014.
Telling hardliners to go to hell? That is exactly what's needed. And if these cavemen get offended then too bad. The hardliners in Iran are mentally retarded. These are people who absurdly deny homosexuality in Iran, even though a recent poll shows that 17 percent of Iranians say they are homosexual.

Denying reality and facts is not a mark of strength, so why should they have the honour of being called hardliners? Obama also needs to tell the war hawks in Congress to go to hell publicly. Obama and Rouhani are way too polite with the childish critics of the nuclear deal. They should not be tolerated even for one second.

Idiotic conservative, right-wing leaders in both the US and Iran believe they have a monopoly on security, masculinity, toughness, and strength, when deep down they're just scared to make peace because then they'll lose the powers and privileges that come with wartime. Telling them to go to hell should only be the start.