May 21, 2013

There Is No Civil War In Syria

There were no WMDs in Iraq and there is no civil war in Syria. To say that there is a popular revolution taking place against Assad is to turn reality upside down.

Obama and Erdogan both want Assad to step down, but it doesn't matter what they want for Syria's future because political and social reality is going against their wishes.

Obama is not God. The White House can't shape and manipulate the reality in Syria. Saying Assad is a butcher doesn't make it so. Washington has lived in a fantasy world for so long that it doesn't know how to adjust to reality. It is foreign to them. They are like spoiled children who for the first time in their lives can't get what they want.

Washington's machinations and the media's deceptions cannot destroy the reality on the ground. The response of the Syrian people to the war of aggression waged by Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, EU, US, and Israel has been heroic. 

This is the response of the Syrian people to the thugs Obama and Erdogan: Welcome to the real world. In the real world, Syria is not in a civil war, it is fighting a foreign-led Jihadist insurgency. Syria is doing what America and Israel won't: defeating Al-Qaeda.


Below is a short article called, "Syria: it’s not a ‘civil war’, it’s an imperialist war," that was published by the blog 'Agent of Change' on May 20:
‘Civil war’ is a totally inaccurate label for what’s going on in Syria. I think we should start calling it what it is: an imperialist war of destabilisation, where the aggressors’ fighting has been outsourced to sectarian religious terrorists. This outsourcing follows the same logic as any other type of outsourcing: it’s cheaper. The political and economic cost of pushing thousands of Iraqi, Libyan and Saudi (etc) terrorists in Syria’s direction is extremely low, at least in the short term. Imagine if it was European and North American soldiers coming home in body bags - there might actually be a viable anti-war movement in the west! And people the world over would know exactly who was to blame for the shameful destruction of a beautiful nation - for the needless deaths of thousands, for the forced migration of hundreds of thousands, for the reversal of decades of progress, for the brutal attack on thousands of years of civilisation.

And of course the ‘civil war’ narrative has another very important function: it contributes to our general prejudice that “these Arabs” (much like “these Africans” and “these Asians”) are inherently barbaric people who simply can’t get along. And it sends out a message that any attempt by a third world nation to follow a path of resistance to imperialism and zionism will inevitably end in murderous in-fighting - for which the civilised, sophisticated, modern imperialist states of course cannot reasonably be blamed.

So to call it a civil war is to take part in a vast deception.
Video: Calling Syria A Civil War Is A Vast Deception - Carlos Voice Over. Morris of '108morris108' reads the article above for his YouTube channel audience.