May 18, 2013

Some Light Reading For Saturday [Plus Breakdown on The Situation In Syria]

Breakdown on The Situation In Syria:

The Obama administration is supplying weapons and money to Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria in order to create chaos, destroy its economy, disrupt the regional peace, keep the central state occupied with security problems for years to come, and, finally, to be able to present invented excuses to the world to justify the invasion of another Middle Eastern nation.

Assad is no butcher. He is simply defending his country from an empire gone mad and thousands of Jihadist terrorists who can't tell their head from their ass.

If you're looking for heroes in this tragedy, they're hard to find. Villains are all around. But, those who are using terrorism to destroy Syria and use deception to create public support for another war against an innocent country are definitely the bigger villains.

Again, Assad is not Saddam. He has never gassed anybody. He is the one who is acting with humanitarian motivations and proceeding with caution in this crisis, not the United States, Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar, Israel, and Turkey, who are aiding and protecting Al-Qaeda.

Some Light Reading For Saturday:

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