May 19, 2013

Light Reading: Articles About The Tentative Turkish-Kurdish Peace Deal

"The anti-humanitarian tenor of Western policies towards the Kurds are well rooted in history. Indeed, they are based on long-standing strategic interests in the region. “The Kurds are in several countries and that was planned by Britain”, observes former President of the American Kurdish Society in Boston, Hussein Aktas. “If you have a problem with Iraq, you can use them against Iraq, same for Iran and Turkey.” Thanks to this disasterous condition, historically established by the West, there are “millions of Kurds who have been displaced from their homes since 1993 in Turkey”, and “hundreds of thousands of people have been tortured.”" - Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, "Modern Turkey - A Shining Example of Secular Democracy?"
II. Light Reading: Articles About The Tentative Turkish-Kurdish Peace Deal

Oray Egin - Turkey Kurd Peace: What Lies Beneath Turkey's Peace With Kurdish Rebels? (May 13).

Isabel Coles/Reuters - First Kurdish rebels arrive in Iraq under Turkey peace plan (May 14).

Galip Dalay - Kurdish peace process: The latest phase of de-securitisation politics (May 14). - Kurds Begin Arriving In Iraq, Government Says Relations With Turkey Damaged (May 14).

John Hannah - Erdogan's Great Gamble (May 14).

Wladimir van Wilgenburg - Turkish Ties with Iraq, Iran Worsen Over PKK Peace Plan (May 19).

Noreldin Waisy - With Abdullah Ocalan from Athens to Nairobi: Exclusive interview with former Greek intelligence officer Savvas Kalenteridis (May 6).

III. My Thoughts, For Whatever It's Worth (Not Much, I Know)

Where to begin?

Well, for one thing, Erdogan cannot be trusted, plus he is America's dog in the region so his word means nothing. Siding with America and Erdogan against Syria's Assad may boost the options for peace between Kurds and Turks in the short term but it won't end well for the Kurdish people in the long-term, especially since after America is done wrecking the region it will leave the Kurds to fend for themselves. How do I know this? Because it happened once before in history. And it wasn't that long ago. America betrayed the Kurds once, and it will do so again.

America betrays its allies at will because it has no morals, honour, a long-term vision, or anything except guns and bombs to offer. Being the ally of America is like being the ally of Death. You're better off marrying Lady Death and spending your honeymoon in Hell than forming an alliance with America.

So good luck to America's allies like Israel, but be prepared to be stabbed in the back, along with the Kurds. That's how America treats its friends. And, oh yeah, Turkey will end up getting screwed as well.

There is nothing honourable about that evil regime in Washington. It deserves to crumble to ashes and wither away from this earth.