April 20, 2013

The Maddening Sprint Towards "Justice" In Boston Diverts Global Attention From The Facts

"The rhetoric of national emergency also supports the dominant ideology of the day which is counter-terrorism.

The ideology of counter-terrorism cannot be maintained without the periodic announcement by the federal government that it "foiled a dangerous terrorist plot against America," or that, "the FBI captured a group of terrorists." This government tactic helps to keep alive the fear of terrorism and reinforces the popular belief in the ideology of counter-terrorism.

False Flag Terrorism is the most fundamental government strategy in the West's war of terror. For the Anglo-American shadow state, there is nothing like dead bodies on American soil. The mass murder of innocent people is a sight of much pleasure for the killers in the Israeli, British and American shadow governments." - From, "The Triumph of America's Supranational Emergency State," October 26, 2011.

"Lynch mob psychology does not recognize time, place, tradition, or law. It can take over a baseball stadium in the American Midwest in 2003, a small village in Iran in 1986, a small town in Massachusetts in 1692, an entire country in Europe in 1933, or an entire civilization in 2001. It is usually used by official authorities, whether political or religious, to pursue their own barbaric and evil goals.

Scapegoating is also primitive, irrational, and stupid. And it is an evil that has remained with us in the 21st century. It is used as a political strategy by the authorities in so-called democratic countries as well as in totalitarian countries. The religious practice of scapegoating, as the French philosopher and literary critic RenĂ© Girard describes it, is not limited to a particular country, civilization, or system of government." - From, "The 9/11 Teaching Moment: How Lynch Mob Psychology And A Global Media Manhunt Destroyed Humanity," April 17, 2012. 

"Also, the errors of orthodox thinking and blind worship of authority still plague us. Terrorism and conspiracy theory have replaced blasphemy and heresy as words that are used to kill thought and make people obedient to absolute power. The innocent victims of the West's war on terror are demonized as "terrorists," and the vocal skeptics of the myths and narratives that underlie the war are marginalized as "conspiracy theorists." Both terms are very convenient. They silence debate and excuse the U.S., British, and Israeli governments of their crimes against humanity.

When used with authority, language works like magic. Terence McKenna said that, "the world is made of language." So the world is magic. And magic is more powerful than reality. Under the spell of government magic, people can be led to believe almost anything, no matter how absurd." - From, "The CIA's Inquisition: How Terrorism And Conspiracy Theory Became The New Blasphemy And Heresy," May 1, 2012.

"And I could develop a campaign tomorrow morning in this country, probably in a number of other countries, which would be based upon the idea that we are being invaded by weird, strange spirits from underground who have in their power certain number of people who are going to get you if you don't watch out." - American playwright Arthur Miller, from this interview in the early 1990s.
President Barack Obama presides over a government that just killed innocent Americans in broad daylight in Boston, and thereafter hunted down two innocent souls on American soil, having connected them to the act of terrorism without any evidence.

They killed one and captured the other. And many people in America cheered on the state created spectacle without asking any questions. Think about that for a moment. If the U.S. government can kill this innocent person without providing any evidence, and get away with it, then you and I are next. Who's to stop them?

America is losing its mind. Conservative Christians are taking the government's side because the victims happen to be Muslims, not knowing that they could be the next targets. And progressive leftists are siding with the government's official narrative once again. They're focusing all their intellectual energy on whether or not the government will read the patsies their Miranda rights!

Forget about Miranda rights; your criminal government just executed an innocent American citizen and got away with it. Breaking down the official story is key to justice in this case, not reading a patsy his Miranda rights.

America is finished. It has completely lost its mind. The only sane people left are accused of being nutty conspiracy theorists.

II. The Maddening Sprint Towards Justice.

What about the botched false flag and and the melodramatic police manhunt that shut down an entire city?

One, in the case of the false flag, the U.S. government's covert collaboration with the Israelis to accomplish their dirty work is a telltale sign that the U.S. government is treating its own citizens in the same way that the Israeli government has treated Palestinians for decades. So, in reality, all Americans are now Palestinians. That is, they are without rights, and if they resist their oppression they will be labeled "domestic terrorists."

And second, the U.S government's overt collaboration with the Russian government, as part of a very rushed and superficial transnational police investigation that netted the two patsies, shows that the supranational emergency state is coming into being.

What else is there to say? On one side of the political spectrum you have people who are cheering the death of an innocent patsy, and on the other side you have progressives/leftists who are mindlessly accepting the official story but focusing their energy on standing up for Miranda rights in a vain attempt to protect the humanity of the suspects. If they cared about humanity at all they would defend the innocence of the murdered patsy/victim, not buy the government's fairytale story and move on like nothing happened.

But the Christian conservatives are the worst because instead of defending the innocent Muslim patsies, they are siding with an evil government ---- the very same government that will shove them under the bus very soon.