April 20, 2013

Media of Mephistopheles: State Journalists Trick The Public About Boston Bombings And Threat of Terrorism

"Now, it's a great puzzler to well-trained Christians to come across the trickster hero because he's both a kind of devil and fool, and the creator of the world. He comes in as an upsetting factor. He breaks through. He even breaks through the notion of what a deity ought to be. 

Now, that trickster trait turns up in deities like Yahweh. Yahweh is a trickster. He lets people build a building and then because it gets to be three stories high and he's afraid it's going to wreck heaven, he comes down and floods the world. That's a trickster stunt. That's a ridiculous act. We think it quite normal for a deity to behave that way. If a human being behaved that way we'd send him to a lunatic asylum. And here you have the deity coming through as the trickster, as the destroyer, as the disruptor of programs. Yahweh is full of this kind of thing." - Joseph Campbell, from "Mythology of the Trickster." [1:15 - 2:27].