April 16, 2013

May God Be With America

Obviously, Islam is not the religion to look to for comfort in the wake of tragedies like the one that occurred yesterday in Boston due to the current climate of opinion towards Islam in the United States, but there is much value to be found in Sufi literature if you are willing to look with eyes open.

Muslim extremists in the Middle East are celebrating the deaths of innocent Americans in the name of divine justice, particularly Salafists, but they are deluded and don't know the first thing about justice.

It is important to remember that the same radical Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East that are rejoicing at the news of the bombings in Boston and the sight of American blood on their televisions are secretly being funded, trained, and armed by the American government to wage war against the Syrian people and society. They are many things, but Muslim is not one.

The American government, which is about as American as Al-Qaeda, is most definitely behind the bombings in Boston. So, do not listen to Muslim extremists nor the terroristic U.S. government, for they are the same. Terrorism is terrorism no matter if it is done by an authoritarian fascist state or by extremist religious groups. Terrorism should be condemned in all its forms and variations.

President Obama talked about justice yesterday in his afternoon press conference, but he, too, does not know the first thing about justice. It is best to ignore the hypocritical voices in power and block out the talking heads on television. They think they can control reality and dictate events as they please, but they only have the power to stage terror, choreograph mass murder, and create chaos.

The power to use state-manged terror to move an unwilling population towards a desired political end is the power of a weak and dying regime. It is an expression of failure. The U.S. power elite do not have answers to America's economic problems and other problems that they have created. They want to rule with fear and press on the nerve of the public with the stick of emotion. They are betting on fear and emotion winning the day. But logic and love will prove victorious when the sun of truth finally sets on the inhuman government in Washington.