March 7, 2013

RIP John Smith

"John Smith was more than half-way across the bridge to glory when he fell. To die at such a moment of promise is tragic, and yet the mourners in Edinburgh did not feel that the world was utterly unfair and impossible. The 'lost leader' bitterness was somehow missing. It was as if the dead man had unlocked a rusty gate, so that a way ahead was open. An Edinburgh councillor, standing with her children, said 'when I go round doorsteps, they say: 'You're all the same'. So where does this feeling come from?'

It comes from a sort of relief. The British, perhaps for a moment only, are tired of their own superficial cynicism about politics, and when John Smith died it suddenly seemed unbearable to lump him with 'all the others'. The gate has opened to anyone who can carry on what John Smith began: restoring self-respect to people who still have values but no longer know what to do with them. For him, these values were the sort of practical, capable, non-ideological attack on greed and privilege, in the name of morality and efficiency, which the British have often supported.

Watching the coffin go, a friend in the crowd said: 'That was the last British statesman.'" - Neal Ascherson, "'The last British statesman': At John Smith's funeral yesterday, there was sense of the door opening for a new attack on cynicism, greed and privilege," The Independent, May 21, 1994.

"Kenna Campbell's Gaelic rendition of the 23rd Psalm at John Smith's funeral articulated an astonishing depth of feeling. It was perhaps the most moving moment in a day that had monopolised poignancy." - Cameron Simpson, "A Gaelic voice captures a nation's grief," The Herald, May 23, 1994.
MP John Smith was killed in 1994 at the age of 55 to make way for the satanic psychopath Tony Blair and the implementation of the NWO agenda. He was the leader of the Labour party at the time of his death.

The official cause of death was a heart attack, but that is only the cover story. It has been proven that a heart attack can be manufactured to kill a prominent political figure, just like cancer can be manufactured.

A significant amount of people believe MP John Smith was assassinated in a similar way as MP Robin Cook, who said that the existence of Al-Qaeda is a big fabrication.

Other brave political leaders in America and Europe have met the same fate, such as Senator Paul Wellstone. 

The least we can do is to remember the noble men who were assassinated for doing good and telling the truth while in public office.