March 24, 2013

Lynn Picknett - Lucifer Revised [Red Ice Radio]

Video Title: Lynn Picknett - Lucifer Revised. YouTube Video Description - [Channel: RedIceRadio. Uploaded on February 23, 2013]:
Lynn Picknett is a writer, researcher, and lecturer on the paranormal, the occult, and historical and religious mysteries. Lynn and Clive Prince authored The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ inspired the New York Times bestsellers The Da Vinci Code and The Secret Supper. Lynn joins us to discuss, The Secret History of Lucifer, the sequel to Mary Magdalene: Christianity's Hidden Goddess. We'll discuss what the spirit of Lucifer represents and what principles it has brought to the world. Lynn talks about the murky areas between good and evil and the symbiotic relationship between Christianity and Satanism as well as the myth of Yahweh. We'll discuss myths about the fall of Lucifer, associated with the Morning/Evening Star, or Venus. Picknett explains the female aspect of Lucifer, Venus Lucifera and the goddess Diana, whose title was Lucifera, the Lightbringer. She'll also talk about male monotheism and the ruthless undermining of the Feminine and medieval churchmen who were fanatically determined to root out what they perceived as female evil in the witchcraft hysteria. Lynn also talks about Mary Magdalene as the power behind Christ's throne. Later, we discuss claims of the ruling elite being Satanists.
"That's Lucifer as opposed to Satan. I mean, there is a difference. Most people think there isn't but there is a difference. Lucifer, the son of the morning, the light-bringer, and Satan, the embodiment of evil. And I think only really warped and dangerous and very sick people actually would want to follow the path of Satan. Lucifer is something else entirely. I began to feel drawn to the idea of Lucifer who is a questioner and a challenger. In other words, the spirit of progress, really, the spirit of scientific progress." - Lynn Picknett, [5:21 - 6:00].