March 22, 2013

Letter From Humanity to D.C. Snakes

Washington is playing deaf, dumb, and blind in regards to the news that their beloved "FSA rebels" (read: Jihadist terrorists) have used chemical weapons against innocent Syrians, including women and children. This is not surprising. Washington supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons, who then used them against Iraq's Kurdish population in the late 1980's to suppress rebellion. Washington has no problem with dictators and/or terrorists using chemicals weapons, as long as it is their dictators and terrorists.

II. Letter From Humanity to D.C. Snakes: 

Washington: Go to hell, you soul-destroying demons. You are not Americans, you are not even humans. You are monsters. Using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians via proxy Jihadist terrorist forces is another crime against humanity that you have committed in this century. This is the act of a cowardly empire. You have already lost, you just don't know it yet. Your destination is not the high palaces of victory but the buried basements of defeat.

the proud citizens of Syria and the good people of the Earth.

III. Washington Plays Dumb While Its Terrorists Poison The Syrian People

Video: Terrorists in Syria Used WMDs, Obama-NATO Ignores all Evidence. Source: YouTube channel mamaknock.

Video: West Turns a Blind Eye at NATO Backed Terrorist Rebels in Syria Using WMDs, Against all Evidence. Source: YouTube channel MrCensorMe2.