March 8, 2013

Death of a 'dictator': Chavez and the media

The U.S. press is retarded. Seriously.

In the wake of Chavez's assassination via cancer, they're saying that the Gulf oil kingdoms have spend their oil money more wisely than Chavez did, because they used it to build large monuments rather than improve the economy and social welfare of the people. That is an actual argument that one AP reporter made. Let that insanity and stupidity sink in. The U.S. media has gone insane. The mainstream press is a certified mental institution.

I'm against turning Chavez into an idol, but at least he wasn't a war-making maniac like the thugs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The anti-Chavez bias in the U.S. media is so ridiculous.

Inside Story Americas - Death of a 'dictator': Chavez and the media