February 10, 2013

Quick! Ban Shoes! Lend Your Support To Shoe Control Now

First it was Bush, then Ahmadinejad, and now Bremer. Last week, an Iraqi threw shoes at Bremer.

The person threw two shoes at Bremer, saying one of them was from U.S. appointed dictator Saddam Hussein, and the other from the Iraqi people. At the end, he shouted, "You fucked up the country. You destroyed the country. Fuck you and fuck your democracy." I don't like what he did, but I agree with his words.

YouTube Video Description:
On Wednesday in the UK Parliament, a former top US diplomat had shoes thrown at him in the Commons last week in a repeat of them 2008 attack on then President George W. Bush. The Commentator has obtained exclusive footage of the incident.

Attendees reported that panic ensured as a protester shouted about sending a message "from Saddam Hussain", then hurling two shoes at Paul Bremer, ex-US envoy to Iraq.

Mr Bremer, who was in charge of rebuilding post-war Iraq, ducked as the man shouted about how the invasion "fucked up" his country. The second shoe, he claimed, was from the Iraqi people.

Though initially shaken, Bremer, who has encountered numerous assassination attempts previously, attempted to catch the second shoe, and insisted the man try and improve his aim.

As the man was bundled out of the room, Mr. Bremer insisted, "If he had done that while Saddam Hussein was alive, he would be a dead man by now," a statement which was met by a large round of applause.

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