February 14, 2013

Drone Games: The Broadcast of Christopher Dorner's Death

Dr. Corey Gold in an interview with Alex Jones said:
"The media out here has made Christopher Dorner a celebrity. And there were people rooting for Christopher Dorner because he was fighting back against evil police, almost once again pitting civilians against the police, trying to create that divide, you can't trust anybody. . . a divide and conquer type of mentality. And people were saying that the police deserved it. It was almost like a game show going on. It was like a reality show playing out in Southern California. And some people were sad to see it end because it was kind of like a suspenseful game."
My take on this whole thing: I see no problem with burning alive cop killers. That's just the police taking care of business. It's good old fashioned revenge and it is moral and right. There is nothing wrong with that. But what disturbed me is that this all played out on television, on every news channel. That is just sick.

This state murder shouldn't have been captured by the cameras. It brings the film "The Hunger Games" to real life. It makes murder a thrilling thing. It's barbaric.

The predatory media is in league with the death-dealing state. They are joining the government to spy on, hunt down, trap, and kill suspects, dissidents, protesters, and fugitives. So the media is the greatest villain in this drama. They glorified the death of Christopher Dorner by playing this up and turning it into something that it shouldn't have been in the first place.

The dramatic media script lined up perfectly with the domestic terrorism theme that Homeland Security has been warning about and preparing against since 2001. The ending was very suspicious. The lone wolf waiting to be sacrificed in the cabin in the woods, surrounded by the all-powerful state, just him against the world: that is just too good to be true. And it happened right on the day of Obama's State of the Union Address, with the nation's eyes glued to this media-driven event. Geez, what a coincidence. 

Arthur Silber writes:
If you threaten the State itself or interfere with its plans, and especially if you threaten one of the State's armed, militarized branches, the State will go to war, including here at home. I don't mean "go to war" metaphorically. I mean the State will go to war. So I think we know what the response will be if/when there is widespread domestic unrest, when the economy further falls apart, for example. Entire neighborhoods cordoned off, whole blocks incinerated, checkpoints everywhere, people shot for any reason, or for no reason. Oh, yeah: no more fourth amendment for you, either (via). Well, it's not like you were doing anything with it. If you haven't done anything wrong, you don't have anything to hide, etc., etc., etc. And just to be safe, you don't want to be there. Yeah, where you are right now. Don't be there. And don't move. Haha. Gotcha!

Just as the fish rots from the head, the horrors start with the president. Why should Obama be the only one to have a Murder Program? It's only right that every police department should have its own Murder Program. Especially in war time.

What we're now seeing is further proof of an argument I've made for the last several years. It can be stated very briefly:
In addition to pursuing its goal of global hegemony, the United States government uses foreign countries as a lethal laboratory in which to practice the techniques it intends to use domestically, at home within U.S. borders.
Welcome to Afghanistan.

This is just the beginning.
Alex Jones interviews Dr. Corey Gold.