January 13, 2013

Law And Order, FSA Style

Read this article for background: Assassins of French reporter Gilles Jacquier captured in Syria.

This is funny but at least the FSA gangs are holding trials and creating the impression that justice is taking place. Washington has abandoned trials and the rule of law, even symbolically. It is skipping the trial by jury part of the charade that is the war on terror and going straight to the killing part. Saves time, I guess. They've also given up on torture because why torture when you can just kill the accused and be done with it in a flash? The mass murderers in the Oval Office are nothing if not practical.

Also, it's funny that the Judge/Executioner in the video below repeats Allahu Akbar three times at the end. We heard you the first time, settle down.

Syria: FSA Mercenaries Holding Trial For Men Accused Of Killing Journalist Gilles Jacquier 1/8/13