January 13, 2013

Ask The Leveretts Anything: Will Iran Stay A Theocracy?

Source: The Dish.

I respect the integrity and convictions of Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett. But I don't agree with their view in the video below.

The Islamic Republic has an expiration date just like its sister regime in apartheid Israel. The question is how and when it will exit the stage of history, and by whose hands. The regime has survived until now not because of its virtues but because 1) Iran went through a devastating war in the 1980s which allowed Khomeini to consolidate power, justify his tyranny, and terminate the democratic opposition. And 2) Iran is under attack from pretty much the whole world so the regime is getting a major popular boost from Iran's nationalist spirit. In normal circumstances, the tyranny of the Mullahs wouldn't be tolerated, not for this long anyways. The only thing they have going for them is that the tyranny of the United States empire and the transnational private banking cartel is worse than Islamic tyranny.