January 8, 2013

American Hero Alex Jones Told Unspeakable Truths On CNN

Alex Jones was a tour de force on CNN on Monday night.

America needs to hear the truth loud and clear, and Alex delivered it. Some people are put off that Alex acted like a wild man, but America and the world needs a bit of wildness at this moment in time.

The situation is critical. Private banks are looting the West without facing accountability, unjust austerity measures and social chaos is around the corner, and a new world war is being manifested through false flags that began with 9/11. Another covert false flag operation that was used to divide the West and Islam was the orchestrated Iranian-American hostage crisis.
People are acting like everything is normal, but the world is being led over a cliff. Every single institution in this upside down civilization and world has failed. Alex has the courage to point that out day after day.

Better a wild man with full of heart to speak for a nation than a lifeless robot like Obama. Alex provides a much-needed jolt to wake the American people up from their government-induced sleep. This is what a hero looks like.

It's good that Alex didn't allow the CNN host to steer the conversation and make him answer irrelevant questions. It was bad enough that he paraded the victims of the mass shooting ritual in Aurora like props before he allowed Alex to speak.

The political conversation on the mainstream media in the United States is so controlled and airtight that any breath of fresh air is beneficial. Censorship is the worst thing for a society and a culture. Just look at North Korea and Iran and you'll know what I mean. Censorship creates a social prison.

Alex was unhinged because he had a lot on his chest and he wanted to make all his points to the American people who deserve to hear the other side for once. If Alex's voice and, by extension, the voice of millions, wasn't censored by the media for the past decade then the conversation would have gone more dispassionately.

The totalitarian media got a taste of its own medicine. So it is good that Alex is a loud man. God bless him for it. Only loud voices can be heard in America today, with the exception of Dr. Paul, but his voice is also suppressed.

Alex provided the facts and figures that proves there is another narrative about guns. CNN has desperately tried to popularize the government-provided narrative about gun control in the aftermath of the false flag mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut. But the American people are vigilant and alert to their rotten totalitarian scheme to take the guns of lawful citizens and turn America into a full-blow police state under the hypnotic control of Satanic psychopaths in power.

The truth is that gun control would make total sense if the American government was not run by delusional totalitarian psychopaths who have no problem with killing innocent people wholesale. They have stated on record that they want to reduce the world's population by over ninety percent. CNN's founder told Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change that he wants to see the world's population fall to below 2 billion people.

How can anybody in their right mind trust these power-mad freaks with anything? They are bad news for humanity. There is nothing liberal about CNN. They support the fascist and totalitarian indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA. They are helping the hijacked U.S. government to quietly carry out a global policy of genocide. Keeping the lid on 9/11 is a key part of this evil conspiracy.
Alex has risked his life to inform his country and the world about the real facts regarding the ritualistic 9/11 events, the death of Osama Bin Laden, and the global war on terror. He has done more than anyone to expose the evil long-term plan to stage a third world war between the West/Israel and the Islamic world and thereafter establish a global totalitarian government. He deserves our support and gratitude.