December 6, 2012

The Obush Doctrine Comes Alive: Obama Admin Prepares To Attack Syria

An excerpt from an article by 'b' at Moon of Alabama called, "German Paper: U.S. Pressing For NATO War On Syria":
While U.S. "officials" continue to spread rumors of Syrian preparations of chemical weapons the reliable center-left German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reports (in German) on U.S. attempts to get NATO to fight a war against Syria.
An excerpt from John Glaser's article, "Obama’s Syria Policy Comes Dangerously Close to ‘Bush Doctrine’":
The Obama administration is peddling two scenarios for a potential war in Syria. With news and official statements this week repeating uncorroborated allegations that the Assad regime is moving and mixing elements of chemical weapons and possibly loading the materials into bombs, administration officials warn that the US could intervene militarily (1) if the regime uses these weapons on its own people, and (2) if the danger that these chemical weapons could get into the hands of Islamic militant groups becomes too great.
An excerpt from Tony Cartalucci's "NATO Missiles in Turkey to Point at Syria":
The move to station the anti-aircraft systems on the Turkish-Syrian border also involves NATO attempting to incrementally deploy a no-fly zone over northern Syria. This is intended for carving out long-ago prescribed "safe havens" within which NATO-backed terrorists can operate while the US handpicked proxy regime can safely pose as administrators.
As the Obush Doctrine comes into view, and Obaaama starts making pompous speeches about Syria's chemical weapons to panic the West into action, Syria will come under greater assault from the ground, air, and media airwaves.

Washington's plan for Syria is horrifying.