December 15, 2012

Stopping Violence Is Not The Aim of Gun Control

The problem that government gun control advocates have is that they are not the moral leaders of society so honest and educated people don't listen to what they have to say. They are not trusted.

Those who are calling for banning guns are also calling for military intervention and aggressive wars. This proves that they are not interested in stopping violence and reducing suffering in society. If they sincerely care about protecting innocent children then they should be consistent in their views and turn swords into ploughshares across the board.

Banning guns is the easy solution to mass shootings, and we should always guard against easy solutions to complex problems. Remember that the Patriot Act was passed quickly after 9/11, without any debate, to stop a non-existent terrorist threat.

Anti-terror legislation was an easy solution to a manufactured problem. The tragedy of 9/11 was cynically used by the government and media to pass authoritarian laws. The tragedy in Connecticut is also being cynically exploited by certain people. It is being used to pass draconian gun control legislation which will not address the core mental health and cultural problems in the United States.

The corrupt pharmaceutical industry is more responsible for outbreaks of mass shootings and other examples of shocking violence than the gun industry, but the fascist authoritarians are not criticizing psychotropic drugs, which have negative effects on the brain. This shows they have ulterior motives and are not serious about stopping violence and madness.

Another deficiency of the gun control argument is that it is centered around emotion, not logic. Liberals like to portray conservatives as irrational and emotional, but they are not exactly champions of logic and reason either.

Liberals don't consider the facts about gun control or learn the history, they just react instinctively and say guns are bad without looking at the big picture. This is never a good sign. When the facts and history are not on your side then your argument has to rely on emotion, irrationality, tragedy, grief, and trauma.

Tragedy and trauma is ritualistically exploited by the U.S. political and media elite. After every shocking national event involving guns or terrorism, whether authentic or staged by the deep state, the authoritarian opinion makers try to milk the crisis for all its worth.

This is what is most disturbing about the push for gun control. The leaders who want to disarm the American people have a radical totalitarian agenda. They staged 9/11 to take away the rights of Americans and now they're using mass shootings to take away their guns. Their aim all along has been to transform American society through state violence, false flag terrorism, totalitarian propaganda, and psychological trauma techniques.

You name it, they'll do it and exploit the hell out of it.

If guns are the problem then what about the totalitarian government's massive stockpile of guns? Gun control crusaders like to pretend that the militarization of society is only happening at the bottom of society. They point to conservatives and libertarians and say they are gun freaks who are buying up guys without rhyme or reason. But the government is leading the way in the militarization of society.

The growing possession of guns by awakened citizens is only a response to the state's radical build up of arms and ammo. The totalitarian homeland security state is arming itself to the teeth not to protect innocent people from criminals, terrorists, and psychotic shooters, but to further enslave Americans to the financial and corporate masters who have hijacked Washington.

And Obama's invisible tears are not helping the situation. America does not need robotic leadership at this crucial point in its history but honest and emphatic leaders who honestly care about the lives of innocents. Obama does not inspire confidence in people. He is arming terrorists abroad but wants to disarm patriots at home. What kind of leader does that? Obviously, not a good one.

Obama would have more of an argument if he wasn't a fascist authoritarian cult leader who is acting in the service of genocidal globalists that have stated on record that massive depopulation of the planet is their biggest goal. People like these want to disarm their victims before following through with their sick and evil plan.