December 16, 2012

Mike Adams - Do guns kill people? Pistol, shotgun, assault rifle put to the test

Tyrants always have a plan and a vision. First they confiscate the guns then they confiscate and kill the humans.

America's tyrants are in love with China's tyrants because they control their slaves 100 percent. They treat humans like cattle over there. In America people are still free because they are armed and they can protect themselves from the oligarchical radicals in power who have used government coercion to steal the public's money (bank bailouts) and now want to use government power to kill dissidents and freedom fighters who are seeking justice.

The monstrous government in America tortured Bradley Manning like it's no big thing, and this is only a preview of what these monsters have in store for anyone else in and outside of government who speaks up in the name of human rights, the rule of law, and the public's right to know.

Do guns kill people? No, tyrants kill people. Maniacs kill people. Secret intelligence agencies kill people. Gangs kill people. Governments kill people. Thieves kill people. Genocidal elites kill people. That is what history shows. And not ancient history, but very recent history. Mass murderers and tyrants like Stalin and Mao disarmed their victims before massacring them. For people on the left to put themselves in the company of these monsters shows a complete absence of common sense and historical knowledge that is truly scary. They are children who believe the government is their daddy.

Mike Adams - Do guns kill people? Pistol, shotgun, assault rifle put to the test