December 11, 2012

In Shocking Rhetorical Gesture To Reality, U.S. To Declare Earth Revolves Around The Sun

In what is being viewed as a shocking gesture to reality by scientists, Washington is preparing to inform its population that the Earth revolves around the sun. This announcement is part of a much larger policy shift, one that will see the United States of America come back to reality.

This policy shift may explain Washington's new position on the Syrian situation. Washington's deranged foreign policy establishment recently admitted that an al-Qaeda linked terrorist group is leading the Syrian rebellion, which Washington has backed covertly since its inception. Read more in this article called, "U.S. to declare Syrian jihadists Al-Nusra Front a terrorist group."

Washington's admission that Jihadist terrorists are leading the fight against the Syrian government comes as a shock to many. What is shocking is the reversal in U.S. policy, from covertly backing the Jihadist terrorists against Assad with arms and money to rejecting them publicly in the media.

Very few people doubt the reality that Washington's under-the-radar support for Jihadist terrorists is the main cause of the violence in Syria. There is substantial evidence proving that the same terrorists who are all of a sudden being denounced by the Obama administration have been armed and financed by Washington and its proxies throughout the entire course of the rebellion.

Public awareness of this shocking fact has progressively grown over the last several months. It has reached a point where there is a petition on the White House website demanding that the Obama administration stop supporting the Jihadist terrorists in Syria.

Could it be that the Obama administration is responding to public pressure? Maybe, maybe not. But many observers are curious about what sparked the change in Washington's rhetorical stance regarding the role of Jihadist terrorists in Syria, such as "b" of Moon of Alabama, who writes in an article, "Syria: Is Washington Changing Its Direction Or Not?":
"The United States government is now officially agreeing with the Syrian government's assertion that it is fighting terrorists."
Since 9/11, Washington's depiction of Al-Qaeda has been based entirely on language tricks. In the minds of Washington's brainwashed victims, Al-Qaeda doesn't exist where it does, and does exist where it doesn't.

But, in reality, Al-Qaeda as a uniform global entity with a single purpose doesn't exist anywhere. It is an imaginary creature of Washington's globalist foreign policy planners. French journalist Thierry Meyssan said in an interview with Serbien news magazine Geopolitika:
Al-Qaeda was originally nothing but the name of a database, a computer file, listing the names of the Arab mujahideen sent to fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets. By extension, Al-Qaeda refers to the jihadist milieu in which these mercenaries were recruited. Then Al-Qaeda designated fighters around bin Laden and by extension, all groups in the world who claim bin Laden’s ideology.

According to the times and the needs, this movement has been more or less populated. During the first war in Afghanistan, the war in Bosnia and Chechnya wars, these mercenaries were "freedom fighters" as they fought against the Slavs. Then, during the second war in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq, they were "terrorists" because they were attacking the GI’s. After the official death of bin Laden, they have again become "freedom fighters" during the wars in Libya and Syria because they are fighting alongside NATO.
Washington has been playing god for decades now, and its covert creation of Al-Qaeda as a menacing ideological enemy is just one piece of evidence. But it looks like Washington may be done denying reality with the magical use of words and the totalitarian power of the mainstream media.

There are rumours that the hijacked U.S. government is planning to publicly recognize political, geopolitical, financial, environmental, spiritual, and cosmological realities that were previously suppressed in favour of the fantastical pursuit of hegemonic interests in the spheres of international politics, international media, international finance, technology, and world culture.

Whether or not Israel is also planning to finally recognize reality along with the United States is another matter. It is looking less and less likely as each day passes. Israel's hawkish leaders are prone to megalomania and operate on the warped understanding that ancient myths and religious scriptures are more real than present realities.

Israelis don't live in the here and now but instead are psychologically rooted in the ancient past. Whereas most people view the state of Israel as a Roman colonizer that wages aggressive wars against its neighbours mercilessly, Israelis see themselves as besieged Jews who are hated by the world and under attack from everywhere. When presented with the facts they simply ignore you and answer, "you are anti-Semitic," as if that empty slogan settles questions about Israel's criminal actions.

In its most recent aggression against Gaza, Israel directly referenced Biblical imagery, calling the attack, "Operation Pillar of Cloud." Former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles Freeman told Russia Today that "this use of language reflects the fact that the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, which began as a sort of struggle between two competing nationalisms, became a struggle between Arabs and Israelis, and has now become a struggle between Jews and Muslims."

It is not just Israel that uses religious scripture, imagery, and symbols to bring reality under its national will. Hamas is a fellow co-conspirator in the global conspiracy to deny reality. Hamas and all Islamic fundamentalists want to relive the sacred time of the Prophet and Islam's rise to superpower status.

In his latest speech to thousands of Palestinians, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal foolishly rejected the existence of Israel, saying, "Palestine belongs to us and to nobody else." He's obviously not living in reality.

What we have here is a war between two groups who are living in collective fantasy and guided by religious fundamentalism. America and Western civilization was brought into this biblical conflict between Israelis and Muslims with the use of traumatic state terror events like 9/11 and 7/7, along with totalitarian propaganda by the mass media.

Until the mythology of 9/11 and other false flags collapses in the public mind, America and the West will continue to live in the same bizarre collective fantasy shared by Israel. In this delusional fantasy world, the Sun still revolves around the Earth.