December 14, 2012

All Hail Hagel

There are reports that President Obama is going to nominate former Senator Chuck Hagel for the Secretary of Defense position. Bloomberg says it is "likely."

I don't like most U.S. officials, but Mr. Chuck Hagel is an exception. I am a fan. He opposed the Iraq War. He intervened in the Israel-Hezbollah war in 2006 and called for a ceasefire. These are the actions of a wise and brave man. And he fought in Vietnam so he knows the horrors of war from firsthand experience.

Could Hagel lead the Pentagon?

Is Washington starting to act sane?

Is America beginning to divorce itself from the poisonous grip of the Israeli Lobby and the demented neocons who want to fight a total war against Islam?

The Israeli Lobby acts as if it owns the United States and its people. U.S. officials have to go through an Israeli test. Is this not slavery? Who the hell does Israel think it is? God? Pfft. Israel is a tiny lunatic nation. It should be grateful and bow before America for everything that it has done to protect Israel.

Israeli leaders lack gratitude. They do not recognize limits. Israel treats its one and only friend worse than its enemies. America should have cut off ties with Israel a long time ago. Read, "45 Reasons Why America Should Cut Off Ties With Israel, AIPAC And The Neocons."

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