November 8, 2012

Land of Shadows And Flames

"Never promise more than you can perform." - Publilius Syrus.
"Obama’s campaign strap line this year was “FORWARD”, an interesting choice of word, blunt and brutal – one straight out of Mao Se Tung’s China, or Stalin’s Russia. Is this a hint of things to come?" - Patrick Henningsen, "Obama Wins Second Term, But America Remains More Divided Than Ever."

"The Imperial Presidency won, too, of course; anyone anywhere can still be assassinated by order of the Imperial President, regardless of their citizenship. Anyone can be labeled "an enemy of the State" and either liquidated (high fives all around!) or crushed by the Espionage Act (transparency is a crime), Patriot Act (dissent is also criminal), the NDAA, or maybe another Executive Order. The neofeudal Aristocracy also won, as vested interests were free to buy "free speech" in unlimited quantities." - Charles Hugh Smith, "The Case for a Constitutional Convention in 2016."
"If progressives and, more importantly, American citizens accept the status quo over the next four years (which is what Obama’s re-election gave the country), one can expect the Obama administration to move forward with the War on Drugs. It can expect the administration to move forward with the Surveillance State. It can expect the administration to move forward with the perpetual War on Terror (which Obama does not call the War on Terror so he can appear different from Bush). It can expect the administration to move forward with policies of US empire." - Kevin Gosztola, "Obama’s Re-Election: What His Campaign Slogan ‘Forward’ Really Meant & What It Means Now."
"Washington is controlled by powerful interest groups, not by elections. What the two parties fight over is not alternative political visions and different legislative agendas, but which party gets to be the whore for Wall Street, the military-security complex, Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and energy, mining, and timber interests." - Paul Craig Roberts, "The Special Interests Won Again."
If aliens land in America one sunny morning and ask Americans to take them to their leader, will it be Barack Obama? If so, the aliens will laugh, turn their heads sideways, get back in their spaceship, and move on to their next destination.

A civilization headed by a man named Barack Hussein Obama who falsely claims he is solely responsible for the death of a manufactured terror villain with a somewhat similar name, Osama Bin Laden, has reached its end.

Obama, a man with an invented story, and a fake name, asked the American people on Tuesday night to create a "more perfect union," but the union is on the verge of collapse and not even divine intervention can halt the destructive process. Obama's role as President is to sideline reality to the realm of conspiracy theory and sell the morally bankrupt policies of the transnational financial oligarchy to the American people with his republican colleagues in lockstep.

The transnational financial oligarchy and its agents in press, entertainment, academia, and politics has made America the joke of the human race, ruining its great reputation, immense wealth, and honour. This is a sad historic development because Americans are great humanitarians and they deserve to live under a government that reflects their values and ideals.

Witnessing the ongoing destruction of America is a sad sight. Misguided Muslims who chant "Death to America," should not be listened to because they don't know what they're talking about. America is not the villain, America is the victim of the villain.

Vampiric oligarchs on Wall Street smile under their false capitalist masks whenever Muslims say "Death to America," because they want to see the end of America and everything it stands for: individual freedom, democratic self-government, and wealth creation.

No Muslim in his/her right mind should ever demand the death of America, because America is the land of diversity, openness, generosity, and freedom. It is both bad rhetoric and bad logic. The problem is not "America," but the hijacked American government which is working to bring about the destruction of America. It is erasing its constitutional legacy and historic achievements for the cause of human liberty.

It does not matter which political party leads Washington because there is an alien government within Washington that exists above the two parties and preys on the innocent, weak, and gullible, at home and abroad.

Obama's reelection is a signal that we will see more illegal foreign interventions, more wars, more bankster bailouts, more looting of the American people via "entitlement reform," more state surveillance and intimidation of government whistleblowers and political activists, and more crime and poverty as the U.S. economy flatlines.

Obama does not have any new ideas to solve America's fundamental problems, all he has is new political momentum which he will use to push through draconian policies along with a willing Congress at his side.

If the transnational financial oligarchy succeeds in achieving all of its tyrannical objectives through a politically rejuvenated Obama then they will be very happy. But America will suffer. Social discontent will rise in Obama's second term. The land of milk and honey will turn into the land of shadows and flames.