November 19, 2012

Cowards of The Age Are Stomping Gaza To Death

Fact: The governments in Israel and the United States are led by cowards who only attack weak and defenceless populations as well as failed states (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Gaza).

Fact: Operation Pillar of Death (the Israeli version is Pillar of Cloud) began with Israel breaking the ceasefire and assassinating the only man in Hamas who was capable of enforcing a ceasefire. Israel delivered a clear message with that assassination: We don't want peace.

Fact: The world is condemning Israel's irresponsible and criminal attack on Gaza. The U.S. and Israeli governments are isolated and seen as criminal partners in an aggressive war.

Fact: Turkish leadership on the Gaza issue is hypocritical since it is doing USrael's will in Syria by sponsoring the Wahhabi terrorists in the FSA along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Fact: Morsi is a neutered Muslim because Washington has a leash on him. He came to power after promising the Obama administration that the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement would not be touched. He is also doing USrael's bidding by calling for the removal of Assad in Syria. He can't help the defenseless people in Gaza even if he wanted to.

Fact: All this talk about the rockets in Gaza is meant to distract people from this very basic truth: Gaza has no professional army, Air Force, nothing. It is a concentration camp.

Fact: Israel is a small power that is pretending to be a superpower. It does not want to live with others  but dominate them and intimidate them. And this is impossible because it does not have the might to dominate anyone besides the people of Gaza. It is making too many enemies to last much longer in its current form. If it continues to follow its current self-destructive policy, then it has only one way out of the mess that it has created for itself and for everyone around it: blow the Middle East to bits. In other words, USrael can only maintain its domination of the region by pursuing the policy of the genocidal murder of Muslims. 

Fact: Obaaaama is not going to publicly challenge Netanyahoo and Israhell. He lacks courage, intelligence, honesty, and aggressive qualities that a leader of America should have. Having a secret kill list, attacking teenagers with drones, and pretending that you killed Osama Bin Laden do not make you a tough leader but a lying coward.

Fact: Israel's plan is to rule by fear and impose punishment on its enemies with an iron will, but this hasn't worked and it will never work. The reason is this: The Israeli army does not inspire fear in anyone. Waging a full-scale war against a concentration camp is the most cowardly thing that an army can do.

Fact: Israel's existence is not threatened by anyone. Israel has many nukes, so it will never be wiped off. It is here to stay. But it must learn to recognize and respect natural, moral, political, legal, and territorial boundaries. It is insane that the world has put up with the lawless and aggressive state in Israel for so long. 

Fact: Israel created Hamas. It is the cause of its own problems. It must look within and fix its problems in a rational, diplomatic, and honest way.

Fact: Israel is not at war with Hamas. It is at war with all Palestinians. Israel wants to wipe Palestine off the map and create a Greater Israel. Supporters of Israhell's illegal attack on Gaza's civilian population and infrastructure are cowards.