October 28, 2012

The Power of Films And Political Oversight of Hollywood

Watch: Hollywood Warfare: How the Pentagon Censors the Movies.

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The upcoming film "Zero Dark Thirty" perfectly sums up the Pentagon/CIA-Hollywood relationship. The brilliant writers at the CIA and Pentagon come up with an outline of a fake script, in this case it is the official story of the assassination of Bin Laden, and then they pitch it to an impressionable and ambitious Hollywood director to turn it into an entertaining movie and indoctrinate the American people.

Since Hollywood propaganda is international, we are all under its sway. The American empire and Israel have been very fortunate that artists and film directors make such great movies that turn U.S.-Israeli government myths into historical truths.

It isn't surprising that the most conscious people in the world work in Hollywood. The new 9/11 truth film called, "September Morn," will be the first of many political films that tackle the 9/11 scandal and its aftermath. Once the culture evolves and the political conditions change, filmmakers will be liberated to examine this tragedy in a new and political way. There is so much drama surrounding the 9/11 events that it will serve as a source for story-telling for decades to come.