September 19, 2012

Western Press Is Fine With Insulting Islam's Prophet, But Telling The Truth About 9/11? Never

I don't mind the ugly depictions of Muhammad in the Western press. That is what freedom of speech is all about. America is great because it values and protects freedom of speech. But there must be consistency. Principles matter.

Why is the Western press covering up the truth about 9/11? Is the 9/11 lie too much of a taboo subject?

The press is hiding behind the claim of "This is Free Speech" when it comes to provoking the Muslim world and insulting its prophet, but it is silent about Israel's crimes against humanity and its false flag deceptions. This is wrong.

Why not insult the Muslims, the Christians, and the Jews? If you are going to insult civilizations and religions then go all the way. Why stop with Muhammad? If you hold nothing sacred, then hold nothing sacred. And if you value free speech then don't be afraid to tell the truth about 9/11.