September 11, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Mob Take Down American Flag At The American Embassy In Cairo

A Muslim Brotherhood-directed mob took down and ripped apart the American flag at the American embassy in Cairo on the 11th anniversary of the false flag 9/11 events. In its place, they raised the Al-Qaeda flag.

The writer "b" of Moon of Alabama writes in his article, "9/11 Remembrance At The U.S. Embassy In Cairo":
"There was some sort of 9/11 remembrance at the U.S. embassy in Cairo today.

As the U.S. in its war against Libya and Syria is again allied with those folks who rally under this flag, rising it in front of the embassy can even be seen as appropriate."
It is indeed ironic and hilarious that these flag-rapists raised the Al-Qaeda flag above the American flag as an act of liberation, because America's shadow government created Al-Qaeda and is currently using it to overthrow the secular government in Syria.

Numerous commentators are saying that these hooligans have been manipulated into committing this stupid action on this extremely sensitive day. Tony Cartalucci tweeted, "how2give #Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood rabble street cred? give them reason2storm US Embassy in #Egypt - fake 9/11 "clash" of civ stunt."

May God save us from stupid men and the powerful manipulators who control and manipulate them to start wars, cause divisions between mankind, and lead societies to utter ruin.

Video: A Muslim Brotherhood mob rip apart the American flag at the American embassy in Cairo.