July 31, 2012

Who Else Wanted Bandar Bush Dead Besides Syria? Washington?

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The presumed party behind the bombing that took the life of Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia on July 26 is the government of Syria. Their motive is clear: revenge. Days earlier, Prince Bandar reportedly oversaw an intelligence operation that caused the deaths of Assad's top generals.

But what if a different party is responsible for Prince Bandar's death? Last year, historian Webster G. Tarpley explained on the Alex Jones show that Prince Bandar was preparing to say goodbye to Washington and move Saudi Arabia closer to nuclear Pakistan.

Was Washington pissed by Bandar's aggressiveness? Maybe Washington saw a rebellion looming in Saudi Arabia and wanted blood.

Webster Tarpley on the Alex Jones show in April 2011:
"The idea that Bandar is turning towards an alliance with Pakistan in order to defend Saudi Arabia against the U.S. is a kind of strategic revolution. Up to now, Saudi Arabia has relied on the United States for security. But now the people around Bandar see, obviously, that Obama is the main threat, that the U.S. regime, the CIA, the NED [National Endowment for Democracy], are the main threat to the internal security of Saudi Arabia. So they're looking for an option. Now once you say Pakistan, of course, you're also saying nuclear weapons. You can say in a certain way it's quite possible that Bandar has arranged that Saudi Arabia is now under the Pakistani nuclear umbrella.
This is quite a new thing in world affairs. These are two countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, who have been under the US yoke, totally dominated by the US, bombed in the case of Pakistan, who are trying to make a jailbreak."
In the interview with Alex Jones below, historian Webster G. Tarpley discusses Prince Bandar's decision to move Saudi Arabia closer to nuclear Pakistan and away from the United States. You can hear the quote that is highlighted above starting at the 2:45 mark to the 3:40 mark.