July 4, 2012

A Benefit of The Western Economic Crisis: The End of Irrational Consumerism

Consumerism: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing. Source of image.
"The issue is much larger than individual health, however. To be aware of the companies selling your food is to be aware of important actors of the world elite. As the saying goes “control the food and you control the people”. If you believe it is important to know the truth about the world’s power structure, it is fundamental to know about these companies and understand their extensive reach throughout all areas of our global society. They might “only” sell food, but their power and position gives these conglomerates an active role in world governance, including economy, politics, law-making and even the military (who do you think supplies military mess halls?). The Big Three and globally dominant corporations like them are part of policy-setting “think tank” organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, which serve as the true motors behind global change. Should PepsiCo have a say in the invasion of a country such as Iran? Well, it does. And every time you buy a Pepsi or a bag of Doritos or jug of Tropicana, you are helping them become richer and more powerful. Luckily, however, there is an easy way to stop supporting these companies: Simply replace the processed products you buy from these companies with fresh foods bought from local businesses. You’ll improve your health and your local economy, but most importantly, you’ll also become the elite’s worst nightmare: a rational consumer." - The Vigilant Citizen, "Irrational Consumerism (or The Few Companies Who Feed the World)." April 15, 2011. 

"And, lastly, in addition to that, I would think of making consumption more rational. Our consumption today is not only irrational because we are continually bombarded by media that encourages us, almost coerces us, to buy, especially when they get hold of children who begin to nag their parents as they walk through a supermarket to buy cookie crispies or whatever they have. Literally, children in the United States are told to harass their parents and buy various things as their rewards because they're part of a cartoon strip that they have seen.

And I would think that our consumption would now become not only more rational, because we consume today very irrationally, not because we are inclined to be irrational, but because the media bombards us with these irrationalities. But because also a more limited, rational form of consumption would be more healthful. In the United States the great majority of adults are overweight. They're candidates for heart attacks, candidates for hypertension or high blood pressure, or candidates for strokes. They lumber around, they continually engage in very hard work trying to reduce weight, when, to a great extent, they wouldn't have this problem if they ate, consumed, and used things in a much more rational way." - Murray Bookchin (1992).
"Marketing not only penetrates the minds of individuals, it also encroaches on the collective consciousness. This can lead to serious systemic problems. Though the oft-used examples are the work of the tobacco and fast food industries, perhaps most relevant to our common future is the fact that almost all marketing actively supports and encourages excessive consumption — an overtly unsustainable behavior. Although a certain amount of consumption is necessary for the survival of ourselves and our economy, today’s consumerism has become an addiction — an end in itself as opposed to a means to an end. Though this dangerous model assumes that resources are endless, this is far from the truth." - Lindsey Wedewer, "Mindless: Marketing an Unsustainable Future." October 20, 2011. 
When the CIA and Mossad attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, President Bush used the tragedy to manipulate the American people and instructed them to go shopping to boost the American economy.

Author Toni Morrison said that Americans are treated like consumers as opposed to citizens in a conversation she had with Professor Cornel West and Democracy Now host Amy Goodman in May 2004 on Democracy Now. Here is the exchange:
TONI MORRISON: It’s vicious. When you think of after September 11, when anybody would have done practically anything to help, I was waiting for some guy the Mayor guy, the Governor guy — I mean, they did things, but there was something like — that I wanted to hear.
TONI MORRISON: Like go home. See if everybody’s all right. Build this. Check your neighbors. Get some food. Sort of a … action, but what they said was: "Go to the store."
CORNEL WEST: Oh, yeah.
TONI MORRISON: Oh yeah, they said, go to the malls. Go to the theaters. Get back on those airplanes. Buy. Now, I understand what they were saying. They were saying that the market — you know, the point of the attack was to destroy things, one of which would be the economy and the capitalist system, et cetera, so we want the markets to go on. That was one thing, that could have been said along with some other things. But to tell people to go to the store — go to the mall? Get back on those planes? So people just began to send money because they wanted to help, but that was the only exchange there was.
CORNEL WEST: But, see —
TONI MORRISON: That meant that we were not to be called on as citizens, only as consumers.
The myth of 9/11 created the impression in the American public mind that America was under attack from Islamists. This myth is one of the biggest reasons why America and Western civilization is stuck in a state of psychosis. Irrational consumerism and irrational warfare have combined into one juggernaut of irrationality under the irrational umbrella of the war on terror.

The marketing of the official 9/11 story by political leaders, intelligence analysts, and the "news" media was done immediately after the events took place. In a span of hours, the scripted narrative was drilled into the global psyche with the use of images and repetition.

Just as the American people were taught to hate and fear, they were taught to buy. After 9/11, they did both. But eleven years later, they are fearing, hating, and buying less. The American people are waking up and realizing that they've been sold a bill of lies to take away their bill of rights.

The death of American liberty and Western democracy is beginning to dawn on the people. The social and political consequences of this massive awakening will be explosive if the power elite stubbornly continue their old ways and suppress reforms. Gregory R. Copley, editor of Defense & Foreign Affairs, wrote about the subject state of Western peoples in his article, "The Crisis of Democracy Has Reached Act Two":
"We have forgotten that societies created government in order to facilitate the order and safety of society, not the other way around. When societies have become servants of government they are, in historical terms, the subjects of tyrannies, dictators, or autocrats. It is true that, for the moment, Western populations have accepted without demur the reality that they have moved from being the source of power and legitimacy to being the subject and vassal of government."
The breakdown of the Western economic crisis in combination with the political legitimacy crisis of Western governments is leading to political chaos and popular rebellion at home, and war abroad.

In this intense, anti-establishment environment, Western governments and leaders are picking a fight with Iran to create a domestic emergency in their own countries which will enable them to crackdown on protests with satisfactory force and precision.

President Obama could declare tomorrow that America is in a state of Martial Law if he wanted to. The U.S. military is ready because it is presently being trained and prepared to police American streets in the aftermath of a full-scale economic collapse or some other social catastrophe. 

II. Say Goodbye To The Old World

The era of irrational consumerism is ending, thanks in large part to the Western economic crisis. But the era of irrational warfare is still in its early stage. Western governments and the Israeli government are not taking a rational course in the Middle East. They are not dealing with Iran rationally. Rather than recognizing the rights and legitimate interests of the Iranian people, the West and Israel are waging a grueling economic war against Iran on the false premise that Iran's nuclear program is dedicated to building the atomic bomb.

If Iran is bombed by the United States and Israel, say goodbye to the old world. A new era in international relations will begin. The corruption and imperialism of the Western and Israeli power elite is unsustainable. Their destructive will has produced a culture of terror, lies, usury, thievery, lawlessness, insanity, war, and death.

But although the majority of the world is against an irrational USraeli attack on Iran, USrael will attack Iran anyway because Satan is crazy as hell.