July 28, 2012

Bane Takes Syria Hostage, Condemns Syrians To Die And Threatens Mass Destruction

Bane is the spiritual and ideological godfather of the terrorists in the NATO-armed Free Syrian Army.

Bane from the film 'The Dark Knight Rises' is the face of 21st century terror. He is the spiritual and ideological godfather of the terrorists in the NATO-armed Free Syrian Army. The terrorists know Bane's methods well. They are well versed in the tricks of the terrorist trade. Of course, having the masters of terrorism in the CIA-MI6-Mossad brotherhood as their mentors helps a lot.

In 'The Dark Knight Rises,' Bane takes the city of Gotham hostage and uses terrorism to seize power, all in the name of defending the people's will. His small army first drives the protectors of the public order into the underbelly of the city and then he threatens to nuke the city. Likewise in Syria the FSA terrorists have targeted the military and police, massacred innocent civilians as well as their political enemies, and taken the country hostage to the benefit of hostile foreign powers.

Also, like Bane, they are justifying their war crimes and campaign of terrorism by pretending to represent the abstract entity, "the Syrian people." Many of these terrorists are not Syrians, but mercenaries from foreign lands like Libya and Iraq, where they served their NATO masters by carrying out terror attacks and spreading hatred among diverse religious communities.

After destroying Libya with Washington's guiding them all the way, the Al-Qaeda terrorists are now busy destroying Syria. They are threatening the citizens of Syria with chemical weapons followed by a full-blown invasion led by NATO if they do not acquiesce to their Washington-scripted political demands.

According to geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci, the Libyan terrorists and Al-Qaeda barbarians are secretly planning to stage a false flag involving the use of chemical weapons. Their motive is to further discredit the current Syrian regime and give Washington a new excuse to take stronger action against Assad. Cartalucci wrote in his article on Friday, July 27, called, "Syrians: NATO-backed Militants Seen Donning Gas Masks":
Clearly those "Islamist militants" as well as "rebels active in north Africa" are now on the ground in Syria. These militants bringing pilfered chemical weapons with them is entirely plausible, as is the possibility that these weapons were purposefully placed into their hands by either NATO or Libya's current ruling regime. This very scenario was warned against last month in an article published by Russia Today titled, "Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report."
The use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians by the Free Syrian Army would be devastating for their already battered image. It will completely destroy the silly notion that they are a bunch of freedom fighters who are liberating Syria from tyranny. Also, the crooked governments of the United States, England, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey would come under greater international pressure for their active support for terrorism in Syria.

Cartalucci says that the Western media is not covering the story of the FSA's possession of chemical weapons because exposing this piece of information conflicts with their narrative that Assad is the bad guy and the FSA is the champion of human rights and democracy. Here is another excerpt from Cartalucci's article:
That the media and governments of the West have not publicly looked into recent claims that the FSA is contemplating a false flag, weapons of mass destruction attack, makes them complicit should such an attack unfold. It will also make it all but impossible for the US to attempt to blame Libya and "Al Qaeda" alone if their dark deed is carried out, but subsequently exposed. 
French journalist Thierry Meyssan examines the depth of the Western media's deceptions regarding the situation in Syria in a new piece called, "Who is fighting in Syria?" Meyssan says the Syrian army is supported by the Syrian people and its heroic reputation continues to grow as the foreign-instigated violence intensifies across Syria. He writes:
The unpopularity of the armed groups should be compared with the popularity of the regular army and self-defense militia. The Syrian National Army is a conscript army, so it’s a people’s army, and it is unthinkable that it can be used for political repression. Recently, the government authorized the creation of neighborhood militias. It distributed weapons to citizens who are committed to devote 2 hours of their time every day to defend their neighborhood, under military supervision.
Contrast the integrity and sacred honour of the Syrian army with the cruelty of the foreign-armed barbarians, terrorists, and mercenaries in the FSA who are driven by hate, greed, power, religious extremism, and lust for violence.

The Bane wannabes in the FSA want Washington and the Arab League to emerge out of the shadows and deal with matters more openly. The writer "b" of M of A says: "I am not yet sure that the U.S. and Turkey have really given up their intervention drive. This or that trick to justify more steps against Syria may still be in the offering."

If Bane succeeds in Syria, what country will he terrorize and take hostage next? Iran? Lebanon?

And when will the Batman of the Middle East arrive to end Bane's terror?