April 23, 2012

What Must Be Silenced

"But why have I kept silent till now?
Because I thought my own origins,
tarnished by a stain that can never be removed,
meant I could not expect Israel, a land
to which I am, and always will be, attached,
to accept this open declaration of the truth.

Why only now, grown old,
and with what ink remains, do I say:
Israel's atomic power endangers
an already fragile world peace?
Because what must be said
may be too late tomorrow;
and because – burdened enough as Germans –
we may be providing material for a crime
that is foreseeable, so that our complicity
will not be expunged by any
of the usual excuses.

And granted: I've broken my silence
because I'm sick of the West's hypocrisy;
and I hope too that many may be freed
from their silence, may demand
that those responsible for the open danger
we face renounce the use of force,
may insist that the governments of
both Iran and Israel allow an international authority
free and open inspection of
the nuclear potential and capability of both." - Günter Grass: 'What Must Be Said.'

"People have learned to be silent listeners. Dictatorship asks only for silent citizens." - Joost A. M. Meerloo: Conversation and Communication.
"Yet the noble despair of the poets
Is nothing of the sort; it is silly
To refuse the tasks of time
And, overlooking our lives,
Cry--"Miserable wicked me,
How interesting I am."
We would rather be ruined than changed,
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the moment
And let our illusions die." - W. H. Auden: The Age of Anxiety.
The power of Western states rests on a magico-religious system of lies, myths, and propaganda. The messenger of the official state religion is the media. The word of the USraeli government is accepted as sacred gospel. Questioning its narratives is a blasphemy, and telling the truth is a sin. Sinners are labeled conspiracy theorists and nut jobs, and exiled out of the mainstream community.

The Roman Empire had the cross to punish its dissidents and critics; the American Empire has a policy of ridicule and mockery.

But the myths of the Empire are dying. The global 9/11 truth and justice movement, whose most vocal representatives are in the heart of the Empire, is the harbinger of a transformative change not only in American politics but politics worldwide. The Toronto Hearings, which took place on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 fraud, breathed life into the truth movement.

Hope is never lost. We should not be dismayed because the evil Western media has systematically suppressed the truth about 9/11 and driven the voices of sanity outside of the Western political conversation. Media vultures are not powerful enough to black out the truths of history and impose a false reality on humanity. In the shadow of systemic silence, the mere act of speaking can lift the sun of truth into the sky of deception.

The downfall of all magico-religious systems of government is the same: a collapse of belief. The Soviet Union fell when the Russian people refused to believe in the myths and lies of the Soviet state. The same psychological and cultural transformation is occurring in America and Western civilization. The religious authorities in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv are losing their flocks because public belief in their sacred myths and narratives is collapsing.

Truth-tellers are shedding light on the secret sin of 9/11 and destroying the self-image of Israel, America, and Western civilization. The era of silence is ending in the West. Günter Grass's poem, "What Must Be Said," is a testament to the power of the written word. His poem broke the silence about Israel's madness and the West's two-facedness. Now, nobody in their right mind can make the excuse of ignorance. The crimes of Israel, America, and England against humanity are on the table.

Israel and the United States cannot bully the world with propaganda anymore. It does not matter if politicians are silent, governments are disconnected, and journalists are indifferent. Truth will defeat propaganda as long as there are poets and citizens who are willing to speak the truth from their hearts, and let history be the judge of their opinions.

The monstrous media machine is powerless in the face of truth, logic, common sense, morality, and reality.

In 1978, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn diagnosed the Western media with "hastiness and superficiality," in a lecture at Harvard University called, "A World Split Apart." Solzhenitsyn said:
"Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic disease of the 20th century and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press. In-depth analysis of a problem is anathema to the press. It stops at sensational formulas.

Such as it is, however, the press has become the greatest power within the Western countries, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. One would then like to ask: by what law has it been elected and to whom is it responsible? In the communist East a journalist is frankly appointed as a state official. But who has granted Western journalists their power, for how long a time and with what prerogatives?

There is yet another surprise for someone coming from the East where the press is rigorously unified: one gradually discovers a common trend of preferences within the Western press as a whole. It is a fashion; there are generally accepted patterns of judgment and there may be common corporate interests, the sum effect being not competition but unification. Enormous freedom exists for the press, but not for the readership because newspapers mostly give enough stress and emphasis to those opinions which do not too openly contradict their own and the general trend."
The Western media's war against truth, justice, freedom, and humanity has been going on for a very long time. German historian Oswald Spengler said the enslavement of humanity by the owners of the press is, "the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed," in his book, 'The Decline of the West.' Spengler wrote:
"Gunpowder and printing belong together--both discovered at the culmination of the Gothic, both arising out of Germanic technical thought--as the two grand means of Faustian distance-tactics. The Reformation in the beginning of the Late period witnessed the first flysheets and the first field-guns, the French Revolution in the beginning of the Civilization witnessed the first tempest of pamphlets in the autumn of 1788 and the first mass-fire of artillery at Valmy. But with this the printed word, produced in vast quantity and distributed over enormous areas, became an uncanny weapon in the hands of him who knew how to use it. In France it was still in 1788 a matter of expressing private convictions, but England was already past that, and deliberately seeking to produce impressions on the reader. The war of articles, flysheets, spurious memoirs, that was waged from London on French soil against Napoleon, is the first great example.

Today we live so cowed under the bombardment of this intellectual artillery that hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama. The will-to-power operating under a pure democratic disguise has accomplished its task so well that the object's sense of freedom is actually flattered by the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed.

What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears. A forlorn little drop may settle somewhere and collect grounds on which to determine "the truth" - but what it obtains is just its truth. The other, the public truth of the moment, which alone matters for effects and successes in the fact-world, is today a product of the Press. What the Press wills, is true. Its commanders evoke, transform, interchange truths. Three weeks of press-work, and the "truth" is acknowledged by everybody.

With the political press is bound up the need of universal school-education, which in the Classical world was completely lacking. In this demand there is an element - quite unconscious - of desiring to shepherd the masses, as the object of party politics, into the newspaper's power-area. The idealist of the early democracy regarded popular education, without arrière-pensée, as enlightenment pure and simple, and even today one finds here and there weak heads that become enthusiastic on the Freedom of the Press - but it is precisely this that smooths the path for the coming Caesars of the world-press. Those who have learnt to read succumb to their power, and the visionary self-determination of Late democracy becomes a thorough-going determination of the people by the powers whom the printed word obeys.

No tamer has his animals more under his power. Unleash the people as reader-mass and it will storm through the streets and hurl itself upon the target indicated, terrifying and breaking windows; a hint to the press-staff and it will become quiet and go home. The Press today is an army with carefully organized arms and branches, with journalists as officers, and readers as soldiers. But here, as in every army, the soldier obeys blindly, and war-aims and operation-plans change without his knowledge. The reader neither knows, nor is allowed to know, the purposes for which he is used, nor even the role that he is to play. A more appalling caricature of freedom of thought cannot be imagined. Formerly a man did not dare to think freely. Now he dares, but cannot; his will to think is only a willingness to think to order, and this is what he feels as his liberty.

The dictature of party leaders supports itself upon that of the Press. The competitors strive by means of money to detach readers - nay, peoples - en masse from the hostile allegiance and to bring them under their own mind-training. And all that they learn in this mind-training is what it is considered that they should know - a higher will puts together the picture of their world for them. There is no need now, as there was for Baroque princes, to impose military-service liability on the subject - one whips their souls with articles, telegrams and pictures until they clamour for weapons and force their leaders into a conflict to which they willed to be forced." (Spengler. The Decline of The West. Pg. 394-96).
Due to the decline of the power of the traditional media, the owners of the press are losing the ability to wage a total war on the truth and the collective mind. There is a new power on the scene: the global alternative media.

The growth of the global alternative media can only be stopped if Western governments shut down independent news sites, free streaming video websites, political talk shows, YouTube channels, social networking sites, and blogs. But they will not succeed in killing free speech if they take this drastic and draconian step.

By shutting down the Internet, Western governments will only unleash the new army of investigative journalists, citizen reporters, and free media organizations out into the streets of every city and town in North America and Western Europe.

It will be a fatal mistake for Western governments to impose authoritarian rule on the Internet. This new continent of intellectual freedom, knowledge, truth, mental exploration, discovery, and awakening cannot be submerged under the freezing waters of tyranny and the glacial sheets of totalitarianism.

The divine human spirit and the truths of modern history have broken through the cracks of the Internet, and it is too late to annihilate them out of existence. An earthquake of change is about to rock the West and the world at its foundations. Silencing the voices of truth, freedom, reason, and justice will not resolve the crisis of conscience in America, Israel, and the West, it will only amplify it and increase the fury of the victims of tyranny.

Only a new age of truth-telling, common sense, honest government, and independent media can get us out of the prevailing darkness of ignorance, propaganda, and close-mindedness.