January 17, 2012

War on Terror: A War Without Definition, An Enemy Without A Face

The war on terrorism is a war without a definition of victory, and terrorism is an enemy without a face.

Humanity and democracy are trapped in this endless war. The absurd legal and political context that emerged following the false flag 9/11 attacks has crippled critical thinking about terrorism and the limits to government power.

Under the political cover of the war on terror governments around the world have went wild with government power. In the West, governments are cracking down on free speech and destroying the basic rights and institutions that are essential to free societies. Human rights activists who express opinions that deviate from the official government line are smeared as conspiracy theorists and driven into the social wilderness.

American, Israeli, and Western governments have destroyed the state of civilization and reduced the world to a jungle state. In the name of security and democracy, they have blanketed the globe with chaos and terror. In this violent and barbaric state, the rule of law is absent and there is no accountability for elites who commit fraud and war crimes.

What Western elites have created is a profound global political crisis that will become very violent and very chaotic for all societies. Essentially, the planet has turned over on its side after hitting an iceberg, the ship is leaking, and the captain has abandoned the passengers.

Every man is for himself and every nation looks out for its own interests at the risk of destroying the interests of the planet. There is no global vision, no political leadership, and no hope.

In the latest Republican debate, Mitt Romney called America "the hope of the earth." If only that was true. Sadly, the reality is that America represents the anti-hope nation in the 21st century. It is not a voice for human rights and the rule of law. Bush was the voice of terror and Obama is the voice of chaos.

Violence and despotism reigns around the world, not peace and freedom. Since the bankster hijacked American empire is the 21st century's lord of violence and despotism, it is the lord of the planet. It is Lord Satan. And it is turning the planet into hell.

The United Nations has proven to be a dud. It is a useless organization that is led by cowards and liars. In the 21st century, there are no international institutions that safeguard the rule of law from state terrorism, protect the weak from the strong, the super-poor from the super- rich, and the just from the unjust.

This is a not a world that 99.9% of the world wants to live and grow up in. What we face as a global community is a global political crisis that will either consume all nations and destroy the planet in the process, or awaken the better natures of humanity and force it to change course.

Governments and citizens must come to a global political consensus that the war on terror is evil, insane, asinine, and unsustainable, and bring it to an end. Human rights activists should demand that all societies place the rule of law, human rights, and public interests before the private interests of government bureaucracies, international financial institutions, and ruling elites.

The era of double standards and Western/Israeli hypocrisy must come to an end. The security of the planet and the survival of the human race depends on it.