November 6, 2011

Official Reality Is A Prison: Mind Control In The West, Israel And Iran

"Mind control in the West, and certainly in America, has been very aggressive throughout the 20th century and into the 21st as we have been discussing here at the Bell. There is nothing very tricky about mind control, though the alternative 'net media likes to talk up its more bizarre permutations. No, mind control is fairly simple if one controls enough of society. The way to control society of course is to use other people's money to open the coffers to truly gigantic floods of currency. The elite has done this through central banking, which allows for the printing of money out of nothing." - The Daily Bell, "Is the Internet Anti-War?": November 10, 2010.
On Thursday, November 3rd, I wrote about the real origins of the Islamic Republic of Iran and explained how Khomeini rise to power was socially engineered by the Anglo-American elite in an article called, "The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979."

The writers at The Daily Bell highlighted my article on their website (thank you), and directed me to two articles that they've written in the past about this scandalous and suppressed history called, "The Rise of Iran," and, "Is Iran War Up Next?"

The suppressed history of the relationship between Western intelligence agencies and Islamic fundamentalism challenges the roots of the conflict between the Western world and the Islamic world. The truth is that the global conflict between democracy and terrorism, the West and Islam, is completely artificial and manufactured.

Iranian revolutionary leader Ruhollah Khomeini remains the icon of Islamic fundamentalism and modern anti-imperialism in the history books, but the discovery of his true identity and political support by the West makes it clear that he was a scam artist. Thus, the foundations of the Islamic Republic of Iran are illegitimate and anti-Iranian.

The claim made by the Islamic Republic that it is a defender of the rights and dignity of the Islamic world is just as false as the claim made by the West that it is defending democracy against totalitarianism. The governments of both worlds are barbaric and medieval.


There are so many strands in the cobweb version of modern history. The truth of history has been systematically withheld from the people of the world by governments, academia and the mass media.

The simplistic and easy to digest version of history that is taught to us in public schools would have us believe that we are in possession of the truth about modern revolutions, modern wars, and the biggest political personalities of the 20th century.

I once believed that I knew how deep the rabbit hole went. I thought Iran was not beholden to the same corrupt powers that are keeping America and the West in a condition of mental, political, economic and spiritual slavery.

But the facts of history show that Iran is not a real revolutionary and free nation. Its people are contained within a mental and spiritual prison just like the people of America and the West. The walls and bars of the prison are different, but the basic nature of our societies are the same. Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are suppressed by all our governments.

What is taking place in all nations is a concerted effort by mind manipulators in government to dominate the masses and direct their beliefs and opinions. Some people say that most world leaders are agents of a worldwide elite movement called the Illuminati, whose aim is to set up a global authoritarian government.

Picture this global government as World Serpent around the globe, squeezing the life out of all nations and religions, and forcing the people everywhere to accept a life of slavery.

Much like the Communist state in Russia, the Islamist state in Iran was set up by the Illuminati to pose as an ideological enemy to the West on the world stage. The Daily Bell bring ups the fact that Khomeini, like Lenin, was sheltered in the West until it was time for riots and revolution.

The political systems in the West, Israel and Iran can only survive in their current manifestations if the people of each nation are constantly reminded of the threat of an outside enemy by crooked politicians and government officials.

An outside enemy justifies state secrecy, attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of protest, excessive war spending, and a top-down political system with hardliners in charge.

Hardliners in Iran help the hardliners in the West and Israel, and vice versa. I wrote something similar six months ago in another article:
Madmen in power always need a fictitious "evil" enemy to keep the game of war going, and keep the money flowing. Government is only able to grow and become more powerful by scaring the people about an outside enemy that is almost always manufactured and hyped by the government itself. The American playwright Arthur Miller said that "Power is going to defend you against the enemy. If you don't believe in the enemy then you don't believe in the power."
This fact needs to be repeated as much as possible because it is easy to lose sight of it in a 24/7 media culture that is continuously submerged in war propaganda.

The Daily Bell highlights the economic, cultural and political benefits of an outside enemy for the elite in their article, 'The Rise of Iran':
"In an era when the truth-telling of the Internet is continually destabilizing the elite's fear-based promotional propaganda, the erection of a believable and even formidable enemy is of great importance from the Western elite's point of view. It provides a rationale for increased authoritarianism, justifies the West's increased use of spy-technologies (which are mostly domestically aimed) and provides a rationale for continued military-industrial spending."
Propping up an enemy as a basis for one's own foreign policy is deeply cynical, cruel and criminal. But that is what exactly the political elites in the West, Israel and Iran are doing.

When one looks deep into the history of the involvement of the CIA and MI6 in Iran, it becomes obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran was created in 1979 to provide a new enemy to the Anglo-American elite in the heart of the Middle East.

Western civilization and the Anglo-American empire was badly in need of a new ideological foe because the elite knew that the communist Soviet Union would not exist forever.

Before Iran would come to fulfill that psychological role in the Western psyche, one last effort was made to make the Soviet Union into a bigger threat than it actually was in real life. In the middle of the 1970s, George Bush's CIA contracted out intelligence gathering on the Soviet Union to a private group named "Team B," that was headed by ideological hardliners.

They manufactured data to elevate the Soviet threat in order to increase war spending in Washington and ensure the existence of the military-industrial complex.


After the false flag 9/11 attacks, Iran's own military-industrial complex grew because of the constant barrage of threats coming from the West and Israel.

The political ruling elite in Iran, Israel, and the West probably see eye to eye when it comes to making threats and starting wars. They all benefit tremendously from the twisted relationship that they have with each other. And their job is easy: create a culture of obedience through deception and brainwash their societies through fear.

The art of elite management of society involves creating a rigid ideology and collective myths for the millions of slaves who believe the government is their daddy and divine protector.

The elites in Iran, Israel and the West threaten one another and create crises, which enables them to maintain power and make huge amounts of money at the expense of the people. They are comfortable with extremist rhetoric and fear-based narratives because they won't die in the world war that they are generating. What exists between them is an alliance of overlords with religious power.

The global conflict they are manufacturing between Totalitarian Islam and Totalitarian Zionism is a battle between two dead doctrines. The totalitarian ideology of the medieval Islamic system was not created to survive for generations and bring happiness to the Iranian people.

Likewise, the creators of Zionism were not interested in preserving the state of Israel, but in using Israel to start a world war with Islam and then exploit the engineered crisis create a one world government.

The conflict between Western Civilization and Islamic Civilization was designed by the elite to achieve world depopulation and world government. That is the whole game---mutual destruction, orchestrated from the top from the word go.

If all goes according to the elite's plan, Israel, Iran, America, and Western Civilization will all be destroyed in the coming world war, and a global fascist government will rise out of the global ashes.

They call this "order out of chaos," and the final revolution.

But, in reality, it is treason against humanity and global genocide.