November 25, 2011

Iranian General Qassem Suleimani Spins Arab Spring As An "Islamic Awakening"

Major General Qasem Suleimani, who is compared to "Keyser Söze" from the 1995 film 'The Usual Suspects' by U.S. officials according to this Guardian article, said that the uprisings in Egypt and throughout the Arab World are reflective of an Islamic awakening.

He said:
"The Islamic awakening is a voice that you cannot hear. You should know that today the U.S. is no longer faced with one Iran. Dozens of Irans have emerged in the region and the nations have woken up to U.S. (plots)."
This is a lie.

The Arab people are not longing for the rule of Mullahs. They want freedom and democracy. Iran has neither. Iran has totalitarianism and militarism.

Iran is ruled by false prophets who crave power and money.

The Islamic Regime is an illegitimate regime that was founded by traitors. Khomeini's Islamic revolution succeeded with the help of the shadow CIA and MI6 and the Bush-Reagan coalition.

The Islamic Republic's biggest secret is that Khomeini collaborated with the "Great Satan," which makes the Islamic Republic the little brother of Satan.