February 28, 2011

Alex Jones Was On The View Today, And Injected Truth Into Television

Radio host/documentary filmmaker/patriot Alex Jones went on ABC's The View on Monday, February 28, to discuss Charlie Sheen's interview on his show last week.

But the ladies of the View didn't know what hit them as Alex injected a juggernaut of truth into mainstream, pop-culture discourse, while defending Charlie Sheen's recent behavior.

Alex compared George Bush to Muammar Gaddafi (both are war criminals and delusional sociopaths), talked about 9/11 truth and Building 7, reminded the American people about the war crimes in Iraq, and said that the banks on Wall Street committed massive fraud, bankrupted America, and stole trillions of dollars. Well done Alex! Fire away the truth bombs!

The mainstream media, and mainstream shows like the View are getting a wake-up call. People are tired of reading and/or hearing about bullshit celebrity gossip. There is much more important information that these television programs should be covering like Wall Street criminality, war crimes in Iraq, 9/11 truth, etc.

Thank God for Alex injecting sanity, real issues, and knowledge into this otherwise lame and stupid TV show.