September 2, 2010

9/11: State of Emergency - Win The War on Terror By Ending The "Strategy of Tension"

To learn about the "strategy of tension" read Norway's Le Monde Diplo's 2006 interview with Daniele Ganser, author of NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, read the article "N.A.T.O. Gladio, and the strategy of tension" by Three Monkeys Online, check out the Wikipedia entry, and visit the linked articles in this post.

We are told by our Western political and military leaders that transnational terrorism poses the greatest security threat to our world in this century. But what if this is not true? What if we have been lied to for nine years about the origins of the War on Terror? What if our governments are the chief architects, and enablers of international terrorism? And if this is true, if the evidence points in that direction, then how do we address these truths, and bring them to public attention? What kind of leadership will emerge to tackle these truths - will they be extremist and violent, or peaceful and understanding? We must ask these questions because the answers will define whether this century will be a century of world peace, or a century of senseless terror, and long wars.

"Man," wrote Joseph Conrad, "is not an investigating animal. He loves the obvious. He shrinks from explanations." Mankind's psychological shortcomings have persisted in the scientific age of Mankind. We may know the workings of other galaxies, but we are too afraid to look in our own backyard, in the secret corners of our governing systems, and political cultures, where we fear that evil is being done but don't bother asking the questions; to what extent, and for what purpose?

Any mind that briefly investigates the September 11 terrorist attacks will come to the painful, but logical conclusion that what the Bush administration told the American people and the world following the attacks was a complete lie. Islamic terrorism is an artificial threat. State-sponsored terrorism, on the other hand, presents a great and ever growing danger to the welfare of Western countries, the welfare of the people of the Middle East, and the overall welfare of the people of the planet. It is tough to accept that the authors of the most deadly terrorism in our world don't reside in the mountains and training camps of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but in highly protected buildings in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. But this must be accepted because it is not a wacky conspiracy theory.

The dangers of public denial, and official secrecy are greater than some realize. A lot of conspiracy theories can be misused by diabolical groups and leaders. History shows that if factual and logical truths about world events are not publicly defined and acknowledged, if they are shielded from popular discourse, then opportunist and maniacal leaders can misuse these truths to suit their own agendas. Hitler did exactly that as Weimar collapsed. By giving voice to the popular discontent, and the widespread anger against the German political parties, he was able to built his own system of destruction, and his own myth of bravery and heroism.

Such madness could reign supreme in our times if there is not a free, open, and civil debate about 9/11, the "strategy of tension," and state-terrorism, in which any kind of scapegoating would immediately be condemned as a hateful distraction. Currently, the flames of Islamophobia are being cultivated by high-powered political operatives, ignorant politicians, Christian fundamentalists, and slimy talk show hosts like the ones on Fox News. But there is also the possibility that Jewish people will be attacked, and scapegoated if honest and humane political leaders do not emerge in America. Alan Hart, a long-time journalist of the Middle East, wrote eloquently in this essay about making sure that the discovery of 9/11 truth does not trigger anti-Semitism.

The truth about 9/11, without going into detail, is that 9/11 is a state crime against democracy. No nation, race, or religion deserves to be persecuted, hated, and killed: not Islam, not Afghanistan, not Judaism, not Israel, not Christianity, not America. The criminals are a hardcore group of imperialist, and Zionist conspirators. Any suggestion that "Muslims did it" or "Jews did it" is hateful nonsense, and must be prevented from entering any discussion about the 9/11 cover-up, otherwise, racist fringe groups will be empowered to the detriment of a free, and civilized world.

A big part of the reason why a new 9/11 investigation is so necessary is that it will help us align all our lives with the real political, social, and historical truths of our age, and allow us to breathe, to not live with fear, anger, and depression.

People cannot direct history for the better if they are unaware of it's current course, how it's been manipulated, who manipulated it, and how we came to this moment in time. The history of the secret Gladio network, and the "strategy of tension" during the Cold War is relevant to the present discourse about Islamic terrorism, and the War on Terror. The same powers are in charge, and profiting from the ignorance of Western populations. The objective behind the "strategy of tension" was simple: discredit leftist leaders, maintain the power of the military and intelligence agencies in society, and create a culture of fear and paranoia about the "Communist" threat. Daniele Ganser:

"Eastern Europe had the Warsaw pact, and obviously if Moscow didn't want something to happen there, they just sent the tanks in. End of story. It was clear. In Western Europe it was more delicate. We were free countries, if you want. At the same time we had communist parties that were very strong in countries like France and Italy, less strong elsewhere but they existed. So NATO was scared to be weakened from within. If you take France or Italy, or Greece or Turkey, where a group of parliamentarians could say 'we wan't to leave NATO', for example the communists; or they could say, 'if we get in to Government, we might say something to our allies in Moscow, because we actually agree with them more than with Washington and London', such a situation, seen from a NATO perspective was of the greatest danger. You couldn't want earnestly to have a Greek socialist prime minister taking the country out of NATO. You lose a country. You couldn't want an Italian communist leader becoming so famous and so strong that they actually put him into government in the Defence Ministry. It was a nightmare for the military. Military intelligence officers have described it in those terms to me. So this is the strategic framework to handle the problem. The strategy of tension, (where you have to be really evil - Ganser underlines - because you kill civilians). You have to plant bombs in public places and kill civilians. This happened in a number of countries in Western Europe during the Cold War, but it's not clear who was behind these acts. From thereon we have to speculate. If these bombs were planted as part of the stay-behind framework, then it was deliberate. The killing was then attributed to the left wing, which became discredited. They lost strength. Secondly the State could call for more power for the security services and the Defence Ministry, with all these terrorists running around. So the strategy of tension can work, and it is possible that it was implemented. It's quite possibly the most sensitive topic from the Cold War in Europe".
Knowing that the "strategy of tension" was used by Western military agencies to solidify their power behind the scenes is crucial to our current understanding of the War on Terrorism, and allow us to frame the historical narrative so that the fear of Islamic terrorism in America and the West evaporates. Once there is no more fear, and hatred, any lingering support for the wars will also evaporate. And the clouds of "Islamic terror" that are said to be descending on the Western world will be viewed for what they are: state-manufactured clouds that are blown-up for evil purposes, and spread over the public mind by the corporate-state media in order to induce the fog of fear.

The fighters for liberty, peace, and justice are in a hard struggle, but the power of truth cannot be underestimated. We can recapture the Mind of the West, and resew the fabric of global society. After all, it must be us, the citizens of the West, to take this task on, because the authors of the War on Terror cannot also be the authors of peace, and friendship.

A major problem that is keeping us from challenging our governments with the questions of 9/11 is what can only be described as suicidal denial. Some societies, and individuals deny certain truths to the point of their own destruction. They put off the inevitable until they finally grasp that denial won't make it go away, but, by that point, they are unable to resolve their issues peacefully, and constructively. I believe, as do many others, that our civilization is nearing that point. For some societies and individuals the denial is so crippling that the only thing that saves them is an outside intervention. But we are not such a society. Our age is fortunate to have brave truth-tellers who have told it like it is. Truth-tellers like the late William Cooper, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, Peter Dale Scott, Steven Jones, Niels Harrit, Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange/WikiLeaks, Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, Sibel Edmonds, Ray McGovern, David MacMichael, Dan Hamburg, Coleen Rowley, Col. Ann Wright, everybody in Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, everybody in the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, and many more whom I have failed to mention. Truth-telling is our only hope because finding, and telling the truth will lead to peace in the Middle East, and reverse the dictatorial direction of our governments in the West.