January 31, 2012

Conversations with History: Akbar Ganji

"We have different interpretations of religion. We have fascist interpretations and totalitarian interpretations, and we also have democratic interpretations. What happened to Iran after the Revolution was a totalitarian interpretation of Islam. And in opposition to that we offered a democratic interpretation of Islam." - Iranian journalist and prominent political dissident Akbar Ganji.

"The French Revolution became the pattern for all other revolutions. And unfortunately the French revolution was not a good pattern. . .The American Revolution was the only exception. It was the foundation for freedom." - Akbar Ganji.

Chossudovsky: Iran and the Globalization of War

January 30, 2012

Iran Will Be Attacked Because International Banksters Are In Pursuit of A One World Colony

Globalization, as practiced by the U.S. government since the state terror attacks on September 11, 2001, is colonization under a new internationalist flag.

International usurers aka banksters are at the tip of the spear in the economic colonization of Earth and thus they are the enemies of all nations and all laws. America is the biggest victim of their financial colonization/imperialism.

America's national sovereignty and constitutional government were destroyed in 1913 by the private banksters of the Federal Reserve cartel. Freedom became a fantasy and America became an illusion.

In the 20th century, a few countries resisted the economic colonization of the planet by the banksters. Germany and Japan resisted the banksters' economic aggression in the 1930s, which means that the governments of the United States and Britain were not the leaders of the free world, but instead representatives of the banksters' tyrannical will.

Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel laid out the case for why this historical viewpoint is true and accurate in her article on June 26, 2011, called "Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury?" She wrote:
"Thanks to best-selling author, David Irving, the establishment view that the United States of America became embroiled in World War II as a result of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 is no longer accepted by major historians. The origins of this conflict, says South African politician and noted banker, Stephen Goodson, have far deeper roots.

Goodson explains the background as follows:
During the 1930s Japan rapidly expanded her industrial production, while the rest of the world, with the exception of National Socialist Germany, stagnated. By 1941 Japan had become the leading economic power in East Asia. Her exports were steadily replacing those of America and England.
Writes Goodson:
Japan has very few natural resources, so what was the secret of her success? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to return to the year 1929, when one of the twentieth century’s foremost monetary reformers, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, went on a lecture tour of Japan.
Douglas’s economic theory advocated the transfer of the money creation process from private banks, which create money out of nothing as an interest-bearing debt, to the state. This government created money he termed social credit. "
Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel ended her article by saying:
"The reality is that World War II was fought to make the world safe for usury – to ensure the permanent enslavement of mankind through debt and interest."
American poet Ezra Pound tried to point out this truth to the American people but he was branded as an anti-Semite and painted in the image of the crazy uncle in the attic. He was then thrown in a psychiatric hospital by the hijacked U.S. government for exercising his free speech and expressing a dissenting opinion about the foundations of America's economic and banking structure.

Ron Paul is the world's biggest monetary and economic reformer in the 21st century, and he has also been branded as a crazy uncle and a nutcase. But this is all bankster propaganda.

Ron Paul is against the banksters' wars of global economic colonization. He resisted the wars in Iraq and Libya, and he resists the war against Iran. He is the only free man in American politics who has a big following and political credibility.

Dr. Paul opposes the activities of the U.S. Empire and potential U.S. military action against Iran because he is a patriot who cares about the prosperity and security of America.

The traitors in the media and government want America to attack Iran because they want America to collapse, which will definitely happen if America fights another war of conquest in the Middle East for the expansion of a global empire indebted to international banksters.

Bankster propaganda against Iran, plus some kind of false flag attack by Israel and/or the U.S government, will be used in order to persuade global public opinion that Iran is a threat to the economic security and stability of the world. The war can only work if the leaders of Iran are painted as mad demons like Saddam and Gaddafi were.

The invasion and colonization of Libya preceded with unrelenting bankster propaganda and fake news reports of massacred civilians and protesters. Psychological warfare talking points came out of the whorish mouths of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, and other European puppets, all of whom are in the pocket of the international banksters.

On April 1, 2011, Stephen Goodson wrote an important article called "The Truth About Libya," in which he stated:
"The Central bank of Libya is a wholly-owned by the Libyan Government and is run as a state bank, issuing all government loans free of interest. This is in contrast to the exploitative fractional reserve banking system of the West. The no-fly zone and the bombing of Libya have nothing to do with the protection of civilians. It is an act of war ­ a blatant and crude attempt by the oil corporations and international bankers to steal the wealth of Libya."
Libya's Gaddafi was taken out because his economic and monetary policies were a real threat to the banksters' global colonization program.

Anthony Wile wrote on May 5, 2011 in his article at The Daily Bell called, "Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack":
"Plans for attacking Muammar Gaddafi apparently go back some 20 years, and even US President Ronald Reagan tried to kill him, deeming him a threat to America power. The latest attacks are in keeping with the larger wave of aggression initiated by the Anglo-American power elite that is on to the next stage of its implementation of the "new world order."

This power elite, based mostly in the one-square mile City of London, is said to seek world domination if it can get it – and sooner rather than later in the face of a growing Internet Reformation.

But there may be another reason for the Libyan attacks that explain their timing. According to a Russia Today news story, for which I was interviewed (See – Real Cause for Gaddafi's Expulsion: Wanted Gold Currency?), Gaddafi was planning to introduce a gold dinar – "a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth."

The idea, according to Gaddafi, was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and would use it to purchase oil and other resources in exclusion of the dollar and other currencies. RT calls it "an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world."

Syria and Iran are next on the international banksters' termination list because they stand in the way of their pursuit of a one world colony.

On December 30, 2011, the website Truth11.com published a piece about how the banksters and their political puppets operate in the international arena called "Model for Colonizing Nations (National Destruction) From The Banksters Handbook." It is an excellent and concise analysis of the global war on terror and America's global military operations. Here is an excerpt:
Model for Colonizing Nations (National Destruction) used repeatedly by Banksters around the World: Argentina, Iraq, Lybia, Serbia, Greece, South-America, etc. etc. Today, all nations have been placed on notice. Today it’s Ghaddafi (he was a brute but now the Lybians have gone through hell and will go through worse just like the Iraqis), tomorrow it can be anybody anywhere, or everybody everywhere…

Their Model for National Destruction uses Orwellian Newspeak and works something like this:

1. The Global Power Mafia start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change” and brand it a “Rogue State”

2. Then, they arm, train, finance local and foreign mercenaries/ terrorists through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Drug Cartels and call them “Freedom Fighters”

3. Then, they stage mock UN Security Council Resolutions that rain death and destruction upon millions of civilians and they call it “UN sanctions to protect civilians”.

4. Then, they spread flagrant lies through their media monopolies and paid journalists, and call it “International Community’s concern expressed by the Western Media”.

Continued. . .
When the bombs fall on Iran and Syria, the world economy comes to a halt, and hundreds of thousands of innocent people die, including American soldiers, remember who to blame: the international banksters. They created the global economic crisis and they are busy creating a world war to serve as a political distraction. These evil demons need a world economy based on usury and debt incurred by wars to remain the kings of the world and the economic occupiers of Earth.

War is to the banksters what air is to human beings. They need a world war to survive and retain absolute control over governments, especially the most powerful government in their secret possession: Washington.

The Beast of War grew new horns on 9/11 thanks to the creativity of the banksters and the ideological propagandists in Washington who serve their interests. The false flag attacks on that day injected blood into the dying veins of Washington's military-industrial complex, which does not answer to the will of the American people but to the demonic will of the international banksters.

But the 9/11 lie has lost its magic in scaring people. And the fear of Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program does not stir the emotions of the people. So a new false flag attack is needed to blame Iran and turn it into a demon before an attack can occur.

The new false flag attack will neutralize the global resistance to war and make the world accept a third world war involving America, Israel, and Iran as a matter of destiny and political necessity.

But the world has a choice between war and peace. If the truth about 9/11 and the global war on terror is known by the whole world then the course of peace will show itself.

The biggest lie that the bankster owned media propagates through the airwaves is that America and Iran can not be friends in the current circumstances. Journalists and pundits in the global mainstream press have waged a psychological war against dialogue and diplomacy, which makes a real war between America and Iran an inevitable outcome.

But it does not have to be this way.

Iran is not the enemy of America.

And America is not the enemy of Iran.

America and Iran must seek rapprochement and peace.

America is not acting in its interests by making threats and waging war against Iran. And there is a reason why. America is possessed by evil internationalist banksters who used psychological tricks and big lies to usurp power in Washington and gain control over the minds of the American people. They do not care about America. They are working for the destruction of America.

In 2012, America needs an exorcism to cast out these insane and evil demons, not another politically managed election in which both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are the puppets of the banksters.

World War III must be prevented. The survival of both America and Iran is at stake.

There is no point in fighting a war with each other over nothing. This insane and criminal war will destroy America and Iran, and benefit the enemy of both countries and all mankind: international satanic banksters.

Alex Abella: Inside The RAND Corporation

Using Holocaust Imagery To Demonize Israel's Jewish And Non-Jewish Critics

A controversial article in Tablet magazine by Spencer Ackerman connects the critics of post-9/11 false flag and post-Gaza massacre Israel with an image of Hitler's head, and has a tagline that reads: "Note to some of my fellow progressives: If we can’t argue about Israel without using anti-Semitic tropes, then the debate is lost before it even begins."

The implication is that Hitler overshadows democratic criticism of Israel in the 21st century, which is a big and ugly lie. Israel's Jewish and non-Jewish critics are doing the responsible and right thing by criticizing the immoral defenders of the Israeli terrorist state.

Tikun Olam blogger Richard Silverstein criticized the use of Hitler's image by Tablet to bash Israel's Jewish and non-Jewish critics, writing:
"I’ve displayed the disgusting graphic that accompanies Ackerman’s piece which implies that those who use the term “Israel Firster” are doing Hitler’s work. Isn’t this precisely what Ackerman is decrying? The abuse of overwrought Holocaust memes to discredit the real ideas of our enemies? So what’s worse: Israel Firster or invoking the Holocaust where it doesn’t belong? Spencer Ackerman and Tabloid’s editors are hypocrites. Total friggin’ hypocrites." - Richard Silverstein, "What Spencer Ackerman Doesn’t Know about the Pro-Israel Crowd Could Fill a Book (or More)" January 27, 2012.
What is an Israeli-firster? Mairav Zonszein gives the best definition in an article in Haaretz on January 27, 2012 called, "The downside of unbridled support for Israel":
"Israel-firsters" are not those who put Israel first, but rather those who put an Israeli right-wing agenda first, even at the expense of American interests.
That sentence seals the deal for me. The loudest champions of Israel's current policies towards the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Persians, the Americans, the Europeans, and pretty much the entire human race, are the biggest Nazis around.

If people want to use Nazi and Holocaust references in the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the Israel-Iran debate, let's not mix it up. It is Israel who is imitating the Nazi regime, which used false flag terrorism both domestically and in the international arena, and committed numerous acts of aggression against peaceful neighbours.

The twin-headed dragon of Netanyahu and Barak is the biggest monster the world has seen since the days of Hitler and Stalin. They are demons who are in love with war, blood, and conquest. Whoever stands beside them at this critical hour in history is an enemy of the Jewish people, America, and the human race.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe read by Vincent Price

5 Reasons Why The Global War on Terror And Waking Up To 9/11 Truth Is a Psychedelic Experience

"You need no longer participate in a pyramid of information where it's filtering down to you from the scientific, medical, governmental, and military elite, being explained by CBS, NBC, Newsweek, and Time. You can discover, actually, that the adventure of being is not a cultural adventure. It's not a societal adventure. It's a personal adventure. And this is what you really need to be involved in.

And all this is happening. This is why Shamanism has gained such a hold because it's a metaphor for personal responsibility. And I think we all take personal responsibility for the evolution of our worldview, psychedelic people I'm referring to, take responsibility for the evolution of their worldviews.

But, still, we operate under the shadow of what's right to say about it and what's not right to say about it. For instance, the UFO thing is a cultural taboo, and not believed in by nice, intellectually nice people. It's more of the province of telephone line repairmen, and that sort of slice. But the fact of the matter is that no matter how much it may discomfort drug researchers and UFO people, because each is struggling to gain respectability in an inherently dubious field, but actually I think there would be a fertile advance made if these two groups could talk to each other.

Some people hearing me say that must wonder what in the world I'm talking about. How can a problem of an unidentified aircraft be related to the phenomenology of the psychedelic experience. But, you see, it isn't so much a problem of an unidentified aircraft. It's a problem of not recognizing that the entire spectrum of existence is embedded in a linguistic model that is created by the workings of minds." - Terence McKenna, from a talk in 1984 called "How Evolution Occurs," 30:25 - 32:53.
If you think the world has been on a bad trip since September 11, 2001, you are not alone.

If you believe that CIA mass mind control did not stop in the 1950s and 1960s, you are right.

We have been taken on a wild ride by our governments, political leaders, and the media organs that lie for them and defend their crimes.

Cultural and political brainwashing is a fact of life in America, the West, and the world in the 21st century.

Below are five reasons why the false, criminal, illegitimate, monstrous, horrific, evil, nightmarish, stupid, absurd, and insane Global War on Terror is a like a psychedelic experience, but experienced globally and collectively.

1. The disintegration of a single global narrative of a single significant event that was experienced at the same time by billions of people from all the world's countries and religions is so bizarre and strange. Waking up to the truth about the 9/11 attacks is close to a religious and psychological experience. The political implications, though profound and troubling, are secondary.

If your mind is not blown by this world-historical first that has repercussions in every area of modern life, from the political to the deeply personal, then jump start your brain with cables and activate your dead mind. Comprehend the awesomeness of this unique and evolutionary moment in the history of humanity and human civilization. We are living in wild times.

2. McKenna said that psychedelic experimenters take "personal responsibility for the evolution of their worldviews," and this characteristic is shared by 9/11 truth activists. The unraveling of the big 9/11 lie forces individuals to end their outdated worldviews, and rethink how the American government really functions.

It requires a radical change in one's perspective of the world and one's historical sense of the political development of the U.S. government since the end of World War II to accept that modern history, especially since 9/11, has progressed under the veil of mass deception and government trickery.

3. Much like taking psychedelic drugs in the dead of night, waking up to 9/11 truth is an act that helps individuals to open up his/her mind and think outside the box, embrace the unknown, perceive reality differently, destroy their prejudices, and give voice to unspeakable cultural insanities in their own family and community.

9/11 truth serves as a catalyst for the psychological maturation of the individual, and the political maturation of America and many other countries.

The political process of communal truth-telling and the psychological process of individual self-reflection are both brought about by the discovery that the official 9/11 story is a lie. These two processes overlap with each other and contribute to a shared transformative cultural experience in which individual human beings can spiritually connect to a greater societal collective that is creative and social as opposed to coercive and totalitarian, which is desired by the political and economic elite that engineered the 9/11 attacks.

4. Man is a star gazing animal, so it startles us when we learn that collectively and globally we have had our face in the mud since September 11, 2001. We're startled because we can't believe it is possible that man, who is a spiritual and divine being, can tolerate the mud of totalitarian lies and government evil for such a long period of time. Alex Jones gave voice to this same feeling in his radio broadcast on January 29, 2012:
"It's hard enough to get the general public to look around them and realize that they're in the middle of deep space on a planetoid with incredible opportunities and wonderment all around them. It's hard to get them to look up from the dirt long enough to do that. But when the system sets everything up to keep them looking down in the dirt, that's a crime against humanity." - Alex Jones, "The Nwo's Revolution Against Humanity Just Hit DEFCON One," January 29, 2012.
5. Aldous Huxley and McKenna both said that the dissociation of one's personality is triggered after taking psychedelic drugs on multiple occasions and with serious intent to grow and to learn rather than just for fun. The same psychological transformation occurs when a person wakes up to 9/11 truth and radically changes their political attitudes and beliefs as a result.

This is a positive and fulfilling process, but not many people are up for it. Throwing out your core beliefs that are the building blocks of your personality and guide your decision-making requires extreme courage as well as a great deal of humility.

Seeing other people change their beliefs about 9/11 and learning about their experience helps individuals to come out of denial and undergo the same shift in perspective about the traumatic event. The Internet has enabled many millions of individuals to become aware of contradictory information and evidence that disproves their core beliefs about historical events and the objectives of their governments and leaders for the future of their society. McKenna said:
"I really think the Internet is the tip of the evolutionary iceberg. In other words, people are waiting for Jesus to come, they're waiting for the flying saucers to bail them out, they're waiting for Earth changes, meanwhile, the Internet is here. The Internet is more life-changing than an alien invasion, far more interesting than an Earth change. It's here. Information is power, and it's the power not to build but to dissolve what has been built, dissolve the boundaries." - Terence McKenna, from a YouTube video called "Terence McKenna talks about 2012, the tree of life & worm holes."
The Internet is the bonfire of our time, and television is the cave from which we depart in order to learn more about our cultural, social, and political environment. It is not an exaggeration to say that to censor the internet is to curtail human evolution.

Media censorship and government mind control go hand in hand in the modern age of mass politics, mass media, and mass murder.

The political advancement of the masses depends on whether or not the facts get to them in time. Most often, cruel and totalitarian regimes in the hands of a tiny power elite are able to suppress the truth of their evil crimes until their final collapse.

Author Tarra Light wrote in her profoundly powerful, inspiring, and timely book called "Angel of Auschwitz: A Spiritual Memoir of Forgiveness & Healing":
"Before the gears of the Nazi war machine began to turn, the truth became the first victim of the Third Reich. To governments that control with fear, the truth is the enemy of the state. Propaganda, censorship, and mass mind control produce homogenized thinking conforming to the will of the Controllers." (Light. 2009. Angel of Auschwitz. Frog Books: Berkeley, California. Pg. 187).
I will pick up on these themes and ideas in a future article.

Thank you for reading, and for being generous with your time.

Community Stories: Healing a Soldier’s Heart

This is a documentary about veterans who suffer from PTSD called "Community Stories: Healing a Soldier's Heart." It was made by Lisa Hardmeyer and it aired on Seattle Channel on November 28, 2011. Here is a description of the documentary from take21.seattlechannel.org:
"Utilizing Buddhist meditation skills taught in a non-religious format, Loving-Kindness Meditation is a therapeutic method practiced all around the world. Last year Dr. David Kearney and Psychologist Tracy Simpson started a pilot program with the Seattle Division of VA Puget Sound Health that teaches this meditation practice to veterans suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder. Watch as five veterans suffering from PTSD learn to combat their modern problems with some ancient techniques."
Link to the documentary.

January 29, 2012

Armageddon - President's Speech

"I address you tonight not as the President of the United States, not as the leader of a country, but as a citizen of humanity. We are faced with the very gravest of challenges. The Bible calls this day "Armageddon"-the end of all things. And yet, for the first time in the history of the planet, a species has the technology to prevent its own extinction. All of you praying with us need to know that everything that can be done to prevent this disaster is being called into service.

The human thirst for excellence, knowledge, every step up the ladder of science, every adventurous reach into space, all of our combined modern technologies and imaginations, even the wars that we've fought have provided us the tools to wage this terrible battle. Through all the chaos that is our history, through all of the wrong and the discord, through all of the pain and suffering, through all of our times, there is one thing that has nourished our souls, and elevated our species above its origins, and that is our courage.

The dreams of an entire planet are focused tonight on those fourteen brave souls traveling into the heavens. And may we all, citizens the world over, see these events through. God speed, and good luck to you." - Armageddon, Directed by Michael Bay. Written by Robert Roy Pool and Johnathan Hensleigh. (1998).

Who knew a fictional speech by a fictional president from a summer blockbuster in 1998 has more relevance and more meaning and more truth and more emotion than a real speech by a real president from a State of the Union address in 2012?

You know the world is upside down when Hollywood is leading the charge in determining the course of human destiny and uplifting the spirit of humanity while the White House and the governments of the world are playing catch-up.

Elitist Rioters Run The Global Financial System, And They Are Using America To Create Hell on Earth

"An Age of Hell is now upon us:
The earthly body pierced with spears." - Arthur Rimbaud, 'On The Subject of Flowers: Remarks, Addressed To The Poet,' July 14, 1871. (1).

"A culture like ours -- a culture so uniformly dedicated to inflicting pain, to cruelty, to violence, to destruction, to creating hell on earth -- does not deserve to survive for another moment. Many signs lead one to believe that it may not survive much longer." - Arthur Silber, "A Culture Dedicated to Creating Hell on Earth," November 21, 2011.

"The destruction of our basic liberties, the overthrow of our Republic, and basic protections, and checks and balances, is in overdrive right now. And the good news is finally people are starting to wake up, but they have no idea on average just how serious our straits are. Now, there is a good side to that and there is a bad side to that. Because the ruling class are so openly criminal and sloppy and out of control, it should be easy to wake people up fully and to bring these crooks to justice. People should realize we've got a completely illegitimate global government structure and the United States is one of the main hearts to it all. And only by fully awakening can we turn things around." - Alex Jones, 'The SHTF A Long Time Ago!!!' January 28, 2012.

"Well, gentlemen, when the shit hits the fan, some guys run and some guys stay." - From the film 'Scent of a Woman,' (1992).

"The fears we know
Are of not knowing. Will nightfall bring us
Some awful order. . . ?" - W. H. Auden, 'The Age of Anxiety,' (1947). (2).
When riots come to America, don't blame the rioters at the bottom. Blame the rioters at the top of the political and economic pyramid who have ransacked the public purse and stolen trillions of dollars from tax-paying American citizens.

As a civilization, we have more to fear from reckless elites who pillage the earth and obstruct justice in the name of stability and order than from dirty and stupid rioters.

We can't pretend that stability and order exists within the West when the truth about 9/11, the crime of the ages, has remained buried in the mainstream world for a decade and counting.

A world order that is based on terror, lies, mass murder of innocent citizens, and the most sophisticated propaganda campaign in human history, is no order at all.

The West and the world is in a state of chaos and lawlessness. Whoever possesses the most guns has the last say. Anarchy and madness reigns around the world.

Absolute hell is the local and global environment that has been created since 9/11 by the Maoists in Washington, who agree with Mao that, "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

By comparison, the Founding Fathers of America believed that government power is based on the consent of the governed. If they defended that belief today on American streets they would be labeled domestic terrorists by the hijacked government and media, detained in secret prisons, and killed.

The leaders of America and the West are far from the best men that America and the West have to offer to the world. Individuals who have no sense of shame or guilt lead the highest institutions of Western civilization, whether political, academic, scientific, medical, or media.

The scum and the insane rise to the top in modern society, as William S. Burroughs, John Lennon, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Anton Wilson, Terence McKenna, and many others have all said.

Ginsberg told TVO host Allan Gregg in an interview in the 1990s:
"Since the whole caste of government and media is not transparent but opaque, built on secrecy and manipulativeness, the area of poetry then becomes a free area where people can actually not be paranoid, where understanding what's been said is being said for real.
In 1945, Kerouac came over to my room at Columbia. . .And I had a new poem and I read it to him. And it was too late for him to go home. So he stayed in my room, we had our underwear on, and I was a virgin. Nothing happened. And we slept together. And then somehow somebody came to visit, the dean of student faculty bursted into the room and found us in bed together and assumed what would for them would be the worst, for me would've been the best, for them would've been the worst cause they were so homophobic in those days.

So I was called down to the dean's office and he said to me, 'Mr Ginsberg, I hope you realize the enormity of what you've done.' And I looked at him and I realized he was completely mad. And he was running Columbia College. So I said this is going to be a funny scene. So I said 'Yes sir, I'm completely ashamed of myself, what can I do,' but I realized he was nuts. And, to a great extent, the entire society was nuts. And I felt kind of liberated like a man who was in the land of the sleepwalkers who could see, or the land of the blind who can see. But not only on that, but on many, many subjects like I'd smoke the grass, a little bit of grass, and I realized the government party line was stupid. Like some kid in Russia who knew that the Stalinist party line was fraud.

Much of the American party line, the official, New York Times even, to the CIA and the state department, the narcotics bureau, and the whole police agency, is actually racist, prejudiced and corrupt.

So then it becomes fun. . .I'm trying to wake these people up, they're sleepwalking." (3).
In the last four decades, America's crazy political leaders have given America and the world two of the most horrific and criminal wars in human history: the illegitimate Global War on Drugs and the illegitimate Global War on Terror. Trillions of dollars have been wasted by governments, and hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings have perished as a result of these two insane global wars.

The elite strategists who manufactured both wars from scratch have created an age of perpetual darkness and horror.

Allan Gregg gave a very important lecture in November 2011 called, "On Authenticity – How the Truth Can Restore Faith in Politics and Government," in which he said:
"Even someone with only a passing interest in current affairs would know our political leaders are in big trouble.

A few years ago, Seth Meyers of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live developed a routine where he lampooned politicians by simply asking “Really!” …. no narrative; not even a snappy punch-line; simply a run a clip of a politician followed by an incredulous “Really!” Jon Stewart has taken this vein of comedy one step further where the joke doesn’t even require speech … just show the politician speaking; pause for a moment; and arch an eye brow. Both routines are invariably followed by gales of laughter. Not only is the joke on our elected leaders, it seems they are the only ones left on the planet who don’t get it.
Most often short of outright lies, our elected leaders seem to have become congenitally unable to speak the unvarnished truth – and everyone knows it. Like the travel agent, or restaurant critic, our leaders run the risk of becoming moribund because they have not been able to modulate their behaviour or find their voice in this new reality." (4).

The death of political authority in the West has been a long and continuous process, and mostly a quiet affair.

In her book, 'Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey,' Sallie Nichols said that many Western poets foresaw the crisis of authority and the madness of modern civilization. She wrote:

"Since the turn of the century, our poets have seen the darkness coming. Over fifty years ago, William Butler Yeats warned:
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
What better description of our present dilemma? The infamous "Watergate horrors" of our outer history were but tiny ripples in a sea of confusion and corruption in which the inner spirit of men everywhere has become engulfed. The ceremony of innocence is indeed drowned, and anarchy is loosed upon the world. As Yeats foresaw, the debacle is no longer merely a matter of greed and lust for power -- these are peripheral concerns. It is "the centre" that will not hold. Something is dead wrong at the core of life. We are empty of meaning." (5).
The elitist manipulators of human destiny and human history know that they have lost the trust of the people of the planet, but they're confident that an authoritarian global government will solve all their problems. They speak of a "new age" and a "new world order" and they plan to start World War III by attacking Iran which would mark the end of this dead age.

Since war is the father of change, the mad men in the Western power elite need their big war with Iran to advance their plot for a new world order.

Unleashing mass death, mass destruction, and mass misery upon the world is the only way these freaks can retain their absolute power over mankind in the new age that is already here.


1. Rimbaud, Arthur. (2002). Rimbaud Complete: Volume One, Poetry and Prose. Edited and translated by Wyatt Mason. Random House: New York. Pg. 83.

2. Auden, W. H. (2011). The Age of Anxiety: A Baroque Eclogue. Edited by Alan Jacobs. Originally published in 1947 by Random House: New York. Pg. 34.

3. Allan Gregg's interview with Allen Ginsberg sometime in the 1990s. Quote is from the 23:40 - 26:39 mark.

4. Gregg, Allan. "On Authenticity – How the Truth Can Restore Faith in Politics and Government." The 2011 Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture. November 19, 2011.

5. Nichols, Sallie. (1980). Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey. Red Wheel/Weiser: York Beach, ME. Pg. 167.

Alex Jones: The SHTF A Long Time Ago!!!

The Sound of Shit Hitting the Fan

January 27, 2012

Ten Red Lines Washington's Totalitarian Terrorist State Has Crossed

The government in Washington is a failed terrorist state. It can no longer manage American public opinion, its violations of international law are resented by many nations, and it has failed to psychologically dominate the world by unleashing terror at home and abroad.

To put it simply, nations are not afraid of America because it has military strength combined with political vision, rather, they are afraid because America's leaders are insane and self-destructive. In other words, they are afraid of a failed terrorist state, not a global superpower.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta likes to speak about "red lines." An example he gives is Iran closing the Straits of Hormuz. That's a red line in the eyes of the managers of Washington's failed terrorist state.

In an alternative universe, one in which America was not the global bully, red lines in relation with foreign enemies would be reasonable and necessary. Red lines are needed in international relations. They establish boundaries and help antagonistic nations to keep the peace.

In history, aggressive nations led by despots and thugs have not recognized red lines, whether political or moral, artificial or natural. Nazi Germany crossed many red lines before it was finally pushed back and defeated. Israel has crossed one red line after another vis-à-vis the Palestinians and the Arabs.

Israel's failed terrorist state crossed the ultimate red line along with Washington's failed terrorist state on September 11, 2001. By murdering three thousand Americans in an act of cold blood, both terrorist states erased all red lines and proceeded to spread terror and tyranny across the Middle East and the West.

Below, I list ten red lines that Washington's failed totalitarian terrorist state has crossed vis-à-vis the American people.

1. Killing three thousand American citizens on September 11, 2001 in one of the biggest acts of state terror and mass murder by any state in the history of mankind.

2. Assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King Jr by the shadow CIA, shadow FBI, and other tentacles of the illegitimate National Security State.

3. Political parties stealing elections and mainstream media outlets engaging in election fraud by using perception management techniques to dismiss the popularity of anti-Establishment candidates like Ron Paul.

4. Destruction of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by the NWO traitors, who are full of hate and venom towards the American people and the human race.

5. Destruction of the U.S. economy by the private Federal Reserve System, multinational corporations, and government regulations designed by NWO traitors. The Federal Reserve's financial crimes and cover-ups from 1913 to 2012 reveals a legacy of fraud, deception, and high treason.

6. The cover-up of Barack Obama's CIA background by U.S. government authorities and the establishment media.

7. The CIA shipping in drugs from Latin America and Afghanistan into America, and creating in the process a drug economy, a parapolitical structure in Washington, a prison-industrial complex, and many other evils.

8. Making indefinite detention of American citizens legal in the 2012 NDAA Act without giving any justification or explanation other than pointing to the invented boogeyman "Al-Qaeda" as the impetus for the law.

9. Turning North America into a military battlefield and threatening to use brute force against dissidents and activists who have been branded as "domestic terrorists" and "anti-government extremists."

10. Waging war against the rights, security, and happiness of the American people, as well as the people of many other nations, including Canada.

Washington's failed totalitarian terrorist state has crossed many other red lines. It does not recognize basic human morality, human rights, or international law. As a result of its arrogance and decadence, it shares the fate of all naked emperors in the history of civilization, which is political death and collapse.

Jeremy Scahill: Obama the Hawk

It takes a hawk in doves' clothing to kill the doves.

Newt Gingrich, The Revolutionary?

New World Order sock puppet and the apologist for Zionist terrorists Newt Gingrich attacks the "old order," and says Goldman Sachs ripped off America.

Of course this guy is a hypocrite and a little devil, but at least he is entertaining.

January 25, 2012

Speaking Perpetually To The Political Wind: Why Obama’s Words Lack Authority

"Now everything’s a little upside down, as a matter of fact the wheels have stopped
What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good, you’ll find out when you reach the top." – Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind.

"No rays from the holy heaven come down
On the long night-time of that town;
But light from out the lurid sea
Streams up the turrets silently-
Gleams up the pinnacles far and free-
Up domes- up spires- up kingly halls-
Up fanes- up Babylon-like walls-
Up shadowy long-forgotten bowers
Of sculptured ivy and stone flowers-
Up many and many a marvellous shrine
Whose wreathed friezes intertwine
The viol, the violet, and the vine.
Resignedly beneath the sky
The melancholy waters lie.
So blend the turrets and shadows there
That all seem pendulous in air,
While from a proud tower in the town
Death looks gigantically down." - Edgar Allan Poe, The City in the Sea (1831).

"John Murdoch: Excuse me. How do I get to the end of the line?
Train Passenger: You want the Express.
John Murdoch: [after train blows by him] Hey, how come that train didn't stop?
Station Master: That's the Express." - Dark City, Directed by Alex Proyas (1998).
"A man made of stone has nothing to say." - Kno, If You Cry f. Natti, from the album Death Is Silent (2010).
President Obama's 2012 State of the Union speech contained all the hit singles that made Obama's 2008 cross-country tour such a success. The world was also treated to new singles off Obama's new 2012 soundtrack, "I Killed Bin Laden," including the title song and the hit record of the 2011 political year that captured the world's imagination, "No Options Off The Table."

The reviews for Obama's performance have been negative, with many saying that Obama's optimistic tone does not correlate with the reality of America's dismal economic crisis and Washington's political stalemate. The verdict is that Obama gave a campaign speech, not a State of the Union speech, which is a sad reflection of America's current political life in which even the President is stuck in perpetual campaign mode.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), who are the biggest critics of Obama's live show in front of a sell-out crowd, released the most damning evidence of Obama's eroding public appeal in a short video called "Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record."

The video shows a President who is on autopilot and reads off of the same cue cards that were prepared by his handlers for his State of the Union speeches in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Obama comes across as a frozen, robotic, and toothless president who effortlessly makes false promises and raises false hopes.

II. A Crumbling State of The Union: A Deep Crisis of Confidence Is Chipping Away At The President's Political Authority

A real leader stands by his words, and fulfills his promises. Obama’s words lack authority because they lack purity, sincerity, and substance. As a result, Obama does not have any personal authority. And it doesn't help that the authority of the Oval Office, which Bush had already damaged extensively, has totally faded away in Obama's first term.

The office of the presidency is a shadow of what it once was. It attained its profoundest depths at the height of the Cold War in the Cuban Missile Crisis during John F. Kennedy's presidency. Since then, it's been a long slide down. After Kennedy's assassination by the CIA, the Agency has casted a dark cloud over the White House.

If Obama were a real despot with legions of men under him who were directly loyal to him then he wouldn’t need a pure and true voice to sway the people. If he were a real despot the force of arms would do all the talking for him and his authority would be evident for all to see like Caesar’s in his day.

But although Obama signs dictatorial legislation like the NDAA and grants himself the power to have anyone on the planet killed, he is no Caesar. Obama is not a dictator in the traditional sense. He does not possess the masculine strength or natural charisma to be one. Obama has not built himself up to the highest public position of power in the United States.

Instead, Obama was installed in power like a political software virus by the globalist authoritarian oligarchs to serve as a will-less robot and advance their secret agenda of global tyranny and global mass death of human populations.

In his speech, Obama did not mention fears of a global economic collapse or educate the American people about the origins and evolution of the U.S.-Iranian standoff. Also, he had no words of wisdom to offer America. It was one of the most dumbed down speeches by a president in modern memory.

There should be poetry, intellectual depth, political clarity, honesty, and truth in a State of the Union address. America is a poetic, mystical, and spiritually deep country, and it deserves a president who gives voice to the many currents of thought in the vast American mind.

But Obama is not an intellectual. He only pretends to be one in order to contrast himself from the previous retarded president.

Imagine what it would be like if a literary and poetic soul resided in the White House instead of a lying lawyer or a professional politician. Imagine if Jefferson or Lincoln had spoken on Tuesday night. Imagine realness and honesty coming out of a president's lips.

Read Ron Paul's "What If. . . ?" speech that he delivered in early 2009, shortly after President Obama's inauguration.

Read Thomas Jefferson's short and sweet State of the Union Address on November 8, 1804.

Read what Abraham Lincoln said in his State of the Union Address on December 1, 1862:
"Fellow-citizens, we can not escape history. We of this Congress and this Administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance or insignificance can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down in honor or dishonor to the latest generation. We say we are for the Union. The world will not forget that we say this. We know how to save the Union. The world knows we do know how to save it. We, even we here, hold the power and bear the responsibility. In giving freedom to the slave we assure freedom to the free--honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve. We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last best hope of earth. Other means may succeed; this could not fail. The way is plain, peaceful, generous, just--a way which if followed the world will forever applaud and God must forever bless."
Lincoln said America "can not escape history," and that it is "the last best hope of earth." Those words were powerful because they were timely, backed up with action, and grounded in history.

Politicians who repeat Lincoln's phrases today in the hope that they can exploit his heroic legacy and eloquence for their own political goals are failures and self-serving traitors. Lincoln's phrases have lost their magic after years of misuse and overuse by fake politicians.

America needs original thinkers and visionary men in Washington. But what it is getting in Obama and Republican politicians is superficiality and mechanical leadership. There weren't any memorable phrases or ideas in Obama's State of the Union speech. Obama's words are only memorable because he repeats them twenty different times in twenty different speeches. He is the king of doublespeak. And his diminishing presidential authority is creating a huge crisis of confidence in the country.

The world can only hope that "the last best hope of earth" finds its way out of the darkness of ignorance in 2012 and rejects the superficial leadership offered by President Obama along with his fellow Republican traitors who remain silent on the death of America.

James Corbett - Resisting the Police State: Answers and Solutions

Alex Jones: Obama's State of Destruction Speech

NDAA: The Law That Sparked A Revolution In Public Perception of Washington

"Alex Jones: I have seen this NDAA and the SOPA bill and all of this wake people up who were asleep like nothing I've ever seen before. I mean, I'll say the response is ten, fifteen times what the Patriot Act was. A) Are you seeing it wake people up? And b) Why do you think it's starting to wake people up?

Chris Hedges: Well, I think, you know, there's all sorts of intrusions into our life that are no longer theoretical. The passage of the FISA reform bill in essence makes legal what under our Constitution has traditionally been illegal and does so retroactively. The warrantless wiretapping monitoring and eavesdropping of tens of millions of Americans, the SOPA bill as you pointed out, I mean I think it's just too hard to ignore. My understanding is that the polling on the NDAA is that only between two and nine percent of the American public supports it. This has no public support. The FISA Reform Act didn't have any public support either. There are powerful corporate forces that want to ram it through because it protects them and this narrow oligarchic elite. But it's left a really bad taste in the mouths of the vast majority of the American public. And this is not a left/right issue." - An excerpt from radio host Alex Jones's interview of journalist, author, and former New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. Hedges discussed his suit against President Obama over his signing of the NDAA. Read his article: Why I'm Suing Barack Obama.

"I've talked tonight about the deficit of trust between Main Street and Wall Street. But the divide between this city and the rest of the country is at least as bad - and it seems to get worse every year." - President Barack Obama, 2012 State of the Union address, January 24, 2012.
Washington's back is against the wall. Its fiat petrodollar system is collapsing. Its high-tech witchhunt against terrorists that began in the fall of 2001 is absurd and criminal. The majority of the global public now understands that the official 9/11 story is fiction.

President Obama can assert all he wants that Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 and that the death of Osama Bin Laden happened under his watch, but the facts do not bear this out. The truth is Al-Qaeda did not do 9/11 and Bin Laden died in late 2001, long before President Obama declared his death on television.

The truth matters. Obama and Washington are at odds with basic reality. Their narratives are false, and their policies are bankrupt. The moral, financial, and political foundations of the private Federal Reserve central banking system and Washington's global empire are sinking into the sands of the Middle East. And no amount of lies can camouflage this downward process or bury the truths of history.

In America, economic collapse is a matter of when, not if. Washington has failed and most members of Congress should be charged with treason and jailed. These politicians and the bankers who pay them have sold out America and destroyed the Bill of Rights. They are placing their faith in Homeland Security, Riot Police, and the U.S. military to protect them from rising public anger and civil unrest. But praying to be saved by the idols of the state is a mistake. Idols can be broken.

The traitorous establishment in Washington can not suppress the might of history with the might of weapons. Change is coming to America, no matter how much resistance there is in Washington from Obama and his political masters. Illusory hopes by Obama have caused more pain than healing. Obama has done more damage than Bush by hiding his crimes and extending the mythos of the war on terror into another decade. Facts are the basis of a sound and sane political system, but in Obama's crazy world lies win over facts.

Instead of undoing Bush's unconstitutional laws, Obama has added to them. And all of them attack the basic rights and freedoms of the American people. The 2012 NDAA Act has no standing in America's legal, political, and military traditions. It is an act of war on the American people and the American constitution.

In fact, the war started on September 11, 2001. The war on terror is a war on America. And President Obama has made this war his war. He has not told the American people what a honest and patriotic American president would tell them immediately upon taking office, which is this: The war on terror is a fraud. Washington's post-9/11 policies are politically illegitimate because they are based on a big lie and the mass murder of American citizens by the secret intelligence agencies in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Obama, like Bush, chose to take the path of treason and tyranny. Three years into his presidency, nothing has changed for the better, as he falsely promised on the campaign trail. His 2012 State of The Union speech was an infomercial, not a real speech. In 2012, the real state of the union is psychopathic. The crazies are in charge, not the responsible adults. And Obama is on the team of the crazies.

The passage of the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA Act on the last day of 2011 by Washington's corrupt traitors shows that they believe the situation is bleak and verging on the catastrophic. With this act they are sealing the gates and preparing for war with the American people.

They know the game is up and that the political charade can't go on forever. Their crimes are transparent. Their lies are obvious. And there is plenty of blame to go around. The end of both parties is on the political horizon.

It is common knowledge in America that politicians, bankers, and corporations who are part of the evil political elite have robbed the American people and the people of many other nations of a safe, productive, and happy future. The media's complicity in this betrayal is perhaps the biggest act of treason and terrorism against the American people. Their information blockade of America is an act of media warfare. There has been a total blackout about the NDAA and the bipartisan resistance to it.

But the power of the mainstream media's information blockade is no match for the power of truth and reason. The NDAA has caused a tremendous shift in the American public's perception of the true intentions of their political leaders in Washington and their federal government.

Even senile people see now that Washington has no legitimacy. The veneer of democracy is gone. Public trust is in the gutter. Washington has turned into a hollow universe of nothingness and death that is inhabited by rotten thieves and traitors.

Since 9/11, Washington has acted like a foreign invader and occupier, not a legitimate government that has a connection to the American people. The NDAA is a type of law that is used by occupying regimes when they are scared of the people they rule over.

In other words, the NDAA is an act of desperation and defeat. Fraud and propaganda have failed. Only naked force can keep them in power and save them from falling into the graveyard of tyrants.

January 24, 2012

Did Western Central Bankers Steal Gaddafi's Gold To Pay Chavez? It Appears So.

On August 21, 2011, Zero Hedge published an interesting article with the title: "Things That Make You Go Hmmm.... Such As A Venezuelan Dictator Bringing Down The Global Gold Cartel." Zero Hedge:
A few days ago we penned "As Chavez Pulls Venezuela's Gold From JP Morgan, Is The Great Scramble For Physical Starting?" in which, logically, we wondered if the unwind of the great gold cartel, whose purported price manipulation has always resided in the domain of paper, or confidence-based, precious metals, may have started from the most unexpected source: Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez who just announced that he will not only nationalize the country's gold industry but reclaim his physical gold (however much of it may exist) from custodians such as JP Morgan and Bank of Nova Scotia. The practical implications of this move are substantial- since then gold has seen record high after record high. Whether one attributes these moves to Chavez, or to yet another global "risk-flaring" episode is unclear. Luckily, Grant Williams, author of the always entertaining "Things That Make you Go Hmmmm", provides some very fascinating observations on this very interesting topic...

From the full note (presented below):

To sum up:

  • It is common practice for most Central Banks to hold part of their gold reserves overseas in ‘gold trading centres’ (read London and New York)
  • One of those Central Banks - that of Venezuela - wants its gold back
  • That means that a group of banks (mainly in the UK and the USA) who are supposed to have that gold in their vaults need to GIVE it back...
  • ...which in turn could potentially trigger a race to repatriate national gold holdings
  • Neither Fort Knox nor the Federal Reserve (the world’s two biggest gold depositories) have been independently audited in recent times
  • The status of the gold held in the Bundesbank (home to the world’s third-largest hoard) is somewhat unclear
  • The practice of leasing gold by Central Banks has been going on so long that it even predates the time when Alan Greenspan advocated sound money
  • The gold ‘physical market’ is approximately 100 times the size of the amount of actual underlying metal by which it is purportedly backed
  • The top four bullion banks, or ‘commercials’ on the COMEX continue to run what we shall politely call ‘significant’ short positions (chart above)

In the three trading sessions since Chavez made his announcement on August 17th, gold has added almost $100, coming within a whisker of $1,900 before settling back at another record weekly close.

Market weakness? Maybe. Fear of further problems in Europe? Quite possibly. Continuing disgust with the world’s fiat currencies? Highly likely.

The beginning of a race amongst the world’s Central Banks to grab physical gold? Now THAT would be something to see...

Full note:

Hmmm August 20 2011

On November 25, 2011, BBC News reported "Chavez repatriates Venezuela's foreign gold reserves." The amount of gold Chavez requested was "around 160 tonnes of gold, worth more than $11bn."

Three months earlier, on August 25, 2011, Reuters reported that "There are gold reserves worth $10 billion in Tripoli."

The big event that happened between August 25th and November 25th was the death of Gaddafi.

It is very possible that the private central bankers in Europe and the United States confiscated Libya's gold and gave some of it to Venezuela. The amount of gold that Chavez received in November and the amount of gold that Reuters reported was in Tripoli in August is the same: 10 billion dollars.

The claim that the U.S.-NATO wars in the Middle East and the war against Libya are about gold and oil has been backed up with evidence time after time. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Washington's Blog wrote a post on January 13, 2012 called "Are The Middle East Wars Really About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking?"

On August 22, 2011, Washington's Blog said that a central motivation for NATO's invasion of Libya was the fear by the central bankers of Gaddafi's plan to nationalize oil reserves and use his gold reserves to develop Africa. He was "Challenging The Supremacy of the Dollar and Western Banks." Washington's Blog wrote:

"Ellen Brown argues in the Asia Times that there were even deeper reasons for the war than gold, oil or middle eastern regime change.

Brown argues that Libya - like Iraq under Hussein - challenged the supremacy of the dollar and the Western banks"

In May 2011, the YouTube channel StormCloudsGathering posted an informative video called "The real reason for the Libyan war - The Gold Dinar."

I wrote about the threat to the Federal Reserve's fiat petrodollar system that was posed by the Taliban and Saddam in 2000 in my article on January 15 called, "Money Over God, Power Over Country: 9/11, The Almighty Dollar, And The Betrayal of American Values."

In this video on 108morris108's YouTube Channel called "Syrian - Regional War Looming," the guy who goes by the name of Syrian said that he believes NATO and the U.S. invaded Libya to take its gold because they didn't have the gold that was requested by Chavez and the Venezuelan state. Although he added that this is only speculation on his part. He said:

"The U.S. is on its knees. The U.S. dollar is probably going to collapse very soon. And they're trying everything they can, they're pulling off every trick in the book to do it. In Libya one of their main aims was to steal vast array of gold reserves inside Libya. And Chavez requested his gold back. And it's only when they took Tripoli that they finally fulfilled Chavez's order. Before they were refusing. So my speculation is that they had to take Gaddafi's gold to give it to Chavez. Because their vaults are empty. . . The whole thing is a scam." (10:00 - 11:00).
What the Syrian suggests is probably what happened. The Federal Reserve has no gold reserves. It is not Federal and it doesn't have any reserves. The Fed is a monumental and epic fraud that can only be maintained by naked force.

Mac Slavo of SHTFplan.com wrote an important article on June 6, 2011 called "Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold." Slavo wrote:

"The following exchange between Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and the Fed’s attorney Scott Alvarez proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that The Federal Reserve has no gold backing the US dollar.
Our currency is not only not backed by gold, but in the event of a dollar meltdown the only assets backing the world’s reserve currency are worthless toxic mortgages purchased by The Fed in recent years from insolvent banking institutions.

The only thing holding this thing together at this point is market confidence. When that goes, everything else goes with it."

Read this CNN article from June 24, 2011 called, "Ron Paul worries Fort Knox gold is gone," and watch this video - Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold!

NDAA Is Scary: Fact Vs. Fiction

January 23, 2012

A Conversation with Lewis H. Lapham

Alex Jones: It's All Theater! It's All Fake! And It's All Coming Down!

Senator Rand Paul Vs. The Anti-American TSA

Ron Paul Slams “Out Of Control Police State” After Rand Paul Detained By TSA

Congressman renews his call to abolish agency that “gropes and grabs” Americans

Steve Watson
January 23, 2012

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement on his campaign website this afternoon, following his son Rand’s treatment at the hands of the TSA in Nashville.

Continued. . .

Alex Jones: The Future of Humanity

January 22, 2012

The End of The Mainstream Media And The Rebirth of Fact-Based Journalism

"The West is headed to dictatorship. It's already happening. The merger of state and corporate power is by definition called fascism. I just mentioned the Defense Authorization Act. Before you had that you had the abrogation of the Constitution under Bush, with the Patriot Act, which Obama reinstated and made even tougher by signing this bill. When I say the merger of state and corporate powers, look at the $16.1 trillion that the Federal Reserve has funneled into businesses around the world. Whatever happened to that thing called capitalism? This is not capitalism; it's fascism! The more societies break down and the bigger the screw-ups at the top, the harder they clamp down on the bottom. You see it going on around the world; they call it austerity measures. How about calling it enslavement?" - Gerald Celente, "Gerald Celente on Trend Forecasting and the Crisis of Western Civilization," The Daily Bell, January 22, 2012.

"There is no doubt, in my view, that the elites practiced directed history in the 20th century, setting up wars and economic catastrophes designed to consolidate world government. But in the 21st century, with so many understanding and evaluating the mechanisms of the elites, this is a considerably harder trick to pull off." - Anthony Wile, "Yes, The War for the Internet Has Begun," The Daily Bell, January 21, 2012.
Al-Media, not Al-Qaeda, is the biggest threat to Western freedom and global security.

The goal of Al-Media is to destroy the United States of America, erase the traditions of law and liberty in the West, and sell to the West a technological slave system disguised as a "new world order."

The information terrorists in Al-Media, aka the pundits, news anchors, and journalists, concealed the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks from public view and directed the world on the false trail of Jihadi terrorists.

Instead of serving as a guide for accurate information in dangerous and apocalyptic times, the Western mainstream media has acted as an evil predator that lies about issues of war and peace, life and death.

Elitist editors and reporters, many of whom are in the employment of government intelligence agencies, do not consider themselves to be part of the general public, but as part of the wolf class that preys on the defenseless masses who are lost in the enclosed fields of ignorance and blindness. They are like the predatory religious clerics of Iran who eat the brains of the people while pretending to be their guardians.

In the West, there is no turban to distinguish the wolf class from the rest of society. The evil predators appear in journalist clothes and prepare the people for slaughter by stuffing their brains with war fever, fanciful tales, dramatic narratives, and pseudo patriotism. Then they stand back and watch with pure joy in their cold hearts when their hard work to start a war pays off.

We saw this after 9/11 when a lot of journalists and reporters were smiling at the thought of a war in Afghanistan. The bombings and military movements was a huge rush for them. And we can see the same feelings of excitement and joy in journalists and cable pundits as the drum-beat for war against Iran gets louder.

Anthony Wile, the founder of The Daily Bell website, says that Western elites employ "dominant social themes – fear-based promotions – that are designed to frighten middle classes into giving up wealth and power to specially prepared globalist institutions." Al-Media is central to this political, social, and cultural process.

Somebody like Fox News's Rupert Murdoch is the Ayman Al Zawahiri of Al-Media. The heads of CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc., are probably all highly involved in the strategic and political operations of Al-Media. 9/11 was their most successful act of information terrorism.

But the Western mainstream media is experiencing major blowback. There is a massive political awakening in America and throughout the West. The younger generation has switched to the Internet to get their news and analysis, which is more fact-based than the trash on television and the trash in the newspapers.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh talked about the "collapse of the mainstream press" in a conversation with Larry Jacobs, a professor of political science at the University of Minnesota, and former Vice President Walter Mondale in December 2009. Hersh said:
"We didn't do the job, and I say we collectively, because We The Press . . did not challenge the president. We joined the team. We became jingoistic. It was very hard not to be. It was very hard not to, after 9/11. We wanted payback, we wanted to bomb. Everybody wanted to bomb Afghanistan."
The collapse of the Western mainstream press couldn't have come at a better time. It is a sign of hope that democracy is alive and that the West is far from dead. The collapse is giving way to the rebirth of fact-based journalism on the web, which is laying the foundations for a new global political era based on truth-telling and the rule of law.

Reviving free speech in the West will require a long, sustained, and determined effort. After all, our societies are under an information siege. But we must keep the faith that what we are doing in the alternative, fact-based media is making a dent in public opinion and the psychology of the people.

Truth-telling is easy, and its value is unmistakable. The media manipulators of mass reality have the more difficult job, especially since they have lost their monopoly over the distribution of information. That's why their days are numbered.

The fall of Al-Media is a clear indicator that the forces of freedom and reason in the West are regaining lost ground in the battlefield that matters most - the mind.

The Zionist Threat On President Obama's Life

On Friday, January 20, 2012, Richard Silverstein reported at his blog Tikun Olam that "Atlanta Jewish Newspaper Advocates Mossad Assassinating Obama If Iran Gets Nukes." Silverstein wrote:
Andrew Adler, now that’s a name that should live in Jewish infamy. He’s the publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times who actually published a column in his paper saying that one of three options Israel should consider on the day the Prime Minister hears that Iran has a nuclear weapon is for Mossad agents in the U.S. to assassinate Barack Obama. Just in case you think I’m making this lunacy up here’s a screenshot of the column itself. Here’s the money–or should I say, “kill shot.”
Let that sink in for a minute. Wrap your mind around this thought: Israel assassinates an American president. A crazy Jewish American actually wrote in his newspaper that assassinating an American president to protect Israel's interests is a reasonable idea. Crazy, huh?

In what world is this wacko living in? Is he on the fringe, or is this lunatic's beliefs part of mainstream American society?

Unfortunately, it is closer to mainstream American and Western society than a lot of people like to admit. Since the false flag attacks on 9/11, committed by the CIA and the Mossad, the West has let the crazies roam free.

It is evident that the biggest terrorists in the world are Jews, not Muslims. Of course, there are wacky and crazy Muslims out there, but they don't have the capabilities of the Mossad and the media pull of Jewish Americans.

Frankly, Muslim terrorists don't scare me because they only have suicide vests and poorly made bombs. It's the powerful and media savvy Jewish terrorists who scare the hell out of me.

Silverstein writes:
Apparently, Israel has such a sterling reputation lately for political assassinations that Adler and others have come to believe that the best way of pursuing a political objective is to murder whoever stands in the way. That’s one of the legacies that Israel’s far right government has bestowed to the world, both Jewish and non-Jewish.
But he added that extremists like Adler do not represent the Jewish tradition or the Jewish nation:
We have much to ashamed of, just as we have much to be proud of: from our prophetic ethical tradition and inheritors of its mantle like Martin Buber, Judah Magnes and those who founded Brit Shalom; and their latter-day followers in NGOs like Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity, the Popular Committee Against Torture, Breaking the Silence, Peace Now and so many others.
The crazy terrorists who have hijacked the Jewish tradition and the Jewish nation are a thorn in the world's side. Pulling out this thorn is the struggle of our time.

Iran's Soft Power Strategy: Why Iran Does Not Want A Nuclear Weapon

"If I was an Iranian national security planner I would want a nuclear weapon. Look at the neighborhood I live in: everyone else who matters has nuclear weapons and those who don’t, don’t matter and get invaded by the United States." - Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, as quoted in Richard Silverstein's article on January 19, 2012 called, 'Bruce Riedel: Netanyahu’s Goal is ‘Regime Change’…in Washington.'
The fear that Iran is in the process of developing a nuclear weapon is grounded in the false belief that a nuclear weapon would strengthen Iran's hand in the Middle East.

Trita Parsi, an Iranian expert at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies and the president of the National Iranian American Council, says that Iran's strategic strength and regional position would drastically diminish if it acquired a nuclear weapon. Parsi made this point in an interview with Ali Ahmadi Motlagh in January 2011:
AM: One argument put forth in support of stopping Iran’s nuclear program is that Iran’s acquisition of nuclear capabilities would trigger an arms race across the Middle East. What are your thoughts on this?

TP: Certainly it is difficult to envision the region becoming safer with the introduction of more nuclear weapons. It should also be noted that building a nuclear weapon may turn out to be a significant strategic mistake for Iran if it leads to the nuclearization of the Middle East as a whole, since that would eliminate Iran’s conventional military superiority in the region.
The prestige of a nuclear weapon is not all that it is cracked up to be. As Parsi observes, it is not in Iran's interests to build a nuclear weapon and thereby trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East because that would minimize its strategic and military superiority vis-a-vis its weaker neighbours such as Kuwait. Every nation would be on equal footing if nuclear weapons suddenly became common commodities.

True, an Iranian nuclear weapon is a kryptonite to foreign aggression, but it is also an act of strategic suicide.

Building nuclear weapons would also be an anti-Islamic act. The Islamic Republic of Iran would lose its political and religious legitimacy if it overturned Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's fatwa against the development and deployment of nuclear weapons. In August 2005, Iran issued a statement at an IAEA Emergency Meeting which said:
"The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued the fatwa that the production, stockpiling, and use of nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islam and that the Islamic Republic of Iran shall never acquire these weapons."
Iran does not need nuclear weapons to defend itself if it comes under a full-scale attack by the United States and Israel. As Parsi said in an interview with Foreign Policy Association in November 2011:
"Whatever the capabilities are that the Iranians have, they have utilized only a fraction of them, compared to what they can if there is a real confrontation between the U.S. and Iran."
Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, both of whom served on the National Security Council in the Bush administration, emphasize Iran's soft power strategy. In their article on October 13, 2010 called, Iran's "Soft Power" Increasingly Checks U.S. Power, they wrote:
"If Iran today has substantial soft power in the Middle East—as we believe it does—it has that power in no small part because it has picked winners rather than losers as its allies in key regional theaters. Whether we speak of Hizballah in Lebanon, HAMAS in Palestine, or Shi’a Islamist parties in Iraq, Iran’s regional allies are genuine political forces—that is, forces that win elections because they represent important and unavoidable constituencies with legitimate grievances. And, in many cases, those allies engage in what their constituents believe is thoroughly laudable resistance against what those constituents see as America’s (and Israel’s) hegemonic ambitions in the Middle East."
Hillary Mann Leverett explained the success of Iran's soft power strategy and how it is countering Washington's current political objectives in the Middle East on a Swedish radio program on Saturday, January 21, 2012. She said:
"In terms of projection of what we call, often in international relations, hard power - conventional military force - the United States has today and will have for the vastly foreseeable future the absolute ability to project overwhelming conventional military force, hard power, into the Middle East basically whenever and wherever it wants. . . We've invaded Iraq, we've had military operations in Libya, we can do that.

But there are limits to how effective that is. And we've seen through our indeterminate military campaigns in Iraq, in Afghanistan, even in Libya, where we see this inter-militia conflict playing out now, is that yes we can kill Saddam Hussein, yes we can kill Gaddafi, but what do you do after that? The U.S. has nothing to offer. And so the United States is really demonstrating the limits of its power to something that is just a military hard power projection.

Iran, on the other hand, has had a policy, and many people, particularly here in Washington, ignore Iran's real strategy. They focus on what I call played-up, hyped threats about Iran, which prevents them from seeing Iran's really effective strategy, which is really a soft power strategy. Iran's effectiveness and success has nothing do with it's ability to project conventional military force anywhere in the Middle East. Iran doesn't have so much of an offensive, conventional military capability, it does not invade its neighbours, it does not use conventional military force against its neighbours. It doesn't do that. We win on that battlefield hands down, the Iranians don't even try to challenge us.

What they do is they have a soft power strategy, where they built up relations with political groups and forces in their neighbouring countries, and they try to galvanize the grievance that people have throughout the Middle East and they align themselves with these groups and with this galvanized grievance in the form of public opinion. And what that does is it positions Iran with these relationships they have with various groups, whether it's Hamas, whether it's Hezbollah, whether it's shi'ite groups in Iraq, whether it's the various groups that form the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, whether its with shiites in Bahrain. Across the Middle East and Central Asia, Iran has these alliances and it has public opinion often on its side.

What this does is it constrains these states. Let's take Bahrain for example. If Bahrain wanted to allow the U.S. Fifth Fleet to attack Iran, the leadership in Bahrain would have to think long and hard about that because they would have to face renewed resentment, protests, problems from their largely shiite population that Iran is aligned with. So that constrains the government of Bahrain or the government of even Saudi Arabia from attacking Iran.

The other thing it does is it positions Iran to have relations with these groups, with these people, whether they're shiite, whether they're kurds, whether it's the Sunni group Hamas, and others, that when there is a change of government or when there can be a change of government, it's Iran's allies that win the day. So when there is a change of government in Iraq, the United States invades Iraq, we get rid of the sunni political order, it's Iran's allies that are ready, poised, and thrust into leadership. When we invade Afghanistan and wet get rid of the irredentist sunni Taliban political order in Afghanistan, it's Iran's allies in the Northern Alliance that take over and are in charge in Afghanistan. . .If there is a change in leadership in Bahrain, if the government of Bahrain were overthrown, it would be Iran's allies that take over.

This is an extremely powerful offensive strategy that Iran has, but it's about soft power. It has nothing to do with hard power. So the focus here, particularly in Washington, about various concerns about Iran's military capabilities are entirely misplaced and means that we are missing the soft power offensive that Iran poses to us, the challenge they pose to us, the challenge they pose to our allies like Saudi Arabia which is now surrounded by countries that are much more friendly to Iran today than they were ten years ago.

So, if you look at the United States ten years ago, our allies like Saudi Arabia ten years ago, we are in vastly weaker positions in the balance of power in the Middle East than Iran is. Ten years ago, Iran had basically Syria, and the very weak groups of Hamas and Hezbollah. Remember ten years ago Hamas had not been legitimated in the elections among the Palestinians that they were in 2006. Remember ten years ago Hezbollah had not been legitimated through the elections that they've had in Lebanon. They were relatively weak players.

Today, Iran's allies are the indispensable decisive players in country after country after country across the Middle East that used to be pro-American territory, that used to be pro-Saudi territory. Today, both the United States and our allies, particularly Saudi Arabia, are on the defensive, and you see that playing out in some very dangerous ways across the region."
To get a more informed perspective about U.S.-Iranian relations and the general picture in the Middle East, visit Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett's website, www.raceforiran.com, and the National Iranian American Council website, www.niacouncil.org.