August 31, 2011

The Players of World War Three: Globalists And Zionists Vs. Islamists

The Players of World War Three: Globalists And Zionists Vs. Islamists

Saman Mohammadi
August 31, 2011

Globalists, Zionists and Islamists are waging a total war for the heart of the Earth, which stretches from Egypt to Turkey in the North and Pakistan in the East, and includes the capitals Cairo, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran, Ankara, Kabul, and Islamabad.

The war is being waged with ideological propaganda, mythic narratives of redemption and justice, mass media brainwashing, tanks and guns, double-dealing diplomacy, and pretty soon, nuclear bombs.

I. The Globalists

The Globalists, represented by international bankers, multinational corporations and an intellectual elite class, don't respect the sovereignty of nation states or international law. They are working for a one world dictatorial government to rule over the destinies of all nations and all peoples.

The core of this ruling cabal is the Anglo-American elite that has hijacked the political systems of America, England and other Western countries by stealth, mass deception, assassinations of political leaders, and recurrent acts of high treason from within which began in 1913 with the creation of the supranational and non-governmental Federal Reserve System.

This sick shadow elite operates through secret societies, and discuss long-term government policies in private meetings like the Bilderberg Conference that is held in a different location every year. Secret networks of power and influence within Western intelligence agencies and banking systems are directly controlled by the globalists who implement their agenda of domination and control throughout the world.

The Globalists desire Central Asia's resource wealth and strategic location. Afghanistan is a key link in the global empire of chains that they want to construct around the world. They want a third world war in the Middle East because they want to create global destabilization and a world crisis.

A world war benefits the globalists's interests in two ways. One, it will distract Western public attention from austerity measures, cuts to pensions, and looting of the public wealth back home. And second, a world government cannot be created and implemented by the elite unless there is first a world crisis that entraps all nations on Earth in a cycle of extreme violence and a global economic depression which will result from a catastrophic world war.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon and Syria have all come under the dark influence of the globalists over the last decade via military invasions, drone bombings, terrorist attacks, conspiratorial plots, destabilization campaigns, and NATO air sieges. Now, Iran is in their sights. Tehran is the seat of the Islamic awakening, a dictatorial movement that also disrespects national borders, freedom of thought, and the dignity of the individual.

II. The Zionists

The Zionists, and their neoconservative partners in Washington who were instrumental in staging the 9/11 attacks, are different from the globalists, but they share a lot of the same goals and interests. Zionists are all about Israel, not a new world order. They want to erase the memory of Palestine from history, and deport all Palestinians who refuse to submit to Israel's rule to neighbouring Arab countries like Jordan.

Zionists are motivated by hatred and vengeance. They are guilty of undermining America's independence, and assassinating nonconformist Arab leaders like former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri which they then accuse their favourite enemy of the day for the crime, whether it be Syria or Hezbollah.

Be damn sure that the Mossad are behind a high number of international terrorist incidents, from India to America. They are friends with the CIA, MI6, and other secret intelligence agencies that also commit false flag terror attacks at home and abroad.

The Zionists want hegemony in the Middle East, and they are willing to share it with the globalists in America and England. But Iran is in their way.

III. The Islamists

The Islamists say they are fighting oppression and foreign domination, and this is true, but what they don't mention is that they are also blind oppressors and blood-soaked thugs. Iran's Shia Islamic regime has its own interests and its own goals. The liberation of the Muslim world from foreign domination is not one of the regime's goals. They want the American occupation of tanks and guns in Iraq to be replaced by the Iranian occupation of ideas and religious dogma.

Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the elite Quds Force, a branch of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is called one of the most influential voices in Iraq. When he speaks, Iran's Supreme Leader speaks. Martin Chulov wrote an article about his widespread influence in Iraq for The Guardian on July 28, 2011 called "Qassem Suleimani: the Iranian general 'secretly running' Iraq." Chulov said:
In Baghdad, no other name invokes the same sort of reaction among the nation's power base – discomfort, uncertainty and fear.

"He is the most powerful man in Iraq without question," Iraq's former national security minister, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, told the newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat in July 2010. "Nothing gets done without him."
Of course, his influence could be overblown by the West to create the propaganda that Iran is interfering aggressively in Iraq. That is a possibility. It is tough to believe the narrative of either side. But, Iran's silent invasion of Iraq and its influence in Shiite circles is not a myth.

Iran is installing its own Gladio-style networks inside Iraq to attack U.S. military bases and weaken America's morale in the event that Israel and America attack Iran. Such action is reasonable, and responsible. I would be shocked if the Iranian government wasn't trying to gain influence in a neighbouring country where a foreign invader was getting ready to launch attacks against Iran.

But neither America nor Iran is good for the Iraqi people.

Ayad Jamaluddin, who is an Iraqi nationalist politician and a moderate Shiite cleric, has publicly criticized Iranian influence in Iraq's politics. Earlier this month, he accused Iran's Quds Force of trying to assassinate him.

Jamaluddin wants a secular state, and he is against America's violent occupation of Iraq as well as Iran's silent invasion of Iraq. In a TV interview about the assassination attempt on his life, he said:
"I am pretty sure that the militias supported by Iran are responsible for this criminal act. Iran is trying to impose its hegemony over Iraq, and it does not tolerate any Shiite voice opposed to the Rule of the Jurisprudent. They are willing to tolerate it when it comes from a Communist or a liberal, but not when it comes from a Shiite man of religion."
Jamaluddin poses a threat to Iranian's hegemonic interests in the region, and a larger threat to the ideas of a religious state and the divine right of mullahs. He is fighting for the separation between the mosque and the state in Iraq.

IV. The War On The National, Independent, Democratic State

Everywhere around the world the nation state is under attack. From one end of the globe, Globalists are shredding constitutional principles, breaking the rule of law and destroying political systems. On the other end, Islamists are spreading their medieval ideology by force and rhetoric.

The Globalists and Zionists have seized control of America's constitutional republic and Western civilization. The Islamists have conquered the ancient Persian empire and want to establish an Islamic civilization that reaches from Egypt to Pakistan.

All three power-obsessed cabals are the enemies of freedom and mankind in the 21st century. Globalists and Zionists threaten the liberties of America and Western civilization, and Islamists pose a great danger to the people of the Middle East.

In the name of freedom, justice and protection from tyranny, all three hegemonic cabals are attacking the freedom of conscience, the freedom of speech, the freedom of thought, and the freedom of choice.

Let's hope that their sinister conspiracies and plots against mankind are undermined and exposed, so that their power over the minds of men does not survive a third world war.

Among these conspiracies and plots none has done more damage to the security of America, the Middle East and the world than the 9/11 attacks, which can be directly connected to the shadow governments of America and Israel.

Once the tyrannical Globalists and Zionists are defeated through democratic action and mental disobedience, the threat from extremist Islamists to freedom around the world will appear not as it has been hyped and overblown since 9/11 by the cunning Globalists and Zionists for their own political reasons, but, as it appears in reality: weak, pathetic, reactionary, powerless, and easy to defeat.

Toronto Hearings Represent A Major Step Forward In The Global De-Brainwashing Campaign

Toronto Hearings Represent A Major Step Forward In The Global De-Brainwashing Campaign

Saman Mohammadi
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, the Toronto Hearings will mark the tenth anniversary of the state engineered 9/11 attacks by bringing together an all-star line up of 9/11 truth-tellers, citizen researchers, scholars, scientists, and disinterested skeptics to go over the evidence that disproves the official story of how and why 9/11 happened.

The event will run for four days from September 8 to September 11 at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, and it is sponsored by The International Center for 9/11 Studies, founded by American attorney James Gourley. The Center was instrumental in disclosing valuable videotapes of the 9/11 events to the public that contradicted official government reports about the collapse of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

For information about the Toronto Hearings's schedule, speakers and events, visit the website One of the four objectives of the Hearings is as follows:
To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, groups and international agencies with the request that a full and impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 2001, which have been used to initiate military invasions and to restrict the rights of citizens.
The organizers of the Toronto Hearings hope to make available for the global public and various governments a detailed, scientific and empirical report that is easy to comprehend and clearly summarizes why a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks is desperately needed.

Mike Bondi wrote an article about the importance of the Hearings for the website Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth on Tuesday, August 23, called "Setting the Stage for Historic Hearings in Toronto." Bondi interviewed Graeme MacQueen, a retired Professor of religious studies at Hamilton's McMaster University, and one of the main organizers of the event, writing:
MacQueen, who taught Religious Studies at McMaster University for 30 years, believes that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is important for many reasons. Aside from the fact that we normally commemorate anniversaries, he notes that 9/11 has moved into a position of being a crucial myth in US society and history. Referring to his own religious studies, as well as the work of David Ray Griffin and others, he says “If you’ve studied religion as [we] have, you see all the signs – what we sometimes call ‘Civil Religion’. In the case of 9/11, we can see that all of that has been developed.”

MacQueen expects that around the 10th anniversary, we will experience a lot of ‘symbolic revisiting’ – re-telling the story over and over again, even to young people who don’t remember the actual event, leading to a kind of quasi-religious account of 9/11. According to MacQueen, what is needed in this case is a ‘counter-voice’. “What we’re doing that is different is not just telling a different story or promoting a different myth, but actually trying to combat myth with reason, science and research … a whole different way of approaching reality,” he says.

MacQueen echoes the call for a new, independent investigation into what happened on 9/11. “We’re devoted to this enlightenment project of finding out what really happened so that we can base our lives on what’s true,” he says. “After 10 years of research and criticism, we can now show the official story does not hold up, and must be discarded.” The tone and approach being undertaken is also an important characteristic of the Hearings. “Obviously what Richard [Gage] and all the rest of you have done is to help move this questioning right into the heart of social respectability. I see our Hearings as in that same tradition.”
Professor MacQueen and the presenters and participants of the Citizen-led 9/11 Hearings are carrying on another tradition besides the one that MacQueen mentioned in the quote above, and that is the Western Enlightenment. The age-old struggle for freedom of speech and freedom of thought in society never ends.

Since 9/11, the West has been characterized by rising public distrust over government narratives and policies, state imposed medieval dogmas about terrorism and security, and government control of ideas and information.

The global grassroots campaign to expose the 9/11 fraud and the war on terror scam is the re-birth of the European enlightenment with a modern twist, thanks to new social media technology, citizen-made documentaries, and internet broadcasting.

In this new age of free media, every citizen is a potential eyewitness to the truth as it happens on the ground, and is then able to tell his/her story to a nearby media outlet, whether it be a cell phone connected to the internet or a mass news network.

William Rodriguez, a janitor who worked at the Twin Towers and says he heard bombs going off at the basement before any plane struck, represents the power of the average citizen. With truth and conviction on his side, the average citizen can stand up to the rotten beasts of power and be assured that his voice will be counted in the annals of history.

When the real history of 9/11 is written and publicly accepted, Rodriguez, Barry Jennings and other everyday citizens will be remembered as patriotic heroic while Mayor Giuliani, President Bush and government leaders will be remembered as treacherous villains.

There were many heroes in New York on September 11, 2001 who stepped up to fulfill their duties as citizens of their city and country, but none of them were in the United States government.

The traitors in the government like Bush, Cheney and Giuliani were not only behind the tragic atrocities, but they emerged from the rubble to pose as heroes while hiding the evidence of their criminality and treason.

The Toronto Hearings will shine a much needed international and public spotlight on powerful eyewitness testimonies that sharply contradict the government's telling of the 9/11 fairytale story.

Eyewitness testimonies of the 9/11 events will be supported by scientific evidence and expert analysis that proves all three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed for reasons that the U.S. government has kept hidden from the American people and global public.

Participants and presenters include scientists, engineers, chemists, professors, lawyers, and people of other professions. Here is the list: Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, Laurie Manwell, Mike Gravel, Jon Cole, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit, Graeme MacQueen, David Chandler, Richard Gage, Paul Zarembka, Jay Kolar, Michel Chossudovsky, Lance deHaven-Smith, Lorie Van Auken, Michael Keefer, Matthew Witt, and James Gourley.

These individuals are using their voices, lives and reputations to preserve the real history of September 11, 2001. Their heroic actions honour the victims who died on 9/11 as well as all the victims of all the criminal wars that were declared and fought in the name of 9/11.

There are many witnesses and whistleblowers who have given their lives and spirits to enlighten the world about the treason that was committed on 9/11 against the American people behind the shadows of a secret government. They are martyrs and heroes who need to be remembered and honoured because they risked their lives by telling the truth and standing up for the victims of state terrorism.

Here are some of their names: Barry Jennings, Beverly Eckert, William Cooper, Kenneth Johannemann and John P. O'Neill. The names of more heroes can be found in this article, "9/11: The Dead Witnesses." They were killed by traitors and criminals within the U.S.-Israeli shadow governments who are threatened by the truth that 9/11 was an inside job.

The Toronto Hearings will be an outlet for suppressed evidence and marginalized testimonies that portray a different picture of 9/11 than the one given to the global public by the criminals and traitors in charge of the United States government.

The Hearings will also mobilize the democratic forces of civil society from around the world to commemorate the victims of the 9/11 attacks and inform the global public in an open forum about the scientific, circumstantial, physical, and hard evidence that shatters the established myth of the events.

Support the citizen-led Toronto Hearings in any way you can. To donate money, here is the link: You can watch the presentations from all the speakers at the Hearings on the Internet. A link will be made available on the official Toronto Hearings website.

As you watch the heroic presentations, remember the martyrs and heroes of 9/11 truth and the victims of the 9/11 attacks. The traitors, liars and government criminals who did 9/11 must be put to shame, and eventually hanged for their crimes against the American people, and against humanity.

We can't let the brave testimonies of 9/11 eyewitnesses to go unheard and unrecorded on the tenth anniversary of the government orchestrated attacks. Their accounts of 9/11 can literally make heads explode in Washington, unlike Dick Cheney's self-serving and stupid memoir.

“I’m just confused about one thing, and one thing only– why World Trade Center 7 went down in the first place. I’m very confused about that. I know what I heard– I heard explosions. The explanation I got was it was the fuel-oil tank. I’m an old boiler guy– if it was a fuel-oil tank, it would have been one side of the building.” - Barry Jennings, 9/11 witness and Emergency Coordinator for the New York Housing Authority.

Infowars Special Report 3/3: Building 7 an Inside Job

August 30, 2011

Setting the Stage for Historic Hearings in Toronto

Setting the Stage for Historic Hearings in Toronto
By Mike Bondi
Published: August 23, 2011

To capitalize on the strategic importance of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the International Center for 9/11 Studies is sponsoring a four-day set of hearings, September 8-11, at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Officially called “The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001”, this historic gathering of panelists, expert witnesses, and numerous key figures in the 9/11 truth movement is being more commonly referred to as the “Toronto Hearings.” Focusing primarily on the scientific forensic and other evidence and eyewitness testimony, with emphasis on the destruction of the three World Trade Center high-rises, the Hearings will identify some of the best evidence regarding the events of 9/11, thus encouraging and enabling national and/or international legal agencies to pursue formal investigations.

Alex Jones Audio Blog: The Globalists Secrets

Beautiful words. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful spirit. Beautiful mind.

Ex-Bush Official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "I am Willing to Testify" If Dick Cheney is Put on Trial

I have love and respect for Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. He represents the true spirit of the American military.

An excerpt from Democracy Now's transcript:
AMY GOODMAN: Colonel Wilkerson, we also have Glenn Greenwald on the line with us from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a constitutional law attorney, political and legal blogger for His recent article on Cheney’s book is called "The Fruits of Elite Immunity." Glenn, explain.

GLENN GREENWALD: One of the most significant aspects of the rollout of Dick Cheney’s book is that he’s basically being treated as though he’s just an elder statesman who has some controversial, partisan political views. And yet, the evidence is overwhelming, including most of what Colonel Wilkerson just said and has been saying for quite some time, and lots of other people, as well, including, for example, General Antonio Taguba, that Dick Cheney is not just a political figure with controversial views, but is an actual criminal, that he was centrally involved in a whole variety not just of war crimes in Iraq, but of domestic crimes, as well, including the authorization of warrantless eavesdropping on American citizens in violation of FISA, which says that you go to jail for five years for each offense, as well as the authorization and implementation of a worldwide torture regime that, according to General Barry McCaffrey, resulted in the murder—his word—of dozens of detainees, far beyond just the three or four cases of waterboarding that media figures typically ask Cheney about.

And yet, what we have is a government, a successor administration, the Obama administration, that announced that there will be no criminal investigations, no, let alone, prosecutions of any Bush officials for any of these multiple crimes. And that has taken these actions outside of the criminal realm and turned them into just garden-variety political disputes. And it’s normalized the behavior. And as a result, Dick Cheney goes around the country profiting off of this, you know, sleazy, sensationalistic, self-serving book, basically profiting from his crimes, and at the same time normalizing the idea that these kind of policies, though maybe in the view of some wrongheaded, are perfectly legitimate political choices to make. And I think that’s the really damaging legacy from all of this.

AMY GOODMAN: Colonel Wilkerson, do you think the Bush administration officials should be held accountable in the way that Glenn Greenwald is talking about?

COL. LAWRENCE WILKERSON: I certainly do. And I’d be willing to testify, and I’d be willing to take any punishment I’m due. And I have to say, I agree with almost everything he just said. And I think that explains the aggressiveness, to a large extent, of the Cheney attack and of the words like "exploding heads all over Washington." This is a book written out of fear, fear that one day someone will "Pinochet" Dick Cheney.

Larry Silverstein no response to WTC 7 lies

An upstanding Luke asks the traitor Larry Silverstein a tough question about 9/11 and gets thrown out of the room while the cowardly reporters just stand and look.

Watch the confrontation:

Operation False Flag: A Modern Primer

Operation False Flag: A Modern Primer
Number Six
Activist Post
Published: Monday, August 29, 2011

Definition: When governments or organizations (usually connected to the former) stage highly sophisticated attacks on their own or foreign soil with the purpose of placing the blame on a desirable enemy foreign or domestic, one who has otherwise done no wrong. Essentially a setup, it provides the government entity with an excuse via fabricated evidence in complicity with media to fulfill its various agendas (i.e. war or law making).

As false flag operations gain further ground and frequency, the better you know their history, the sooner you can recognize when they are about to happen or as they occur.

Four Horsemen - Official Trailer I

From The YouTube description for the video:
We will not return to 'business as usual'. The Four Horsemen is an independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

Demand the movie now:
Official Facebook:

Coming Autumn 2011 #FourHorsemenFilm

Directed By: Ross Ashcroft

Featuring: Noam Chomsky, Max Keiser, Joseph Stiglitz, Prof. Herman Daly, Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Simon Johnson, Michael Hudson, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, John Perkins, Tarek Al Diwany, Camila Batmanghelidjh, James Turk, David Morgan, Hugo Salinas Price and more...

The Satanic Verses Affair

Christopher Hitchens on the Satanic Verses Affair (1989) - Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

August 29, 2011

America is Lost in The Land of Oz

America is Lost in The Land of Oz

Saman Mohammadi
August 29, 2011

"There is an apathy that is running rampant in this country that is deadly.

We are truly now, at this moment, a nation of sheep. And, ladies and gentlemen, I assure you that sheep are always led to the slaughter.

But it does not have to be that way. There is tremendous power in knowledge. There is also tremendous power in secrecy. Take away that secrecy, you make sure that you're informed, and you can change things. And stop fighting with each other." -William Cooper, from a speech given in 1989.

"The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears." - Hunter S. Thompson, from the book, "Kingdom of Fear," pg. 220.
emeralds in glass
searchlights at twi-light
stoned streets in the pale dawn
robed in exile" - Jim Morrison, from the poem, "The Opening of the Trunk."
Washington spoke: "Friends of America! look over the Atlantic sea;
A bended bow is lifted in heaven, & a heavy iron chain
Descends, link by link, from Albion's cliffs across the sea, to bind
Brothers & sons of America till our faces pale and yellow,
Heads deprest, voices weak, eyes downcast, hands work-bruis'd,
Feet bleeding on the sultry sands, and the furrows of the whip
Descend to generations that in future times forget." - William Blake, from the poem, "America, A Prophecy (1793)."

"It's evident that Nemesis -- in Greek mythology the goddess of vengeance, the punisher of hubris and arrogance -- is already a visitor in our country, simply biding her time before she makes her presence known." - Chalmers Johnson.

"Truth crushed to earth will rise again." - William Cullen Bryant.

"Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it." - Abraham Lincoln, from his Cooper Union Speech, delivered on February 27, 1960.
In our times, it is politically fashionable to deny the laws of physics, hype the terror threat to the level of public paralysis and despair, and repeat the false logic that questioning government narratives about recent history's greatest events like 9/11 is an outgrowth of paranoid thinking.

But those of us who know better realize that the men who changed the world in their day were never politically fashionable when they first spoke or wrote in the hopes of awakening other citizens to what they knew. They were excommunicated from civilized society, and banished to the wild to tell their truths to whoever had the courtesy to listen to them without judging. They were not only wise, but patient with people and forgiving of their rash mistakes.

Patience is valued more than wisdom because history shows that it takes patient voices like those of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., William Cooper, Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones and numerous others to pass on wisdom to inconsiderate, ignorant and fearful people.

9/11 truth-tellers, who are the modern heirs of the excommunicated wisdom seekers of humanity, insist that a culture of conspiracy theories exists not because there are millions of paranoid freaks in society, but because an elitist culture of conspiracy exists in the highest levels of governments, banks, corporations, academia, royal houses, and media institutions.

We arrive at our reasoned conclusions about the 9/11 attacks, 7/7 attacks, and other political plots against freedom based on the observation of factual events, intellectual analysis, and deep research into the intricacies of our systems of government.

We know America and the world is lost in a prison reality, where the bars are officially sanctioned lies and the truth serves the sentence of life. We are not blind to the machinations of Machiavellian wizards behind the curtains of state terror and false crises who want to topple our Western governments from within and subject us all to slavery.

We hand these treacherous devils a huge victory by letting them strip us of our dignity and self-respect, which are undermined when we allow our minds to be invaded from inside the halls of government and our thoughts to be dictated by cunning tyrants who play on our emotions.

Throughout history, corrupt ruling elites and dictators have made the same mistake: underestimating the people's will, intelligence and anger. The lawless plutocracy that controls America and the West is no different. They may flee the crime scene that is America once the curtain has finally been pulled back and their destructive policies have been exposed as evil and treacherous, but where are they going to hide? The beaches of South America? The castles of Europe? The sands of Dubai? Mars? An American Green Zone in Colorado?

It doesn't matter where the scum that bankrupted and destroyed America from the inside go to avoid the guillotines because, eventually, justice will be done in America. The traitorous state terrorists in Washington, and their partners in crime in Israel, England and other nations will one day face the wrath of the American people and the people of the world.

Public wrath in an age of government evil and government duplicity is good. Informed and moderated anger is good. It bears many gifts. When society is crippled and controlled by evil tyrants, you have to get angry before you can correct the situation and restore law and order.

Public displays of anger in America and other Western countries is needed more than anything else. Being called angry in this age is a compliment. It means that your thinking and your feeling, and that your head is screwed on straight.

This is the Age of the Eloquent Angry Rant. Alex Jones knows it. Max Keiser knows it. Jesse Ventura knows it. Dylan Ratigan knows it. Keith Olbermann knows it. Cenk Uygur knows it. And Ron Paul knows it too, but he doesn't show his anger in public.

After the age of anger has passed, America will rediscover its true spirit and be free from the parasitic leeches and liars who control the America of Oz through the private Federal Reserve banking system, Wall Street, the Israel Lobby, the CIA shadow government, and the corpo-state media.

Some people look down on anger, and I understand their perspective. Acting from a position of anger can be very destabilizing and counter-productive. Anger must be the fuel, not the fire itself. But the fire to create change cannot be made without anger.

Divine anger, the fire in men's bellies, will save America and Western civilization from despotism and destruction.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Address at the Mormon Tabernacle (September 26, 1963)

Click here to read the text of the speech. And click here to listen to the speech.

August 28, 2011

Barack Obama Used The Black Vote Like A P.I.M.P.

In 2008, Politico reported that "96 percent of black voters supported Obama and constituted 13 percent of the electorate."

What did black people receive from President Barack Obama in return for their political support? Disrespect, avoidance, and contempt.

Barack Obama thinks he's a slick and clever manipulator of masses. He used black people to get elected President, and then turned his back on them in the White House like he was the king and they were just slaves.

Now, in the face of persistent criticism from black leaders and the black community about his lack of response to their voices, he hanged up the famous painting about race by Norman Rockwell in the White House in a vain attempt to appease them.

The Young Turks radio show had a good conversation about what explains the White House's decision to hang up this painting not long after black leaders in the Congress voiced their anger at the administration.

Is Obama giving his core constituency a bone? Does he think this act will cover his ass in the black community? Is he that shameless and treacherous? Yes he is. Does he think the American people are that stupid? Yes he does.

But that's a false perception that Obama and the power elite in America have in their minds. The American people are not stupid. It is the White House that is stupid for wrongly believing that the American people won't dig deeper into their crimes, lies and cover-ups.

The American people know that the Obama White House does everything for political points and that it cares more about staying in power than fixing America's foreign policy and economic problems.

President Obama had political motivations to hang up this painting, to hide the fact that he doesn't give a damn about black Americans who voted for him.

This two-faced punk posed as some sort of messiah, but he hasn't addressed black unemployment or correct the injustice that non-violent prisoners face because of the illegal war on drugs and militarized police state.

Obama doesn't care about America as a whole. By helping Wall Street plutocrats, the Federal Reserve parasites, traitorous CEOs, and the military-industrial complex he is saying "Fuck You" to every American who is not in the top one percent income bracket.

Obama, following the policies of Bush and Clinton, wants to destroy America and help his banking masters establish a global dictatorial government once America is dead and buried.

Watch the Young Turks conversation about the painting:

August 27, 2011

Dick Cheney's Heart of Evil, Psychopathic Political Systems, And The Correct Uses of Social Stigma

Dick Cheney's Heart of Evil, Psychopathic Political Systems, And The Correct Uses of Social Stigma

Saman Mohammadi
August 27, 2011
"Ponerology was born in the crucible of attempts to understand, scientifically, a macro-social phenomenon of what can only be called extreme and excessive evil: Fascism and Soviet Communism." - Andrew M. Lobaczewski, a Polish psychiatrist and author of the book, "Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes."

Definition of Pathocracy (from the website The Pathocracy Blog):
"Definition: pathocracy (n). A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people (from Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, by Andrew Lobaczewski)
from Greek pathos, “feeling, pain, suffering”; and kratos, “rule”

A totalitarian form of government in which absolute political power is held by a psychopathic elite, and their effect on the people is such that the entire society is ruled and motivated by purely pathological values.

A pathocracy can take many forms and can insinuate itself covertly into any seemingly just system or ideology. As such it can masquerade under the guise of a democracy or theocracy as well as more openly oppressive regimes."

"That is the nature of professional politics. Many are called, but few survive the nut-cutting hour--which appears to be coming down on our goofy Child President these days. . . . Ah, but it was ever thus, eh? Vicious thieves have always ruled the world. It is our wa. We are like pigs in the wilderness." - Hunter S. Thompson, from "Kingdom of Fear."
On Thursday, August 25, MSNBC sub host and journalist Chris Hayes had a very important conversation with author and lawyer Glenn Greenwald about the political, legal and social consequences of tolerating elite criminality that I hope will be continued in the future.

There needs to be a global dialogue about how the individuals who are most responsible for the abuses and crimes of the Bush-Obama regime should be punished.

Holding the state terrorists in Washington and Israel behind the 9/11 attacks and the deceptive war on terror responsible for their crimes against the American people, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and humanity is a matter of human survival and global peace.

Here is a snippet from the conversation:
Chris Hayes: Given the sort of consensus of normality that has seemed to sort of now settled in over the policy disputes of torture, and illegal wiretapping, etc. How do you begin to culturally counteract that, if that's not too broad a question? Because this notion of how you kind of mark off what is over some line in polite society is a really tricky one, but I feel like there has to be some sort of concerted effort at least among critics and intellectuals, and other people paying attention, that does that.

Glenn Greenwald: Well, law is supposed to be, of course, the principal way to say there's certain lines that you cannot cross, right. I mean, there's certain things that are impolite that might result in social stigma, but there's certain things that you can't do that are far worse than impolite, they're criminal, and you're supposed to go to prison for them. And we've erased those lines.

But, as you've suggested, we've erased an even more disturbing line which is even the idea of a social stigma. So, you know, we love in American politics and American political discourse to talk about other countries's leaders and the horrible crimes they've committed, and look at what these dictators are doing, and these awful people in that other country are doing. And yet, we have political leaders, a class of leaders who have committed what we've always said, what we Americans have always said for decades, are among the worst and most egregious crimes.

And independent of the legal immunity, you're absolutely right, you won't see barely any media figures treating Dick Cheney with even the smallest degree of hostility or animosity. He will be treated like any other elder statesman, who might have some political controversial positions, but he won't be shunned by anyone. And what that guarantees is that behaviour becomes normalized. Both parties have accepted it by not prosecuting it. And I think that's a very dangerous thing to do.
The social and political value of casting out war criminals and tyrants from the human community is self-evident. Thomas Jefferson said a revolution every thirty years was healthy and beneficial for society, and that it keeps government leaders on their toes.

In his book, "The Trial of Socrates," journalist I.F. Stone said that Zeus had Hermes instruct humans to respect the rights of other people and to recognize the social value of shame, and remind them that those who didn't follow these two basic laws of human society "shall die the death of a public pest." Stone wrote:
Protagoras said Zeus feared that "our race was in danger of utter destruction." So he sent his messenger, Hermes, down to earth with two gifts which would enable men at last to practice "the art of politics" successfully and establish cities where they could live together in safety and in amity. The two gifts Zeus sent down to man were aidos and dike. Aidos is a sense of shame, a concern for the good opinion of others. It is the shame a soldier feels in betraying his fellows on the battlefield, or a citizen if he is caught doing something dishonorable. Dike here means respect for the rights of others. It implies a sense of justice, and it makes civic peace possible by settling disputes through adjudication. In acquiring aidos and dike, men would at last be able to ensure their survival. (Stone, 'The Trial of Socrates': Pg. 47-48). For a longer passage of this quote, go here.
Chris Hayes relayed the same message on his show when he said:
"When powerful people are not held to account, when they have no worry about their reputations, it creates a moral hazard - not unlike what's happened with the banks. Anti-social behaviour is rewarded, failure is also rewarded, and we're trapped inside a system of perverse incentives."
In America, and every other modern totalitarian society, the political rot at the top is allowed to sustain itself and reproduce the system of criminality, corruption and deception until the point of collapse.

When the collapse finally comes the criminal elite find new ways to profit, this time from the collapse, while leaving the people to starve and die like rats. This is what happened in Russia in the 1990s when the oligarchs looted the society.

Social stigma is turned on its head in such dehumanized societies. Instead of government criminals and authoritarian psychopaths getting a bad wrap, it is the people who expose their lies and crimes that face social derision and rejection. Truth-tellers are demonized and stigmatized as "conspiracy theorists" and "nut jobs" for pointing out that the government's official narratives are giant lies.

The most effective counterweights against political corruption and government tyranny are the press and civil society. Since the official press in America and the West does not serve the people and or care about the rule of law, the job is left to the alternative press who represent civil society.

Greenwald reminds us in his article, "The fruits of elite immunity," that letting government liars and war criminals off the hook in one instance creates the incentive for emergent political leaders and ambitious politicians to totally forget their responsibilities to the people, and their responsibilities to uphold the law. At that point, they become government wolves who feast on the society behind the cover of lies and myths. If they are not put down and hanged for their treason, then they become super confident, and find more ways to continue their war against the people.

Greenwald writes:
That's what happens when the Government -- marching under the deceitful Orwellian banner of Look Forward, Not Backward -- demands that its citizens avert their eyes from the crimes of their leaders so that all can be forgotten: the crimes become non-crimes, legitimate acts of political choice, and the criminals become instantly rehabilitated by the message that nothing they did warrants punishment. That's the same reason people like John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales are defending their torture and illegal spying actions not in a courtroom but in a lush conference of elites in Aspen.
I'm not sure how much responsibility lies with political agents like Dick Cheney and David Addington for the crimes of torture, spying, false flag terrorism, and aggressive wars -- and how much responsibility should be attributed to the economic and political power elite. And how much blame does a pseudo-philosopher like neoconservative Michael Ledeen deserve for the 9/11 crime and the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan?

I think it is politically and culturally important that reformers do not project all evil onto former Vice President Dick Cheney, cast him out of the human community, and think that will solve the problems that come from the psychopathic political system in Washington. Don't get me wrong, I think this heartless bastard should be hanged as a traitor and war criminal alongside the rest of the lying tyrants in America, Israel, and England who were behind the 9/11 attacks, 7/7 attacks, and the illegal war on terror.

Dramatic acts of public ritual like public hangings of tyrants serve a purpose in restoring social cohesion, re-establishing the rule of law, and reaffirming the values of a community. People should not look down on hanging tyrants and war criminals. It is a basic principle of any free, peaceful, stable and sane society.

But, it is not good to be obsessed about the evil nature of any particular political leader, while remaining blind about the responsibility of indifferent and selfish elites. The managers of American society's top institutions have been deeply involved in the crimes and cover-ups that have defined the U.S. government from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the false flag 9/11 attacks, the war on terror, and the mass transfer of wealth from the American middle class and poor to the parasitic bankers on Wall Street.

Dick Cheney is just a symbol of these dark times. High criminality and heartless evil in Washington did not begin when Cheney went to Washington. We should not turn Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush or Blair into a scapegoat, and overlook the responsibility of the treasonous power elite for the horrors of the war on terror.

Cheney's hidden masters deserve most of the blame for the crimes of the anti-American regime in Washington. Besides, probing Dick Cheney's heart of evil is not as psychologically interesting and socially important as understanding the growth and historic legacy of modern totalitarian political systems.

Ambitious, intelligent, shameless and heartless men like Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, Henry Kissinger and others will serve as examples of the influence of psychopathology in politics.

But an even more interesting subject for scholars to study is the nature of psychopathic political systems like the one in America, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Israel, England and other totalitarian societies. This is where Andrew M. Lobaczewski's ideas on political ponerology can help humanity shine a psychological light on psychopathic political leaders who gravitate towards political power such as Barack Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, and others.

But, again, the pathological and cunning leaders in the White House are only distractions. The American people should instead direct their anger, and hopefully channel it peacefully, against a hijacked and traitorous political system that favours wars of aggression, false flag terrorism, torture, spying on citizens, mass murder, plunder, political persecution, cultural brainwashing, political assignations, mass deception, domestic repression and propaganda.

There is only one way out of the darkness and modern wasteland, and that is through the blazed trail of knowledge. So keep blazing away my fellow infosoldiers!

II. Further information on Andrew M. Lobaczewski and political ponerology:

August 26, 2011

Alex Jones And Ron Paul Are The Voices of Reason And Dissent Inside Babylon

Alex Jones And Ron Paul Are The Voices of Reason And Dissent Inside Babylon

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
August 26, 2011

"Take it to the wilderness
Into the jungle sun
Lookin' for the voice of reason
Inside this babylon." - Jefferson Starship, from the song "Layin' It On The Line."

"The truth would certainly do well enough if she were once left to shift for herself. . . .Errors, indeed, prevail by the assistance of foreign and borrowed succors. But if Truth makes not her way into the understanding by her own light, she will be but the weaker for any borrowed force violence can add to her." - John Locke, as quoted in the book, "Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition," by John Durham Peters.

"But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity." - Andrew Marvell, a 17th-century English poet and Parliamentarian.

"Sixty three years ago right now I was aboard a ship, and I was heading to a place called Iwo Jima. And I led a division of men into combat, and over half of them were wounded or killed so that they could give you people liberty and freedom and justice for all. Now wake up." - American WWII Veteran, from a speech at a City Council in February 2008.

"It is going to be absolutely horrible. We're going to have to watch the murderers, the social engineers who've done the attacks, grandstand as our saviours.

And as the public gets scared during a depression and during a war, they think you're going to go along with their takeover of America.

And it's time for every radio talk show host, every police officer, every pastor, every college professor, every school teacher, every doctor, every lawyer, every auto mechanic, every farmer, every rancher, every factory worker . . I don't care what you do. . to count the cost, to face history, to realize that while we've been tuned into a false reality of football and celebrity, and all the rest of it that people are such experts on, that reality has been going on all around you.

While you're busy out in the middle of a field watching a television, and you think that television is the only thing in the world, you didn't hear the wolves howling.

Now, the wolves are all around you, in the dark, and you can look out from the glow of the T.V. in the middle of this field we're in collectively, and see their eyes and hear their growling.

And the television is telling you, "Those are friends. Lay down. Show them your neck, they want to lick it. . .Lay down, the wolves are here to help." And many Americans are going, "Okay, alright, here's my neck." And we watch as Americans are grabbed by the wolves and drug out into the night." - Alex Jones, speaking on his radio show on August 22, 2011.

"They’re setting up the stage for violence in this country." - Rep. Ron Paul, when asked about martial law in America.

"I wish to make people aware, so that they do not squander and dissipate their lives. The aristocrats assume that there is always a mass of men lost. But they hide the fact, they live withdrawn and behave as though these many, many men did not exist. This is what is godless in the superiority of the aristocrats; in order to have things their own way they do not even make people aware.

But I do not want that. I wish to make men aware of their own ruin." - Søren Kierkegaard, (The Soul of Kierkegaard: Selections from His Journals. 2003. Dover Publications Inc: Mineola, New York. Pg. 118).
The presstitute media's censorship of Ron Paul, Alex Jones, the anti-Federal Reserve awakening, the American liberty renaissance, and the worldwide campaign for 9/11 truth and justice is fruitless.

A new political paradigm is emerging in America and other Western countries, and the treasonous power elite can't do anything to stop it. A great sea change in the opinions, sentiments and thoughts of the people about the legitimacy of the war on terror, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the global banking system is inevitable.

The tide of truth is rising higher, and political earthquakes are in the making.

The claim made by Western governments that post-9/11 anti-terrorism legislation is designed to protect citizens from Islamic terrorists and domestic terrorists is losing public support because it is a lie. Shadow networks within the CIA, Mossad and MI6 are the leading practitioners of terrorism, the most shameless engineers of chaos, and the biggest mass murderers of innocent civilians.

People know our governments are as guilty as sin when it comes to violating international law, committing acts of false flag terrorism like 9/11 and 7/7, engaging in mass brainwashing, and stealing public funds, all of which amount to an organized war on freedom, truth, peace and justice.

Molly Secours, a writer and filmmaker, raised the question, "Where are the Voices of Reason and Dissent?" on November 9, 2005. She wrote:
"In a democracy, the voices of dissent are imperative. Without them we are doomed to lapse into an unconscious sleepy obedience that ultimately results in domination and usually death and destruction.

Thank God for the Rosa Parks of the world and the many voices of reason and dissent who shed light on wars and injustice.

They are certainly present, we just don't get to hear from them very often."
Secours couldn't have been more right. Voices of reason and dissent are drowned out in totalitarian and closed societies by the rotten political establishment. In America, the clever trick that the traitors in power use against the American people is equating dissent with conspiracy theories and mental disorders.

Read the article by the treasonous media organization Media Matters called "Attack On DHS Travels From Conspiracy-Monger Alex Jones To Fox News," to see the word tricks that establishment pundits use to advance the political narratives and agendas that they support.

The writer of the article says Alex Jones, who is one of the most courageous truth-tellers of our age, is "conspiracy mongering" for commercial gain. Alex turned down high-paying jobs at radio stations, and yet the shameless liars at Media Matters falsely claim that he is after money.

The charge of conspiracy theorist is so baseless that I'm surprised people still believe it has any credence whatsoever. Another smear that is directed against truth-tellers is the "fringe" label. This smear has been used against presidential candidate Ron Paul, who is not fringe at all but is in fact a popular and transcendent political leader who can unite republicans, democrats and independents against the tyrannical establishment.

The truth is that the mainstream media, Congress, both political parties, Wall Street, and the White House are fringe, not Ron Paul, Alex Jones and other brave truth-tellers. These heroic voices represent a large majority of the American people who want a second American revolution, the restoration of the U.S. constitution, the destruction of the treasonous Federal Reserve System, the termination of the illegitimate war on terror, and an end to the criminal occupations in the Middle East.

The fight for American independence from the global banking empire and freedom worldwide will not be won easily. But there is hope.

Imagine if Ron Paul decided to sell out like the rest of the whores in Washington and didn't stay true to his spirit.

Imagine if Alex Jones never got angry and didn't start his own media empire to bring down the evil empire that is ruining America.

Imagine if all the people bought the propaganda that those who tell the truth about the 9/11 attacks and the Federal Reserve are just crazy conspiracy theorists.

America and the world is lucky that Ron Paul never sold out, that Alex Jones got angry, and that millions of individuals joined them in the fight for freedom, justice, peace and truth.

Charles Dyer: An Enemy of The Totalitarian State

Sgt. Charles Dyer, aka July4patriot, is innocent of the charges that the criminal and treasonous U.S. government brought against him on January 12, 2010.

Watch Dyer's video series on YouTube in which he lays out the evidence that shows he is innocent.

Earlier this month, Dyer's house was burned down with all his evidence inside. This was not an accident. The feds are experts at undermining the cases of innocent people. To get some idea of the type of scum that rules America, read this article called "The Informants" by Trevor Aaronson about how FBI agents break the law, entrap Americans, and create false terrorist plots for financial and political gain.

I don't know enough details to write a full, in-depth article about the progression of Sgt. Dyer's case, the government attacks against him and his family, and his current situation.

A few days ago, Sgt. Dyer turned himself in to the authorities in Fort Bend County, Texas. Read this article for more information.

Also, read Dyer's letter to the court and public about why he was on the run. Dyer writes:
I have taken final opportunity while I am still alive to make a statement to the public. First, I am INNOCENT of all accusations. 2 years ago when I was first arrested, I had the utmost faith and confidence in the U.S. Judicial system, however I had since then learned that due to corruption and politics, that our system is severely flawed. There are far too many injustices to list in this message, but I will name some of them.

At every turn, my family and I have been threatened and bullied by both the state and federal governments. My family has been chased from the state, my parents have been and broken financially, and I have been pushed to the limits multiple times by law enforcement and the judicial system in an effort to cause me to take violent action against them. If I do, I know I will be the monster they depict me as.
I had a series of videos recorded to show everything that had been done to me and ready for release, the weekend before my trial started. However, someone attempted to kill me and burn my house down around me. Fortunately I was not there. Unfortunately, everything I have worked for in my life was lost. Every picture I have taken, every piece of memorabilia of my life, every video showing what they have done, everything that was important to me.

I pleaded to the court to continue my case just one week I had lost everything except the ragged clothes out on my back and my trial was in three days. Judge Enos denied me that. I still do not know why. I do not understand 80% of what has happened to me thus far. I served my country as a U.S. Marine for years of my life. I have been an outstanding citizen. I have done all I could to help my fellow man. Yet as a soon as my lying drug/sex addict wife has my daughter make sex allegations about me, the world turns on me and my past actions mean nothing because the very government I worked for, now sees me as a threat.
The traitors in the U.S. government have done everything they could to break Sgt. Dyer's spirit, damage his reputation, intimidate his family, and mislead the public. But they have failed. Their dirty tricks against innocent people don't work in every case.

Dyer's message of liberty and his sacred honour have not been ruined, despite all the false accusations that have been made against him. He is a true patriot and a man of integrity. We cannot let the bastards who control the U.S. government take that away from him.

If you want to financially and spiritually support Sgt. Dyer, here is the address where you can send some money and kind words:

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, ok 73055

9/11 Heroes Not Welcome at Ground Zero

August 25, 2011

Young Libyan in London - Snippets of A Conversation

"Terrorists for the FBI:" How the FBI Uses Informants to Surveil and Entrap Americans

Democracy Now:

Trevor Aaronson - The Informants.

How the FBI Uses 15,000 Spies to Infiltrate Muslim Communities

This is a must-read article.

How the FBI Uses 15,000 Spies to Infiltrate Muslim Communities
By Kevin Gosztola
The Dissenter
Published: Tuesday August 23, 2011

The liberal news magazine Mother Jones has published a major investigation of the FBI’s use of terrorism informants for investigations, such as sting operations. The investigation is the product of a year’s worth of work by Trevor Aaronson who looked into every terrorism case prosecuted by the government since 9/11.

The project is a superb example of investigative journalism. Five hundred domestic terror prosecutions were reviewed. A list of all successful terrorism prosecutions from the 9/11 attacks to 2009 (which Aaronson “unwittingly” obtained through Eric Holder’s testimony to Congress in March 2010) was used. Aaronson brought the list of cases up to date by looking at the Justice Department’s criteria for a “terrorism case” and applying it to the latest federal cases. Additonally, he went on to interview as many of the FBI agents involved in the sting operations as possible (and received some assistance from Lowell Bergman, head of the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkeley, whom Al Pacino played in the film The Insider).

Should Banks be a Public Utility?

End the Federal Reserve Bank. Hang the criminal banksters/financial terrorists who were responsible for the financial crisis.

Rex Murphy Reflects on Jack Layton's Death

August 24, 2011

The 13 Psy-Ops Against You

The 13 Psy-Ops Against You

Saman Mohammadi
August 24, 2011

Six months ago, Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings reported that the "U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war," in his article "Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators."

The reality that psychological operations play a big part in our 21st century, media-saturated society is rarely discussed in the print and television media, for obvious reasons. So I was very happy that Rolling Stone was shedding some light on the mental battlefield that politicians, soldiers, journalists, military generals, geopolitical analysts, think tank elitists, and citizens all live on in this century.

Alex Jones has made famous the idea that there is an Infowar being waged against the American people and the global public mind. This is a hundred percent true. We are at war with gangsters and corporate monopolists who control our governments from behind the scenes through a shadow and informal government-private network comprised of top government officials, corporate insiders, media kings, and politically connected individuals.

Whether you are watching television on your couch, manning a checkpoint in Iraq, propagating the latest talking points in Washington, or surfing the internet, the information we breathe into our mental lungs and muscles of perception is perhaps as important as the air we breathe in our homes, offices and streets. Through the suppression and perversion of information, we become enslaved to politically constructed perceptions and fake narratives that a benefit a privileged few.

Making people familiar with the concept that our current reality is manipulated and politically engineered is a slow process, but not impossible. Once the full awakening to the truth happens inside an individual it's like waking up to a whole new world. After that, it becomes an obsession to strengthen your mental muscles of perceptions and achieve as much mental clarity as possible about the crazy world you live in.

Below, I list, according to my knowledge, the most important thirteen psychological operations that are being carried out against you, without your consent, by the power elite in America, Israel and the West.

1. The war on terror is a war on your rights, privacy, mind and everyday reality. This is a war fought in the name of goodness and freedom, but increasingly the architecture of propaganda that surrounds the war is falling apart.

In America and other Western nations freedom fighters are being demonized as domestic terrorists, while real terrorists like the al-Qaeda fighters in Libya are hailed by the Western media as defenders of liberty. Clearly, the propaganda in the war on terror does not add up.

2. The war on Social Security, Medicare, public pension plans, the general welfare, and the public good. Say what you will about government pension programs, the fact remains that seniors and workers put their own money aside every month under the assumption that the federal government would hold up its end of the deal.

A government program is not "an entitlement" when you paid taxes for the program. The only industries that are receiving government entitlements are the military, big banks, and political monopolies like GE, Monsanto, etc. These banks and corporations, especially the private Federal Reserve Bank, have committed crimes and robbed the American people. Abusing the political system in Washington is one thing, but destroying an entire nation is treasonous and unforgivable.

3. The war on self-sufficiency. The federal government in Washington is not allowing American citizens and families secure independent sources of economic livelihood and access alternative food markets and trade markets. The war on raw milk, organic farming, local production of food, and small farms is an attack on the American family, the community, and the nation. Who benefits? A few monopolistic, anti-free market, multinational corporations. They are political monopolies. Every totalitarian state has them. And the same trend can be seen in other Western nations.

As Alex Jones says in this video: "They don't want you growing your own crops and selling it to your neighbour, or producing your own eggs and selling it, or having lemonade stands. That's all over. The whole police state apparatus is here to revenue generate and to shut down the underground economy. That's the essence of an occupied country."

4. The war on knowledge and freedom of information. The greatest weapon that the tyrants who control modern secret intelligence agencies have on their side is the public disbelief about the evil nature of their existence, aims, goals and methods. Any truth that implicates the CIA, Israel's Mossad and the MI6 in treasonous crimes against the populations they are meant to serve and defend is smeared as a "conspiracy theory." The corporate-state media is complicit in this concerted attack on public knowledge and real history.

If it wasn't for the success of the alternative media and voices like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, William Rodriguez, as well as others who tell the truth about the 9/11 attacks, then there would be no hope to speak of. We would be lost, and defenseless against the evil forces of tyranny.

5. The war on hope. It is a fallacy that there are no heroes in the present age. John F. Kennedy was a hero. William Cooper was a hero. Ron Paul is a hero. Alex Jones is a hero. Jesse Ventura is a hero. It is important to praise such people because they tell the truth, defend the public good, and fight for freedom.

The reason why the establishment media says "Ron Paul can't win," even when he is leading in the polls is because they want the American people to admit defeat, and pick between two evils in the voting booth every four years. But there is hope to improve the political situation and restore the people's voice in the American government. President Obama does not represent that hope. He is the anti-hope virus who is eating away at the fruits of hope from inside the system which is controlled by larger political and economic forces.

6. The war on reality and truth. This is an era of media misinformation, political fantasies and lies. There is a siege on the American mind and the global mind. This is also a war on real history and real science. What the 9/11 fraud and the laughable NIST report on World Trade Center 7 shows is that even in this scientifically advanced age, even in a supposedly democratic society, political and economic elites are able to use the name of science to cover up their crimes.

7. The war on language. The strategic deployment of language by politicians, the pentagon, corporations and media institutions to win political points, and advance their secret, undeclared agendas, is a basic fact of our age.

The social, cultural and political programming of society through the deliberate misuse of language should be categorized as a crime against humanity. Those institutions and individuals who practice the manipulation of language to twist the public mind and confuse the herd should be held accountable in some form.

Political talking points have no place in public conversations about large and complicated issues. The soundbite media and the teleprompter presidency are serious threats to the public good. Notice how Barack Obama speaks. The guy is a robot and a machine who doesn't have real thoughts of his own.

Most successful politicians like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Rick Perry have to act like robots because they are inauthentic creatures who smile and wave at you while behind your back they screw you. As John Lennon said, "But first you must learn how to smile as you kill, If you want to be like the folks on the hill."

8. The war on public trust, and true community spirit. The Department of Homeland Security's spy campaign is meant to create public fear and collective suspicion. Their spying apparatus is focused on peaceful political activities and protests, as well as normal, everyday behaviour.

Its "If You See Something, Say Something" program is an attempt at manufacturing community spirit, but it will only create public division and citizen mistrust. The totalitarian governments of East Germany and the Soviet Union told its citizens that spying on your neighbour is good for society, and this is the same thing that America's totalitarian government is telling the American people.

East Germany and the Soviet Union ended up in spiritual hell, and America will end up there too if the DHS is not abolished.

9. The war on individual instincts, creative self expression and authentic political speech. There are few things more human than authentic speech. A society that shuns authentic speech is spiritually and morally dead. The politician is the antithesis of authenticity. The most successful politicians lead double lives and speak falsely. The reason why I love Ron Paul is because he is an authentic man who serves only one master: his country.

10. The war on the sacred warrior spirit. The exploitation of American soldiers and NATO soldiers in the war on terror is beyond shameful. It is an act of treason against humanity to use soldiers as slaves, to be deployed wherever and whenever.

Laying down your life for your country is a great spiritual and moral commitment, and this great spirit of patriotism in the American military has been deliberately used for evil purposes by the criminal shadow governments in Washington and Israel.

This spirit exits in all of us, but more so in people who decide to be soldiers. It is a spiritual and moral duty that you do not allow evil people in government to misuse your warrior spirit for their own selfish purposes.

Always question, and always demand the facts whenever you are told to kill the "enemy."

11. The war on the law, peace and order. The banker-owned U.S. empire, NATO and Israel are guilty of war crimes, aggression, creating global chaos, destabilizing sovereign nations, starting world war three, false flag attacks like 9/11 and 7/7, and funding and training terrorist groups. Taken together, their actions represent the rape of the rule of law, justice, truth, and peace.

12. The war on nature and God's creation. Biotech giants like Monsanto are greedily hijacking the planet and destroying the natural ecosystem. The Earth is being privatized, and stolen from the majority of humanity, who are the children of God. Corporations and banks are committing crimes against humanity and against the natural order of things in our faces, as if we're not even there.

Our collective instincts for survival have to kick in before we can kick out these psychopathic pirates, and restore the rule of law and justice on our planet. You are part of God's creation, as are the people who are being slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't mistake your wrath against the looting bankers and treasonous state terrorists as primitive and savage. It is not. God's wrath is what saves countries and civilizations from becoming infected with too much corruption and sin.

13. The war on collective memory.
"This was a major event that was really a television event. People really understood this through television. But it was recontextualized very quickly. You see, within hours, it started to be deemed an attack on America. But it wasn’t that way in the beginning. So, how people are starting to come to grips with it really shaped how we saw the whole event." - Brewster Kahle, speaking to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now about the 9/11 attacks on August 24, 2011.
Constructing a collective memory for a criminal political agenda was the job of the mass media in America and the West on September 11, 2001. Government officials from the U.S. national security state and the Israeli national security state were invited to talk as much as they wanted on CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, and other television channels following the traumatic events on 9/11.

These officials, such as Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak, used precious time to commit an evil and treasonous act against America and humanity. They deliberately created a false political narrative about the threat of international terrorism to Western civilization, made Osama Bin laden a scapegoat for the attacks, and demanded that America retaliate against manufactured enemies, i.e. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorists.

Collective memory is a funny thing. Since 9/11, we have witnessed what Martin Griffin, an assistant professor of English at the University of Tennessee, calls "the political manipulation of collective memory," in his book, "Ashes Of The Mind: War and Memory in Northern Literature, 1865-1900," (Griffin; 2009. University of Massachusetts Press: Amherst, Massachusetts. Pg. 27).

Griffin used the phrase in the context of cultural and literary responses by Northern writers to the American Civil War during the late 19th century, but the phrase is applicable to the post-9/11 world as well.

The American empire was such a big and dynamic superpower in the beginning of the 21st century that it was able to manufacture a global history about a single event, 9/11, and a global narrative about terrorism, which is a worldwide, generational, and political phenomenon.

When American power is discussed it's important to highlight the fact that America's cultural power is much greater than its military power, and it is used to dominate the global public mind. The American media reaches the whole world, making America the first nation in history to have its collective memory become the memory of all nations and all peoples.

However, alternative expressions of collective memory about the 9/11 attacks have been voiced across the world, but primarily by Americans. The first people to see the truth about 9/11 were Americans. Radio hosts William Cooper and Alex Jones credited the attacks to the American government on the day of 9/11.

Everybody now knows that the American mass media does not serve America, and the interests of the American people.

Also, it is global public knowledge that the 9/11 attacks were a joint military and media operation that involved both private and public actors in America and Israel.

In future articles, I will write more about the political and cultural construction of collective memory in the mass media age. The role that television and images play in creating false memories and false perceptions of reality is already known to many people, but we need to know more about it because innocent human beings are dying due to our collective ignorance.

An Awakening to The Culture of Liberty - Alex Jones

Digital Archivists Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger Are Heroes of Free Information And Public Knowledge

Watch their interview on Democracy Now on August 24, 2011.

The 9/11 TV News Archive: 3,000 Hours of Video News Coverage of 2001 Attacks Posted Online

Pioneering Internet Archivists Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger on Preservation in the Digital Age

NATO Brings Chaos And Terror To Libya

Saman Mohammadi
August 24, 2011

The great hoax pushed by NATO and the corporate-state media is that Libya has fallen, the rebels took control of Tripoli, Gaddafi is on the ropes, and the country is now free. But this is not true. The situation on the ground is more complicated and complex. This narrative of events may satisfy your inner hatred of dictators, but it is false for so many reasons.

One, the war for Tripoli and Libya has just begun. Tripoli is not under the control of NATO. The rebels, who consist of al-Qaeda fighters and other anti-freedom crusaders, were only able to advance because NATO bombed strategic sites ahead of them. Special forces from England and other NATO countries also assisted in the effort by unleashing a campaign of terror and chaos.

Two, Gaddafi won't quit until he is dead. And even then the people of Libya won't just hand over their country to a government consisting of people they believe to be traitorous rats that have brought in the old colonial wolves back into the Libyan jungle under the disguise of fighting a revolution for freedom and justice. Gaddafi is a native lion, a brutal one, but he comes from the roots of Libya.

And three, Libya is not free. It is being submerged from all sides by foreign mercenaries and neo-colonial governments. The country will be looted, destroyed and raped by thieves inside and outside Libya. Western oil companies and private contractors are already drawing up plans.

If the rebels had a real popular movement on their hands they wouldn't have to go begging to NATO for help from the air and seas. The Libyan people would've joined them in their fight against tyranny and oppression. But this fight was never started by the "rebels." It was an overseas operation from the start. This is an astroturf version of the Arab Spring.

This game is not about resisting a dictator and bringing democracy to Libya, it is about seizing a country and looting its wealth. This little detail is getting lost in the chaos of modern war which is largely fought with the weapons of the mass media, such as disinformation campaigns and propaganda assaults against the mind of the global public.

August 23, 2011

American WWII Veteran Speech At A City Council in Feb. 2008

The WWII veteran, 86 years old, told the council:
"Sixty three years ago right now I was aboard a ship, and I was heading to a place called Iwo Jima. And I led a division of men into combat, and over half of them were wounded or killed so that they could give you people liberty and freedom and justice for all. Now wake up."

Western Spies And Snipers Threaten Independent Journalists Thierry Meyssan and Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya With Death in Libya

Saman Mohammadi
August 23, 2011

I have been studying for my exams today so I have not been able to write an article as I regularly do. But I am morally obligated to write an article about reports by journalists Thierry Meyssan, Franklin Lamb and Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya that they have been threatened with death in Tripoli by NATO and by a CNN employee.

Lamb, director of Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace, and author of "The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel's Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon," was shot in the leg by a NATO sniper outside the hotel he is staying at in Libya. It was either a warning shot or the sniper missed his head. But, thankfully, Lamb says that he is fine now.

Mathaba reported on these shocking developments on Monday, August 22:
In the morning, Dr Franklin Lamb, director of the Americans for Middle East Peace, who has consistently put out live interviews from his hotel room where he has shared gathered intelligence and information with the YouTube community, was shot in the leg by a sniper while cycling near his hotel.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a researcher, also narrowly escaped death from a sniper targeting him as he stepped out of the hotel to place a sign saying "PRESS", and was additionally threatened by CNN journalists.

Thierry Meyssan, who runs the French VoltaireNet blog, said that from the Rixos Hotel, the order was given by so-called "journalists" from the United States to bring down Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Thierry Meyssan.
The website also published an article about this story called, "Thierry Meyssan and Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya under death threat in Tripoli." An excerpt:
Three states have offered diplomatic protection to the Voltaire Network team.

However, trapped in the city, they have no way of reaching the respective embassies.
Nazemroaya spoke with Russia Today about NATO's assault on independent journalists on August 21, saying:
"There are targeted attacks, Kevin. They are specifically targeting the areas where international journalists are to sow panic there.

NATO has done all of the heavy work. This is a NATO war. Make no mistake. This is a NATO war. They heavily bombed cities west of here. They bombed all night, without even ten seconds of stopping. They bombed this entire city.

NATO landed the insurgents onto the coast of Tripoli. They have no respect for the international press. I was putting up a sign on top of the hotel, I took the initiative to do that and write "Press." And snipers shot at me.

I implore, I beg the international community, the real international community of the people, not the governments within the NATO alliance, to stop this bloodshed and to get NATO to stop [inaudible] this horrific attack in Tripoli."
Nazemroaya added:
"Make no mistake. This is part of the same war that is being engaged in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

NATO has bombed mercilessly in this country and massacred innocent civilians."
When asked about the nature of the resistance on the ground to the NATO takeover of Libya, Nazemroaya said:
I was told right now, I can't confirm it, but I was told . . that people are amassing in green square and other parts of the city, preparing up arms and ready to fight to defend this nation. I don't know how it will play out. There was a huge, intense psychological war here . . [inaudible] . . the media has been deliberately involved here.

And since I'm on the topic of the media, one of my friends called me, who was told by a producer. by CNN, cause we're waiting to be rescued, was told by a producer, by CNN, that "now, you're going to suffer the consequences of your actions."

This was a threat. This is unacceptable. CNN should answer for this type of behaviour.
It is a war crime that Nazemroaya, Lamb, Meyssan and other brave journalists on the frontlines in the war against oligarchical globalism are coming under fire from NATO snipers who are being ordered to target independent journalists because of their accurate reporting about what is going on in Libya.

Journalists were also targeted in the illegal Iraq war. The Bush administration targeted Al Jazeera reporters because they refused to repeat the standard political narrative about the war that was falsely constructed in Washington before the 9/11 attacks even occurred.

Nazemroaya told Russia Today that he and other journalists have contacted government embassies to escape NATO assassins, naming the Cuban embassy in particular.

These are true, real, and independent journalists who are being threatened with death in Libya by NATO terrorists. They report events as they see them, they are not propagandists for any side. Their lives are in jeopardy because they are honest and dedicated to the cause of truth. Right now, they are in the crosshairs of NATO snipers and the assassins of truth and liberty in the criminal Western media.

We must write and expose NATO's ongoing crime against journalism in Libya. The state terrorists who run Washington and NATO must be exposed for the war criminals that they are. These devils are not liberating Libya, they are destroying it, as they destroyed Iraq and enslaved its people.

NATO does not represent the American people or international law. Neither does the criminal axis of the CIA-CFR-CNN. These traitors run America. Washington's machine of death and deception must be stopped. Israel's machine of death and deception must also be stopped.

Intelligence spies who pose as journalists in the treasonous U.S. corporate-state media must be held accountable in a court of law for their actions against democracy, the rule of law, America, the U.S. Constitution, and international law. They are terrorists and liars, simple and plain.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times and the fringe mainstream media don't speak for the international community or America. They lie to the American people every day. They are presstitutes as trend forecaster Gerald Celente says.

Enough is enough. Millions of people have died because CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other media outlets suppress critical information like 9/11 being an inside job. All they do is censor truth speech, marginalize public representatives of the popular will in America like Ron Paul, and lie for the state terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv.

These media organizations are filled with CIA agents who are masters of fiction and creating fake political narratives. They are psychological warfare specialists, not real reporters.

They are not just assassinating independent journalists and killing free speech, they are destroying the American republic and killing the American constitution.

Thanks for reading. Now, I have to get back to studying.

Update: For more information about Nazemroaya's safety, read Bradley Bouzane's article "Mahdi Nazemroaya in Tripoli. A Man of Courage, Committed to Truth in Media."

The article quotes Nazemroaya, who is trapped in a hotel in Tripoli along with other journalists, as saying: "We are at their mercy. That's the honest truth. We don't have weapons, we're sitting here, just waiting. We can't take any action . . . so our governments and the international community has to take action to get us out of here."