October 31, 2010

The Alternative Media Ignores The Story of Australian Union Leader Kevin Bracken Who Questioned The Official 9/11 Story

A photo of Kevin Bracken, president of Australia's Victorian Trades Hall Council, and secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia. Bracken received national and global attention after saying on a morning talk show on October 20, 2010 that the 9/11 attacks were committed by individuals within the United States government. Picture: Mike Keating Source: HWT Image Library.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” These are words are prophetic, especially when we judge them in the context of the alternative media's silence regarding the serious and science-based questions surrounding the September 11 terrorist attacks. Included in the alternative media are outlets like Antiwar.com, Democracy Now, AlterNet, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, The Huffington Post, Firedoglake, Truthdig, and Truthout. On most issues these sites knock it out of the park, but when it comes to the questions about the 9/11 attacks, they're too afraid to even step up to the plate and assume the responsibility of informing their readers/viewers about the most critical event of our lifetime.

As the blogger pfgetty points out in this post on 9/11 Blogger, these alternative media organizations are ignoring a hugely important story about Kevin Bracken, the president of Australia's Victorian Trades Hall Council, and secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, who questioned the official story of the 9/11 attacks on Wednesday October 20th on a morning talk show hosted by Jon Faine. You can hear the interview here. Bracken told Faine; "I believe the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny."

Bracken's immense influence among the working class community in Australia is what makes his public stance on 9/11 all the more remarkable, and historical. The Victorian Trades Hall Council, of which he is president, is an organization that was founded in 1856. It consists of over 400,00 members, and represents "60 affiliated Trade Unions and Professional Associations, and eight Victorian regional Trades and Labour Councils" in Victoria, Australia. Bracken's other leadership role is in the Maritime Union of Australia, which has 10,000 members, and is an affiliate of the International Transport Workers' Federation. Neither of the two organizations have followed Bracken in questioning the official story about the 9/11 attacks.

To learn more about this story, here is an excerpt from an article written in the Herald Sun on Wednesday October 20 by Shannon Deery called Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken calls 9/11 'conspiracy':
Kevin Bracken, who is also the secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, sparked a flood of angry calls after calling into ABC talk-back host Jon Faine's program this morning, the Herald Sun reports.

"I believe the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny," Mr Bracken said.

"In my mind the buildings were imploded."

Faine thought the call was a hoax.

"I challenge you to a public debate," Mr Bracken said.

"Aviation fuel doesn't get hot enough to melt steel and no high rise steel frame building before or after September 11 has ever collapsed due to fire.

"I stick to scientific fact."

Faine described the claim as a "nutter theory".

Trades Hall secretary Brian Boyd said Mr Bracken did not speak on behalf of the organisation.

Bracken's remarks received immediate and widespread support, as well as harsh ridicule, including by Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who said they were "stupid and wrong."

On Thursday October 21st, the Herald Sun ran another piece about the story called "Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken stands by his 9/11 conspiracy," written by Stephen McMahon. An excerpt:
Mr Bracken sparked outrage yesterday when he told Jon Faine's ABC talk-back program the attacks were not the result of terrorist activity.

He said the story was a conspiracy that "didn't stand up" to scientific scrutiny.

This morning Mr Bracken phoned into Faine's program again for a right of reply.

He said he wasn't phoning as the president of the Trades Hall council or as secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia.

Mr Bracken stood by his comments and said he had the support of 50 per cent of the community.

He also attacked Faine, claiming he was ridiculed on yesterday's program.

"Unfortunately cowards like yourself have set the political agenda in this country for too long," said Kevin Bracken.

"I won't be cowered down to bullies like yourself."

Yesterday, Julia Gillard has dismissed as "stupid and wrong" Mr Bracken's belief.

The Herald Sun posted an online poll on their website, asking readers the question: "Do you think Kevin Bracken's comments were reasonable?" with a "Yes" and "No" reply. As of 12:30 am on Sunday October 31st, 10778 people have answered, 8277 of which have said Yes (76.79%), while 2501 votes have said No (23.21%).

According to the Herald Sun poll, which obviously is not scientific, over seventy five percent believe that Mr. Bracken's comments about 9/11 were reasonable and sane. But this is bit of news not considered important if you're an editor or journalist working for one of the many alternative media organizations that are listed above. Apparently, one of the biggest stories to emerge in the global anti-war movement does not deserve any attention from the progressive left, or anti-war sites. Are they afraid of the truth, or ashamed that they've censored it for this long?

It takes brave men like Kevin Bracken to break social taboos, and question the official version of reality. It takes guts and vision to change the world. It takes courage and persistence to change minds. The cowards in the alternative media should take note: Bracken is a real champion of the truth, and peace. Don't speak about ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq if you don't have the balls to raise the elephant in the room which is the official 9/11 conspiracy theory that was driven into our heads by the corporate/CIA/pentagon media following the days, weeks, and months after 9/11. Don't pretend like you're helping to bring peace and justice into this world when you don't even have the courage to question what is currently socially unacceptable. Don't think you can silence or marginalize truth-tellers like Bracken. And don't believe for a minute that you're a friend of peace, and justice. You're not. When you defend lies and put down truth-tellers you become the enemy of peace, and justice.

Listen to Bracken's 30 minute interview with Alex Jones on October 29: part 1 , part 2 , and part 3. And click here to listen to Bracken's 40 minute interview with John Bursill of Visibility 9/11, which was conducted on October 24.

October 30, 2010

Victorian Trades Hall President Kevin Bracken: Persecuted for Supporting 9/11 Truth

The Alex Jones Show - Victorian Trades Hall President Kevin Bracken: Persecuted for Supporting 9/11 Truth 1/3



Jon Stewart - "We live now in hard times, not end times"

Jon Stewart is a class act.

One small joint for man, one giant leap for mankind

Zach Galifianakis Smokes a Joint on Bill Maher's Show

Xbox versus WikiLeaks

Xbox versus WikiLeaks
By John Grant
This Can't Be Happening.net

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
-Opening line in William Gibson’s Neuromancer

I recently took a tour of Best Buy to see what’s going on in the world of consumer electronics. Technology was on my mind. I had just been reading up on computer hacking and was getting to know a website called 2600.

It was all because of the latest WikiLeaks revelations and some email conversations I’d been having with fellow anti-war veterans about Bradley Manning. the young army intelligence specialist arrested and now imprisoned in Virginia for allegedly releasing the computerized trove of secrets. Some of my antiwar vet allies were finding it difficult to support Manning.

I agree with Daniel Ellsberg that Bradley Manning is an American hero who needs to be supported and defended. His private life is irrelevant. The same goes for the Australian founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

Whether or not the WikiLeaks revelations put anyone in danger is also irrelevant. It’s a red herring. Those who chose to go to war over other options and those who keep the wars going instead of ending them are the ones putting our soldiers and local Iraqis and Afghans in danger.

Removing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan may be a complicated and somewhat ignoble task, but who’s to blame for the carnage when we’re occupying a place is a no-brainer.

Our military occupations rely on a steady stream of kids fueled to serve, many of them working-class kids with dim prospects for college and careers in the current high unemployment climate. The dismal economy is good for recruitment.

Thanks to propaganda, a massive public relations effort and poor analytical coverage of the wars, the military looks good to many kids. It’s sold as a right of passage to manhood – now also to womanhood. You will face danger and your own mortality. You’ll be part of a team. Once you’re in, all worries about finding a job will evaporate. And the military does all your thinking for you.

Continued. . .

The Listening Post - Missing the mark on Wikileaks?

The Listening Post - Missing the mark on Wikileaks?

October 29, 2010

America's Political Awakening

It says a lot about the state of American democracy that the country is confronting the same issues of government secrecy and official deception today that it did forty years ago. But although reality has remained the same, public perception about government lying and trickery has changed. A massive political awakening is occurring in America, and it is similar to past political awakenings in other countries that also suffered under a system of authoritarian propaganda and government treachery for a prolonged period of time. The difference this time is that the awakening is happening around the world.

Indeed, the nature of America's political awakening is beyond anything else seen before in history. Its political ramifications are huge, and we are only beginning to realize them. Three things stand out in particular, 1) the global scope of the awakening due to America's cultural dominance around the world, 2) the incredible acceleration of the awakening, and, 3) the eventual impact the awakening will have on the development of mankind and human civilization. What makes it a truly historical awakening is its size, and the fact that it can't be manipulated or diverted by the ruling elite. It is a totally organic and independent process, and it is causing the evolution of politics and modern democracy.

Without the internet this awakening would've been restricted to the fringes of American and global society. The truth about the September 11 terrorist attacks, and false-flag terrorism in general would have never seen the light of day if it was not for the opening of the public airwaves that is symbolized by the free and open nature of the internet. Political leaders around the world, whether in Iran, China, Russia, Europe, Australia, Canada, or America, are scared about the fact that for the first time in history a real and vibrant press which the internet represents can help regulate the actions and aims of governments. The days of government deception and the manipulation of public perception are over.

America's political awakening didn't begin with the emergence of the internet, it had its inception in the Cold War era, and matured during the Vietnam war. With the election of Ronald Reagan, however, came a regression and a deep state of cold sleep by the American people. During this time Media/CIA propaganda became more subtle and advanced, and the state terrorists were able to completely take over the American government as public apathy spread across the country in a way that activists in the 60s generation never foresaw.

The major breaking point that broke the government/mainstream media spell over the American mind happened in the Bush years, which culminated in the firing of Rumsfeld, and the election of the Democrats in 2006. It is important that we do not glance over the fact that millions of people rightly recognized and rejected government lying as it related to the Iraq War, nor should we think that any change in public opinion about the wars occurred simply because Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

In the two years since Barack Obama stepped into office the political awakening has kept pace. The popularity of Jesse Ventura's truTV show Conspiracy Theory, and Alex Jones's two documentaries, The Obama Deception, and Fall of The Republic, as well as other revelatory documentaries like Charles Ferguson's Inside Job, are an indication of the American public's appetite for the truth, however ugly it may be. People inherently know that a country can only be ruined by lies, not governed by them. Anybody that defends lies, or ridicules the truth for whatever reasons, is naturally an enemy of freedom, peace, and justice.

The declining mainstream media is hesitant to admit that a growing and regime-threatening skepticism about the credibility of both major parties and of the office of the President has surfaced in the public mind, and isn't going away, but, television is ultimately about ratings so it is highly possible that media heads will soon figure out that the truth is profitable, and start pointing the light towards the 9/11 lie, and the war on terror fraud. Even establishment pundits recognize that the lack of enthusiasm for the current midterm election is a reflection of a deep skepticism in the public about the rulers in Washington, and the corrupt political process that keeps them in power.

Besides the banking fraud that caused the financial crisis, the open-ended nature of the wars, and President's Obama approval of them, is the biggest reason for American public's disgust with their political leaders right now. President Obama has not only failed to close Washington's credibility gap with the American people and the rest of the world that former President Bush left behind in 2008, but he has widen the gap, which is causing ordinary people across the political spectrum to talk about a popular revolution as the only remedy to Washington's tyranny and terrorism. How this revolution will play out, and whether it will be violent or peaceful, depends on the type of leadership that emerges and what the majority believes.

Although America's political awakening has gone mainstream it is still hard to estimate the number of people who believe 9/11 was a big lie, and that Washington is controlled by state terrorists and traitors. Just to give a brief example, President Obama's recent appearance on the Daily Show was met with loud and consistent applause from the young and liberal audience, which came as a surprise to me because I watch Jon Stewart every night and he has not been friendly towards the President and the Democratic party. Maybe the audience was just overexcited from the fact that the President was speaking in their presence, and couldn't contain themselves. But if their applause was a sincere demonstration of their approval of the President's inaccurate statements about the financial recovery and the health care bill then the scope of the political awakening in the young people is less than I assumed to be. In that case, the truth-telling movement must increase its important work tenfold, and make its large presence known both online, and offline.

It remains to be seen what happens in the next couple of years. So far, this much we know: the longer the U.S. establishment denies the new political reality, the harder it will fall; and without truth there won't be any national healing in America, or peace in the Middle East. It is critical that we all raise the banner of truth, and hold our political leaders to account. I am hopeful this will happen. It is only a matter of time before the American people join the international community and demand a criminal investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Once we all know who actually did the September 11 terrorist attacks, and understand their real motives behind the war on terrorism, we can help bring the mad destruction in the Middle East to an end, and put the traitors/state terrorists/thieving tricksters away for good.

October 27, 2010

Philip Agee - "In the CIA, we didn't give a hoot about democracy"

Philip Agee served in the CIA from 1957 - 1968. He left the CIA because its murderous and authoritarian activities in Latin America, and elsewhere conflicted with his moral upbringing. In 1975 he wrote a book about his work as a case officer in the CIA called "Inside the Company: CIA Diary." Click here to read some excerpts from the book.

Agee understood that the CIA was waging class warfare in the Third World on behalf of the tiny oligarchs in the United States, and that the American people would have to face this inner anti-democratic menace because they too are in the grips of the oligarchs. In his book, he said that counter-insurgency methods that were developed by the CIA and U.S. special forces in the Third World would be used against the American people: "... The killings at Kent State and Jackson State show clearly enough that sooner or later our counter-insurgency methods would be applied at home."

Unsurprisingly, American citizens with different political stripes are all being classified as "domestic terrorists" and "anti-government extremists" by Homeland Security, which means that violence by the United States government against the American people is not far behind. If it gets to that point, however, more people in America will come to recognize that the CIA, and the United States government does not represent them, or cares about their interests. And it is highly possible that after a period of crisis popular reforms will be implemented in the United States that will help recover America's constitutional republic and the freedoms of the American people, and help disband the National Security apparatus which exists solely to extend, and defend the power of the tiny percent of state terrorists and criminal oligarchs that control the U.S. government.


In his SpyTalk column today, Jeff Stein reports that the library of New York University has attained the private writings of Agee, and will publish them in the spring of next year. Stein says that Agee's 1975 book "was arguably more damaging than anything WikiLeaks has produced," and he is right. WikiLeaks could publish one million documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the effect on public perception would still be minuscule compared to the Pentagon papers. What will reverse the direction of the wars, and ultimately put an end to the criminal war on terror, is if decision-making documents and highly-secret memos are made available through WikiLeaks by honest officials within the government. These officials don't even have to be courageous like Ellsberg was when he released the Pentagon papers because the nature of WikiLeaks allows current whistleblowers the security of anonymity.


Agee in a clip from John Pilger's documentary "War on Democracy."

Alex Jones speech at Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz California

Alex Jones gives a riveting speech at Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, California on Sunday October 24, 2010.

The Global Awakening - Alex Jones speech from Santa Cruz, CA - Full Length.

Update - December 30, 2010:

The video above of Alex Jones's speech at Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, California on Sunday October 24, 2010 was posted on YouTube on December 18, 2010 by TheInfoWarrior. It is the highest quality and full-length version of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest speeches given in our time. I think it will go down in history as a very important speech because Alex tells the complete truths of our age, and expresses the deepest hopes for a free America, and a free world.

Alex speaks with a true voice. He doesn't need a teleprompter to communicate to an audience because real human beings speak from the heart. Alex speaks from his heart, memory, knowledge, and intuition. Professional politicians can't reach this type of emotion in a speech because they lack wisdom, depth, virtue, the love for freedom and humanity, and the full understanding of the monumental political crisis facing Washington, and the world.

The atrocious crimes against Iraq, Afghanistan, America, freedom, and humanity by America's top political leaders, and highest institutions must be met with harsh punishment. This age calls for righteous anger against the individuals who engineered the 9/11 attacks, the war on terror, and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Alex Jones is venting that righteous anger, as we all should do.

Alex has a real gift of expression and communication, and he's using it to do good. It is a joy to listen to him because he says what many of us know to be true and correct in such a passionate and euphoric way. If you are politically and spiritually awake you are glad and excited that a dynamic and authentic human being like Alex is gaining in popularity and esteem.

I believe that each individual is a shepherd of his/her own soul, and should not worship any person as god-like, but it is important that we praise and raise true leaders who are walking the right and righteous path. True leaders voice the hopes and dreams of the age. Sometimes political and spiritual leaders step forth and carry the torch without being told, and sometimes they are instructed to lead by their peers because they are needed. It doesn't mean that they are perfect human beings who must be followed unquestioningly. All men are flawed. Leaders must be criticized when they do the wrong thing. We should never bow down to them unthinkingly and religiously, or believe that they are infinitely more important than individual human beings. But we must recognize that society needs visionary leaders from time to time, and we should give them the proper respect and admiration. True leaders deserve to be praised, and defended when they are attacked and disgraced.

Leaders like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington were great giants and they should be glorified for eternity. It is a failure on our part when we forget what they accomplished, and lose sight of their dreams and hopes for humanity.

Are there giants amongst us in our age? I hope so. But it remains to be seen who will join the company of Kennedy, King, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, and other great leaders that appeared throughout history from all across the world.

Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg at Frontline Club - October 25, 2010

Daniel Ellsberg and Julian Assange were at the Frontline Club on Monday night. Ellsberg spoke about the possibility of an American attack on Iran, Seymour Hersh's reporting on Dick Cheney's plans to provoke a war with Iran which were ultimately rejected by others in the Bush administration, and the lack of investigative reporting in the media about American air power, and permanent U.S. bases in the Middle East.

Seymour Hersh: Cheney's provocateur plans to kick off war with Iran

October 26, 2010

Taking a leak on the pentagon

Democracy Now: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on Iraq War Logs

Democracy Now: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on Iraq War Logs - October 26, 2010

Part I: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on Iraq War Logs, "Tabloid Journalism" and Why WikiLeaks Is "Under Siege"

Part II:

October 25, 2010

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern - WikiLeaks: "Shooting the messenger, Julian Assange"

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern - WikiLeaks: "Shooting the messenger, Julian Assange"

ABC's Diane Sawyer asks about prosecuting WikiLeaks; NYT whitewashes U.S. authorized torture

Let's just say it straight: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other media organizations in the United States contain individuals who must one day stand trial for their blatant use of war propaganda, for knowingly deceiving the global public about the Iraq war, and for covering up U.S. war crimes. It is hard to know the full extent of the criminality of the leadership in the U.S. mainstream media, especially the top networks and top newspapers, but they're certainly not angels.

And their evil work as propagandists for U.S. war criminals is not finished. Presently, they are telling new lies about how America must attack Iran in order to win the war on terror, save Israel from Islamic annihilation, and free the Iranian people from their tyranny.

None of these organizations have apologized for their involvement in two illegal wars that have caused the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent people.

These media organizations are literally covered in blood, yet, they have the audacity to accuse others who are trying to bring an end to the wars of criminal wrongdoing. On Friday, October 22nd, the night before the release of the Iraq War Logs by WikiLeaks, ABC's Diane Sawyer said on air: "I know there's a lot of outrage about this again tonight, Martha. But tell me, anything more about prosecuting the WikiLeaks group?" This is outrageous! The leading anchor of a top media organization is more interested in prosecuting a whistleblowing outlet than in finding the truth about America's longest wars. I guess her job is to cover-up crimes, not to expose them. In Sawyer's world if you want to help end illegal wars by releasing government documents then you should be prosecuted and arrested.


The American establishment media is becoming increasingly isolated in the world media. Most people now understand that its main function is to lie to the American people about wars and other important matters, defend the war criminals in the U.S. government, and spread false rumors about countries around the world that stand up to the Washington Terrorist State.

Glenn Greenwald illustrates how the New York Times is whitewashing U.S. authorized torture in Iraq in its coverage of WikiLeaks's Iraq War logs:

The difference in how (a) the NYT "reported on" -- i.e., whitewashed -- these horrific, incriminating revelations about the U.S. and (b) the rest of the world media reported on it, could not be more vast. Again, even Politico understood its significance, as this was the first line of its article: "Newly released Iraq war documents paint a devastating portrait of apparent U.S. indifference to a pattern of murder and torture by the Iraqi army, raising new questions about the Obama administration's plans to transfer the nation's security operations to Iraqi units." But the NYT in its headline chose to venerate the superiority of American detainee treatment, while barely mentioning one of the most critical revelations from this leak.
III. More reactions to WikiLeaks's Iraq War Logs:

Christian Whiton writes in Fox News that more should be done by the U.S. government to contain, and disrupt the work of WikiLeaks:

On Friday, WikiLeaks again released a massive amount of classified information stolen from the U.S. government. This time is was 392,000 files about the Iraq war. In July, it was more than 70,000 controlled government documents about Afghanistan. More illegal disclosures are promised. What have Congress and the Obama administration done since WikiLeaks started this? Scandalously little as it turns out.

AlJazeera - Media war: WikiLeaks v the Pentagon

Alter Net (Lauren Kelley) - Media Does Hit Job on WikiLeaks Founder After Iraq War Leak

The Toronto Star - U.S. war resisters praise WikiLeaks

October 24, 2010

Physicist Steven Jones Interview - "911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"

Physicist Steven Jones Interview - from the upcoming documentary by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth called "911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"



Physicist Jeff Farrer: Methods and Findings in WTC Evidence Analysis

(From You Tube's description) Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth: Physicist Jeff Farrer - one of the scientists who found thermite in the World Trade Center dust discusses in depth his process of discovery using the scientific method. This interview is raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in architects and engineers upcoming hard hitting documentary "911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"




John Bursill interviews Australian union leader/9/11 truth activist Kevin Bracken

Visibility 9/11:

Interview by John Bursill.

To many the name Kevin Bracken is a new one in regards 9/11 Truth. The reality is that Kevin has been a champion of the 9/11 Truth cause since 2006 by disseminating information throughout the Victorian Union Movement and the Maritime Workers Union of Australia. He has distributed DVD’s, shown films and shared information regularly with his associates and the people of Melbourne and he achieved motions calling for a new investigation from both the Victorian Trades Hall Council where he is the President and the Victorian branch of the Maritime Union of Australia of which he heads as Secretary. Kevin has also attended numerous conferences on 9/11 and has been the facilitator of such in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years Kevin and I have developed a close working relationship, both striving for the truth 9/11 to come out to bring end to the wars and to get our rights back that have been eroded since 9/11!

Continued . . .

John Hankey - 9/11 and JFK connection

John Hankey - 9/11 and JFK connection

By Jonathan Mark
9/11 Blogger

The following is from John Hankey, who will be joining us at the 9/11 Truth Leader Teleconference this Wednesday. I will be showing his film, Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy, this November 22nd in my community. I highly recommend showing this film with a discussion related to 9/11 with some of these points.

Both JFK and 9-11 involved The Big Lie -

1: The crime is unspeakable, for the mainstream media and ALL politicians who want to live. Our job is to speak the unspeakable. the Big Lie -

2: Even when spoken by the likes of us, the crime is too terrible to be believed. The average human being is incapable of conceiving that anyone could be so horrible, that they could kill their own people, or their own president. This is the main defense of 9-11 perpetrators. The true conspiracy theory is unbelievable. However, JFK's murder is a chink in this armor of people's incredulity: 80% believe Warren Report is a lie. They know there is more out there than what they have been told.

The video, Dark Legacy, has the potential to teach the common citizen valuable lessons regarding 9-11

1) Both crimes were committed by the same perpetrators: the military industrial complex; the CFR; with Bushes heading the attack. JFK was murdered in order to carry out Vietnam; but the only discernible goal there was to increase the defense budget: they knew they couldn't win. All the best evidence said so. They didn't care about winning. Just about keeping money from going for education and medicare.

2) In both crimes, the media and politicians are worse than useless; these crimes are unspeakable. The truth must be denied emphatically whenever the topic comes up; and those who raise the questions must be viciously attacked by every politician in the spotlight.

3) Don't get lost in details; The names of the knoll shooters doesn't matter. It doesn't matter whether Oswald or a double went to Mexico. Was there a plane, or not, at Pentagon? It doesn't matter. What matters is that, with all the cold-war defenses in place, not a shot was fired in defense. "We don't know" is a good answer to all detailed questions. The broad outlines are clear.

4) It seems, based on the JFK experience, that demanding a new investigation is something of a loser. The crime remains unspeakable, though there has been a lot of good evidence accumulated by the investigation and examination of witnesses. But we shouldn't kid ourselves that a new investigation will result in a report that tells anything remotely resembling the truth. Our role as truth tellers will continue to be critical, no matter a new investigation.

Continued. . .

Dark Legacy trailer

Media Blackout of Fidel Castro's Speech on the Implications of Nuclear War

Media Blackout of Fidel Castro's Speech on the Implications of Nuclear War

By Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research
October 21, 2010

On October 21st 2010, Global Research and Cuba Debate released a brief text and recorded video by Fidel Castro on the dangers of nuclear war.

From October 12 to 15, 2010, I had extensive and detailed discussions with Fidel Castro in Havana, pertaining to the dangers of nuclear war, the global economic crisis and the nature of the New World Order. These meetings resulted in a wide-ranging and fruitful interview that will be published shortly by Global Research and Cuba Debate.

A speech by Commander Fidel Castro against Nuclear War was recorded on October 15. (Complete text and video recording)

In this brief and powerful message, Fidel warned that the US and its allies are preparing to launch a nuclear war directed against Iran with devastating consequences:
"The use of nuclear weapons in a new war would mean the end of humanity. ...

Today there is an imminent risk of war with the use of that kind of weapon and I don’t harbour the least doubt that an attack by the United States and Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran would inevitably evolve towards a global nuclear conflict.

There would be “collateral damage”, as the American political and military leaders always affirm, to justify the deaths of innocent people.

In a nuclear war the “collateral damage” would be the life of all humanity.

Let us have the courage to proclaim that all nuclear or conventional weapons, everything that is used to make war, must disappear!" (Complete text and video recording)

While the Latin American media has provided coverage of Fidel's speech, there has been a total news blackout in the North American and European media. So far not a single major English language news media has acknowledged Fidel Castro's statement. Ironically, while the Reuters and Agence France Press dispatches have been published in Spanish and Portuguese, they have appeared in the original English and French.

There is certainly room for discussion. But not a word, not even denial from the corporate media on such an important subjet.

Meanwhile, coinciding with the release of Fidel's speech, there has been extensive coverage of the EU Parliament's "human rights" prize granted to Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas. Almost every single major Western news media has published the same Associated Press report out of Havana.

Visibly, nuclear war is not front-page news. The overriding threat of war and destruction is overshadowed by a barrage of media disinformation.

The military agenda is presented as a humanitarian endeavor.

War criminals are rewarded for their contributions to World peace. The corporate media is complicit in its biased coverage, particularly with regard to the loss of life resulting from the US-NATO led war in the Middle East and Central Asia.

The lie prevails.

In an utterly twisted logic, war is presented as a means to preserving World Peace.

Continued. . .

Fidel’s Message against Nuclear War: "In a Nuclear War the 'Collateral Damage' would be the Life of All Humanity."

Fidel’s Message against Nuclear War: "In a Nuclear War the 'Collateral Damage' would be the Life of All Humanity."
A Forceful Message Calling for World Peace and the Survival of Humankind.

By Fidel Castro Ruz

Global Research
October 21, 2010

Global Research Editor's Note

From October 12 to 15, 2010, I had extensive and detailed discussions with Fidel Castro in Havana, pertaining to the dangers of nuclear war, the global economic crisis and the nature of the New World Order. These meetings resulted in a wide-ranging and fruitful interview that will be published shortly by Global Research and Cuba Debate. The following message by Fidel against Nuclear War was recorded on October 15. Below is the text of this brief and forceful message as well the video recording. This important message is based on Fidel Castro's analysis and understanding of the dangers of military escalation including the threats (confirmed by statements of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton) to use tactical nuclear weapons on a pre-emptive basis against Iran.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, October 21, 2010


The use of nuclear weapons in a new war would mean the end of humanity. This was candidly foreseen by scientist Albert Einstein who was able to measure their destructive capability to generate millions of degrees of heat, which would vaporize everything within a wide radius of action. This brilliant researcher had promoted the development of this weapon so that it would not become available to the genocidal Nazi regime.

Each and every government in the world has the obligation to respect the right to life of each and every nation and of the totality of all the peoples on the planet.

Today there is an imminent risk of war with the use of that kind of weapon and I don’t harbour the least doubt that an attack by the United States and Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran would inevitably evolve towards a global nuclear conflict.

The World’s peoples have an obligation to demand of their political leaders their Right to Live. When the life of humankind, of your people and your most beloved human beings run such a risk, nobody can afford to be indifferent; not one minute can be lost in demanding respect for that right; tomorrow will be too late.

Albert Einstein himself stated unmistakably: “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. We fully comprehend what he wanted to convey, and he was absolutely right, yet in the wake of a global nuclear war, there wouldn’t be anybody around to make use of those sticks and stones.

There would be “collateral damage”, as the American political and military leaders always affirm, to justify the deaths of innocent people.

In a nuclear war the “collateral damage” would be the life of all humanity.

Let us have the courage to proclaim that all nuclear or conventional weapons, everything that is used to make war, must disappear!

Fidel Castro Ruz

October 15, 2010

The villains of our time

The villains of our time are not hiding in a cave in Afghanistan plotting to takeover America, and the Western world. The villains of our time are hiding in Pentagon headquarters courting the supposed terrorist enemy, sponsoring terrorist networks and death squads in the Middle East, Latin America, and elsewhere, staging terrorist attacks on the American people and others around the world, and running a psychological warfare campaign against the world.

The villains of our time do not have to be discovered and captured, they are already in front of us, telling us false information and propaganda about matters of life and death every day on our television screens. Most of them do not know that they are villains, that they are the "bad guys" in this world historical drama - only a traitorous few know what they're doing, but nonetheless, they are villains. And like all villains, they don't like it when a credible person or organization challenges them, and makes a fool out of them. They get irritated, and make up stuff about the person and/or organization.

The villains of our time were in true form following the release of 400,000 Iraq War logs by WikiLeaks on Saturday. In the Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima and Anthony Faiola desperately try to spin the issue of U.S. war crimes, and make the story about WikiLeaks's founder Julian Assange. They write:

Indeed, as WikiLeaks is trumpeting its latest coup, a number of former WikiLeaks activists are painting another picture of an organization that is out of control, still too driven by the personality and ego of its mercurial founder, Julian Assange.
In the paper of government record, the New York Times, war propagandist John Burns, along with Ravi Somaiya, attack Assange like a tag team of mice who have a grudge against a bigger, meaner cat:

Now it is not just governments that denounce him: some of his own comrades are abandoning him for what they see as erratic and imperious behavior, and a nearly delusional grandeur unmatched by an awareness that the digital secrets he reveals can have a price in flesh and blood.
It's ironic that Burns speaks about "awareness" and consequences "in flesh and blood" when he has supported the deaths of innocent people because of his own lack of awareness. His legacy is beyond repair due to his continual blessing of government murder.

Any time public anger surfaces over the war in Iraq, or when the Pentagon's credibility is questioned by responsible journalists and organizations, Mr. Burns is there to piss out the fire, and this time he got a little help from his batboy Smithers.

Commenting on Burns's hit piece, Glenn Greenwald says in his article "The Nixonian henchmen of today: at the NYT":

The Iraq War is John Burns' war, and for the crime of making that war look bad, Julian Assange must have his character smeared and his psychiatric health maligned.
The war in Iraq is primarily the media's war. Without the constant reinforcement of the lies coming from the Pentagon and the White House by the establishment media, the American people would have never been convinced that Iraq was a war of necessity. If the media did its job correctly, then hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq would still be alive, millions would still be living in their homes under lights, and trillions of dollars would be still in America to deal with high unemployment and crumbling public infrastructure.

But, the media failed. Instead of Edward R. Murrow, network stations are filled with anchor clowns like Chris Matthews, and Charlie Gibson. Instead of serious reporters, there are childish, and shameful reporters like CNN's Atika Shubert who either falsely think that the American people are more interested in Assange's personality than in U.S. war crimes, or care more about their own agenda than finding the truth. Greenwald writes:

Focusing on the tabloid aspects of Assange's personal life can have no effect -- and no purpose -- other than to distract public attention away from the heinous revelations about this war and America's role in it, and to cripple WikiLeaks' ability to secure and disseminate future leaks.

It's not hard to see why The New York Times, CNN and so many other establishment media outlets are eager to do that. Serving the Government's interests, siding with government and military officials, and attacking government critics is what they do. That's their role. That's what makes them the "establishment media." Beyond that, the last thing they want is renewed recognition of what an evil travesty the attack on Iraq was, given the vital role they know they played in helping to bring it about and sustain it for all those years (that's the same reason establishment journalists, almost by consensus, opposed any investigations into the Bush crimes they ignored, when they weren't cheering them on). And by serving as the 2010 version of the White House Plumbers -- acting as attack dogs against the Pentagon's enemies -- they undoubtedly buy themselves large amounts of good will with those in power, always their overarching goal. It is indeed quite significant and revealing that the John Ehrlichmans and Henry Kissingers of today are found at America's largest media outlets. Thanks to them, the White House doesn't even need to employ its own smear artists.

I doubt the "see no evil" culture inside establishment newsrooms will change in the immediate future. We don't know when journalists and reporters in the mainstream media will press the White House and Pentagon about U.S. war crimes, and call for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. So, what do we know? We know that establishment reporters don't cover wars, they participate in them, especially in the information war. We know that they don't expose lies, but repeat them until enough of us believe what is not true. We know that you won't learn about your world watching CNN, CBC, or reading the New York Times, and other news publications. We know that without the Internet our heads would be filled with propaganda and lies about the Iraq war, the War on Terror, the global financial crisis, and a number of other issues that affect us, and will shape the rest of this century. We know that government authorities and "trusted" news networks are the greatest villains of our time.

October 23, 2010

Brave Australian union leader Kevin Bracken questions official conspiracy theory of 9/11

Brave Australian union leader Kevin Bracken questions official conspiracy theory of 9/11 - Part 1

Part 2

On the Hearld Sun online poll 75% agree with Kevin Bracken's questioning of the official 9/11 story.

Julian Assange Walks Out in Shameful CNN Interview

Upon the release of the largest war logs in U.S. history by the transnational transparency organization WikiLeaks, CNN's Atika Shubert had the opportunity to speak with WikiLeaks's founder Julian Assange to discuss the new material. But she thought that the deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians was less important, and less newsworthy than what Assange's opinions were about the organization's former staffers, and the baseless charges of rape that were brought against him by Swedish authorities in August at the behest of the U.S. government. Those charges were quickly dropped, but Shubert didn't bother to mention that point in the interview. She shamefully pressed on about the ongoing smear campaign against WikiLeaks by the U.S. establishment, while failing to enlighten CNN viewers about the massive new details regarding U.S. approved torture in Iraq.

Shubert's disgraceful performance is just a tiny example of how rotten CNN, and other cable television networks in the United States have become. She and her colleagues don't practice serious journalism. They fail to inform American viewers about matters of life and death, truth and deception. Their disrespect for the American, Iraqi, and Afghan people is disgusting.

It is understandable why CNN doesn't want to treat the WikiLeaks war logs objectively, and instead, tries to make the issue about Assange's personal ethics. The network was part of the ugly media propaganda campaign in the lead up to the Iraq invasion seven years and seven months ago. CNN broadcasters and reporters endlessly repeated the false connections between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, and the lie about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Assange's ethics may be in question for some people, but CNN's ethics is not: the organization is covered in human blood. It doesn't do journalism, it repeats government propaganda that causes mass carnage, and mass death.

Here is the video of Assange walking out of the interview:

The American people should protest CNN's headquarters, along with other TV networks, and shame them into reporting the full truth about the wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq. Propaganda can't go unchallenged. The same is true in Canada, where CBC and other networks have dropped the ball when it comes to reporting on the factual revelations that lie at the core the 9/11 truth movement, and the depth of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last year, the Young Turks led a protest at CNN's headquarters in L.A. Here is the video:

U.S. Financial Markets: The Well Has Been Poisoned (Anger of the Honest Part II)

U.S. Financial Markets: The Well Has Been Poisoned (Anger of the Honest Part II)

By Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds
October 23, 2010

When financial markets have become riddled with fraud, embezzlement and corruption that goes unpunished, then institutional players will avoid that market as crooked: the well has been poisoned.

The full consequences of what I termed The Rot Within: Our Culture of Financial Fraud and the Anger of the Honest (October 15, 2010) are now unfolding: the well has been poisoned. One of my most astute correspondents made a critical observation that I've seen nowhere else: once a market has been poisoned by fraud which goes unpunished, then institutional players will avoid that market as untrustworthy.

Without institutional trust and participation, the market then withers on the vine-- exactly what has happened to the U.S. mortgage securities market. The market for mortgage-backed securities has vanished, except for one player: the Federal Reserve, which has bought a staggering $1.2 trillion in the past 18 months to create the facsimile of an active market.

The well has been poisoned. The only mortgages being traded are those 100% guaranteed by the U.S. government: in effect, the risks intrinsic to a corrupted market have been shifted to the taxpayers, while the criminals who profited from the fraud and embezzlement got away scot-free.

Continued. . .

William K. Black - The Great American Bank Robbery

In a lecture at UCLA, former bank regulator William K. Black discusses the roots of the current global financial crisis, his experience in the 1980's in dealing with the savings and loan crisis, and how massive fraud was at the center in both crises.

WikiLeaks Press Conference - October 23, 2010

The Guardian's coverage of WikiLeaks's press conference and Iraq War docs.





October 22, 2010

Ready Or Not, Here Come The Kleptocratic Bloodsuckers

The democratic and security threat to America is not from right-wing militias, or Islamic radicalism, or socialism, but from kleptocrats who hijacked the federal government and looted the country through the misappropriation of public funds in the trillion dollar war on terror, the decades-long war on drugs, the trillion dollar war in Iraq, the multi-billion dollar construction of the domestic surveillance-police state, the nine hundred billion dollar health care bill that primarily benefited insurance companies and drug corporations, and the radically unpopular bailout programs that were passed in Congress at the threat of martial law following the financial crisis in the fall of 2008 that economic experts like James K. Galbraith say was driven by fraud at the highest levels in financial institutions on Wall Street.

The illegal relationship between public officials on both aisles and a few selected corporations and banks is not new in America, but never before have the interests of the two groups been so interconnected, and obvious to the public. This corrupt establishment's criminal hold on power is vulnerable to the point that it can be challenged by even the smallest form of democratic pressure by outraged citizens if they ever decide to outgrow their petty allegiances to their favorite political party, and hit the streets with the kind of righteous rage that is required for the occasion.

Indeed, if the collective awakening of the American people leads to collective action then America's free republic may well be saved from total economic and social destruction, and the dictatorial overhaul of the Western World by globalist conspirators may yet be prevented.

What transpires on American streets in the next couple of years will define the rest of this century, and dare I say, human destiny. The traitorous kleptocrats in Washington D.C. know this very well, and have prepared accordingly. They are ready for the coming popular revolution, and they view any democratic challenge to the rule by Wall Street and America's transnational corporations as a threat to the country itself. As Washington's Blog pointed out last month, "the interests of the government and big business are so closely aligned that some high-level government officials may consider any threat to the bottom line of the big banks and other corporate giants as an existential threat to the nation's security."

America's descent into third-world rule happened because both major political parties, in their selfish and short-minded quest for electoral supremacy, opened the revolving gates on Capitol Hill to Wall Street's Gollums to the detriment of the best interests of the country's 300 million citizens.

In the dictionary kleptocracy is defined as "government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed." It is easy to recognize that America's current political class fits this description.

Despite being run by kleptocrats, the United States government frequently highlights and condemns foreign kleptocracies. In August 2006, the Bush administration issued a report called "National Strategy Against High-Level Corruption: Coordinating International Efforts to Combat Kleptocracy" saying that; "High-level, large-scale corruption by public officials, or kleptocracy, threatens America’s global interests. These interests include ensuring security and stability; the rule of law and core democratic values; discouraging tyrannical regimes; advancing prosperity; and creating a level playing field for lawful business activities."

Among four examples of kleptocratic rule given in the report was Saddam Hussein's Iraq: "Hussein looted Iraq of billions of dollars by skimming workers’ profits, taking kickbacks, smuggling, and stealing state funds. He used these ill-gotten gains to maintain despotic power, develop and purchase weapons, and enrich his family, cronies, and himself." Of course, every charge made against Saddam was true, but the same charges, and some even more horrendous, equally apply to America's top politicians and plutocrats. The American government remains the preeminent global killer and terrorist. Saddam was nothing more than America's murderous protégé who outgrew his indignant master and left the reservation.

On the same day of the release of the report, President Bush gave a statement on the global threat of kleptocracy to the world's democracies, the global rule of law, and the worldwide effort to combat international terrorism. Whether he knew it or not, his remarks were an indictment against his own administration:
"For too long, the culture of corruption has undercut development and good governance and bred criminality and mistrust around the world. High-level corruption by senior government officials, or kleptocracy, is a grave and corrosive abuse of power and represents the most invidious type of public corruption. It threatens our national interest and violates our values. It impedes our efforts to promote freedom and democracy, end poverty, and combat international crime and terrorism. Kleptocracy is an obstacle to democratic progress, undermines faith in government institutions, and steals prosperity from the people. Promoting transparent, accountable governance is a critical component of our freedom agenda."
American kleptocracy didn't begin when the Bush administration stole the people's votes in the 2000 election, and it didn't end when the Obama administration stole the people's hearts in the 2008 election. It was always there in the political background, waiting to be noticed. But, the mainstream's media's endless distractions and disinformation campaigns allowed the kleptocrats to live on the public's dough like social parasites, while the majority of the public staggered through life like blind bats being led into an exterminator's cave .

During the retardation of America's political process, if there was any inkling of real change voiced by a unified citizenry, then false political movements were started, or real ones subverted, by the kleptocrats to divide the people, and redirect their correct suspicions about wide-scale public theft and war crimes to inconsequential issues like gay marriage, and abortion.

Two years ago it was the false Obama change campaign that captivated the sleeping nation, and now in its place is the directionless and spiritless tea party phenomenon that was quickly captured by the Republican establishment. Two years from now the clever kleptocrats will set up a new pseudo-movement to satisfy the impulses of the blind and pathetic left, to be matched with another version of the tea party on the right, which perhaps will turn out to be even more foolish, xenophobic, and war-hungry than its current form.

Six months ago, William Astore wrote in an article called "American Kleptocracy: How Fears of Socialism and Fascism Hide Naked Theft" that America's tiny corrupt elite was able to screw the American public, while evading sustained and informed public scrutiny of their crimes because the country's real enemy, a kleptocracy, has not yet been correctly identified by the majority of the American people. Astore wrote:

"If we were to take and honest look at America’s blasted landscape of “losers” and the far shinier, spiffier world of “winners,” we’d have to admit that it wasn’t signs of onrushing socialism or fascism that stood out, but of staggeringly self-aggrandizing greed and theft right in the here and now. We’d notice our public coffers being emptied to benefit major corporations and financial institutions working in close alliance with, and passing on remarkable sums of money to, the representatives of “the people.” We’d see, in a word, kleptocracy on a scale to dazzle. We would suddenly see an almost magical disappearing act being performed, largely without comment, right before our eyes."
The only way for the people of any country to address a kleptocratic government is by firing the corrupt political cronies, indicting the criminal banksters who profited from fraudulent government deals, removing the kleptocratic bloodsuckers from office, and taking back the levers of power wholesale. Justice must be done in America, otherwise, there won't be freedom or security. Economic and national recovery can't be accomplished without aggressive resistance to the kleptocrats in Washington and Wall Street by a unified and determined country.

There are lessons in recent history that America can learn from as it battles its own demons in the dark halls of government. In 2001 Argentina experienced an economic collapse and kleptocratic looting similar to what is going now inside the land of the free. There was high unemployment, massive government debt, closed down factories, and banksters packing their bags with the help of their friends in political office. Journalists Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein made an excellent documentary called "The Take" about a group of Argentinian workers who got together on their own to reboot nearby factories, and start making goods again. While it may not appear radical for people to take control of abandoned factories and produce again, it made a big political impact. It was a brave and extraordinary act, and it gave impoverished families and communities the oppurtunity to restart their lives amidst an economic and social collapse.

America's solutions will differ from what Argentinian workers did, but the important point that should be taken from Argentina's example is that without resistance to the kleptocrats America will turn drastically poorer and despotic, if not totally destroyed, and replaced as the central body in a future dictatorial global government.

It would be best if America recovers its capitalist ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, removes the national security edifice, restores its envious Republic, limits Wall Street's disproportionate role in the economy, and strictly follows the rule of law in all avenues of public life.

But if nothing is done, if a legitimate, determined, peaceful, and nationwide movement doesn't emerge to take on the murderous kleptocrats in Washington, then Iran may be hit by America, which will surely lead to a new world war, followed by the final trappings of the aforementioned dictatorial global government, based in America. That must not happen. Mankind's destiny is peace and liberty, not war and slavery. It is time that we all manifest this destiny in the streets of our cities.

T.S. Eliot:
"For the question of questions, which no political philosophy can escape, and by the right answer to which all political thinking must in the end be judged, is simply this: What is Man? what are his limitations? what is his misery and what his greatness? and what, finally, his destiny?" (The Literature of Politics, a lecture by Eliot delivered in London on April 19th, 1955).

Dining with the enemy: Al Qaeda leader linked to 9/11 hijackers 'was invited to the Pentagon for lunch after attacks'

Dining with the enemy: Al Qaeda leader linked to 9/11 hijackers 'was invited to the Pentagon for lunch after attacks'

Dail Mail
October 22, 2010

An Al Qaeda leader who is one of the most wanted men in the world was invited for lunch at the Pentagon in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a new report has claimed.

New documents have been obtained which apparently detail how Anwar Al-Awlaki, the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, rubbed shoulders with high-ranking military personnel just months after the atrocities.

Fox News claim to have acquired documents that state that Awlaki was taken to the U.S. Department of Defense's headquarters as part of the military's outreach program to the Muslim community in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Continued. . .

Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex

Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex
Paul Joseph Watson
October 22, 2010

American-born Al-Qaeda terror leader Anwar Al-Awlaki, who met with Pentagon officials months after 9/11, is by no means the only patsy handler the Central Intelligence Agency has used over the years to oversee false flag attacks in America and around the world. In fact, just about every major terror attack has been run by an operative with direct ties to the US military-industrial complex.

As we reported this morning, Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt, and who also preached to the alleged September 11 hijackers, dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11 documents obtained by Fox News show.

Awlaki is just the latest in a long list of Al-Qaeda double agents whose activity proves that the terror organization is little more than a front for the Pentagon and the US war machine. Let’s take a look at just a handful of dozens of examples of terror masterminds working for intelligence agencies.

Continued. . .

October 20, 2010

The Tea Party Crashed and Burned

Dylan Ratigan, Karl Denninger, and Cenk Uygur discuss the hijacking of the Tea Party Movement by the plutocrats who looted the nation, and the political establishment that assisted them.

People who applaud and listen to Bill Clinton are sheeple

Clinton got rid of the Glass-Steagall Act a decade before the global economy was brought to its knees. And his policies in Iraq killed over 500,000 children. These days people want him as their motivational leader every election season. But not everybody. . .

Violent Anarchists Help French Authorities Crush Pension Protests

Violent Anarchists Help French Authorities Crush Pension Protests
Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Violent anarchists in France who have spent the last week pointlessly smashing shop windows and setting fire to cars have “shot the protest movement in the foot” by demonizing legitimate union demonstrators and allowing the government to crackdown with paramilitary forces, according to a leading French labor expert.

Continued. . .

October 19, 2010

Obama the snob

Obama the snob

By Michael Gerson
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
The Washington Post

After a series of ineffective public messages -- leaving the political landscape dotted with dry rhetorical wells -- President Obama has hit upon a closing argument.

"Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now," he recently told a group of Democratic donors in Massachusetts, "and facts and science and argument [do] not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared. And the country is scared."

Let's unpack these remarks.

Obama clearly believes that his brand of politics represents "facts and science and argument." His opponents, in disturbing contrast, are using the more fearful, primitive portion of their brains. Obama views himself as the neocortical leader -- the defender, not just of the stimulus package and health-care reform but also of cognitive reasoning. His critics rely on their lizard brains -- the location of reptilian ritual and aggression. Some, presumably Democrats, rise above their evolutionary hard-wiring in times of social stress; others, sadly, do not.

Though there is plenty of competition, these are some of the most arrogant words ever uttered by an American president.

The neocortical presidency destroys the possibility of political dialogue. What could Obama possibly learn from voters who are embittered, confused and dominated by subconscious evolutionary fears? They have nothing to teach, nothing to offer to the superior mind. Instead of engaging in debate, Obama resorts to reductionism, explaining his opponents away.

Continued. . .

October 18, 2010

U.S. and British Leaders: War Criminals? The Question of Criminality

When we come face to face with the facts, as many of us have done in different periods over the last seven to nine years, there is no question that American, British, and Israeli leaders must be brought to justice. Nuremberg Redux. The victims of the Iraq War and the War on Terror, on both sides, deserve more than a lousy truth and reconciliation commission. There needs to be long prison terms for the entourage of war criminals who banged the hollow drum for the Iraq war, and a few public hangings of the most responsible actors. We can't settle for anything less than strict, clear-eyed justice. Forget "turning the page" and "moving forward." At no point should war crimes be put into context, and the atrocities by war criminals and state terrorists be forgiven. And, make no mistake, the men in charge of the war establishment in America, England, and Israel are state terrorists. They lied deliberately, repeatedly, and unashamedly. And their trail of lies led to mass murder.

As stated in Chile's Rettig Report, the crime of state terrorism is beyond measure. The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was an attack on all of us, everywhere in the world. The murderers who took 3,000 lives on that day care even less about you and me nine years later. They will attack again if they have to, if they feel their political agenda is not being followed, or obeyed.

From the Rettig Report:

"such a practice [terrorism] is incompatible with the value of human life as embodied in the modern conception of human life."

It is an incredibly sad and terrifying fact that the U.S. government exposes its own people, especially its most loyal citizens who serve in the military, to violence and suffering on a recurrent basis without justification or reason, but it is true, and this state of affairs can only be changed by the American people once the full truth is admitted by the entire country.

As of now, America is a democracy in name only, as is much of the Western world. But this can change. In the months and years ahead we must work even harder to expose the truth, and establish a complete picture about America's human rights violations, and breaches against the rule of law, which goes back many decades.

It is a positive sign that General Hugh Shelton calls out the Bush administration in his new memoirs over the false beginnings of the Iraq War, and basically says that Donald Rumsfeld is one of the demons in America's secret closet. That kind of truth is hard to go down, but if more respectable people like Gen. Shelton talk frankly, America might actually be saved, and freedom can be won again.

It is also encouraging to read Mark Thompson writing in Time Magazine:

Less than three months after 9/11, the Bush Administration was planning for war with Iraq. These talking points prepared for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's meeting on November 27, 2001, with Army General Tommy Franks, the U.S. Central Command chief, make clear the justification for the coming war: "Focus on WMD." Much of the three-page memo, recently released by the National Security Archive at the George Washington University following an FOIA request, has been redacted. But they still left plenty of good stuff in. It's pretty chilling to read an original source document -- basically the starting gun for the war with Iraq -- begin with a false premise. (Thompson, Time Mag, "Weapons of Mass Dismay, October 18, 2010).

Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists makes the same point in his article "Revisiting the Decision to Go to War in Iraq" that's published on Secrecy News:

It is to be expected that national intelligence services will sometimes fail to identify and discover a threat to the nation in a timely fashion. But when intelligence warns of a threat that isn’t really there, and then nations go to war to meet the phantom threat — that is a serious, confounding and deeply disturbing problem.

But in a nutshell, that is the story of the war in Iraq, in which the U.S. and its allies attacked Saddam Hussein’s Iraq because of the supposedly imminent threat posed by Saddam’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction — a threat that proved illusory.

Hopefully, more journalists, scientists, and citizens from all fields will revisit the not too distant past and reflect on the corrupt origins of the Iraq War, and the War on Terror. Maybe, just maybe, they will also take an honest look at the evidence surrounding 9/11 that point to U.S. government involvement. If any journalists see this article, which I highly doubt, please read this: Memo to Journalists: Stop Mocking The Campaign For 9/11 Truth And Accountability. You shouldn't quit your jobs, as you have kids to raise and families to look after, you don't have to speak up and risk being fired, but, you can quietly become a rebel in sheep's clothing. Don't follow the party line. Don't fall for the trap. Don't buy the government propaganda. Be on the good side. Be on the side of truth, freedom, and justice. We will win with or without you, so join the awakening, and be part of the resistance of the mind, and soul. Humanity is calling out for you. The rest of us are waiting for you. Take that leap. Leave the land of lies. You're not safe there. None of us are. Only the war criminals and state terrorists can call that land their home. We must make a new home, built on the rule of law, and grounded in the principles of liberty and human empowerment.

Super Soaker inventor poised to revolutionize solar power

This is exciting news. Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker, which came to be the most popular toy in America, is doing groundbreaking things with his company Johnson Electro-Mechanical Systems (JEMS). From Wikipedia:
JEMS has developed the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter System (JTEC), which was listed by Popular Mechanics as one of the top 10 inventions of 2008, and has potential applications including solar power plants and ocean thermal power generation. It converts thermal energy to electrical energy using a non-steam process which works by pushing hydrogen ions through two membranes, with significant advantages over alternative systems, and is claimed to be highly scalable.

We are all indebted to genius inventors with groundbreaking, and sometimes wacky ideas. Civilization as we know it wouldn't be the same without them. Inventors are way more important for society than politicians, or economists, or preachers, or anybody, really. I have more faith and trust in Lonnie Johnson and others like him than in Barack Obama and others like him.

Super Soaker inventor poised to revolutionize solar power

By Kevin Hall
October 18, 2010

Back in 1990, inventor Lonnie Johnson (pictured) revolutionized America's suburbs when the first Super Soaker was sold. Now, Johnson could be ready to deliver another gift to the masses: an energy converter that could double the efficiency of solar power, and make it a truly viable source of renewable energy.

Called the Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Converter (or JTEC), the device could make solar power rival the kind of output we enjoy from a long-established source like coal, as long as there is heat to keep things going.

From the Atlantic:

Where a steam engine uses the heat generated by burning coal to create steam pressure and move mechanical elements, the JTEC uses heat (from the sun, for instance) to expand hydrogen atoms in one stack. The expanding atoms, each made up of a proton and an electron, split apart, and the freed electrons travel through an external circuit as electric current, charging a battery or performing some other useful work. Meanwhile the positively charged protons, also known as ions, squeeze through a specially designed proton-exchange membrane (one of the JTEC elements borrowed from fuel cells) and combine with the electrons on the other side, reconstituting the hydrogen, which is compressed and pumped back into the hot stack. As long as heat is supplied, the cycle continues indefinitely.
The amount of energy we're able to squeeze out of renewable sources such as solar or wind power is one of the biggest obstacles to having them installed everywhere. Johnson's JTEC may sound like a humble leg up, but Paul Werbos, director of the National Science Foundation, says "It has a darn good chance of being the best thing on Earth."

Continued. . .