April 30, 2010

Protesters and police get ready to square off at G20 summit

Truth Ex Commentary: In today's world, protests are the people's only outlet. In yesteryear, too, people had to hit the streets in order to be heard by the authorities in charge. Showing rage in the streets is how liberty is born, and how it stays alive.

Major media channels and mainstream newspapers credit themselves as being objective reporters and commentators in our society. But when it comes to reporting on major protests, when impartiality matters most, they're not objective at all, and as a result, they get the story wrong. They lose sight of the fundamental issues at stake such as economic justice, and political accountability. Instead, they concentrate on the circus atmosphere and cover the whole thing like it's a baseball game. And sure, there's a great deal of truth to the winners and losers narrative, but all the people on the street, the police and the protesters, are in the same boat. All of us will remain the losers if we don't focus our attention on the representatives of the global oligarchy above us who are perpetuating an unjust economic and political order, and are seeking to erase popular and national sovereignty from the global lexicon.

The title of the article below by Anna Mehler Paperny of the Globe and Mail is "Protesters and police get ready to square off at G20 summit" but it's not "us" vs. "them", or the people vs. the police. So-called journalists are twisting the narrative by painting protesters and officers as polar opposites. Police and military are not the enemies of liberty, and the people who are choosing to resist transnational government policies are not extremists, or enemies of the state. I'm sure there will be hot-headed protesters at the G20 summit, as well as agent provocateurs, but we can't let their actions speak for the true voices of liberty, justice, and truth, whether they are in police uniform, or plain clothing.

Of course, what is being lost in all of this is that thousands of troops are being called up to enforce a lawless regime, the same regime that brought on the current economic crisis that was caused by lax regulation and corrupt finance schemes. And the private central banks, who are the main stockholders behind the G20, and the new world order, are receiving little attention. Corporations own the media outlets lock, stock, and barrel, and yet, journalists who work for these oligarch-occupied newspapers and T.V. programs expect us to believe that they are objective witnesses to reality. LOL. Their arrogance is hilarious. But their ignorance is sad.

So read this Globe and Mail article with skepticism in mind, and again, don't buy into the narrative that protesters and police are natural enemies. They're not. They are natural allies. If we are wise and just, we will create bonds with each other, and strive for a real rule of law.

Globe and Mail: Protesters and police get ready to square off at G20 summit
By Anna Mehler Paperny

They’re preparing buses, itineraries, bathrooms and places to crash for the night; they’re fundraising, holding media-training workshops and setting up a detailed, week-long schedule of events.

Organizers behind the protests surrounding Toronto’s G20 summit in June expect people to come from as far as Vancouver, Quebec City and the United States, representing everyone from labour groups to women’s shelters and militant students.

The summit’s integrated security unit is bracing for an influx of protesters, with tenders put out for thousands of police officers from across Ontario and the country. They’ve taking possession of one of the largest film sets in North America to use as a staging ground and potentially as a place to keep detained protesters.

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Todd Howe (Aleatoric): The G20 Summit: Global Compact to Descend on old York

Todd Howe (Aleatoric): The G20 Summit: Global Compact to Descend on old York

“The promises of yesterday are the taxes of today.” – William Lyon Mackenzie

Crusading publisher, republican rebel, and first Mayor of Toronto William Lyon Mackenzie was an ardent supporter of the patriation of sovereignty to the colony of Upper Canada from the distant British Crown. One can only imagine then what he might think these days if, scanning his city’s dailies, he were to lay aside his old friend George Brown’s Globe and Mail and come upon the following headline in that recent upstart, The Toronto Star: G20 Security Could Strangle Downtown

Though he may not have been above a bemused grin at the thought of a de facto occupation of the city centre, accompanied by “thousands of police and endless kilometers of security fencing” (history, it seems, has a way of repeating itself) it is certain that upon reflection and a closer look at the nature of the G20, the dour publican’s old indignant fire would start to rise. Managed by a ‘troika’ of three rotating chairs and consisting of national leaders, finance ministers, and central bankers from global economic institutions such as the IMF and World Bank, the G20 is no abstract debating society. Its power is as real as its accountability to Canadians is tenuous: At the Pittsburgh summit in September 2009, the G20 declared itself the world’s new ruling economic council. At the time Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister announced that “The old system of international economic co-operation is over, the new system, as of today, has begun.”

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Visit G20 Central.

Alex Jones Sets The Record Straight and Reaches Out to The Military

U.S. Army Trains To Confront Tea Party ‘Terrorists’
Kurt Nimmo & Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, April 29, 2010

In a shocking development that outstrips even the infamous MIAC report, it has emerged via whistleblowers that the U.S. Military in Kentucky is training to confront Tea Party protesters and anti-government demonstrators, who in official intelligence advisories are described as bomb-making terrorists.

On April 17, the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky, reported on a military exercise dubbed “Mangudai,” named after the special forces of Genghis Khan’s Mongol army who could fight for days without food or sleep. The Kentucky newspaper portrayed the exercise as an effort to train soldiers to battle the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“Designed to test the limits of officers’ physical, mental and emotional endurance, the emerging Army exercise offered a revealing window onto modern combat training in the era of Iraq and Afghanistan,” Chris Kenning wrote for the newspaper. “Over three days last week, participants had to crawl on their bellies under real machine-gun fire, shimmy commando-style over a single rope high in the air and march for more than 22 miles through forests.”

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Washington's Blog: The ONLY State With a Growing Economy During the Last Year Has Its Own Public Bank. Any Questions?

This is another great reminder by Washington's Blog about the real benefits of public banking in the economy. Switching to public financing is really a no-brainer. It is long over due.

Washington's Blog: The ONLY State With a Growing Economy During the Last Year Has Its Own Public Bank. Any Questions?

Forget complicated arguments about the benefits of public banking.

Instead, look at this chart from Business Insider:

49 out of 50 U.S. states are still showing less economic activity than a year ago, based on February 2010 coincident economic indicators from the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia. The chart below is organized from top to bottom, from the most growth in economic activity to the largest declines in economic activity.


North Dakota (ND) is the only state to currently have a higher level of economic activity year over year. Its February 2010 economic activity was 1.1% higher than February 2009, as shown by the green dot in the chart below.


Net-net what this tells us is that 49 out of 50 state economies are still underwater on a one year basis, and 28 out of 50 are even still falling vs. November.

chart of the day, chart of the da, economic activity for states  2009-2010

North Dakota is the only state with its own public bank.

Any questions?

The Real News: US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions

April 29, 2010

James Bovard: The Slippery Definition of Extremism

James Bovard: The Slippery Definition of Extremism
Americans are once again hearing of the perils of extremism. But the definition of this offense is slippier than a politician’s campaign promise. The definition of extremism has continually been amended to permit government policies that few sober people previously advocated.

Prior to 2000, anyone who asserted that the Census Bureau was deeply involved with the roundup of Japanese-Americans for internment camps in 1942 was considered an extremist. The Census Bureau spent 60 years denying its role but finally admitted its culpability ten years ago after academics uncovered undeniable proof. Regardless of the Census Bureau’s past abuses or perennial deceit, only extremists believe that their answers to this year’s census could ever be used against them.

Prior to September 2001, anyone who suggested that the U.S. government lead a crusade to “rid the world of evil”would have been labeled both an extremist and a loon. But when George W. Bush promised exactly that three days after 9/11, the media cheered and his approval ratings soared.

Prior to November 2001, anyone who suggested that the president had the power to suspend the right of habeas corpus and perpetually detain anyone he accused of serious wrongdoing would have been considered an extremist. But Bush’s executive decree on enemy combatants made this the law — or at least the policy — of the land.

Prior to 2002, anyone who suggested that the U.S. government create a Total Information Awareness database of personal information on tens of millions of Americans would have been considered an extremist. But federal spy agencies rushed forward with exactly such plans, and the feds have stockpiled far more data on citizens.

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Giordano Bruno: Letters From The Liberty Movement To The World

Letters From The Liberty Movement To The World

By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press - 4/25/2010

One of the primary rules of propaganda (or psychological warfare), one of the most important tenets when utilizing lies as weapons, is to never let your target speak for himself if you can help it. Silence him, drown him out, lie so loudly that his truth cannot be heard over your constant pounding drum of disinformation. Men and governments that deceive fear one thing above all others; that those who tell the truth will gain a venue, and a voice. The Liberty Movement as a whole is steadily finding its voice, and the means to finally be heard, which is why the establishment has moved to debase us in the eyes of an unsuspecting populace.

In order to paint an innocent group as monstrous, one must first ‘dehumanize’ them.
It is quite common for governments (especially those that have adopted criminality as policy) to tell a story, a children’s fairytale in which those that oppose centralization and control are not freedom fighters, but dastardly villains bent on mayhem, destruction, and the kidnapping of fair maidens. In their version of events, our dissent creates the “need” for more control, and more control provokes us to dissent further, triggering a terrible cycle of enveloping tyranny which, according to those in power, is “necessary.” In this surreal story, we the people are to blame for our own subjugation because, ironically, we refused to be subjugated. Defiance of that which is unjust becomes the excuse governments use to initiate more injustice. Again, only in a carefully constructed fantasy world, only in ‘Wonderland,’ could this way of thinking be presented as “rational.”

The circular process of fascism begins when opposition has been suppressed to the point that the establishment can fashion their fairytale in any way they choose. It begins when the stewards of truth are no longer human beings, but characterizations in the minds of the masses; complete with menacing mustaches and black cloaks. It begins when who we are as a movement is overshadowed by engineered misconceptions.

To combat the fairytale version of our identity, we must speak openly, not just to document the subversive activities of elitists, but to document ourselves; what each of us believes, what we fear, what we care for, what at our deepest core drives us to fight back. We must never allow the world to forget that we are just like them, and that their concerns on where we are heading as a species are probably similar to our own. At bottom, regardless of cultural differences and political nuances, most people seek to be free. In this way we are all connected. Our battle, is a shared one.

To this end, I am calling on all those in the Liberty Movement to write at least one letter, a letter to the rest of the world outlining your personal feelings on sovereignty, and globalism. How these clashing ideals have affected you, your family, and your friends. Where do you see society heading? What kind of world do you struggle for? What does liberty mean to you? Imagine you are explaining these issues to a friend who knows little about the movement, or to an entire nation of people you want to expose to a different perspective.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fantastic writer or not. If you have a lot to say, or just a little. Take a few hours out of one day and write something. Speak with sincerity. Start your own blog, post it in your favorite forums, or send it to our contact email here at Neithercorp.us, and we will publish our selections. Just put the words “Letters From The Liberty Movement” in the subject, along with your name, or pen name.

Don’t let the establishment speak for you, or I guarantee, no one will ever know who you truly are.

To start things off, I have written my own personal letter below…

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Mondoweiss: ‘NYT’ distorts history of nonviolent resistance

Mondoweiss: ‘NYT’ distorts history of nonviolent resistance
by Alex Kane

On the front page of the New York Times today, there is a large photo of West Bank Palestinians planting trees, "part of a new, nonviolent approach to assert their land claims," as Times correspondent Ethan Bronner says. While it’s good that the Times is covering nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation, it’s an article rife with omissions, mischaracterizations and distortions, all par for the course from the Times when it comes to Israel/Palestine. Let’s take this opportunity to remind people about the history of nonviolence in the Palestinian movement, a history that has been systematically shut out of mainstream discourse.

The photo caption, and the title of the piece, which is "Palestinians Try a Less Violent Path to Resistance," give a preview of the direction the article heads in. In Bronner’s reporting, we’re told that the Palestinians are simply "trying" this "new" way to resist, when in fact Palestinians have been nonviolently resisting Zionist colonization even before the State of Israel was founded, and well after. The 1936-1939 revolt against British colonial rule and Zionist colonization began with a "six-month general strike" that involved "work-stoppages and boycotts of the British-and Zionist-controlled parts of the economy" and was the "largest anticolonial strike of its kind until that point in history, and perhaps the longest ever," as Rashid Khalidi writes on page 106 in The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood. The revolt did have an armed component, though, that followed the general strike.

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Col. L Wilkerson: You Can't Serve Two Masters

April 28, 2010

Downtown Toronto To Be Transformed Into Locked-Down Police State This Summer

Downtown Toronto To Be Transformed Into Locked-Down Police State This Summer

Steve Watson

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Preparations are underway for a massive show of force in Toronto this Summer as the G20 summit comes to town. Unprecedented levels of security are being undertaken, with one of the largest movie studios in North America being transformed into a giant holding facility for unruly protesters.

Police say they are prepared for huge protests during the summit, scheduled to convene over the weekend of June 26/27.

Toronto law enforcement officials have announced they are “tapping” social network websites to monitor the potential activities of protesters as they gear up for the event.

“(Social media) allows people to communicate in a lot more different ways. It’s just another tool,” Const. Wendy Drummond told CP24 news. “The way we police our protests hasn’t changed.”

“The Olympics that you saw recently in Vancouver was actually the largest security event ever to take place here in Canada. The G20/G8 surpasses that completely,” Const. Ed Boltuc, a Toronto Police Services officer and liaison with the RCMP-led Integrated Security Unit, told the Toronto Star recently.

“There’s going to be a massive — absolutely massive — presence of police and security on the ground like you’ve never seen before.” Boltuc added.

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Washington's Blog: The European Economic Crisis is Not Complicated

Washington's Blog: The European Economic Crisis is Not Complicated

You might assume that the global economic crisis is complicated.

Just when it looked like things were getting better, Greece, Portugal and Spain are melting down. It's just too complicated for any layperson to understand, right?

No, not really.

There Wouldn't Be a Crisis Among Nations If Banks' Toxic Gambling Debts Hadn't Been Assumed by the World's Central Banks

There wouldn't be a crisis among nations if banks' toxic gambling debts hadn't been assumed by the world's central banks.

As I pointed out in December 2008:

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is often called the "central banks' central bank", as it coordinates transactions between central banks.

BIS points out in a new report that the bank rescue packages have transferred significant risks onto government balance sheets, which is reflected in the corresponding widening of sovereign credit default swaps:

The scope and magnitude of the bank rescue packages also meant that significant risks had been transferred onto government balance sheets. This was particularly apparent in the market for CDS referencing sovereigns involved either in large individual bank rescues or in broad-based support packages for the financial sector, including the United States. While such CDS were thinly traded prior to the announced rescue packages, spreads widened suddenly on increased demand for credit protection, while corresponding financial sector spreads tightened.
In other words, by assuming huge portions of the risk from banks trading in toxic derivatives, and by spending trillions that they don't have, central banks have put their countries at risk from default.
No wonder Greece, Portugal, Spain and many other European countries - as well as the U.S. and Japan - are facing serious debt crises.

But They Had No Choice ... Did They?

But nations had no choice but to bail out their banks, did they?

Well, actually, they did.

The leading monetary economist told the Wall Street Journal that this was not a liquidity crisis, but an insolvency crisis. She said that Bernanke is fighting the last war, and is taking the wrong approach (as are other central bankers).

Nobel economist Paul Krugman and leading economist James Galbraith agree. They say that the government's attempts to prop up the price of toxic assets no one wants is not helpful.

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“Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time”–Danny Schechter Takes on Wall St. in New Film

AP - Lawmakers: Military could quell Chicago violence

Politicians' answer to crime is not jobs, or education, but guns.

Lawmakers: Military could quell Chicago violence

The Associated Press
Sunday, April 25, 2010; 9:46 PM

CHICAGO -- Two Illinois lawmakers say violence has become so rampant in Chicago that the National Guard must be called in to help.

Chicago Democratic Reps. John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford made a public plea to Gov. Pat Quinn on Sunday to deploy troops.

The request comes amid a recent surge in violent crime, including a night last week that saw seven people killed and 18 wounded, mostly by gunfire.

Fritchey says Chicago has had 113 homicide victims this year. He says the police department has done a commendable job, but its resources are stretched thin.

Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis says he appreciates the lawmakers' frustration and willingness to help, but doubts the National Guard is the best answer.

A message left for Quinn wasn't returned Sunday.

April 27, 2010

SPLC: Seducers, Propagandists, Liars, Cheats

Their opinions are splattered across television sets, national newspapers, and government intelligence reports. And what they have to say on the rising citizen backlash against the United States government is treated as the final word on the subject. Who are they? To some they are the Batman and Robin of hate crime, but others believe what they do requires the traits of the Joker and Two-Face.

Mark Potok and Morris Dees are the directors and spokesmen for The Southern Poverty Law Center, and they are viewed in some powerful as circles as just two civil rights inspectors who are willing to go to bat against bigots, racists, terrorists, and other manifestations of right-wing intolerance. According to Potok and Dees, anti-government views have grown across the United States in recent years, and they're on the lookout. But don't tell them the global economy is crashing, two unpopular wars are being waged on two innocent countries, and bailout galore for the big banks on Wall St. has anything do with people's distrust of Washington. If you do, you might just find yourself on one of their famous lists.

Some people will disagree about my last statement. The SPLC is still regarded as a disinterested and astute political and social watchdog. But a more critical look at their practices and history suggests that their good-nature persona is only make-believe. Potok and Dees are not the stewards of fairness, social tolerance, and democracy, and they do not aim to root out anti-discrimination, instead, they conflate and exaggerate the threats of racism and violence, and create lists meant for political demonization.

If my rhetoric is unconvincing, and you are unsure about the SPLC, I hope the two articles that are linked to in this short exposé, and the videos that appear at the end, will give you a better impression of what Potok and Dees are really concerned with, and what their unstated mission is.

According to Ken Silverstein, who is an editor for Harper's Magazine's Washington bureau, the SPLC does not do what it preaches. In his article entitled "The Church of Morris Dees," Silverstein writes:
Morris Dees doesn't need your financial support. The SPLC is already the wealthiest civil rights group in America, though this letter quite naturally omits that fact. Other solicitations have been more flagrantly misleading. One pitch, sent out in 1995-when the Center had more than $60 million in reserves-informed would-be donors that the "strain on our current operating budget is the greatest in our 25-year history." Back in 1978, when the Center had less than $10 million, Dees promised that his organization would quit fund-raising and live off interest as soon as its endowment hit $55 million. But as it approached that figure, the SPLC upped the bar to $100 million, a sum that, one 1989 newsletter promised, would allow the Center "to cease the costly and often unreliable task of fund raising. " Today, the SPLC's treasury bulges with $120 million, and it spends twice as much on fund-raising-$5.76 million last year-as it does on legal services for victims of civil rights abuses. The American Institute of Philanthropy gives the Center one of the worst ratings of any group it monitors, estimating that the SPLC could operate for 4.6 years without making another tax-exempt nickel from its investments or raising another tax-deductible cent from well-meaning "people like you."
What is clearly a damning fact is that the SPLC is an organization that is dedicated to making charity money, and not at all interested in combating racism. But Dees and Potok are no screwballs. Their intelligence reports are taken very seriously. So it is especially worrisome that they engage in character assassinations, puruse guilt by association attacks, and use a string of other tactics that are generally employed in totalitarian regimes.

Carol Swain, a Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University says that although the SPLC may have once fought for legitimate civil rights issues, today it has distanced itself from its original lofty ideals. In her article called "Mission Creep and the Southern Poverty Law Center's Misguided Focus," she writes:
There is a name for what has happened. It is called "mission creep." Mission creep occurs when an organization strays beyond its original purpose and engages in actions antithetical to its goals. Rather than monitoring hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center has become one.
In their latest data-mining operation, the SPLC focuses on the growing Patriot movement, and general political activists who are rightfully angry at the United States government and corporate America. They use the term "patriot" in a patronizing fashion, and the general tone of the authors is one of condensation. The report says:
Although the resurgence of the so-called Patriots — people who generally believe that the federal government is an evil entity that is engaged in a secret conspiracy to impose martial law, herd those who resist into concentration camps, and force the United States into a socialistic "New World Order" — also has been propelled by people who were key players in the first wave of the Patriot movement in the mid–1990s, there are also a large number of new players.
Included in their list of thirty-five patriots are politicians, journalists, activists, and regular citizens. Names such as Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, Alex Jones, Sheriff Richard Mack, are interwoven with con-artist Glenn Beck, and Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann who I believe had a cameo role in the film The Crazies.

If the list didn't look like a harbinger of political persecution by the State, you could describe it as ridiculous. But then again, all persecutions start off as ridiculous. Tyranny loves self-fulfilling prophecies, and the SPLC doesn't mind doing the dirty work for the new scientific Western tyranny.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people are troubled by the implications for political speech if the report is treated as the New Rage gospel by federal officials and news pundits. In reaction to the report, Robert Stacy McCain wrote:
So what about this grab-bag of names on the SPLC’s “Patriot” list? Is it really possible that a single “movement” could include Joseph Farah, Michelle Bachmann, Cliff Kincaid and Alex Jones? Andrew Napolitano, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul and Red Beckman? I put that question to SPLC director of research Heidi Beirich.

“I think our definition of what a ‘Patriot’ group is is very clear. And all these folks, to my mind, fall within that definition,” said Beirich, a Ph.D. in political science from Purdue University who has been with the SPLC since 1999. “It may not seem that way to you, but from my perspective and given our definition, I’m actually surprised that you would ask me this question. The connections are crystal clear.”

Connections between people who’ve never met — some of whom vehemently disagree with each other — are “crystal clear”? Sounds kind of like a “secret conspiracy.” But only dangerous kooks believe in that stuff.

The denial of free thought within the population by the State and its undisclosed arms always remains a singular aim in undemocratic countries. Anybody who questions the integrity of the governmental system, who draws connections between policies and political contributions, and who suggests that a power elite are making the key decisions in the country, are given the silent treatment at first, and once they become too vocal, they're ridiculed, and eventually persecuted, and killed.

But persecution wouldn't be possible with conditioning the population of the "threat" that the persecuted pose to general society. And that is where the seducers, propagandists, liars, and cheats at SPLC fit in. They make money on the side by scaring the gullible, but that's their main preoccupation. They are in the business of dividing the public, criminalizing dissent, and undermining the forces of democracy.

Politically conditioning is a phenomenon known to psychologists and historians of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Dutch Psychologist and author Joost A.M. Meerloo wrote a book about the psychology of brainwashing and thought control called "The Rape of The Mind." On the subject of political conditioning, Meerloo said:
Political conditioning should not be confused with training or persuasion or even indoctrination. It is more than that. It is taming. It is taking possession of both the simplest and the most complicated nervous patterns of man. It is the battle for the possession of the nerve cells. It is coercion and enforced conversion. Instead of conditioning man to an unbiased facing of reality, the seducer conditions him to catchwords, verbal stereotypes, slogans, formulas, symbols. Pavlovian strategy in the totalitarian sense means imprinting prescribed reflexes on a mind that has been broken down. The totalitarian wants first the required response from the nerve cells, then control of the individual, and finally control of the masses. The system starts with verbal conditioning and training by combining the required stereotypes with negative or positive stimuli: pain, or reward. (1)
The SPLC casts a wide net by discriminating against legitimate political dissent, and positioning them with racist and politically intolerant groups. The purpose is to scandalize political rhetoric and create the impression in the public mind that critics of the federal government are also likely to be racist, radical, and generally unfriendly. And it has an effect. Once somebody or some group is identified as a practitioner of "hate speech" or "racist rhetoric" and has "anti-government views," they're credibility plummets, they are not considered as an equal, and what they have to say is immediately dismissed, even if the accusations are not true. To produce a different impression, all that is needed is free debate. As Meerloo writes, "Freedom of discussion and free intellectual exchange hinder conditioning." (2)

A wide circulation of ideas and opinions help a create a safe and free society, a society in which everybody is heard and respected. Less judgments, and more conversations, allow people to think critically about their institutions, leaders, and themselves. Theodore Zeldin wrote about the beneficial effects of conversation in his book "An Intimate History of Humanity." "Conversation," Zeldin says, "demands equality between participants. Indeed, it is one of the most important ways of establishing equality. Its enemies are rhetoric, disputation, jargon and private languages, or despair at not being listened to and not being understood." (3)

Potok, Dees, and the rest of the gang at the SPLC can continue to ring the Pavlovian bell all they want, but as long as we don't take their "intelligent" reports seriously, and understand what they're trying to do, their tactics will be proven ineffective and out of date. And they can seduce the liberal intelligentsia about all the great work that they're doing, preach their propaganda across the various "news" outlets, and lie and cheat to their fundraising base, but sooner or later they will be revealed for what they truly are to everybody in the land. And that is a day that I'm looking forward to.

Potok on the News, speaking about citizen militias in the 1990s: "Those groups produced an enormous amount of criminal violence."

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: (Introduction by Mark Krikorian)

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: Jerry Kammer, (Center for Immigration Studies) - Part I of II

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: Jerry Kammer, (Center for Immigration Studies) - Part II of II

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: Ken Silverstein, (Harper's Magazine) - Part I of II

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: Ken Silverstein, (Harper's Magazine) - Part II of II

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: Carol Swain, (Vanderbilt University Law Professor) - Part I of II

The SPLC and the Immigration Debate: Carol Swain, (Vanderbilt University Law Professor) - Part II of II

1. Meerloo, Joost A.M. "The Rape of the Mind." Pg. 48-49.
2. Ibid. Pg. 49
3. Zeldin, Theodore. "An Intimate History of Humanity." Pg. 41

Alexandria's Link.

FireDogLake's Link.

M.I.A. - Born Free

This is a pretty crazy video. It looks like the end is inspired by the release-and-run scene from the film Apocalypto.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Angry Politicians Are Funny

Sen. Levin has some fun with the executive of the "shitty deal" enterprise.

Chris Hedges: The New Secessionists

Chris Hedges: The New Secessionists
Acts of rebellion which promote moral and political change must be nonviolent. And one of the most potent nonviolent alternatives in the country, which defies the corporate state and calls for an end to imperial wars, is the secessionist movement bubbling up in some two dozen states including Vermont, Texas, Alaska and Hawaii.

These movements do not always embrace liberal values. Most of the groups in the South champion a “neo-Confederacy” and are often exclusively male and white. Secessionists, who call for statewide referendums to secede, do not advocate the use of force. It is unclear, however, if some will turn to force if the federal structure ever denies them independence.

These groups at least grasp that the old divisions between liberals and conservatives are obsolete and meaningless. They understand that corporations have carried out a coup d’√©tat. They recognize that our permanent war economy and costly and futile imperial wars are unsustainable and they demand that we take popular action to prevent citizens from being further impoverished and robbed by Wall Street speculators and corporations.

“The defining characteristic of the Second Vermont Republic is that there are two enemies, the United States government and corporate America,” Thomas Naylor, who founded Vermont’s secessionist movement, told me when I reached him by phone at his home 10 miles south of Burlington. “One owns the other one. We are not like the tea party. The underlying premise of the tea party movement is that the system is fixable.”

Naylor rattles off the stark indicators of the nation’s decline, noting that the United States stands near the bottom among industrialized countries in voter turnout, last in health care, last in education and highest in homicide rates, mortality, STDs among juveniles, youth pregnancy, abortion and divorce. The nation, he notes grimly, has trillions in deficits it can never repay, is beset by staggering income disparities, has destroyed its manufacturing base and is the planet’s most egregious polluter and greediest consumer of fossil fuels. With some 40 million Americans living in poverty, tens of millions more in a category called “near poverty” and a permanent underclass trapped by a real unemployment rate of
17 percent, there is ample tinder for internal combustion. If we do not undertake a dramatic reversal soon, he asserts, the country and the global environment will implode with catastrophic consequences.

Continued. . .

April 26, 2010

"When an officer tells you to sit down, you come inside and sit down."

Before listening to the 9 minute exchange between a Canadian tourist and a US border agent below, I didn't know things were this bad in law enforcement in the United States. Officers are confusing security with red tape. And it's very sad that the type of people that citizens of other countries meet upon entering America are thick-headed idiots on power trips.

Aravoth: Who's Racist?

Aravoth, the maker of such classics as "Ron Paul : When in the course of human events..." "Ron Paul : Don't tread on me" "Ron Paul : Stop Dreaming" and "U.S. Economy : The Philosopher's Stone" is back with a new video. This time, he exposes one of the central critiques of the Tea Party movement, that it is chiefly anti-racist.

Of course, the Tea Party movement is not perfect. The Classically Liberal blog has made great observations about the deficiencies of the people who make up the modern Tea Party in its current, post-Ron Paul days, you can read them here and here.

There are far more accurate reasons why the Republican-diluted Tea Party movement is heading in the wrong direction than the ones that news pundits generally give. Hating the President because he is a black is not one. People who attend Tea Party protests seem to be angry at the democratic administration, the White House, and even the Republican party for other reasons, that are more legitimate, but news pundits like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz, who get some of their ideas from the Southern Poverty Law Center, are not interested in covering those issues. They're more concerned with politics than the truth.

Geico Voice Actor Reminds Fox News and FreedomWorks About True Origins of Tea Party

The voice actor of the famous Geico commercials, Lance Baxter, was recently fired by Geico after he made a scathing message about the Tea Party and FreedomWorks, an organization that was created by former House majority leader Dick Armey, and is considered a main player behind the movement. Many people criticize FreedomWorks for watering down the Tea Party movement and pushing it towards a Republican-corporatist line.

The Huffington Post:

The voice actor who was fired by Geico after leaving a disparaging voicemail for the tea party PAC FreedomWorks, spoke to Fox News' about Geico's decision to let him go.

Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, told Geraldo Rivera that he regretted calling the group mentally retarded, but that he did not regret comments asking Freedomworks how they plan on reacting when a member of their group turns violent.

Baxter urged those who support him not to direct their anger at Geico, but at FreedomWorks.

Continued. . .

In an appearance with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, Baxter made the point that Ron Paul activists were the first to jump-start the Tea Party movement in its present day form. Back in December 16, 2007, Paul supporters used the Tea Party anniversary date to help raise money for Dr. Paul's presidential campaign. As a result of their actions, the Paul campaign raised 6 million dollars in one day, which set a new record for political fundraising. This site advertised the event.

Baxter also said that FreedomWorks is not a transparent organization, and should not be trusted.

Goldzilla joins the little people

By Mike Luckovich.

Eliot Spitzer and William K. Black: Questions From the Goldman Scandal

For those who have spent years investigating fraud, it was no surprise to hear that Goldman Sachs, the (self-described) jewel of Wall Street, is the latest firm to emerge from the financial crisis with tarnished reputation. According to a lawsuit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Goldman misrepresented to its customers the quality of the toxic assets underlying a complex financial derivative known as a "synthetic collateralized debt obligation (CDO)."

As you may now have heard, the story involves a pair of Paulsons. As CEO of Goldman, Hank Paulson oversaw the buying of large amounts of CDOs backed by largely fraudulent "liar's loans." When he became U.S. Treasury Secretary, he went on to launch a successful war against securities and banking regulation. Hank Paulson's successors at Goldman saw the writing on the wall and began to "short" CDOs. They realized that they had an unusual, brief window of opportunity to unload their losers on their customers. Being the very model of a modern investment banking firm, they thought that blowing up their customers would be fine sport.

Continued. . .

Gary D. Barnett: What If?

Gary D. Barnett: What If?

What if it happened here in America? This seems to be a question that begs an answer, so why is it so ignored? Why is it ignored by government? Why is it ignored by the mass media? And why is it seemingly ignored by the American people at large?

What if?

What if a small group of extremist Americans high-jacked passenger planes in another country and flew them into skyscrapers in a major foreign city killing thousands of innocent people? Would it then be proper and moral for that country, and with the full use of its military, to attack and occupy the entire United States? Would it then be right for that invading army to take over and demand that all U.S. citizens bow to their command? Would it be right for that country’s forces to kill and maim all who refused to comply with their demands? And would it be right for that foreign invading entity to destroy the entire infrastructure of America?

What if in this process any so-called American insurgents were incarcerated and held indefinitely? What if their rights were suspended or eliminated and no charges were forthcoming and no trial was allowed? What if they were held and psychologically and physically tortured without end? What if innocent Americans overseas were captured by this invading force and subjected to rendition where this same or even worse brutal torture was prosecuted against them? What if these foreign invaders promised thousands of dollars in bounty to any who would turn in their American neighbor for being a suspected terrorist?

What if this invader chose to use American resources for its own benefit? What if they captured all of our natural resource facilities and issued oil contracts to their own country’s oil industry? What if the profits from these ventures were kept by those invaders? And what if while this was happening, American families were displaced and without proper shelter and starving?

What if huge bases were built on American soil, and then these bases were manned by soldiers bent on controlling every move made by the legitimate citizens of that region? What if these bases were permanent, and all here knew that the invaders would never leave? What if entire towns were destroyed and outposts were scattered across America so that the monitoring of all could be achieved?

Continued. . .

April 25, 2010

By Their Deeds, You Shall Know Them

In an interview with ABC's Jake Tapper on last Sunday, April 18, former president Bill Clinton compared the political rhetoric of today with the rhetoric that was directed at his administration in the 90's. He told Tapper:

Rush Limbaugh: "With this comment you have just set the stage for violence in this country. Any future acts of violence are on your shoulders, Mr. Clinton."

TAPPER: Do you have any response?

CLINTON: Doesn't make any sense. The only point I tried to make is that when I went back and started preparing for the 15th anniversary of Oklahoma City, I realized that there were a lot of parallels between the early '90s and now, both in the feeling of economic dislocation, and the level of uncertainty people felt. The rise of kind of identity politics. The rise of the militia movements and the right wing talk radio with a lot of what's going on in the blogosphere now.

And in the right wing media, and with Oath Keepers, the 3 percenters, the -- all these people, you know, who are saying things like, "If Idaho wants to succeed from the union," the militia group out there says, you know, "We'll back them." One leader of one of these groups said that all politics was just a prelude to civil war. And then the politicians of course have not been that serious, but a lot of the things that have been said, they -- they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence because they are disoriented like Timothy McVeigh was are more likely to act.

And the only point I tried to make was that we ought to have a lot of political dissent -- a lot of political argument. Nobody is right all the time. But we also have to take responsibility for the possible consequences of what we say. And we shouldn't demonize the government or its public employees or its elected officials. We can disagree with them. We can harshly criticize them. But when we turn them into an object of demonization, you know, you -- you increase the number of threats.

But I worry about these threats against the president and the Congress. And I worry about more careless language even against -- some of which we've seen against the Republican governor in New Jersey, Governor Christie.

I just think we all have to be careful. We ought to remember after Oklahoma City. We learned something about the difference in disagreement and demonization.

To make the point that the same anti-government themes that are present today were also around in the 1990's without also acknowledging that there has been a zero shift in domestic and foreign policy between then and now is so intellectually and politically dishonest. The economic degradation of American towns and cities has been a gradual process that began even before the 1990s, and is approaching its final stages in this decade. So if Clinton sees "parallels" its because he's looking at the same political picture. Except the picture has gotten darker and more distinct. The powerful U.S. Establishment has continued unpopular policies of government expansion, corporate consolidation through central bank regulations and Congressional deregulation, and imperialism.

If Clinton was honest, he would admit that political dissent and different views about government policies are rarely allowed on national television and mainstream newspapers. In the lead-up to the Iraq War, almost zero anti-war critics were heard on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and other corporate news outlets.

Astute observations of the political current is one thing, but washing over recent history is another. Clinton pretends to speak for civil society and the rule of law. But his lesson about "the difference in disagreement and demonization," was missing in the Waco saga. Individuals who lived on a private ranch were demonized by the government and media, and then murdered without provocation. And when his administration decided to bombard Iraq with crippling sanctions that caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people, including children, Clinton forever terminated his privilege to speak as a respectable citizen of the world. He lost any sense of civility and dignity that he may have had at one point in his political career by endorsing policies of government violence and government hate.

So don't be fooled when Clinton speaks. He does not have interests of the American people in mind, or for that matter, of any people, anywhere.

April 24, 2010

Classically Liberal: Hating a government doesn't mean loving liberty

Classically Liberal: Hating a government doesn't mean loving liberty

Hating government doesn’t say anything about what a person believes. Many people seem to equate hating the state with being libertarian. But that is not the case by any means. Consider some historical examples.

When Lenin and his Bolsheviks began to impose their bloody rule on the poor Russian people—in the name of the poor Russian people—they were opposed by the “White Russian” forces. From 1917 to 1923 the "Whites" fought the new government of the Soviets. But what did they support? Few seemed to be defenders of individual rights or individual liberty. What they tended to advocate was monarchy. Instead of the Soviet whip they preferred to be lashed by the Czar.

During the Second World War numerous underground movements arose to fight the genocidal National Socialists of Adolph Hitler. In Poland the Armia Ludowa fought the Nazi occupiers. But this movement, controlled by the communist Polish Workers’ Party, was later incorporated into the Soviet organized 1st Polish Army. These “liberators” then worked to impose a dictatorial system worse then the one they overthrew. Many of these underground fighters joined the Ministry of Public Security and worked to snuff out any vestiges of individual freedom.

Continued. . .


How does modern society treats its soldiers and warriors when they return home? By neglecting them, pushing them aside, and forgetting about their acts of heroism. And yes, a lot of them are heroes who have sacrificed their souls and honor. Even though the wars are criminal and illegal, it's not the soldiers fault for being brainwashed about fighting for democracy and freedom, and all the hogwash about stopping terrorism. They don't know any better, so they shouldn't be denounced and punished for criminal wars that are based on lies and jump-started by psychopathic leaders. The whole thing is a great tragedy.

Raw Story: 18 veterans kill themselves every day: report

The suicide rate among war veterans is extraordinary, new data reveals.

Thirty try to commit suicide each day, on average, reports the Army Times. Eighteen succeed, roughly five of whom receive medical care from Veterans Affairs, rated one of the best health programs in the country.

"Of the more than 30,000 suicides in this country each year, fully 20 percent of them are acts by veterans,'' said VA Secretary Eric Shinseki at a VA-sponsored suicide prevention conference in January, Inter Press Service reported.

The Times noted that "In general, VA officials said, women attempt suicide more often, but men are more likely to succeed in the attempt."

Continued. . .

CSI: Wall Street

Washington's Blog explains why criminologists are more helpful than economists in explaining the financial crisis, and concurs with economist James Galbraith that they should be leading the charge against banking fraud and white-collar gangsterism.

Washington's Blog - Economist James Galbraith: Economists Should Move into the Background, and "Criminologists to the Forefront"

George Cordell: The words that make you free

Here is a very illuminating article by George Cordell about the times we're living in. It was written in August of 07'. It's a good read, to say the least.

Hawaii Observer ( By George Cordell) The words that make you free

What if I told you that every danger you might worry about – poverty, drugs, crime, war, terror, the Devil himself – is possibly fake?

To clarify this, I need to explain a new concept to you, called protection fraud. Protection fraud happens when a criminal collects a fee for pretending to "protect" the victims from an evil which he in fact secretly creates. It’s the second oldest profession in the world. Running uninterrupted for the last 3400 years, protection fraud is a $16 trillion global industry today. The following chart shows its 12 biggest cycles:

Continued. . .

April 23, 2010

Shadows of A Larger War

Setting The Stage: A Strike Against Iran is One More Crime Against Humanity

Hell's clouds are gathering once again. Israel and America's joint declarations of war against Iran is no longer a matter of if, but when. And when that moment finally arrives, a political volcano will be set off, one that will not just alter our travel patterns, but put our entire way of life into jeopardy.

Freezing the clouds, and calling out the chants of fear by our leaders is one step to ending this nightmare. Another step is understanding how we got here. Western propaganda about the threat posed by Iran to Israel and global civilization has reached every hemisphere, and it has been relentless. False claims about Iran's defense capabilities are repeatedly made. And the deception never halts.

The big lie about a nuclear Iraq in 2003 has become a sick joke about a nuclear Iran in 2010. Israeli and US leaders are hoping that the people of their irrespective countries will be all ears, that they will accept every detail of their fictional account of Iran's nuclear capabilities, that the people will support war as they did last time, and if they don't, that they will shut up about their disagreements and keep them hidden, lest they want to face the cruel beasts of the police state.

It is a very big gamble, but it seems our leaders will take their chances. All of the leading players who are calling for this criminal war are putting trust in the Stormtroopers to protect them, and a captured media to lie for them. But even if a few million of the sheepish population find their inner backbone and protest day and night, then there still remains hope that things could turn around, and the emerging world war could see an immediate end. It is a very big hope, but we must take our chances.

Total War, Total Lies

The lies and fabrications in the lead up to the Iraq War are well documented. Saddam wasn't a threat, but a nuisance, who happened to be sitting on valuable property. Attacking an innocent country wasn't just a bad mistake, as President Obama has said, but a war crime. And those who commit war crimes usually get hanged.

Author and columnist William Pfaff highlighted some of the lies and consequences of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in his article, "Exaggeration of Iranian Threat Could Have Dire Consequences":
The American invasion of Iraq in 2003 was motivated by the neoconservative illusion that the Iraqi people would welcome invasion and become a force for democracy, and friends to Israel. Instead, the death of Saddam Hussein and destruction of his government, the wrecking of Iraqi urban society and the country’s infrastructure and industry, which will take years to reconstruct, ignited anarchic insurrection and sectarian conflict, delivering the country into the power and influence of a much larger and more important enemy of both the United States and Israel—Iran.
A military strike against Iran will undoubtedly cause a much greater crisis within the region, and also disrupt the global oil market and global trade. There is absolutely no good reason for it. It is an act of genocide and suicide at the same time. But there is no logic to madness. The deranged leaders of Israel, and their fellow crazies in the US war establishment, will stop at nothing. Iran, which does not have the power to cripple the US with sanctions, or the ability to threaten the country's 50 states, has not acted aggressively. The aggressors time and again have been Israel and the United States. Israel in Lebanon and Gaza, and the US in Afghanistan and Iraq. As Pfaff writes:

If Iran does pursue a nuclear capability, once again it is to deter attack. Precisely the same objection exists to theories of Iranian aggression as to those lies put forward in 2002-03 about Iraq posing a nuclear menace to the world.

Once more, the threat is a polemical invention, intended to frighten American and Israeli (and European) voters and to prompt a preemptive attack on Iran. The reason Gates expressed his uncertainties to the president is that he, too, recognizes that the conflict with Iran is constructed from fictions—which, as with the lies about Iraq, may turn into another war, whose consequences are sure to be worse for all concerned than the fiasco and tragedy of America’s invasion of Iraq.

Even if cooler heads prevail inside the Obama administration, the prospect for a war with Iran still remains because Israel is determined enough to strike Iran on its own terms. Prominment members of the Israeli leadership have already accept the fate of a wider war with Israel's closest neighbors, and a possible nuclear strike against Iran. Indeed, if events dictate, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu will push the button. Victor Kotsev writes in the Asia Times:
There are consistent indications that Israel, too, is gearing up for an impending regional war and perhaps is considering initiating action on its own. "For practical reasons, in the absence of genuine sanctions, Israel will not be able to wait until the end of next winter, which means it would have to act around the congressional elections in November," Brigadier General Ephraim Sneh, a former Israeli deputy defense minister, wrote this month in an op-ed for Israeli daily Ha'aretz.

Sneh's assessment has been among the boldest so far in terms of specific time-frame predictions, but high-ranking Israeli officials and politicians, including Netanyahu, have called for the use of military force as a tool of last resort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Israeli prime minister has repeatedly asserted his belief that a nuclear Iran would pose an existential challenge to the Jewish state, and must be prevented despite the high price tag.

Sources close to him add weight to his words in light of the special relationship between him and his 100-years old father, who predicted the Holocaust in 1937 and who is a prominent hawk on Iran. "Look the danger straight in the eye, calmly weigh what should be done, and be prepared to enter the fray the moment the chances of success seem reasonable," said the elder Netanyahu as advice to Israel and his son during his centennial celebration address last month. [4]
The Power Behind The Throne

Only an extreme few will benefit from another war in the Middle East. But the average Christian has a very different impression. They believe that they will personally gain from an all out war in the holy land, because Jerusalem in flames represents in their mind the dawning of a Second Jesus, and a Second Jesus, even at the cost of millions dead, is all that matters to them. Not morality. Not virtue. Not innocence. Not the truth. But Christ. Jesus Fucking Christ. And the powerful Israel lobby are only too happy to oblige them. Justin Raimondo illustrates this toxic relationship in his article "The Making of American Foreign Policy":
A huge ongoing propaganda campaign is constantly churning out pro-Israel materials directed at a wide variety of special interest groups: the lobby’s most well-known success story is the Christian fundamentalist faction, which believes in the key role played by Israel as a harbinger of the second coming of Christ. The lobby has parlayed this into a powerful domestic constituency fanatically devoted to Israel’s cause – and not just the cause of the current Israeli government, but of the most extremist and expansionist elements in the Israeli polity.
A.M: Wake-Up Time

In his classic book on totalitarianism and brainwashing called "The Rape of the Mind," author Joost A.M. Meerloo wrote, "Totalitarianism must kill, slaughter, make war." The particular brand of corporate-totalitarianism that exists in America and the rest of the so-called democratic societies, has realized this basic fact, that it must make war and perpetually strike fear in the populace in order to offset internal rebellion and popular anger. Two false wars have already been manufactured based on the big lie that is 9/11 and cooked data about WMDs. And the ever-growing War on Terror requires new enemies, new battlefields, new weapons, and most importantly, new lies.

But one thing totalitarianism requires most is obedience, and that seems to be in very short supply. People have begun to emerge from their long sleep in the first decade of this century, and they're not hitting the snooze button again. Of course, waking up is only one part of the equation, the other part is getting up, and only a few seem to be doing that. But that could change in the near future.

Alexandria's Link.

FireDogLake's Link.

Bill Murphy Reveals JPMorgan Chase's Gold & Silver Manipulation

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

AntiWar.com - Israel First: More on Dr. Lani Kass

AntiWar.Com - Israel First: More on Dr. Lani Kass

By Philip Giraldi, April 22, 2010

My recent account of the career of Dr. Lani Kass was based on what has appeared about her in the public record and media, including her own comments regarding national defense and security policy. To recapitulate, Kass was born, raised, and educated in Israel. She has a PhD in Russian studies and is fluent in Russian and Hebrew in addition to English. Kass reportedly reached the rank of major in the Israeli air force before moving to the United States and working her way up through the US defense establishment. She is currently the most senior civilian adviser to Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz and is believed to have access to most American defense secrets. Kass is best known to the public for her role in promoting Air Force cyberwarfare, but she also appears to have been a major player in counter-terrorism policy and in war preparations directed against Iran even though she has no actual substantive background in those areas. She believes that the US is engaged in a long war against Islamo-radicalism and that "winning" against Iran is necessary but the American people must be willing to pay the price to succeed.

Continued. . .

Support Tyranny or You're a Terrorist

Support Tyranny or You're a Terrorist

By J. Speer-Williams

Support, or at least ignore, tyranny or the corporate media might call you a racist, anti-Semite, a terrorist, or all three epithets. Today, vocal, non-violent, civil disagreement or disobedience can be deemed as terrorist activity.

If the federal government labels you as a racist or anti-Semite, they can, with their new "hate" laws, arrest you. If, however, they label you as an "unlawful enemy combatant," for your out-spoken, anti-tyranny views, "our" government can "legally" have you picked-up, whisked to anyone of over 170 military bases around the world, held indefinitely, and tortured, all with-out charges, or the benefit of any legal defensive, and without any family or friends ever knowing what happen to you. No peaceful revolution is to be allowed in the land of the once brave and free.

As George Orwell wrote, "In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

James Bovard, author of Lost Rights wrote, "Americans have been taught to expect their salvation from government, instead of recognizing government as the most dangerous threat they'll face in their lives."

No redress of grievances are are to be allowed in our brave new world: Just take the destruction of our way of life and keep your mouth shut ... or else.

What's the cui bono (who benefits) from this demonization and arrest of those who engage in the honest civic activity of dissent? Tyrants, and those who are paid to support tyrants, is the simple answer to who benefits.

Leading this assault on valid dissent, by concerned Americans, is one of the foremost hate groups in the world: the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It's the SPLC that accuses Americans who disagree with the extreme turn toward tyranny our government has taken since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as being so filled with hate that they've become terrorists. But like all criminals, the SPLC accuses others of what they themselves are guilty: Hate. Hate of the freedoms, for which America was once known.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, truly impoverished with a lack of anything that resembles decency, is far from being poor; it's a 501(c)3 tax free group of extreme radicals, who are heavily funded from some very mysterious sources.

The International Monetary/Banking Cartel has tasked the SPLC with one overriding goal: "By way of deception, arrest human evolution." If you love your family, your church, and your nation, please learn how the alien Southern Poverty Law Center is trying to destroy our family values, the connections we have with our creator, and our American way of life.

The SPLC is one of the "think-tanks," that works with intelligence agencies, to give "talking points" and even scripts to the editorial staffs and talking heads of television, like O'Reilly, Beck, Olbermann, Matthews, Hannity, Cramer, Lauer, and that little Mossad agent, what's his name.

The SPLC is the hate group that issued a report to the Department of Homeland Security, that was subsequently issued to all of our law enforcement groups in the nation, that stated that supporters of Ron Paul's presidential candidacy were part of what the SPLC was calling the "Modern Militia Movement," who were commando renegades anxious to kill cops. The report went on to warn cops to be on the look-out for vehicle bumper stickers supporting Dr. Ron Paul, the Libertarian, Constitutional, and Campaign for Liberty political parties.

Glenn Beck signed a $40 million contract with the Monetary Cartel's CBS to convincingly read from teleprompters, lies set into motion by the SPLC, linking in the public mind Al Qaeda with American patriots. Something Beck calls an "unholy alliance," when the real alliance is between Al Qaeda and the US/UK/Israeli intelligence nexus, which will be creating false flag events to blame on American patriots.

FBI Director Robert Mueller has even out done Beck, by saying domestic terrorists (American patriots) are a greater threat to America than Al Qaeda, when Mr. Mueller knows very well Al Qaeda was initiated and is funded with black budgets from the US intelligence community, from the illegal drugs they bring in and sell through authorized outlets, like the Mafia.

The Department of Homeland Security has even issued an unclassified, but official white paper entitled, "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” This document clearly demonstrates how our own government is working to label patriotic Americans as part of a "phenomenon of violent radicalization." And once intelligence agents launch government sponsored terrorists events, which will be blamed on loyal, but vocal and concerned Americans, our best citizens will begin to disappear.

And soon, there'll be no one voicing their displeasure of government by calling radio talk shows or at public rallies. No one to tell us of the dangers with chemtrails, mandatory vaccines, open borders, a purposely crashed economy, banker bail-outs, the Fed, confiscatory taxes, soaring public debt, the health care bill, global governance, unjustified wars or unspeakable tortures. And America will become the next Soviet Union or Nazi Germany ... unless many more Americans wake-up to what is happening in our own country, where once laws had the consent of the governed.

Additionally, the white supremacist and militia movements are all run and funded by black operatives from the US/UK/Israeli joint intelligence network, in order to provoke, with money and heated rhetoric, mentally deficit ne'er-do-wells into high profile criminal acts. Such a case occurred on an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day of 2009, to justify forcing Americans to go through dangerous full-body scanners, that alter and destroy human DNA, which the US government had ordered about six months prior to their sponsored terrorist event.

FBI agent provocateur Hal Turner pretended to be a white supremacist, who called for violence on his Hal Turner radio show. The scam is simple: Place enough under-cover agents shouting hate, anti-Semitism, insurrection, and seditious libel over the air waves to justify eliminating our freedom of speech, and other rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It's an artless, but effective machination in a country that is so burden with governmentally created problems that most people form their opinions from mainstream media sound-bytes, a national consequence from so much malicious "noise" in our lives from the corporate media.

The idea is to associate - in the public's mind - those who expose governmental corruption and crimes as being seditionists, racists, anti-Semitics, insurrectionists, or terrorists. This process is already working well with under-cover operatives in the Tea Party movement, who hold up race inflammatory signs, at the grass roots level, while republican operatives try to co-opt the movement from above, with such shallow front pieces as Ms. Sarah Palin.

A major problem in routing out the den of thieves and murderers in our government have been their compliant courts and judges, who issue injunctions against any detailed exposure of governmental criminals and their crimes.

But in spite of all the money, power, and influence held by the dark forces over our entire government and courts of law, there is help coming to freedom loving people from wise and unknown sources.

Currently in Great Britain, there are 300 injunctions (gag orders) that have been issued by courts preventing exposures of governmental and corporate crimes, and probably many more such injunctions in US courts. But WikiLeaks (no relation to the CIA controlled Wikipedia), has come to our rescue. WikiLeaks is an anonymous, whistle-blowing internet site, that has thus far protected all of its whistleblowers, in exposing governmental and corporate crimes. Certainly the fear mongering haters of the SPLC must think that WikiLeaks and their whistleblowers to be the vilest terrorists in existence.

WikiLeaks is on their way to making court injunctions useless, as they have denied all attempts by the CIA/MI-5/MI-6/Mossad intelligence agencies to find out just who these WikiLeaks' whistleblowers have been. In a mere three years WikiLeaks has published more scoops than the Washington Post has published in thirty years.

WikiLeaks' latest release is a highly "classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad - including two Reuters news staff. The video shot from an apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded. For further information, please visit the special project website www.CollateralMurder.com.

In the hate filled minds of those at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the terrorists who murdered 12 innocent people are not terrorists; surely, according to SPLC logic, the terrorists are the whistleblowers.

In praise of WikiLeaks, Britain's The Guardian newspaper wrote "... serves as an uncensorable and untraceable depository for the truth, able to publish documents that the courts may prevent newspapers and broadcaster from being able to touch."

Is God on our side? If so, remember that God helps those who help themselves (and others). We can only be free if we are vigilant and desire freedom more than life.

J. Speer-Williams can be reached at jsw4@mac.com