August 27, 2009

American Patriot and Political Prisoner

Former IRS agent, Sherry Peel Jackson, was sentenced to serve four years in jail in February 2008. After finding out that the IRS is a giant scam, benefiting the ultra elite bankers who own the private Federal Reserve Bank, Mrs. Jackson began to do further research to educate others. What she did not know is that if you speak up in America, and have a credible background, then you're hunted down and thrown into the pit. But those jackal scumbags won't keep her down for long.

Her husband, Colin Jackson, gave an update about his wife's situation in prison last year.

August 26, 2009

The Biggest Bubble of All

The policies the U.S government is following are dangerous for its citizens. It's true that you can bomb or buy out anybody that you want to, but you can't control the rage that's building in the world. You just can't. And that rage will express itself in some way or the other. Condemning violence is not going to be enough. How can you condemn violence when a section of your economy is based on selling weapons and making bombs and piling up chemical and biological weapons? When the soul of your culture worships violence? On what grounds are you going to condemn terrorism, unless you change your attitude toward violence? - Arundhati Roy (from her interview with David Barsamian, in The Cheque Book and the Cruise Missile)
If the Mother of Creation possessed a stomach and she got pregnant then rage would be her only child. Whether or not it is a rage that is dedicated to preservation or annihilation depends on who is present to cut the umbilical cord, and how it will spill out. Also, if this Rage has a Loving twin, which I believe she has, then human choice becomes a huge factor in how our world will proceed in this early phase of the 21st century.

This rage against unresponsive power that is in the command of the Anglo-American elite will finally burst out, as it has in all ages of history. But it will be a messy affair. Let's be frank, it is unlikely that the planet's goons will have a change of heart since they have continued their bloody agenda for many, many years, so our only choice is to resist peacefully but passionately; by way of boycotts of major financial firms, strikes, marches, and a whole cascade of civil disobedience. I do not advocate instigating violence to bring change for both moral and practical reasons. Violence is unable to establish the highest order, Truth, which can only be fulfilled through education and conversation. And second, the People of this world are outgunned by a significant degree. We should all take heed in Kierkegaard's words, that "the use of base means is immediate proof of mediocre aims."

Because we are political animals, as Aristotle said, avoiding the task of resistance is not a choice, not if we ever want to lead happy and fulfilling lives in this world. Some argue that resistance is too late, or futile, but for the sake of justice and dignity, is it not worth a shot? If not now, then when? As Francis Bacon said, "it were better to meet some danger half way, though they come nothing near, than to keep too long a watch upon their approaches; for if a man watch too long, it is odds he will fall asleep" For too long we have lived in a makeshift bubble; a bubble that has been built on violence against other peoples of the world, and propaganda against ourselves. The belief that we are too small to create any meaningful change must end. Are we afraid of the warlike exercises conducted by the American State on its own soil? Fear should never dictate our line of action when human dignity is on the line, and it has been on the line for many, many years. The least we can do is to cross the line, just as WWI infantry soldiers left their trenches and risked their lives to defend their fellow brothers. In the beginning we will believe this war is for civilization, as they did, but we're defending something much greater than that, it's about friendship and loyalty to our fellow brothers and sisters. Forget civilization, what matters is the community of people around us.


The Third Worldization of the American People is radicalizing them into a political force that is still unconscious to a degree, and we should not cry foul at this development because the American people must first suffer before they can be a force for good in the world. The destiny of the People of Africa, Latin America, India, and Asia must intertwine with the destiny of the American People, who are the largest revolutionary force in the making. And they are receiving their political education from Chomsky, Alternative Media, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, political activists and writers. One man, Chomsky, has stood against the Propaganda Machine all his adult life, he is a true hero of the ages. But sitting in a lecture room is not enough, we must convert our knowledge into direct action, and civil disobedience. True, many people are still caught up in the left-right media melodrama, but we must not be weary because that is the way of our world. American Rage is the last bubble to burst, and positive, informed forces will be there to greet the new awakenees, but only if we keep on the march and not let shadow propagandists get away with their corrupt agenda. Arundhati Roy understands this positive mechanism working inside American society. In an interview with David Barsamian in the months leading up to the Iraq War, she had this to say:
Ordinary people do have a conscience. Ordinary people don't necessarily always act in their own selfish interests. If the bubble were to burst, and people were to know all of the horrendous things that have been carried out in their name, I think it would go badly for the American establishment. And I think it has begun. I think all America's family secrets are spilling out backstage on the Green Room floor.
The onslaught of propaganda cannot stop the resurgence of Truth and Liberty in public life. The totalitarian agenda that has been forced upon the North American and European Peoples since the 1970's is pitting us in a common destiny with the Peoples of the rest of the world. For too long, the People of the West have been separated from the colonization of the other regions of the world, not knowing just how brutal and anti-human their governments are because of their own psychic colonization. Genocide and slavery were both justified. Mass Murder? Class Chatter. However, we are slowly realizing that if the world is to be safe for democracy then we must first begin with our own Western governments. The message Wilson preached at the end of WWI still has resonance today, but for far different reasons. Today, Democracy is being brought to the United States, not the other way around. Philosopher and psychiatrist, Frantz Fanon, is a prophet in this sense. He saw the need for the People in the West to join the rest of mankind in the fight against tyranny and colonization. In his book, The Wretched of the Earth, he writes:
This huge task which consists of reintroducing mankind in the world, the whole of mankind, will be carried out with the indispensable help of the European peoples, who themselves must realize that in the past they have often joined the ranks of our common masters where colonial questions were concerned. To achieve this, the European peoples must first decide to wake up and shake themselves, use their brains, and stop playing the stupid game of the Sleeping Beauty.
In America, the De-development of the manufacturing industry and the outsourcing of jobs have allowed a process of Re-enslavement of the American people, especially of the lower classes, to take place. But as I've said before, this should not be looked at in a purely negative way, because the American plebs constitute the greatest revolutionary force in human history. The question is, will they fully awake from their sleep and act with full knowledge of what is going on? Or will they decline the role they have been given. If they make the wrong choice then a complete global-fascist takeover of America, funded by banking and corporate titans, and one much more cruel than the current powerful arrangement already in place, could take hold and force the country down an even meaner direction. With that said, I have faith in the American people, and they will come to the obvious conclusion that the occupation of the Middle East means occupation of New York, Dallas, and Washington.


In the Post 9/11 world we are all reliving Nietzsche's nightmare, leading lonely lives and weeping for the world, as the last of us are discharging from the herd. In that sense, Nietzsche was the greatest prophet after Zarathustra. But the time will come when rejoining the mass will mean something, because this time we won't be as mindless as before, and if we are centered in ourselves, then we can reach out and touch the center of the universe simply by shaking hands with the next person. Another influential philosopher in my thinking, Ortega Y Gasset, declared that "every form of overcoming is a way of preservation." Earlier in the piece, I asked if the child being born out of the Mother of Creation will dedicate herself to preserving the human species or annihilating it, which I will now admit is a false question, because it is up to us to decide. We are the judge of our destiny. Once we overcome this breaking point in history, we will achieve great things, which are yet unimaginable. The disquiet hero of our age, Noam Chomsky, remarked in a recent lecture what humanity is exactly facing:
Right at this point, crucial questions arise about the nature of Western democracies and their future, these are extremely important topics, they're obviously the most important ones for us, and they're important for everyone because it's quite literally true that the survival of the species is at stake.
Our present historical crisis is the harbinger of unceasing human growth in the future, and it is happening at this juncture because something deep within us is telling us to slow down and start recollecting. Conservation of forests, green space, wild species, as well as conservation of our past knowledge is part of the same survival mechanism. The changes that are taking place, and about to take place are unfathomable, and indeed, out of this world. It is easy to get lost in the world, and I mean this in every which way - intellectually, personally, psychologically. All things spin, the cycle of the planets rival the seasons on Earth, and the passions in our souls. We are called to take the cycle as a whole, but to also pay close attention to the seasons. Professor James Schall, of Georgetown University, writes in his book, The Order of Things, that "in order for the whole to be the whole, the parts must be, and remain, the parts." We must realize the bigger picture and the grainy details at once, so that when we finally act, we are not led astray by political madmen or fight tooth and nail with tooth and nail. We must concentrate our efforts on our local communities, farmer markets, close family ties, and our passionate friendships. "The thinker," Ortega says in Psychological Investigations, "ought to be loyal to the small, just as the Creator is."

At the beginning of this fateful decade, a bunch of former cheerleaders in Washington D.C published a paper called "A Project for a New American Century," which has turned out to be the Mein Kampf of this group of war criminals. Partly influenced by that title, I suggest we all begin a Project for a New Individualist Century. "We are, in a sense," Father Schall says, "a project to ourselves." Self-rule begins with the soul, and if this is done correctly, then ordering our families and societies will not be a difficult task. To scream "Liberty" without first ordering our souls is child's play and will lead further to freedom's ruin. Before this Bubble of Rage bursts, we must educate ourselves, our friends, and our families, so that when the Baby of Rage finally arrives, she will have a home. Just as the Father and the Mother read all the baby knowledge they can get their hands on, we must also dedicate our lives to both practical and theoretical knowledge pertaining to a truly free society, so the the Baby of Rage will not be crying for long once she is out of the womb.

This truly free society will not be based on coercion and fraud, but on Truth and human dignity. We will not relive the tragedy of Spain in the 1930's, when so many brave men and women, dedicated fighters for liberty, lost their lives as the world looked on. Describing that pivotal event, George Seldes, the heroic American journalist, wrote:
Here in Spain, once in our lifetime, we saw the people, the illiterate peasants, the factory workers of Spain joined by workers from Detroit, British poets, American poets, all the Spanish intellectuals without one exception, some Jews who had escaped Dachau, men who had been small merchants, doctors, students. The entire civilian population of the Loyalist side had only a few rifles in their hands, but all had courage in their hearts-and with them fought foreigners who had given up everything they owned and were about to give up their lives.
All these common men, the polloi of many lands, who might have lived out their lives in Thoreau's quiet desperation and gone to their graves without ever thinking deeply, without ever feeling deeply, were here and now in Spain, lifted out of the world's useless ruts, and into the spirit of a time of greatness.
Mass heroism! When was it ever experienced before? Or after? At the time of the Crusades-with their Hitler-like massacres? At the call of the United States politicians to save democracy in Vietnam? Let history say. (Even the Gods Can't Change History, p. 87)
The time will come when the Last Bubble will burst, and we too will be forced out of our quiet desperations and into history's final battle, which will be fought for the heart and mind of every Man and Woman. Will you be there? Because CNN won't be covering it, by then they will be irrelevant, as well as every other oppressive media institution.

Why Health Care Reform Failed

"From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August." - White House chief of staff Andrew Card.

Remember that little gem?

December would have been a better time, when people are freezing their asses off and rushing into the emergency room for flu shots. The Christmas spirit would kick in.

What would Santa do? He would deliver the goods.

World ...of Shit

In the film Full Metal Jacket, the character Pvt. Pyle, who is the most child-like of the new recruits, goes mad, after being treated as inferior by the rest of the recruits and Sergeant Hartman. At the beginning of military indoctrination, Pvt. Pyle is physically unfit and a friendly guy, but at the completion he is physically ready to go but mentally unfit. The other recruits say he may be a "Section 8," meaning he is unfit for military duty. But who is the real crazy one? The one who kills himself or the one who kills others? Pvt. Pyle couldn't take the humiliation, the indoctrination, and the dehumanization. Before he blows himself up, he says " I am... in a world... of shit!"

Similarly, in a society largely organized by military influences, such as America's, those who resist the fascist media's indoctrination are viewed as chicken-shit maggots who can't take the tyranny. In other words, if you resist you are insane. That kind of explains all the pills and drugs in American society. I know there is more to it, but the growth of the medical psychiatrists is in line with the larger purpose in American society. If you are not fully indoctrinated then you must be crazy. Ron Paul was called crazy during the presidential election, and so is every other truth seeker.

And who are the recruits who first raise the rumor that Pvt. Pyle may be going Section 8? None other than Pvt. Joker(Obama), and Pvt. Cowboy(Bush). Gotta love Kubrick.

August 25, 2009

"Till The Very End" - Dan Wallace

"We are going to keep up this fight to the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom, we are going to take it from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace, RIP.

August 22, 2009

Sun of Justice

The world is falling leaves, and God is in the raking.

Terror breeds terror. Political violence acquires a cycle of its own, to which we are abandoned to carry out until we are all dizzy in this merry house. That it is a cycle is an established historical certainty, and there isn't any way of getting around it. We must cut through the cycle, but I'm not completely sure how this happens, however, some kind of omission or apology has to be involved. The after shocks of violence is a new found silence; the world and the self experience a sudden chasm, wherein new meaning is given to reality.

Violence is the most primitive form of shock therapy, it awakes the dead to terror, but it should not be thought of as an extraordinary event. Our Western civilization is based on violence, and has been ever since the first colonizers landed in North America, and this more or less true of all the advanced human civilizations since we first gathered in groups. But violence is accepted because violence is not always committed for violence sake; violence can serve as a basis, it can be used to create a society of unbelievable wealth. In other words, the business cycle runs on the violence cycle, but they cross out each other because business creates stationary wealth, and people are willing to accept the temporary surplus of violence, if it is matched by a temporary surplus of wealth. Many Europeans simply rationalized the mass-slaughter of the population on the North American continent, believing that it was the law of evolution and that their particular civilization was the only one ordained by God in human history.

I am not criticizing business, though, because it has ushered many positive changes. Not all business inventures are predicated on violence, new found wealth can also be developed by technological breakthroughs and that seems to be the way of our economic future. For peace to finally triumph, entrepreneurs must lead the way. All State militarism will have to be put to an end by the people of the world, and that means converting the military hardware so that it can be used for civilian ends. But so far, the growth of our civilization has been based on violence of all forms, environmental, political, and I would even argue spiritual because the long workdays kill the human spirit.

Not all violence is converted into societal wealth, in fact, most violence is produced by the powerful elite and for their own profit. I would call their violence an evolutionary violence because their actions force change in the lower levels of society. Violence speeds up the evolutionary process, and moves history toward the future. The other type of violence is revolutionary violence, which theorists and psychologists like Frantz Fanon and Rollo May have written extensively about. Decolonization was shaped by the violence it unleashed. I have not read too much of the history of violence but I am beginning to and from what I see, when history reaches a breaking point violence turns out to be cause most of the time. That is a basic statement, but all beginners must begin at the basics.

Change can occur without violence. However, it is not lasting change, unless the heightened consciousness that was required to make a peaceful change is kept up by following generations after the change occurred. For example, after MLK was assassinated by the repressive forces in America, the elite regrouped and created a drug war to re-incriminate free slaves and built a prison infrastructure to house them. Some will argue the drug war had a life of its own, and was not carried out by design but I like to defer. Nothing happens without a reason. Are money and spoils part of it? Of course. But in the grand scheme of things, the elite construct social systems to put themselves in the best position imaginable, and the drug laws, the mandatory sentencing, and other draconian measures have been instituted for a definite political purpose; to keep society vastly unequal. Also, the Drug War serves a foreign purpose, on top of domestic ones. At the same time that the Drug War came into existence, the US Dollar ditched the Gold standard, forcing the nation's financiers to find some other real commodity that could give weight to the Dollar, hence all the activity in Colombia and Afghanistan after 1971.

I mentioned that the second type of violence is revolutionary, but I should clarify that not all violence is an act of defiance, some are bursts of rage, while other occur because of an informed thirst for change. First it's strange, but then violence is normalized, to the point where nobody can see it divorced from life.

Some people mistake self-defense and natural processes for aggressive violence, and they are born horrified, but they are mistaken. Not all violence is used to shock, some is done to demobilize, some to organize, and some because people don't have the words to vocalize their deep concerns or fears. Most political violence is done by those who have told a lie. Violence stimulates the bored, and the 'sober' wise - like the pseudo-intellectuals who are mystified over why, - and give the kind of analysis that the numb and blind can get behind.

All Violence is done in the name of justice, or at least, those who commit violence also always try to justify it. If there is a Sun of Justice in this universe, it has yet to appear in our time, or at any time in history, except for a brief moment here and there. The Empire of any age feels itself to be Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, because it perceives that it is closest to the Sun of Justice. Mercury is the Roman god of merchandise, merchants, and commerce. The word mercenary also derives from it, and what's interesting is that the Greek's word for Mercury is Hermes, who is at the helm of the mystics, and is the god which leads souls to the after world.

The Empire's terrorists deeds are justifiable in this worldview, while small political organizations who also act out terror deeds are condoned and punished. In this galaxy, they are viewed as Pluto, an object far away from the Sun of Justice and so has no business of delivering it or talking about it. While Mercury is indeed closest to the sun, and the Empire is the largest force in the political galaxy, one hidden fact leaves everything out in the open, and that is this; how do we know that the Sun of Justice doesn't move around from planet to planet? Can we assume that it is like a physical sun which rises and demises every day and night and all the planets go around it in the same fashion year after year? And why does it matter who is closest to Sun of Justice, since we are all pulled by it?

Humans, and all living creatures are gravitated to all light. Without the physical sun, the crops don't grow, plants don't show, and we don't eat. Likewise, without the hidden Sun of Justice we feel down, our spirits are not as lively. The cycle of violence can speed up until our extinction, unless we evolve at break-neck pace. To be sure, our spirits do grow in strength when they are kept in the dark because it feels fear -and fear drives us into ourselves and strengthen us to face the world. I like fear. But there is such a thing as being kept in the dark for too long, and once that happens, fear begins to be used destructively and without much thought. An outpouring of fear and dissolution intensifies the nerves and cuts out all rational avenues. Blood takes over. And at that point, you become a servant of destiny instead a master of it. Such is the fate of prisoners.

These are my preliminary views on violence, I haven't given them much critical thought. I am writing in a burst of passion, making do with what little I can come up with. I'm reading Fanon, May, and others, who I will try to quote at length in the following weeks. These are stuttering and inexact thoughts, I know, but they are simply my reservations and nothing else. Maybe in the future they will begin to hold weight, but for now, they fly onto the page as madman flies into a rage and can't get a hold of himself. One of these days, however, I will get a hold of my thoughts rather than keeping them back, or throwing them forward without preparing them for critical analysis and every other force in the World of Thought.

August 21, 2009

Tom Woods on Ron Paul, The Fed and Liberty

This scholar was born with hermetic genes, he is a true treasure, and a joy to behold. God Bless Tom Woods.

Reflections on Self

I should follow Emerson's advise and choose the notes in my pages, and use less the quotes from the sages, that way, once the shoe lifts, I will recognize my imprint and know my trail years from now. It doesn't take a genius to follow your own path, besides, what I do have to lose? Nothing. And everything to gain. It makes perfect sense to write, even with the full knowledge of my limitations, because I am writing for myself and nobody else. Some become men by gripping the sword, knowing not who or why they kill, but I'm choosing another method, to strip the word down from jargon so it fits in my hands, allowing me to grow into a Man's skin rather than have it laid upon me. I will turn writing into my rite of passage. I'll seek out the wisdom of the past age, then cast it into this era of the fast pace, like a cascade, forcing the ignorant to run for the hills in these last days. I blast rage like a comic backstage who has nothing but a mic and an ash tray. I write from my dad's cave, like a bat whose half-crazed, or from a mass grave, through a child's voice whose past eight, or like a lone shark inside history's last wave, reaching the sands without making a splash. My knowledge is glass made, designed to reflect the inner intelligence of those who received half-grades in that vast maze called schooling. This isn't an off the wall ruling cause my judgment is precise. The gods scream kill the machine, while we merely dream of a small retooling of life.

Excavating the Truth involves trial and error. While I am prepared, walking down history's aisle of terrors is still a daunting task, one that attracts smiles and stares, but I know God is on the other side, and he's waiting for me to dial a prayer.

My first steps in becoming a writer were precautionary, but I am slowly gaining my voice, and beginning to accept this challenge as my fate. I take stock in the works of the great minds, from all walks of life, and all fields of knowledge, but I must advance, not despite them, but because of them. When they began to built, time was still under their feet, also, they were not engulfed in their environment and distracted by it the way I am. But they didn't overcome their history without some kind of struggle, and their Thought was graceful and pure with courageous effort, because they too were under great pressure; the mastery of the Greeks were hoisted over them, making them timid at first to even pick up the shield of thought, but it became necessary to think again for oneself, as it is today, which means to abstain from building your own Thought will leave you defenseless, and put you under unsought influence. Freedom, like Thought, is not a choice, but a burden that must be upheld, and also to be enjoyed. All who take any part will be taken apart, nay, those who have been taken apart will take part in the dance of life, of thought, and of love. Even when I write out of my ass, as I did just now, it does not make it an excuse to never write again, because next time it might come out of my heart, or my mind, or better yet, if I'm lucky, my stomach. So I must not be terrified that I might err the wise. Why walk by the mansions of thought, staring and wondering, when I could dedicate my life to my street. Mine is a new house built on ruins, with unbreakable material, designed not to sell, but to live in, even in ruins, if necessary.

My destiny is a gradual unraveling, and every small step I take is a reaffirmation of the life I've lived, but taking a leap of faith sometimes is necessary, especially when you have doubted yourself. To reach a place where I can finally begin my work without hesitations; that is my end, and I write it like this because the realization comes to me this way, it is near the period when my thought begins to crystallizes. I write to remind, or I should say, when I am reminded I write. I remind because I can't live in a world that has forsaken truth as the ultimate authority. If the past is forgotten, write off the future, which is begotten before the present. I try to remind the beings made of light to fully express the power within, and quit grasping the power outside of them, which is not theirs, and can't be used for their purpose. I remind the old and those still at youth that there is a Will to Truth that exists in the world, apart from us, and we must let go of our subjective feelings, to embrace the world wholly. Embracing the world today means embracing the fact that corruption and lies are at the heart of the World, but we should not take flight from this situation, instead, we should do as Kierkegaard did and take the leap of faith, though not in an overtly religious sense. Taking the leap of faith means shedding the fear of all that may come after our decision, for that is out of our control and should not preoccupy our minds. In the MANAS journal's first issue it is written: "There is only one weapon with which to fight the various approaches of Fascism and that is the psychological armor of fearlessness."

To write affirmatively, I must shed all fear. What comes after is out of my control.

August 20, 2009

Carry On Tradition

Dr. Rand Paul, Dr. Ron Paul's son, is running for the senate seat in Kentucky, and today is his Money Bomb.

August 19, 2009

Why I Love America

August 18, 2009

The Story of Our Lives

Thomas Jefferson wrote that the most effective way of guarding against tyranny is to "illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts which history exhibiteth."

We live in a time of Illumination, perhaps greater in scope than what the generation of Jefferson and Paine experienced. In order to filter out the smokescreens of history, along with the other poisonous gases that are being sucked into the stratosphere by financial weather-men, we need to make the facts of history tangible once again, to make them real, that way history comes alive for every human being. Mythologist Joseph Campbell emphasized that Man today needs to develop an I-Thou relationship with the city he lives in, and beyond that, the planet he inhabits. I believe Man must regain an I-Thou relationship with history, both the recent past and the ancient world.

The cultural and political processes that gained traction in the early phase of the last century are still with us, for example, the fascist streak in Big Business and Big Government is a danger to human beings today more than ever. But when Fascism is brought up in history class it is exclusively affiliated with Mussolini and Hitler, and the textbooks conclude that chapter in history with the dropping of the atom bomb. Such nonsense and fabrications of history Is what I will fight against. Did it ever occur to teachers of history that Fascism gained an even larger footing in America? Or that Fascism is a historical trend that is a reaction against the improvements of lives of the working and middle classes?

I don't use the word 'Fascism' to describe the world political-economic system in a loose manner. What many label 'Corporate' News is in actuality 'Fascist' News, and they are traitors against the US constitution, Democracy, and the Liberties of the People of the World. American journalist, George Seldes, who I am greatly indebted to, foresaw Fascism rearing its ugly head in America in the 1930's. What Hitler and Mussolini accomplished before the War, with the backing of powerful industrial and financial titans, American Fascist Rulers accomplished after the War, although at a slower rate. Seldes saw the Special Interests for what they are; Robbers of Public Wealth. Speaking about the Fascist agenda that has swept the world, he remarked: "Their main object was to end the civil liberties of the nation, destroy the labor unions, end the free press, and make more money at the expense of a slave nation." In his great book, Facts and Fascism, Seldes lays out the profits made in Nazi Germany after Fritz Thyssen funded Hitler's early operations, an industrial giant who later withdrew his support because of the excesses of the Fascist system. Seldes writes:
There were, of course exposes of Hitler as a tool of Germany's Big Money, written before he became dictator, but inasmuch as publication occurred in small non-commercial weeklies which few people read, or in the radical press, which is always accused of misrepresentation (by the commercial press which is always lying) the fact remains that few people knew what really was going on. This conspiracy of silence became even more intense when the big American and other banking houses floated their great loans for Hitler-and other fascist dictators in many lands. (P. 17. Facts and Fascism)
This phenomenon wasn't unique to Germany. The peoples of Italy, Japan, Spain, and of course, America, have witnessed the "march of the men of wealth and power," in their countries. Usually dazed and confused, the people do occasionally catch a glimpse of the machinery operating behind the democratic facade, the most glaring example being the Bank Bailout of 2008. Although it likes to hide behind 'free enterprise,' Fascism is a force of reaction, as Seldes points out, and the aggressors are the same Lords and Bankers that appear throughout history. Today they are the Financial Lords, the War Lords, and the Press Lords. "There is no program," Seldes forcefully says, "no policy, no ideology and certainly no philosophy back of Fascism, as there is back of almost every other form of government. It is nothing but a spoils system."

How does Democracy regain ascendancy in the world, and this time for good? It all comes down to knowledge and will. Workers' rights needs to be emphasized, and the muscle of the law needs to be flexed, which means truth commissions and trials. I'm not suggesting we should establish a McCarthy commission to reign in the Reigners of Public Opinion, but there are traitors in the Press, who are working against the interests of the public good, and they need to be exposed.

Seldes said it more boldly than I: "When we destroy international Fascism we must at the same time destroy national Fascism, we must replace the reactionary forces at home with truly democratic forces which will represent all of us." Corporate Titans are working behind the scenes to fund the Christian-Republican movement into an even more powerful force, and it could very well become a Fascist force that comes from below. All this anti-government rhetoricians miss the fact that The Corporation is the real power holder in America. The government is a hostage, but a very useful hostage because of its resources and connections.

Americans are not a vigilant people, but they are courageous. Americans completed the first task when they crushed the Nazis, but they forgot that there is another war to be fought on the home front. Seldes, again: "We, however, will also inherit the job left unfinished on the battlefield: it is we, the civilians, and the soldiers who will again become civilians, who will have to continue to fight native Fascism for many years. We will do this in the elections, in Congress, in the labor unions, in the press, in the churches, in the schools-everywhere."

Unfortunately, Americans have not re-declared war on the enemy, instead, they have stalled for sixty four years. And that is not totally their fault, because all the economic and political forces are set up against them, in Congress, in the press, in the churches, and most tragically, in the schools. Fascism was not discussed as a economic system that is operating the world in any of my classes, and this lack of knowledge has left us without shields when we go out into the world. Luckily, the Internet, our saving grace, has given us the knowledge to fight against these enemies of mankind.

Democracy should never be a foregone conclusion, it is a story that constantly needs retelling, like the myths of old. It is the job of tribe leaders to gather the young children around the campfire and show them that fire can be rediscovered in every generation, and it is only way in this way that knowledge will be passed on. The teacher must share the fire with the student, which is not possible if the teacher does not keep it burning in himself, because how can you pass on fire without first taking hold of it? The essayist John Jay Chapman wrote that it "is due in part to the hiatus in our own thought which makes us divide the process of learning from the process of teaching, as if a teacher could have anything more valuable to impart than his own passion to learn the truth."

I sometimes write with an acid pen, which inflicts some damage, but the sword is not as sharp as it needs to be. I am still touching the enemy's face half-blindly, making out the features very slowly. My task is like that of the old medieval monks and scribes, who diligently translated the Classics and other historical documents from other cultures. The last phase of the 20th century saw a flood of propaganda, making all truths hard to get at, and they will not come up to the surface of the present even by the hands of God. What is required is a plunge, to recover lost knowledge and facts, and truth seekers may drown. But if we choose to stay afloat, then the ghosts at the bottom, like those in the Titanic, will haunt humanity forever. If historical memory is not regained for the mass of humanity then the future is bleak. Our survival is only possible with a reconnection with the truths of the past. And we can not just sit on these findings, as if they are a treasure chest of knowledge, no, that is what men of secrecy and wealth seek to do, we must reverse this trend, and instead, act on our knowledge.

Ortega Y Gasset, in his essay called The Self and the Other, writes:
Man's destiny, then, is primarily action. We do not live to think, but, on the contrary, we think in order that we may succeed in surviving.
Ortega then builds some ground on these two sentences, saying that life is itself dangerous, and doesn't need to be lived dangerously, contradicting Nietzche's borrowed motto. Man, by coming under pressure, is drawn to thought, which is not a gift but a daunting task, that requires constant strength. For Ortega, thought is an ongoing conquest, which means there is no relief from the Tree of Thought. In this conquest, fallen soldiers, like fallen leaves, are remembered not for how slow they fell, but for how deep their roots penetrated into the Tree of Thought, and how committed they were to the conquest. Ortega referred to it as a conquest because for him thought and action are inseparable:
Action is to act upon the material environment or upon other men in accordance with a plan conceived in a previous period of contemplation or thought. There is then, no authentic action if there is no thought, and there is no authentic thought if it is not duly referred to action and made virile by its relation to action.
To think is the mandate of today, as it was of yesterday, and will be of tomorrow. Sustaining the democratic spirit means we must do a balancing act between being a spectator and a speculator. And by spectator I mean being a watchman who reflects and becomes his own soul-guard, and watches like a bodyguard; not a watchman who merely watches without first turning into himself to see firsthand what and who he is protecting. If not, danger and crisis ensues. Once the democratic senses are dulled, and the righteous path of action is blocked, then political violence supersedes all other types of action. As Ortega says; "Without a strategic retreat into the self, without vigilant thought, human life is impossible." The vigilant must have a direct target to observe, and protect it from what it is commanded to defend - an idea, a God, a truth, a past, or a spirit.

Nietzsche declared God is Dead at the end of the 19th century, and I believe we can resurrect Him if we dedicate ourselves to making the Truth known in the public domain. In Ortega's world Truth was dying, and for me that means spiritual truths, but more importantly, political truths, which were pronounced dead not on 9/11/01, but long before, because the cover-up began ahead of the great deed. Truth was pronounced dead by the poets, who else? "Born into this, walking and living through this, dying because of this, castrated, debauched, disinherited, because of this," wrote the poet Charles Bukowski. Bukowski was born into the age of death, of the assassinated, as was Hunter S. Thompson, but they still took the ride, swirling it in their direction, to make it serve their own, inner lives. They dictated, and being a dictator is not a bad thing, if it is only your life, and not others, that you are dictating.

At it is now, the public is unresponsive to damning political truths, so I suggest we do not approach that monster, as Kierkegaard called it. Instead, we must all meet the Truth, as well as each other, individually, without the baggage of public misconceptions and prejudices. And without a shouting match, as that will only inflame different political factions and move them to violence. I realize we do not come across the Truth with our eyes wide open, we are told about it, and the first Word was cast out by prophets like William Cooper. A prophet is not a person who foretells, but forewarns, because he comes to the Truth the same way as the rest of us, only much earlier, so he shouts it much louder to reach those stuttering up ahead. The prophet's voice is loud because we are farther down, and when we are apart from each other our ears shrink, making every new sound deafening, and so we put our hands over them, which makes our situation worse. The courageous ones fall back and try to hear out what's being said, and then rejoin the tribe to repeat, word for word, while others return only to distort and inject lies. When the feedback is broken, Truth can't stand on its own, forcing every individual member of the tribe to make a comeback by himself, listen on his own terms, and then regroup later to act based on what she learned.

The Story of Our Lives is about telling the truth of both State Terrorism and Fascism, which are nothing new and have their origins in history, but are being known for the first time in history by a large number of people, who's Free Will dictates that they actually do something about the injustices. I must emphasize, again, that I do not use the word 'Fascism' for rhetorical purposes, it is a diagnosis of the current economic-politico system of the world. We can see the effects on the ground, in Africa, in Latin America, in the Middle East, and now we are seeing it in America in a bigger way. Fascism is the world economic-politico system of, buy, and for the global ruling class. Any other definition is academic jargon.

Writer Arundhati Roy sees the consequences such a economic system is having in India and everywhere else in the world. In an interview with David Barsamian, from the book The Chequebook and the Cruise Missile, Roy says:
The distance between power and powerlessness, between those who take decisions and those who have to suffer those decisions, has increased enormously. It's a perilous journey for the poor -it's a pitfall filled to overflowing with lies, brutality, and injustice. Sitting in Washington or Geneva in the offices of the World Bank or the WTO, bureaucrats have the power to decide the fate of millions. It's not only their decisions that we are contesting. It's the fact that they have the power to make those decisions. No one elected them. No one said they could control our lives. Even if they made great decisions, it's politically unacceptable.
Fascism's ascendancy, which came as a reaction against Democracy and the gains won by the lower levels of society, is the most important and exciting story of our lives. I have yet to make this story totally transparent. I have only come upon the legends, and some of the characters. The task ahead is great, but the story must be told to the current generation, and retold to our descendants.

August 16, 2009

Freestyle Commentary

Disclaimer: The following words are incoherent at best, and jumbled at worst. But if you choose to keep along, you can excavate some things that I hope will make you think new thoughts or clarify old ones. We are stuck in muddy waters, historically, so gathering ourselves will take slow motions, and only once a while a leap of faith is possible. As historian Jacques Barzun said, "we must recognize that our work to attain truth succeeds only piecemeal."

Who was responsible for the mass evil committed in the last century - the tyrant or the mob? The single individual, supported by the establishment - or the crowd at his feet, who are supported by their instincts and imaginations? Who plays off the energies of the other - the public speaker, or the audience?

I believe that being placed in front of the public is a privilege, a privilege that has been abused by cynical, quasi-leaders. I don't lay blame on the sheep, but on the unaffectionate and hostile shepherds, who resort to unfriendly tactics to steer the sheep in the desired course rather than the right one; the one set out by providence. Most of the famous orators of history have been the greatest betrayers off humanity, save the few generous heroes like Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, media melodrama is setting off the alarm on mob violence. The week before it was lone wolves. Tomorrow Western political organizations will be targeted as terrorists groups. The current boring chorus of concern about dangers of the mob taking over town halls, led by the media and the government, is extremely hypocritical. Commentators declare the conservative mobs are ignorant, but in the midst of all this political fury, let's not forget why people on the right, and the general public as a whole, remain ignorant - the government and the media, acting in accordance with one another, continue to distill the facts to serve the corporate-fascist agendas they serve. In other words, they are kept ignorant. Some journalists' entire role in some of these newspapers is to misinform the public about crucial subjects pertaining to the national(corporate) interest, and some are in the direct payroll of the CIA. How many stories are spun every day on the national media? And yet, tv pundits wonder why these conservatives reactionaries appear at rallies with moronic signs that shows their utter lack of knowledge about the real enemy. Again, I place the blame not at conservatives Christians, but the corporate media who fail to correctly inform them, about any issue, and that includes the entire news spectrum.

And the liberals of our day are not liberals in the traditional sense, they want to impose their beliefs as much as the next guy, and call their political opponents ignorant, falsely believing that justifies their aggresive stance. The way Ortega understood liberalism is that it must "govern with the opposition!” The left share this anti-humanist trait with the Christians; both sides want to define the other through their own prism, and as a result, both misunderstand each others intentions and values. Politics has always been a tug of war, but today, both camps declare their victory a landslide when it is nothing more than a tug, overseen by financial lords. In the health care debate ground troops in both camps dig ever deeper into their spot, which shows they are for real, but it doesn't matter who pushes the line because those who draw the line are not ideological about profit and control. Another problem is that there is no real leadership. Obama is like a whistle-blower at camp; his duties are limited and he has to report back to management once the day is over. Where he gets his power from is when people look to him to blow the whistle, which means he actually doesn't have any power. The president is the whistle-carrier in American politics, meaning he doesn't call the shots; he calls the play. Once the whistle is blown forget the political winds because the god almighty media machine can take any truth for a spin around the voting blocks.

Reforming the political system is as basic as this statement; liberals and conservatives need to realize that they are on the same team, and recognize that the tug of war they're engaged in is consuming their political energy. Only a democratic political leader who speaks to both libertarians and progressives, in the tradition of Nader and Paul alike, can save the American political system. Not so much beyond party politics, as was the case in Germany in the last Great Depression, but third party politics. A politics that doesn't use demagoguery or fear, but instead, seeks to genuinely inform the voter. What's needed at this dour hour is an inspiring and knowledgeable political leader who faces each member of the audience as a single individual, and address his concerns in due fashion, forgetting the mass altogether, but also intelligent members of society that have attained self-hood in their own lives.

I believe political-inspired violence will climb until this misunderstanding between conservatives and liberals is fixed, and no longer blocks the paths to a credible and elevated reform. "Civilization," to quote Ortega once again, "is before all, the will to live in common. A man is uncivilized, barbarian in the degree in which he does not take others into account. Barbarism is the tendency to disassociation.”

I've read Le Bon's book on the crowd for my essay in history class, as well as Ortega's Revolt of the Masses, so I'm familiar with the arguments against the mob and I'm generally sympathetic to them. And having read well over ten books about the rise of the Nazi party, I see the dangers in organizing around irrational ideas on a mass scale, which seems possible in America's near future. The only stimulant against this development is education, rapid education and the spread of information, which go hand in hand.

Kierkegaard said his task was defending the establishment, and to take aim "at the numerical, the crowd, the inorganic, the mass, the evil in society." In another entry in his journals, he says: "Either the established order - or the single individual, the unconditionally single individual, but nothing in between, which is indecision, parties, sects, and the like. On these terms I support an establishment, for you will be hard put to it to find in any one generation someone who manages to be unconditionally the single individual; they all want to botch it in parties and so on." These ideas were a reaction to the incoherent political changes in his time, most specifically to the 1848 revolutions in Europe. He writes: "When chaos conquered in 1848 it became very clearly my task - I who had acted as a stimulus towards movement - precisely to oppose the reformers. I have always seen this; it was just that I had to grasp it more fully."

I think Kierkegaard is entirely right that the focus must be put on the individual, that it is up to each person to carry civilization on his back. Soldiers dedicate their bodies during wartime to protect what they see as their civilization, so I don't see why civilians can't commit themselves to the same duty - after all - they are not given the term 'civilians' for nothing. We must change from being consumers to being civil citizens, and understand that we belong to a greater whole, which wouldn't be possible unless we each, for ourselves, carried the load. In this century, we must approach life as if there is a constant war and appropriate our concerns to it, specifically to the enemy, until the war is over, which is unforeseeable at the present hour. If we slack off and continue to believe that democracy doesn't demand constant vigilance and dedication, then our rights, our land, our standards of living, which were won by blood in the past centuries, will continue to diminish and the world will once again be divided into the nobility, merchants, and peasants, except this time there will be different terms to classify men and women.

If there is a revolution, we can not expect too much from the leaders. If a new revolution is successful, it must begin with a renewed emphasis on self-worth and the idea that every man is a king, and every woman a queen. Kierkegaard wrote in his journals that "the less a man himself exists, the more he is drawn to eloquent effusion." The reason why the Nazi nightmare happened is because ordinary Germans believed too much in hierarchy, obedience, and the belief that onyl one man is can save them, and this belief stemmed partly from their experience in the first world war, and partly because of Germany's history, of the military and political successes of strong men such as Bismarck and Frederick the Great.

The influential French sociologist Gustave Le Bon whose theories on crowd psychology were instrumental to Hitler’s understanding of propaganda, remarked in his groundbreaking book The Crowd that the “destinies of peoples are determined by their character and not by their government.” In a similar vein, the author of The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany historian T.L Jarman says “the savagery of the Thirty Years War left some permanent effect on the German character.” One mark it left was a militaristic ethic that proved inhospitable to a civil and democratic way of being, and this mark was most ingrained in the German consciousness in the aftermath of Bismarck’s legacy. The order, hierarchy and principles dedication of the Prussian army were copied by the Nazi party and this appealed to a wide number of Germans who submitted willingly.

America's history is radically different, and the character of ordinary Americans is marked by self-responsibility and a common sense ethic that dictators are ungodly. America's strong reaction against Dick Cheney's legacy is an example of the resilience of Americans. Look at all the great individualists American society has produced; Jefferson, Thoreau, Emerson, Douglass, MLK, Malcolm X, Ron Paul, I.F Stone, Hunter S Thompson,...the list is long and includes poets, film makers, politicians, journalists, and businessmen.

My intention is not to demonize ordinary Germans, who were lied to by Hitler. According to Peter Fritzsche, author of Germans into Nazis, the appeal of the Nazis was that the “Nazis stood for renewal, their opponents for reaction and compromise; they spoke for the people, their opponents through corrupt interest groups, inept bureaucracies, and a distant, distracted chancellory.” Of course, all that was rhetoric, just as Obama's pledges and promises for reform are nothing but rhetoric. Again, the danger lies not in the masses but in their spokesmen, who are guided by a corrupt minority of elites.

In Germany, the working classes and middle classes gave up on political parties to fix the economic and social crises, and instead, believed that only a single individual could save Germany. The lesson that can be learned from this is that no matter how powerful any individual is, he is not god, and is most likely influenced by industrial and monetary elites, to whom the individual in power is beholden to. Without the masses or the elites, the politician is nobody, and represents most of all the mass-man, as Ortega understood it. Obama is not of the elite; he is an average man, groomed from the beginning to become a popular politician, just as Hitler was funded early on by enthusiastic industrialists and bankers. I'm not comparing Obama's politics with Hitler's, but only to say that these men who have gained ascendancy above the mass are of the mass but serve the tiny transnational elite. They each have their own specific destinies as individual human beings, but they are not in control of their destiny, because they would just be another mass-man, if it wasn't for the elite's wealth and political support.

I also understand the social, economic, and political complexity of Germany's post-war situation. Unemployment then was the highest in any modern industrial state. Defeat and the subsequent humiliation still weighed greatly on the national psyche, and the ineptitude of the national parties, much like today in America, all played a factor to the rise of Hitler. Juxtaposing Hitler to Obama is beyond ignorance, it shows a lack of historical comprehension. Hitler was still unknown before the Great Depression, while Obama came to prominence well before the economic crisis seeped its way into national life. Hitler was on the fringes until 1929, so his rise was in no way spectacular, while Obama gained fame at the 2004 Democratic convention, where he was made a star by the media spotlight. Hitler preached against a certain sector of the population, the Jews, and his fiery rhetoric drew thunderous applause, while Obama keeps his tone cool and rarely rouses the audience.

The only similarity I can draw is between the two political campaigns. Both drew from popular imagery, and other propaganda techniques. Many of Hitler's rallies took place at night, and if I remember correctly, Obama took the stage to accept the Democratic nomination well into the night, which is believed to have occult powers and allows the speaker to be more effective in carrying his message to the audience than during the day. Other than that, there are few historical resemblances between Hitler and Obama's ascendancy. The majority of the people in Germany were behind Hitler, and the complete opposite is the case in America. Obama's numbers are already dwindling, making him much more of a shooting star than a fascist comet. As Ortega said in his book The Revolt of the Masses, "the law of public opinion is the universal law of gravitation in political history.” You can already see Obama's political weight coming down, the only thing that willl bring him back to his initial height is a mass catastrophe, a terror attack, or some kind of disaster than forces the country to come together around the commander in chief. If you don't think liberals can't come around the flag and the president, then you're sadly mistaken. The left will cheer in the event of military forces taking down a town who opposes the state's goons, much like they did in Waco.

Although Obama is not a fascist figure, the political-economic structure he stands in for, is. His political campaign wasn't that great of a movement; there were no intense rallies, save the weeks leading up to September for the national democratic convention. Fascism in Germany carried a spiritual weight, it gave new found meaning to people's lives, and that type of politics has yet to appear in America.

Regardless of my hatred for the systematic destruction of liberties by the elite, I have to bow down to them, simply because of their ability to recognize the American people's political appetites and serving them accordingly. Is it a surprise that most Americans love their happy meals, even in politics? Moreover, the intensive interest put on Obama was a very wise move by the occupiers of the US government. All the emphasis on hope and uniformity made people believe that a better future under the current political system is possible, that it can be all achieved by going into the polls. I know many refrained from voting, but they have yet to be political actors, because by not voting you don't make any statement. Statements are made by forceful actions, and there is no such thing as a protest vote, especially when there is massive electoral fraud.

Francis Bacon wrote, "the politic and artificial nourishing and entertaining of hopes, and carrying men from hopes to hopes, is one of the best antidotes against the poision of discontentments. And it is a certain sign of a wise government and proceeding, when it can hold men's hearts by hopes, when it cannot by satisfaction." It is said of the US government that it is too stupid and incompetent but that is the greatest error in judgment the people can make. The US government, and all governments, cover up lies at an incredibly fast-rate and a for long period of time. If the war for the mind is to be won, then we must realize that the strength of the enemy is not might alone. Forget the Tank. And the Bank. An Edward Bernays is far more dangerous than an Alan Greenspan. And because the efforts of the scientist took a violent twist when he used his knowledge to make military weapons, we can no longer view oppression as only the tyrant's fist. Dictatorship has been elevated to a higher pitch, creating a deafening sound that makes waves for those who live far away from the decisions made.

In the hierarchy of peace's enemies, the warrior who wields the sword falls below the war wizard who carves it the many nights before. Who deserves more of our attention? Not the executioner, but the planner. Not the soldier who shoots the stranger in the back, but the general who loads the chamber in the back. On War, I don't concentrate my hate on those who make the claim, like Bush, but those who take the aim, like Wolfowitz. Those who view power not as a misfortune but as glory; and wrongly believe that the end is the story, when the terror is in the telling, and that what lies between is what matters most of all. The truth is heard, forget the spelling, Only Lies require Grammer, and to be a good phraser means what comes out of your soul the first time is not correct. On the contrary, the truth is; if it comes out wrong the first time then forget making it right the second time. This is Commentary off the top of the heart, turning the essay into an imperfect art. I am the garbage man of history, doing a task nobody wants to do but somebody's gotta do it, and from time to time recycling the knowledge of the men and women who visited earth before us is a pleasure, but I must also convert that knowledge into something I can call my own, something that will remain unfamiliar always because all form of creation is unfamiliar to the creator.

Extracting all the books from the library, and all the information from the net is an impossible task, unless a superhuman computer is made to distill the facts of history but even a robot can't be objective, especially if programmers install their own point of views into the intelligent observer. What is required is an inconceivable patience, and a sustained isolation, for the extractor to make knowledge pure again. Picking out the right books, the classics, the original teachers, the work of freewheeling journalists, all this is part of it. Not a university education, but an education that filters the truth that has been lodged in the ground, pushed below after many social and cultural earthquakes. Forget the cosmos. True learning is not achieved by looking to the stars, but by rediscovering our roots. I care about the inner terrain of earth, and the men who have walked on it, not the half-dead angels above. The cosmos is where we come from and where we'll go back to, yes, but to be disrespectful of earth for our brief existence here is not the direction I want to take. I went through public school without learning much the names of Plato or any Greek, and if they were brought up, it was only in passing, and in English class we read Shakespeare but not Goethe. All I can say is Thank God for Wikipedia. And I should thank Wikipedia for God. Self-education still remains the only education that matters. The library is the still student's sanctuary.

Midnight Reminder

This one is from Arthur Silber:

One principle above all is crucial to remember here: whenever any individual is intent on making you act, and when he uses fear as the primary motivation to make you act in the particular way he demands, you should profoundly distrust him. It is almost certain that he is attempting to get you to do something that you might discover cannot be justified. But to discover that, you would need time and calm to consider the arguments, weigh the facts, and determine if different arguments and additional facts have been carefully omitted from those being used to pressure you so mercilessly.

August 14, 2009

A Patriot Speaks

Health Care Deformed

"Obamacare" is a misleading and inaccurate term, because Obama does not have the constitutional right to make laws nor is he actually dictating the agenda in Washington. America's government took a fascist course after the last Great Depression, but this economic and political trend is never mentioned because it has been sidelined to conspiracy talk.

A government owned by Big Business and Big Money can not offer any positive program in any sector, plain and simple. But it seems like this basic fact is being lost on the whole country, with the exception of a tiny and intelligent minority. Democrats rallying around this health care plan are more ignorant than the Republicans who oppose it. The sensible health plans, single-payer, and a free market solution, are rarely discussed. The fact that Industry Giants are awarded private sessions with the President should signal off the fire alarm, however, America's smoke-detectors have long been disconnected. But you can still smell the smoke coming from the White House if you follow your nose.

David Lindorff nailed down the crazy situation pretty well in his column that appeared in CounterPunch.

Many progressives are getting all bent out of shape over the "brown shirt" rabble organized by health industry PR firms to disrupt the so-called "town meetings" being organized all over the country by Democratic members of Congress.

What they are conveniently forgetting is that these are not really "town meetings" at all, at least in the sense of the town meetings I grew up with, and started out covering as a young journalist in Connecticut--that is, meetings called and run democratically, with leaders elected from the floor, open to all residents of a community.

These "town meetings" are really nothing but propaganda sessions run by members of Congress who are trying to burnish their fraudulent credentials as public servants, and trying to perpetrate a huge fraud of a health care bill that purports to be a progressive "reform" of the US health care system, but that actually further entrenches the control of that system by the insurance industry, and to a lesser extent, the hospital and drug industry.

ObamaCare is to health reform what bank bailouts are to financial system reform, which is to say it is the opposite of what its name implies.

The right-wing nuts who cry that ObamaCare is introducing euthanasia for the elderly and infirm, or that it is socialism, are ignorant wackos, to be sure, but they are right about one thing: Americans are about to be royally screwed on health care reform by the president and the Democratic Congress, just as they've been screwed by them on financial system "reform."

. . . Continued.

August 13, 2009

Resist much, obey little

To the States or any one of them, or any city of the States, Resist much, obey little,
Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever
afterward resumes its liberty.
- Walt Whitman, from "Leaves of Grass"

Contrary to mystic scientists and peace-loving innocent doves, the race for WMD's is not the biggest threat facing humanity in the twenty-first century. Weapons are not inherently dangerous, in fact, without them a people's liberties are at peril. Americans, of all people, should know this instinctively. What is at issue is not the Gun, but the motive and the beliefs of the person holding the Gun, which is the modern incarnation of the sword, but has been poorly misused because of the lack of education, justice, and equality in current society. Self-defense is the first law of nature. But that law is buried in America, and the whole world for that matter, which now regards the State as the First and Last defender of life. Bear in mind, that those who do defend their territory, beliefs, manhood, and ideas, are being called terrorists. And those without a self to fall back on jump at these accusations and join the mindless chant.

The reason many Americans are not defending themselves against their criminal government is because they lack a self, a result of state education, media propaganda, and underlying cultural trends that are working against the individual's will. The reason many Americans are not defending themselves against their criminal government is because they lack a self, a result of state education, media propaganda, and underlying cultural trends that are working against the individual's will. The Whitmanian notion of the self is rarely taught in school, thus, trampling the rights of a person who is not conscious of his historical heritage, or his self-worth, is an easy task for any government.

Fighting back against tyranny first requires penetrating your deepest self. Some accomplish this task in prison, some by expanding their minds through books, but it will never be taught by society. If you are fortunate, drops of blood from God's hands seeped into your soul accidentally the day you were born, or you have come under the influence of intelligent teachers whose own soul has drops of God's blood.

I believe America took a turn for the worst in world affairs near the beginning of the 20th century, when its leaders decided to flex the imperial muscles beyond the North American continent. The grit in the American character had not vanished yet, James was on the lecture circuit, and new immigrants were arriving every day. After the introduction of compulsory state education, a reversal occurred, creating a national culture that breeds uniformity.

Today, acknowledging that education existed before school boards took over them somehow makes you a conservative, rich elitist who is against free education for all. Apparently, self-learning to these naive minds wasn't possible before the Department of Education; they believe there was complete illiteracy and backwardness but nothing can be further from the truth. There is a strong parallel of this type of historical thinking to Christians who believe that before Jesus appeared the world was insignificant. That Jesus's image and myth was taken from Egyptian and other cultural archetypes is dutifully crossed over by these false worshipers. And they even fail to acknowledge that Jesus's message also comes out of every other religious teacher to grace humankind. I have no words for ignorant minds, all I can say is that their greatest trait is their innocence, which I hope is used to full effect once they find about state secrets that reveal the cruel nature of the US government, and other corrupt agencies in our world.

Before proceeding further, I must say that glorifying the Gun is incredibly dangerous and does not serve the purpose of self-defense. Guns, unlike Swords, can be easily brandished by anyone who is stirred by emotions or has feelings of aggrandizement, including children, and can be used without any prior training. It can be a very lethal and dangerous weapon in uneducated hands, but its daily use is out of our hands; what we must concentrate on is the individual before he reaches for the weapon. I believe the majority of men take rational pursuits, if such opportunities exist for them in their life, like employment, education, etc. Blocking the righteous paths is what leads most men, and nations, to conflict and disorder.

In America, the Gun is usually, (and wrongly), equated with aggression and criminality rather than safety, and common people are never given the benefit of the doubt when they carry a loaded gun. Automatically the connection is made in the popular mind that the man is a psycho, who will go on a rampage, but evidence shows that psychos don't like to make themselves visible in public, and often hide indoors until they execute their awful and insane plans in society. If anything, the man with the gun standing on the corner is your friend, unless he's a cop, in which case, make eye contact as you approach him or her, or turn around and run. If Hip Hop has taught me anything, it is that the police rarely act in the service of justice and tranquility. The police forces in America are more likely to bring disorder and prejudice to the streets than any other gang in society. One example is the arrest last summer of the hip hop group, and civil organizers, Rebel Diaz.


The rhetoric against guns, and WMD's, is used to channel human sympathy and peaceful emotions to causes that are beside the point. In a perfect world, we are all angels and there isn't any need of protecting yourself with a gun or any other weapon, but the last time I double checked, we do not live in a perfect world. Far from it. In this world, social, political and economic grievances motivate nations to acquire nuclear missiles, who are then able to defend their national sovereignty and territory. Individuals, too, buy guns to defend themselves, not to murder others, with the exception of mentally deranged killers and acts of revenge killings falsely called gang warfare. Outlawing guns will not fix the problem of crime, especially when the definition of crime is as encompassing as America's legal code. Liberals once rallied around the cause of raising the standards of living for the poor, today, they rally behind the slogan 'guns off the streets.' In this debate, I have more respect for modern conservatives than liberals who are hypocrites in their own way.

Moreover, at the inception of the Cold War, talk about demilitarization was pushed forward as the number one strategy to achieve peace, but taking that position is wrong-headed now, as it was then. Social harmony is another law of nature, which is broken by men, and that law must be our standing ground before raising any alarms about nuclear build up. Forget Hollywood Cowboys, a fight where both men are armed is more likely to end in peace than a fight where only one man is armed. Nations don't dual with each other at sunset, hell, even individuals don't meet face to face to kill anymore. Killing human beings in Iraq or Afghanistan is done from indoors. War is no longer an outdoor affair. But according to the Propaganda Machine, killing is a small act of badness, done in the service of a greater good. That lie sinks in as long as people do not see the destruction and death with their own eyes. Hearing about car bombs and civilian strikes doesn't make an impression.

Today, the biggest threat facing humanity is and always will be; Injustice of any kind, done to any mind. "On this naked earth, " said E.B White in his essay entitled "Unity", "a nation that approaches disarmament as though it were a humanitarian ideal is either suffering from delusions or planning a deception."

Ask yourself, which scenario sounds like a more reasonable and sane world - a superpower with trillions invested in weaponry, free to ravage the world, or a combination of powers that contain the aggression of other nations? Under the first scenario we have had countless 'humanitarian wars', millions of bodies, and rumors of more catastrophic wars. And all in the span of twenty years. During that time, instead of building a health care infrastructure for the world's poor, the United Corporations of America has killed everything it has touched. It has even failed to offer an egalitarian health system to American citizens, whose money is stripped out of their paychecks without protest. Now, after a period of economic fascism spread around the world - mistakenly called globalization - the criminals operating behind a democratic artifice are implementing a 'humanitarian world government', of which they will be the principal backers.

This intergovernmental system will cement the road to feudalism already under construction, and the greatest irony is that the nation who was born in an armed struggle in the name of accountable government and liberty is bringing this beast into being. Whitman, with his seer wisdom, wrote; "The United States are destined either to surmount the gorgeous history of feudalism, or else prove the most tremendous failure of time." America's extraordinary material success, which Whitman said would come effortlessly for the States, has been channeled upwards into a small margin of unforgiving elites. Despite my harsh despair about the current situation, the failure of America's grand purpose, which is to stand as a beacon of liberty for the world, is not yet forsaken. The American Elite will regret not bridging the Internet Crack sooner, which has let out an abundance of positive energy and knowledge that was suppressed for a very long time. Political miracles, such as the incredible ascendancy of Ron Paul, made possible by the Internet Crack, are the sources of my optimism.

Come The Fall. . .

"Get familiar with Cannibalism."
- Hunter S Thompson

Tell the revolutionaries the Age of Sterility has passed; Man is born again. Though, not in the way Bushie envisioned it; half-eyed, baptized by a crass Christ. This man is part-Shaman, revealing in a smart drama the mass mind as a shield of glass behind the lapse of time. He strikes in the vein of Kierkegaard when he break this world apart with words of art. So bring on the bag pipes, what was a sad night has become a fiery morning! What purpose will this poet serve? Will he kow-tow to fragrant revolutionaries, unwise in sensitivity, or will he lend his life to an unknown human project, yet to be hatched? There is not enough time to bask in the sun; a great unmasking is to be done. Drag in the devil, half-dragon-half-unicorn, by his pursuing horns. This man doesn't stand above, after all, who is he to judge the newly scorn? If Revolution dawns, I will be truly torn, but let the future born be duly warned; award the State a feast and it becomes a greater beast. At first it is hid under the table; a dark horse kept in a stable; wrapped in myth by the few, to cast out doubt like the papal, changing His blunders into fable, making Him able to plunder without a label. But all legends fall into their grave, once Men finally take their brave first steps from Plato's wall in the cave. To call out is to be saved; To be silent means to stall as a slave. The Lord of the Lies, Armed with the Sword and the Spies, faced with defeat, tries to cause discord in the ties between men, with ways of deceit. And while Patriots blaze through the streets, Traitors escape in their sheets. Don't take this fatefully from me. Come This Fall. . . We'll all call our favorite priest in the nation's seat by his real name, the Naked Beast.

To be free or not to be free. Men come to this decision not in high panic, like the captains of the sea who sank in the Titanic, but after much deliberation, when not even their wives can stand it. When asked why, quietly answer: because our lives demand it.

"Autumn is always a time of Fear and Greed and Hoarding
for the winter coming on."
- Hunter S Thompson

August 9, 2009

Burning Fed Notes is The Way Out

In Argentina, an Exchange-Barter Network has been developed by a local community, made up of more than 100,000 members, and allows people to share services and products using non-state credit and coupons. All scripts have a limited shelf-life, making forgery less likely to happen. And it wasn't started by government bureaucrats, but by people who have a stake in their own community. Imagine that! Good ideas are never developed through the government, but rather people on the ground, who come together and establish their own market to trade goods, and reestablish some dignity in their lives.

Argentinians are responding to the decades-long economic and political crisis in their country by listening to constructive ideas in their community, and not some salesman politician who pitches fascist economics that will lead to an even greater level of serfdom.

The volume of transaction is between 400 and 600 million credits a year, equivalent to 600 million dollars. The organizer of the exchange club says an average family who participates in the club can "increase their expenditure to a value of 600 credits a month, which is more than the income in the general population."

What is special about this club is that it uses its own social currency rather than relying on state money. People benefit more in this decentralized system of credit because it is not interest-based, and the scripts don't accumulate, they expire after a certain period of time, thus, the value of the currency is not downgraded over time. Since ancient times, only gold, silver, and hard metals have maintained their value, and have always been used as a saving tool, as a way of safeguarding wealth. Money, when it is constructive, is a social lubricant and a means of exchange, nothing more. The main things are goods, services, etc. And the founders of this this barter/trading system recognize this important fact about money. Another positive thing about this exchange system is that the purchasing power of the members increase, and most people are consumers and producers. In this arrangement, shopping becomes an activity, and requires more engagement by the buyer and seller alike. Also, new members start out with 50 credits, and can contribute their talents and skills, and offer special services.

Getting rich off of having money in the bank is a ludicrous idea, which is currently the case in the world. The more money you have, the higher interest you get back, and the richer you become. If you have little or no money then the bank shuts down your account, or in some cases you have to pay fees for not having enough money saved in the bank. Outrageous! Western banking has put money on a higher pedestal than any other object in history. Not even the God-heads of the ancient days enjoyed this level of devotion and thought.

One member of the club says: "The Exchange Network is a new way of survival, it allows us to see a way out, and sometimes because of the crisis, the political crisis that our country is suffering, we are forced to form a brotherhood of sharing, so we can improve the situation."

As most of the wise men of history have taught, civilization is maintained by local trade and local production. A centralized system produces serfs, passive consumers, and unmotivated people who lose all luster for life.

Poverty will be defeated not by economic programs developed by men in suits sitting across each other on a round table in Switzerland or England, but by local people who serve their local interests. Localization is the best response to globalization. The market, made up of ordinary people and small business owners, is more adaptable than the giant bureaucracies of the Federal government and corporations to fix the economic crisis.

In America, burning the worthless paper issued by the Federal Reserve Bank is the most rationale course that can be taken. Communities across the country need to create their own local currencies, and if these currencies gain attraction, they could be traded across state lines. Each part of the country will have its own method, and work out a model according to their own interests and needs. Uniformity in an economic system is only profitable for Big Business, Big Money, and Big government.

Argentinians have created the future, and it works. Hallelujah!

August 8, 2009

Motorhome Diaries Jingle

Karl Denninger is The Ticker Guy

And this is his opinion:

"We the people must demand that our representatives enforce the statements that the people who are appointed to deal with our monetary and fiscal policy make. And that they are held to account when they come before our congressional representatives, make statements, that later turn out to be absolute nonsense."

Our Suicide Bombers, from TomDispatch

We have our suicide bombers -- we call them heroes. We have our culture of indoctrination -- we call it basic training. We kill civilians -- we call it collateral damage.

Is this, then, the moral relativism that so outrages conservatives? Of course not. I've been drawing these comparisons not to excuse the actions of suicide bombers, but to point out the hypocrisy of our black-and-white depictions of our noble efforts and their barbarous acts, of our worthy goals and their despicable ends. We -- the inhabitants of an archipelago of supposedly enlightened warfare -- have been indoctrinated to view the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as a legitimate military target and September 11th as a heinous crime against humanity. We have been trained to see acts like the attack in Tripoli as American heroism and the U.S.S. Cole attack as rank barbarism. Explosive vests are a sign of extremism; Predator missiles, of advanced sensibility.

It would be far better if we opened our eyes when it came to our own world and looked at what we were actually doing. Yes, "they" sometimes have dismaying cults of sacrifice and martyrdom, but we do too. And who is to say that ending occupation is any less noble than making the world free for democracy? Will Smith, in I Am Legend, was willing to sacrifice himself to end the occupation of vampires. We should realize that our soldiers in the countries we now occupy may look no less menacing and unintelligible than those obviously malevolent, science-fiction creatures. And the presence of our occupying soldiers sometimes inspires similar, Will Smith-like acts of desperation and, dare I say it, courage.

The fact is: Were we to end our occupation policies, we would go a long way toward eliminating "their" suicide bombers. But when and how will we end our own cult of martyrdom? - John Feffer

August 7, 2009

The Revolution WIll Be Tased

Being out of heart with government
I took a broken root to fling
Where the proud, wayward squirrel went,
Taking delight that he could spring;
And he, with that low whinnying sound
That is like laughter, sprang again
And so to the other tree at a bound.
Nor the tame will, nor timid brain,
Nor heavy knitting of the brow
Bred that fierce tooth and cleanly limb
And threw him up to laugh on the bough;
No government appointed him.
- W.B. Yeats, "An Appointment," from Responsibilities, 1914

The 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima just passed, and I forgot to quote one of Oscar Wilde's arrows of truths. "For life," said Wilde, "is terribly deficient in form. Its catastrophes happen in the wrong way and to the wrong people." He died at the dawn of the modern nightmare, but before he disappeared he summed up the century ahead in that one statement.

Curtain Falls - And So It Begins

Before we start to think that we are the crazy and paranoid ones, let us not forget that the secret agents of the State, as well as employees of dominant and private Corporations whose decisions affect society at large, and generally anyone within a closed institution, are the most paranoid and fearful creatures on this God-Green Earth. Making a pact against the public, whether you work for the police, intelligence services, or a health care company, leaves you exposed all the time, and from inside and outside your institution. Hence, all the propaganda, lobbying, disinformation, scapegoating, threats, blackmail, etc, aimed for and against the public. But there is a funny thing about using the devil's tricks; they only work if people continue to believe that you are the devil. It is disappointing to know that you're enemy is not as convincing as he appears. We are not up against supreme deities, but shameless copycats, whose giddiness of having accomplished the greatest heist in history will be their downfall.

America has comical rulers, who share with each other one laugh, and one beer too many. Although I think that the Obama-Joker poster misdirects anger from the Elite to a figurehead, a mere sticker on a machine, it does serve good purposes, and follows a long tradition of parody and satire, which are the best weapons to unmask totalitarian states and discredit the elite's schemes for society. But the Joker detested schemes, so the wrong imagery is being used, and that might dampen its edge. Two-Face would've been a more accurate representation of Obama's psychological nature. Still, it is nearer to the truth of who Obama is and who he works for, than the brainwashed liberals who view him, in part, as the opposite of the Anti-Christ, the Messiah.

Detractors of truth can argue until the cows come home about Obama's authenticity, but it must be recognized that the cows are returning to a slaughterhouse guarded by self-obsessed beer jugglers. And unluckily for us, Obama, the ear honcho, has more pig in him than Honest Babe, who, after all, was assassinated, so he must have done something right.

All the spin-misters who have circumvented the expansion of truth in the American public will never be successful to do one thing, and that is; change the ordinary American's view of his country. The Jeffersonian ethic, and Thoreau's disobedient stamp, are forever fixed in America's unconscious psyche, ready to be excavated and put on display, though not in the museum of thought, but on the theater of life. My task is not to eagerly dress the truth up for unsuspecting minds, using harsh, and polemic language, who will then strip her just as quick, but to bring to light the hidden facts established by history, as quietly as I can. On the surface of my thought, all is contradiction, a crude trick I unknowingly play on myself, not on the reader, and to mislead myself, and myself only. Take the title of this piece for example, the revolution will be tased, but so far I have not in the least bit explained why, or what leads me to believe that such a course will be taken by the police state, and why a physical rebellion will not defeat the plans of our enemies. Oh, wait,... I know why, because it is staring us in the face and needs only to be stated, not explained. Don't think, feeeelll, Bruce Lee taught. In Enter the Dragon, Lee and his teacher have a conservation and their insights are very timely in our fight against the State-as-Father Nature:
Lee: A good fight should be like a small play, but played seriously. A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself.

Teacher: Now, you must remember: the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.
The enemy is not easy to break because he is phantasy, shifting matter, and getting a hold of him, in our minds, is the hardest task. To even think in this way is a bit slippery, and there are so many avenues to go down, that I go numb and would much rather not bother on this journey at all. One thing I'm afraid to admit about the planners in support of a one world government, and the high level perpetrators behind 9/11 and other terror attacks, is that they are rational beings, who believe they are doing good, but are afraid to be upfront because their skeptical that the public will understand their 'grander' scheme for history. Or, they are not rational beings, the Illuminati is all evil, and must be cut through. But I can't accept that because even the devil stands for something, which explains why he is willing to go the full length to see his project be completed. I'm still very impressionable, and tend to look at many issues from all sides, so I shudder when I read that Jung thought that "the great problem before us is over-population, not the atom bomb." Either he hit the mark, in which case he is a sage and all morality is doomed for humanity, or he was not all-knowing, and that a great deal of his observations were speculative. As it stands now, I despise the shadow workers, and will work to bring down the banking and political elite who occupy the Tower. Meanwhile, the public is running from freedom's direction and half-blind from the sight of smoke.

I think the Earth can sustain as much life as long as we recognize some boundaries, some restrictions and preserve all sort of wildlife, both with the aid of technology and good morality. As with human growth, there are limits to how much we can take from the Earth. Despite the calls for overt control from frantic environmentalists, it is a good thing that environmental awareness has increased, and the degradation of nature is being acknowledged. All it requires to realize that you can't consume what you don't have the means for, is common sense. My problem with planners like Holdren & Ehrlich(s) and others, who are in positions of influence in the White House, is that they are seeking to reduce Americans' economic means rather than challenging their appetite for material progress in a honest fashion.

Material progress, in of itself, is not a bad thing, as Orwell said, since material progress is the only friend the poor and working classes have. But, as Orwell also said, it is important to conserve nature, which is best done by leaving it alone. Holdren & Ehrlich(s) advocate the institutionalization of government, long-range planning, which I am vehemently against, and for good reasons. Much of the horrors of the twentieth century were planned in advanced, they include; the use of the atomic bomb, the Holocaust, the wars, the economic boom and busts etc. Housing complexes, whose reputations are now tarnished, were constructed by urban planners who did not consult the future attendants of the neighbourhood. All good things occur spontaneously, and once the life flow is blocked, death reigns, boredom is king, creativity is stunned, and men with no heart rule.

We are in a crisis, that's certain, but invention as opposed to intervention will lead us out. Setting up a vertical power grid, whether it is in the service of delivering health care or establishing school zones, goes against all that we learned from the 20th century about how things naturally grow in society, what human beings prefer, and why regenerative, uninterrupted processes are almost always the best method to yield to. Yielding rather than wielding should be the motto of the 21st century. Yielding to nature rather than wielding it; yielding power as opposed to wielding it.

Jane Jacobs beautifully defends against planning of cities in her treatise "The Death and Life of Great American Cities," where she says "planning commissions are organized, just as the other bureaucratic empires are, in fundamentally vertical fashion, with vertical fractionated responsibility and, as need and expediency have dictated, into random horizontal divisions here and there (renewal districts, conservation areas, etc.), coming together under top commands." She later writes that "under a system as unrealistic as this, the coordinators are unable to coordinate, even for themselves, let alone for others." And yet her message was lost on Holdren's ears, who insists that his goals of population control and environmental health are in line with the public interest. As Frederic Bastiat said, "the plans differ; the planners are all alike."

But Holdren & Ehrlich(s), for all their derailment against industry in their book Ecoscience, do express some honesty about the reality that private enterprise that does not actually exist in America. "Increasingly," they write, "the same corporations that swear by the free-market system in some respects ahve shown themselves more than willing to abandon it selectively, campaigning for all manner of special subsidies, tax incentives, and privileges, while expecting the government to undertake the riskiest and most difficult parts of the energy enterprise," [Ecoscience, 1977, p. 862] What this describes is a fascist system and not a free-market one, yet, the planners continue to insist that the State is the lovable mistress being used by cheating corporations.

The State, in actuality, is the engine that is being used to make the energy sector uncompetitive, and because the government is the law, even corporations bow down before it, hence their army of lawyers. Levelling the paying field does not mean ruling out cheating payers, but decreasing the weight of the Umpire-State, so it cannot be thrown around by, and for a select group of elites. Once that type of game is established, the corporate players will be in their own pockets on the field, where as now they are like scavengers, hunting the public wealth. Getting mad at corporations organizing to fraud the public is like getting mad at bears when they go through a picnic basket. The critique must be focused on us, the consumers, along with our representatives in government, and not the corporations.

Albert Jay Nock in "Our Enemy, The State," clarified the distinction between the State, and government:
One may put it in a word that while government is by its nature concerned with the administration of justice, the State is by its nature concerned with the administration of law--law, which the State itself manufactures for the service of its own primary ends.
The pseudo-environmentalists of today desire to take the machinery of the State, and use it for their own purposes, all the while pandering to the public, lying that the consolidation of power and control are being used for the greater good. And to be clear, although the new State is being directed for environmental ends, whatever that means is not clear yet, there still exists the power of the financial elite who are not just co-signing this development for installing a 'Temperature Regime' as I like to call it, but are bringing it about behind the scenes, by funding the think tanks, intellectuals, scientists, etc., who push this totalitarian agenda. Nock goes over the history of the State's directives and handlers throughout its existence, writing:
The State had by no means always kept it hands off trade, but it had never countenacned the idea that its chief reason for existence was, as we say, "to help business." The merchants and financiers, however, had precisely this idea in mind. They saw the attractive possibilities of production for profit, with the incidence of exploitation gradually shifting to an industrial proletariat. They saw also, however, that to realize all these possibilities, they must get the State's mechanism to working as smoothly and powerfully on the side of "business" as it had been working on the side of monarchy, the Church, and the large-holding landed propreitors.
So, what is to be done? Thoreau had the answer:
All machines have their friction; and possibly this does enough good to counterbalance the evil. At any rate, it is a great evil to make a stir about it. But when the friction comes to have its machine, and oppression and robbery are organized, I say, let us not have such a machine any longer.
Historian Jacques Barzun, who is at times very critical of Thoreau and the bent of his mind, was very generous about his poetic vision and style, calling him an Impressionist, saying that "from no other writer does one get such a sense of the immensity of the cosmos, the minuteness of its parts, and the simultaneity of its motions, which keep any object from remaining unchanged even for a moment."

But let's get back to the matter at hand hand, which in my eyes, is challenging the totalitarian tendencies that exist in all societies, but especially those that are rotting up in the West at this point. At the end of the second world war, after all the Nazi debris settled, a quiet way of life followed that made people too complacent, except for a brief period in the 1960's when a few political saints showed up on the screen of history. During that time, the idea of Big Brother was projected to Russia and Russia alone. America, it was thought, would never descent to such political depths because of its liberal tradition, founding myths, and of course, its rhetoric against Communism.

But from 1968 to the current date, a wide number of influential intellectuals in America, and also Europe, have developed a line of attack that is eerily totalitarian in its scope. If you happen to think, you are either an environmentalist, a marxist, a free-market ideologue, a social structuralist, a post-structuralist, etc. There were more sticker-labels handed out at graduate school than in grade one class. Except, funny enough, these stickers were meant to be taken seriously. Outside the gate of the modern university are ufo heretics, conspiracy theorists, JFK researchers, 9/11 truth heretics, alternative historians, natural economists, doubters of ungodly-evolution, proponents of the natural cycle of climate change, who argue with strong evidence that the activity on the sun outweighs human intervention, etc., And all of them, whose knowledge matters greatly to me, have been either ignored, or ridiculed. Orwell warned against denying intellectual liberties in his essay, The Prevention of Literature:
Our own society is still, broadly speaking, liberal. To exercise your right of free speech you have to fight against economic pressure and against strong sections of public opinion, but not, as yet, against a secret police force. You can say or print almost anything so long as you are willing to do it in a hole-and-corner way. But what is sinister, as I said at the beginning of this essay, is that the conscious enemies of liberty are those to whom liberty ought to mean most. The big public do not care about the matter one way or the other. They are not in favour of persecuting the heretic, and they will not exert themselves to defend him. They are at once too sane and too stupid to acquire the totalitarian outlook. The direct, conscious attack on intellectual decency comes from the intellectuals themselves.
And the few, true intellectuals that have some level of fame are not given a proper public and national platform to share their ideas, like Chomsky. If there ever was an Idea-less age, as Kierkegaard alluded to, it is ours. The only place ideas are mentioned in public are on comedy stages and mostly by revolutionary comedians like Hicks or Carlin, both dead. The biggest reason why the internet is so popular is the widespread discussion of ideas by people who have all sorts of interests. Sharing ideas, without being emotional about them, is our best hope to defeating society's totalitarian tendencies, and will keep us from forgetting about the storehouse of Western knowledge, which includes ideas that pertain to the concept liberty, human nature, ethics, government, and the list goes on.

Speaking of forgetting, I forgot to tackle the original subject of this expose. But I have nothing to add, The Revolution Will be Tased is pretty self-explanatory, however, I am not pessimistic about the other revolution, the revolution of ideas, which has a much likelier chance of succeeding. Approaching the fight purely physically is not our ticket, because the Establishment, with their technologically-advanced weaponry, have closed that avenue shut. Self-defense is a very noble ethic, and protecting the second amendment is still one of the safeguards against the encroachment of American liberties, but as a poet and an intellectual, that is not my battlefield. I've got my sights not on the goons of the totalitarian empire, whose hands are marked with dirt, but the spin-doctors and intellectual wizards, who reside high up in the tower, in the red, burning eye, smelling like melting slime.