February 27, 2009

Newsweek Got it Wrong

They should have printed on their cover story "We Are All Slaves Now".

February 13, 2009

Ron Paul - What If

February 8, 2009

DOD: death overdose

Chalmers Johnson is once again dissecting the Pentagon's stupid and murderous policies in his new article over at TomDispatch.

The article reminded me of something Hunter S. Thompson wrote back in May 2002 to the editor of the London Independent, Simon. I'll quote a small part of the piece which is called "Welcome to the Fourth Reich" that appears in Kingdom of Fear.

"We are in bad trouble over here, Simon. The deal is going down all over the once-proud U.S.A. We are down to our last cannonball(s). Stand back! Those Pentagon swine are frantic to kick some ass, and many job opportunities are opening up in the Armaments, Surveillance, and New Age Security industries.

Hell, did I forget to mention those jobs? How silly of me. There is always a bull market for vengeance and violence in America, and on some days I have been part of it. You bet. In my wild and dangerous youth I wanted to be a dashing jet pilot, a smiling beast who zooms across the sky doing victory rolls and monster sonic booms just over the beach in Laguna. Hot damn, Simon, I could walk on water in those days. I had a license to kill."

February 6, 2009

Repudiate the debt

A spectre is haunting America — the spectre of debt repudiation.

For a growing number of Americans, the era of complacency has come to an end.

The housing and banking collapses of 2008 forever shattered their confidence in the ability of government bureaucrats and regulators to protect whatever measure of hard-earned wealth regular citizens might amass.

The ongoing “bailout” drama has likewise shattered their confidence in the intent of those bureaucrats to serve any interests which conflict with the demands of their Wall Street masters, the corporate kleptocrats who seek their profits not through the voluntary mechanisms of the market but through the coercive powers of the state.

Not content with their seizure of a large percentage of Americans’ income year after year, our politicians and their corporate masters have built up a mountain of debt now exceeding $10 trillion and set to contiue growing at a future rate of more than $1 trillion per year according to the recently inaugurated President of the United States.

Helpless in the face of looming economic collapse, more and more Americans long to seize control of their own destinies but fear that they lack the means to do so.

That means, however, exists. It is the Achilles’ heel of the kleptocracy, and it is nothing more than a word:


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